Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

In the extraordinary Don Juan in Hell scene in Act III of George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman”, following what may be his best-known oration, Juan exclaims, As you say, they are mere words, useful for duping barbarians into adopting civilization, or the civilized poor into submitting to be robbed and enslaved.

Dimitri Khalezov on 9-11

Veterans Today Staff Writer Dimitri Khalezov Talks on 9/11 and the Mysterious Death of Nick Rowe By J B Campbell STAFF WRITER You may not remember Nick Rowe. His 1971 book, Five Years to Freedom, told the story of his being captured by Viet Cong after a hellacious gunfight in October, 1963 and his five […]

SPY MACHINE, LIE MACHINE: How We Let Ourselves Be Brainwashed Into The War On Terror

What we know, or have the means to know, is already in excess of any security threat that can be reasonably estimated from random groups of militant Islamicists. Not only that, the concentration of such huge information and spy networks in relatively few hands and the lack of oversight pose a domestic and global danger far greater than the sporadic actions of disenfranchised groups in the Middle East

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