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  1. David Odell: Nice one. I also like how reporters are quitting on air. They should do it like ice bucket. I f%#&ing quit and I challenge Rachel Maddow and Brit Hume. You ...
  2. captain obvious: yup, it magically flows through concrete, then magically explodes instead of burning like high grade kerosene like the charcoal lighter fluid that it really is so similar to.. btw my BBQ ...
  3. frederick muhlbauer: Alessandro İ want to know when that creep Silverstein is going to be arrested for treason and mass murder
  4. frederick muhlbauer: Two people that i find to be great Americans and they aint Hannity and Oreilly are Gerald Celente and Brother Nathaniel both tell it like it is whether you like ...
  5. captain obvious: (now) .. typo yup..

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