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NEO – USA has become Oligarchy – Not a Democracy

Four horsemen

- Jim W. Dean…”And so this Princeton study gives us the “tough doo” news, but sadly limited to the political realm of oligarch power.”

November 13th, 2014 | Posted in Editor,Government,Politics | Read More »

How’s that democracy working out for you?

Do you smell smoke or something?

- The word, DEMOCRACY, has been perverted with the most gullible fools being the UN and the American people.

August 11th, 2014 | Posted in Editor,Of Interest | Read More »

The Way to a True Democratic Government


There is a dark force of chaos-merchants afoot in our world who live to cause and then witness the disruption, suffering, enslavement, and death of others.

June 19th, 2014 | Posted in Living | Read More »

Uri Avnery – A Coup? Nonsense!

Military brain - cropped

- Once again we have Uri treading on a topic never discussed much in the US. American media virtually self censors itself on all things Israel.

June 15th, 2014 | Posted in Editor,World | Read More »

US needs ‘pro-democracy revolution’


The USA should stop sponsoring phony “democracy revolutions” around the world. The world – and the American people – should sponsor a “democracy revolution” in the USA.

April 20th, 2014 | Posted in 9/11,Editor | Read More »

Phony unanimity proves Egypt’s “constitution” a sham


Phony “98% approval” shows Egypt’s “constitution” is a joke.

January 19th, 2014 | Posted in Editor,Egypt | Read More »

Egypt and Iran: why different outcomes?


How has Iran become coup-proof, Zionist-proof Islamic democracy – while Egypt can’t escape its oppressors?

August 17th, 2013 | Posted in Egypt,Middle East | Read More »

US “Death Squad Envoy” Arrives in Egypt – And the Slaughter Begins


False-flag al-Sisi death squads in black masks are firing at soldiers to trigger a massacre of democracy supporters.

August 14th, 2013 | Posted in 9/11,Editor | Read More »

Smart Phones Set To Attack Antiquated U.S. System of Government


Get ready for Smart Phone Democracy! The current 18th century system of government used by the USA is about to get its ass kicked by the Smart Phone kids.

July 19th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Government,Politics | Read More »

So Much For Mideast Democracy

The Egyptian army and police - the armed wing of the "deep state" that never gave up power - recently slaughtered 51 praying Morsi supporters, and injured hundreds, outside the building where Morsi is imprisoned.

The real story behind the military coup in Cairo led by General al-Sissi is much more complex than the western media is reporting

July 9th, 2013 | Posted in Egypt,Middle East,Of Interest,World | Read More »

Iran: Threat or Menace?


The first of a three-part series of brief articles considering the run-up to the June 14th Iranian presidential elections…

June 9th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Iran,World | Read More »

Why abortion is right for America

Render Unto Darwin

Those who believe human life begins at conception are therefore correct about their biology, but wrong about morality.

April 7th, 2013 | Posted in Editor,Health,Of Interest | Read More »

World Views of America


Terms like justice, democracy, freedom and moral accountability are generalized with varied meanings for different people. They also mean something different for citizens of other countries who want to live in America.

March 31st, 2013 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Politics | Read More »

Greatest Threat To Democracy


I’m tired of the power brokers whose only concern is whether or not the storms of nature and the storms of mankind will affect their outsourced pocketbooks.

November 26th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,Politics | Read More »

Black Tuesday: Mourning the death of American democracy


Let’s dress in black for “black Tuesday” – to mourn the death of democracy.

November 5th, 2012 | Posted in 9/11 | Read More »

Education and Democracy


Democracy and an educated citizenry go hand in hand. Public education is the great equalizer. America’s founders believed it was insurance against loss of liberty.

September 26th, 2012 | Posted in Americas | Read More »

The Peace People and Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire says ‘NO to War in Syria’


Much of the terror has been imported…

June 29th, 2012 | Posted in Living | Read More »

Obama’s War on Democracy


In June 2009, Obama orchestrated Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s ouster. A US supported fascist despot replaced him.

June 26th, 2012 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Corruption,Foreign Relations,Politics | Read More »

Blind to Injustice


Much of the public seems blind to the truth of major events and issues that have long needed to be addressed openly.

June 17th, 2012 | Posted in Americas,Middle East,World | Read More »

Re-Birthing Common Sense with Personal Responsibility and Tom Petty


We may have democracy; or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.

June 10th, 2012 | Posted in Causes,Editor,Living,Peace | Read More »

The Rape of Democracy in Bahrain


Google Bahrain and you will see how inexcusably the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf sheikhdom is being blacked out by the mainstream media and how discriminatingly the Western leaders ignore the vociferous demands of a nation for democracy and social justice.

April 1st, 2012 | Posted in Bahrain,Middle East | Read More »

Democracy, Utopia or Opiate?

Some Americans feel the Egyptian protesters were looking for a U.S.-style democracy.

The U.S. is touted as having a great democracy. Everything good–either real or imagined—is supposedly due to their principles of democracy. Seldom do American politicians or members of the public define or clarify what those principles include.

February 4th, 2012 | Posted in Americas,Editor,Egypt,Middle East,World | Read More »

Is The US The Only Answer to The “Global Cop” Issue?


Debt and financial crisis. Who will finance global peace?

January 24th, 2012 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Foreign Relations,Government | Read More »

Kill Democracy Before It Kills Us

Thomas who?

Let’s alienate as many people as possible right away. Nazi Germany was more “democratic” than America is today.

January 16th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Russian v. US Elections


Claims of electoral fraud followed. All elections have irregularities. At issue is whether results are comprised. Election monitor Golos accusations were spurious. America’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funds it. It supports regime change in non-US client states.

December 26th, 2011 | Posted in World | Read More »

America and the Arab Spring: Exporting Democracy or Mediocrity?


America has great attributes and achievements to export to the Arab world such as advances in medical, science, and information technology, excellent systems of higher education, and a truly generous population that contributes hundreds of billions to social causes.

December 22nd, 2011 | Posted in Americas,Middle East,World | Read More »

What We Have Here Is A “Flagrantly Undemocratic Situation”


The early Gush Emunim settlers, living in their tents on West Bank hills, may have dreamed of this day, but they could not have imagined that the world’s greater power, the United States of America, would so easily fall into line and follow the dictates of what has become a settler-dominated Israeli government.

November 28th, 2011 | Posted in Americas,Britain United Kingdom,Editor,Europe,Israel,Middle East,Palestine,World | Read More »

Rage Against the System


The business of America is war on humanity.

September 20th, 2011 | Posted in Business,Economy | Read More »

Democracy’s Violent Death


Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. The USA converted, in practice, from a republic to a democracy during the reign of FDR. Without a miraculous change of course, our democracy’s brief life is almost over and its violent death is imminent.

August 21st, 2011 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Corruption,Government,Politics | Read More »

Rude Awakening


In 2008, a protracted global depression began, criminally manufactured by Wall Street and Washington scoundrels, complicit with major European partners.

August 6th, 2011 | Posted in Economics & Markets,Economy,Investing & Finance | Read More »


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