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  1. In Muslim Azerbaijan, Self-Interest Prompts Support for Israel on Gaza
  2. NEO – Georgia-EU-Russian Smoke ‘n Mirrors
  3. Kicking Israel Off The Planet
  4. Starbucks Attempts Deflection from Association with Zionist War Crimes Against Humanity
  5. Israel-US has interupted its slaughter in Gaza only to press forward with its genocide
  6. NEO – Georgian EU Darling Goes on Trial
  7. America at the End of its Tether
  8. Banned by Press TV: Will Hannity Kill a Child in Gaza?
  9. What if the Children Dying in Gaza were Jews?
  10. Hundreds of homeless veterans gather for legal, medical support
  11. President Obama Signs Bipartisan Veterans Affairs Bill into Law
  12. A Peek Behind the Curtain (video)
  13. The Fire Hose of the Gods
  14. Are Sandy Hook critics delusional with “twisted minds”?
  15. HUD and VA Announce Vouchers to Help Nearly 1,000 Homeless Vets Find Permanent Homes
  16. Dumb and Dumber: The Inner Logic of the Zionist Mafia
  17. NEO – ISIS with Christian Money Persecutes Christians
  18. Gaza genocide: My debate with a Zionist
  19. MH17: Another Israeli Cover Up?
  20. War Comes Home to America
  1. Charlotte NC Bill: I go there because it has a nice atmosphere and the coffee is OK ( a little burnt but consistently so )...but I've decided to skip them when I'm at ...
  2. ani: "As we approach yet another anniversary of 9/11 without prosecution of the guilty; I would respectfully remind that the sudden disappearance of New York City landmarks, such as the UN ...
  3. joe chuy-medina: "You have truly said that there is no other besides him. " From the texts you quoted, Jesus didn't say "him." May be this is a large part of the ...
  4. Charlotte NC Bill: So human beings suck and lack basic morals the world surprising..
  5. lieutenantM: lieutenantM August 8, 2014 - 3 01 pm we have 3 months to begin the cure. I offer this “garage” video [13 min] and i suggest that this strategy WILL work……if we will do ...

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