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  1. Fact Check Congress
  2. Middle East borders bound to change: Israel minister
  3. Ending ISIS Power in Libya
  4. Cognitive Elite – The Jewish Ghetto, Gaza and Detroit
  5. NEO – Two Minutes Hate – Emmanuel Goldstein in Eastern Ukraine
  6. Cure for Ebola Confirmed by Sierra Leone
  7. Top Dogs Use Their Running Dogs To Whip the Other Dogs: Is It Our Fault?
  8. Syria shoots down army jets operated by ISIL
  9. VetLikeMe Weekly 10/23/2014
  10. Denuclearize or lose our species: Multigenerational effects of exposure to radiation
  11. Ottawa shooting: Yet another false flag?
  12. Idols of Perversity: Hollywood Punks, Pimps, Whores, and Your Children
  13. Police kill shooter and lose suspect in Ottawa — Canada’s 911?
  14. Saudi king’s nephew admits to Riyadh support for ISIL
  15. Israel, the U.S. Congress and Treason
  16. NEO – Oil Oligarchs continue global takedown
  17. PuppetGate, the Continuing Saga
  18. America’s Fukushima?
  19. War on ISIL exposes US disastrous leadership: Analyst
  20. Blackwater guards convicted in 2007 Baghdad shooting
  1. ProtectUSA1st: -----As Israeli-American, Israel 1st Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA, 27th District, (1997-2003) & 24th (1997-2003), jumping from one district to another, while being too busy with his Israel Project Board of ...
  2. Gilad Atzmon: Yep we ve to fight and aspect of correctness and identify the elements who sustain this destructive power in our midst
  3. Bente: Senegal and Nigeria were declared EBOLA FREE by WHO !!!! So I guess Obama should find out how they did that !!!!
  4. Grampah: Typical hogwash spewing professional "politician". But the majority of the public pays scant attention to elections in non presidential year. Then they become damn sure of their propaganda ...
  5. ProtectUSA1st: ---Speaking of "Semites" ONLY the Europeans & Americans that are Confused by the Zionists’ Propaganda believe, Israelis are” are “White.” ----Why? Because Hebrews are Semites. They ...

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