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Targeting Journalists: A Modest Proposal

zio vs media

If you’re a journalist, and you report something Israel doesn’t like – such as the truth – Israel will try to blow you up.

November 24th, 2012 | Posted in Editor | Read More »


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  1. Harold Saive: Veterans For Peace members and others knew Bowman very well. He was not a "plant". Bowman was echoing the AE911 Truth position that basically says they (Jones) found evidence of ...
  2. stephanaugust: I saw the headline and I knew I will be right about the author. Am I psychic?
  3. stephanaugust: Seems he is a creative guy. After some search I learned that he is in the creative business. He is CEO of a company doing a lot of advertising, Can ...
  4. Simpleton: Its life imitating art. We have always had the Swindlers List spielbergs casting an Englishman as the villain in Hollywood, now they have a found a real "Jewhadi John" with ...
  5. Harold Saive: When you take a close look, the evidence for thermite is very strong with molten steel and high underground temps lasting for weeks. AE911 truth and Bowman acknowledge that other ...

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