Editorial Board-Staff

Dedicated to the men and women of the clandestine and special operations services around the world.


The Board is responsible for all content on VT and participates in all major decisions regarding content, columnists, and editorial direction for VT

  • Gordon Duff– Chairman, Senior Editor:  U.S. Marines, Vietnam, Managing Director, Adamus Defense Group,  Switzerland
  • Jim W. Dean– Senior Managing Editor, Military Order of World Wars, Association for Intelligence Officers, Senior Vice President, Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland
  • Dr. Kevin Barrett, Specialist in Islamic Studies, Educator, Radio Host, Investigative Journalist
  • Ian Greenhalgh, Historian, military technology specialist
  • Dr. Preston James – Social psychologist, historian, political analyst
  • Lt. General Hamid Gul – Director General ISI (Deceased – Former Chief of Intelligence Services, Pakistan)
  • Col. Eugene Khrushchev – Former Soviet/Russian Airborne commander, Afghanistan, Chief of Planning, Intelligence and Psychological Warfare, former First Secretary, Soviet and Russian Embassies, Kabul, Afghanistan, Director of Strategic Planning, Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland
  • Col. James Hanke – US Army Special Forces (Ret.) Former G2 Third Army, NATO Nuclear Weapons Commander, Attache to Israel, A-Team Leader Vietnam, Director of Operations, Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland
  • Mike Harris – Financial Editor, radio host, former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona,  Senior Vice President, Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland
  • Carol Duff RN/MSN – Health Editor


  • Jeff Smith – Nuclear Physicist, is a former a nuclear weapons specialist with the Department of Energy and UN (IAEA) weapons inspector specialising in nuclear nonproliferation issues. He is now cryptographic curator and historian, preserving classified documents involving nuclear weapons research.
  • F. William Engdahl – Global Energy Policy Specialist, Strategic Risk Analyst and author
  • Lt. Col. Stephen Avery USAF (ret) – Airline security specialist, F111 pilot, USAF Special Operations pilot
  • Gwenyth Todd – Former Head, White House National Security Council, Middle East Desk, Chief Political Advisor, US Navy 5th Fleet
  • Leo Wanta – Former National Director of Intelligence under President Reagan and Inspector General, Department of Defense
  • Major Bobby Hanifin – US Air Force, Veterans Affairs Editor
  • Kadir A. Mohmand – Former commander with the Afghan Mujahideen, North American spokesman for Mujahideen veterans

General Manager:  John Allen

Senior Managing Editors: Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean

Managing Editors: Managing Editors are responsible for general formatting and editing issues.  This group interacts with and serves our community of columnists/staff writers and reader/subscribers

Comments Manager:  Billy Jackson

Health Services Managing Editor:  Carol Duff RN/MSN (Ohio licensed)

Director of Media for Africa:  Alex Powers (Pentagon Counter-Terrorism Deputy under Bush 43)

White House Correspondent:  Thomas Mattingly (Boycotting Briefings as of now)


Middle East:  Editor/Chief Correspondent:  Gwyneth Todd, former head, Middle East Desk, National Security Council, White House, Washington, Chief Consultant, Department of the Navy for Middle East Affairs U.S.

EqyptBureau ChiefDr. Ashraf Ezzat MD

Syria:  Bureau Chief:  Nahed al Husaini, Dr. Bassam Barakat

State of PalestineBureau ChiefSami Jadallah,

IranBureau ChiefDr. Ismail Salami (Press TV/Tehran Times)

Afghanistan :  Bureau Chief: Kadir Mohmand, Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen,  Fayaz Shah, Dr. Mohamed Miraki,

ArmeniaBureau Chief:  Harut Sassounian

GeorgiaBureau Chief:  Jeffrey Silverman, US Army, Specialist in Biological and Chemical Warfare

Azerbaijan:  Bureau Chief:  Henry Kamens

Southeastern EuropeBureau Chief:  Sir Vojislav Milosevic, Director General, Center for Counter-Terrorism and World Peace

  • Professor Andrija Slavik (Specialist on Diplomacy, War Plans and Psychological Warfare)
  • Lt. General (Retd.) Banko Krga – Former Head of Military Intelligence and Deputy Chief of General Staff, Serbian Armed Forces
  • Lt. General (Retd.) Satish Nambiar – Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Assistant Secretary General and Under Secretary General ,United Nations
  • Vice Admiral Radomir Grujic, Fleet Commander, Serbian Naval Forces, Chief of Staff, War College of Serbia

PakistanBureau Chief and Regional Editor: Major Raja Mujtaba (deceased),

  • Brigadier General Asif Haroon Raja (ret),
  • Lt. General Hamid Gul, (Ret. former DG ISI), (deceased)
  • Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey (Ret. Former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, Military of Pakistan)
  • Sajjad Shakurkat, Lahore, Pakistan, writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

Japan:  Bureau Chief:  Benjamin Fulford:  Published over 30 books, including best sellers, in Japanese. Former Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine.

