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  1. jmreeves: I know only a bit about religious customs and distant cultures, that said I went to bed last night thinking "tomorrow is Friday, and also a special holiday I believe, All hell ...
  2. LC: & what would SatanYahoo-Peres & Rothschilds do once in this country (with 100+ million private firearms) we start visiting our neighborhood “JEWISH-ZIO-SATANISTS” & pull the real Holocaust this time??? ...
  3. jmreeves: Devo "Beautiful World" John
  4. JohnnyVESCO: TREASON! Ret Border Patrol Agent reveals a whole lot more! Published on Jul 19, 2014 National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) NAFBPO Border Presentation http // Reasons Amnesty is a Very Bad ...
  5. mydogissick: Actually, i wonder, is it a case of WHO was on the plane ? Did they take the opportunity to whack this young lady, and just blame the ruskies ? Am i ...

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