France (VT Paris):  Bureau Chief: Jane Rosenstein

United KingdomBureau Chief: Ian Greenhalgh (Military Affairs expert)Gilad Atzmon (author, musician), Alan Hart (ret. ITV Middle East Desk Chief), Stuart Littlewood, Michael Shrimpton (Political prisoner, barrister, intelligence briefer to US/UK govts.) Harry Erivona (Barrister, Intelligence Analyst), Robbie “the Pict” (Civil Rights Activist)

CanadaBureau Chief:  Josh Blakeney, Dr. Anthony Hill

RussiaEditor/Bureau Chief:  Colonel Gene Khrushchev (ret. Airborne, Intelligence/Psyops, First Secretary Soviet and Russian Embassies in Afghanistan)

Nigeria:  Harry Erivona, Director, Adamus Security Group, CEO Hammond and Barkers, London

Ghana:   Samuel Bunyan, Resident Agent/Adamus Aerospace Services

Cameroon:  Alex Powers, former Pentagon Asst. Director Counter Terrorism, Vice President Business Development, Adamus Financial Group

AustriaEditor/Bureau Chief: Lee Wanta (White House Director of Intelligence, Inspector General, Department of Defense, US under President Reagan)

GermanyBureau Chief: F. William Engldahl

BrazilCorrespondent:  Fancisca Helena Grunupp (Historian, literary translator)

New Zealand:  Correspondent:  Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall (Psychiatrist (MD), Political Activist and Refugee)

VietnamBureau Chief: Chuck Palazzo USMC Force Reconnaissance

ThailandBureau Chief: Dimitri Khalezov (formerly of Soviet 12th Nuclear Directorate, currently a political prisoner in Thailand) now back from the dead.

Belarus:  Bureau Chief for Central/Eastern Europe: Alla Pierce


  • Alan Hart
  • Bob Nichols
  • Amb. Daniel Overmyer (deceased)
  • Ralph W. Eckard (deceased)
  • Maj. Dimitri Khalezov (released from prison)
  • Dr. Ashraf Ezzat
  • Lt. General Hamid Gul(deceased)
  • Gilad Atzmon
  • Gordon Duff
  • Gwyneth Todd
  • Jim W. Dean
  • Raja Mujtaba (deceased)
  • Robert Rosebrock
  • Sherwood Ross
  • Sir. Vojislav Milosevic
  • Michael Chester
  • Dr. Anthony Hill
  • Hon. Michael Shrimpton (freed)
  • Kouroush Ziabari
  • Colonel Gene Khrushchev
  • Amb. Leo Wanta
  • Colonel James Hanke USA Special Forces (CoO, Adamus Defense Group)
  • Harut Sassounian
  • Roi Tov (missing – presumed murdered)
  • Dr. Preston James
  • Alex Powers
  • Harry Erivona
  • Samuel Bunyan
  • Kadir A. Mohmand
  • Sami Jadallah
  • Jane Rosenstein
  • Jeffrey Silverman

Writers Emeritus

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  • Brighton College
  • The Paralegal Institute
  • The Sonora Desert Institute


IN MEMORIAM – Missing but not forgotten…


  • CWO Ed Nichols, USMC Vietnam/1965, US Army CID, LAPD, VT Founder
  • Peter Panayotou, Cassidy and Associates SE Europe, 4C Controls,  (Canadian Intelligence Officer)
  • Lt. General Hamid Gul, Director ISI, Editor at VT
  • Capt. Martha Foster (US Army) and Cpl. Karl Emerson Foster (USMC Vietnam)
  • Anthony Lawson, Videographer extraordinare, activist
  • Captain Eric May “Ghost Troop”
  • Major Raja Mujtaba (combat veteran, journalist, friend, Editor at VT)
  • Colonel David (“Hack”) Hackworth US Army Special Forces (WW2, Korean War, Vietnam)
  • Colonel Ted Guy USAF (WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, POW)
  • Leo Crampsey US Navy World War II, State Department Foreign Dignitary Protection Service, Chief of Security E.I. Dupont (last American to leave US embassy Saigon, 1975)
  • Sgt. Ralph W. Eckard (“Recon”) USMC Force Recon Vietnam (Editor and Staff Columnist)
  • Gary Webb (attacked by corporate media for exposing CIA drug running, “suicided” in 2004)
  • Steve Palmer (US Army, WW2, veterans activist)
  • Vittorio Arrigoni – KIA- Gaza
  • Mohamed “Mo” Nabbous – KIA – Benghazi
  • Fr. Malachi Martin (Society of Jesus, former Vatican Secretary of State and exorcist)
  • Maya Naser, Press TV, KIA- Syria
  • Pierre A. Rinfret US Army World War II (Economic Advisor to 3 Presidents, GOP candidate for Governor of New York)
  • Captain/Ambassador Daniel Overmyer, US Army World War II, Merchant Banker
  • Alynn Pike, wife of Reverend Ted Pike, National Prayer Network
  • Yarra Abbas, Syrian TV, KIA, Memorial Day – 2013, al-Daba airport assault near al-Qusayr
  • Britt Bambic (RoamZone/Beehive Security – US Army, Afghanistan)
  • Clinton Bastin (USMC WWII, Department of Energy, Nuclear Weapons Designer)
  • Tommy Hill (VT Costa Rica, Security Consultant/Chef)
  • Michael Ruppert (LAPD Detective, CIA whistleblower, listed as “suicide”)
  • Dr. James R. Hooker (Dept. of History, Michigan State Univ/Staff Sgt. US Army, Korea 1950, Africa specialist)
  • Jim Karras (Artist, Joined Coast Guard at 15, Pearl Harbor Survivor) World War II
  • Serena Shimm, Press TV correspondent, born in Detroit, “accidented” in Turkey, 2014
  • Pam Blose RN, RWC graduate 1969 d. Phoenix 2016


  • The men and women of the clandestine and special operations services who value honor and human decency
  • The political prisoners, those on the run, those who have given all and wish they had more to give

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