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Barrel Bomb Baloney

ScreenHunter_784 Oct. 19 12.35

Welcome to the latest spin of the Al-Qaeda psychological operation against the Syrian government, backed up by the Western advisers – the nefarious ‘barrel bombs’ bogey!

October 19th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Green-on-Blue Mid-Action Report

ScreenHunter_578 Aug. 31 13.29

“Anomalous surge in assassinations of foreign friends, dressed in American BDU, by hostile hosts, clad in Afghan uniform, has catapulted an obscure milspeak green-on-blue, into the limelight of public attention.”

August 31st, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Changing of US Guard at the Garden of Opium


- Consecutive appointments of straight shooting generals in charge of US Embassy & Command HQ in Kabul was a stroke of genius

August 15th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,World | Read More »

The Af-Pak Fiasco – Reopening the Supply Line to Hell


The longest standoff between Washington & Islamabad is the latest display of US foreign policy modus operandi at its best & worst.

July 7th, 2012 | Posted in Asia,World | Read More »

US Foreign Policy Calculated Cul-De-Sac


The siege mentality that successive teams of US policy makers have finessed to perfection in the last decade in Pakistan and Afghanistan was inspired by the famous Bush slogan ‘who is not with us, is against us’.

June 29th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

NATO Vulture Culture

chicago police

Russian Aurora has discharged a preemptive salvo against the Atlantic freedom vultures in America, which have camped out at sweet home Chicago.

No, it wasn’t another Bolshevik mutiny at the legendary cruiser in St Petersburg; it was an audacious Russian think tank, Institute for Foreign Policy Research & Initiatives, that boarded ritzy Marriott Aurora in Moscow to test fire a new revolutionary manifesto – International Conference “NATO: myths and reality lessons for Russia and the world”.

May 20th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »


GROUND BREAKING INTERVIEW WITH TOP SOVIET/RUSSIAN EXPERT ON AFGHANISTAN Colonel Eugene Khrushchev’s last post in Afghanistan was in 2006 as First  Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Kabul. Khrushchev serves today as Editor  of Veterans Today and Military Affairs Analyst of Russia Today) > (Question) In a 2001 BBC interview, just after 9/11, you stated […]

September 23rd, 2010 | Posted in 9/11,WarZone | Read More »

COL. EUGENE KHRUSHCHEV: UNAMA HR devil’s advocate: part two. Afghan WMD collateral damage

UNAMA HR devil’s advocate: part two. Afghan WMD collateral damage By Col. Eugene Khrushchev (ret.) STAFF WRITER/Editor The Methodology section offers contradicting disclaimers that effectively negate the veracity of the 2010 mid-year report: • “The non-combatant status of the reported victims…cannot be conclusively established or is disputed”  • “UNAMA HR …does not presume fighting-age males […]

August 29th, 2010 | Posted in AfPak,WarZone | Read More »


THE SPECIAL FORCES OPINION By Colonel Evgeny (Gene) Khrushchev STAFF WRITER/Editor Army of the Soviet Union/Russian Army (ret) The latest spike of the terrorist attacks against Russia by doped explosive zombies, DEZ, has unmasked the true nature of the Western attitude vis-à-vis Russia. The knee-jerk reaction from neocons and militant liberals was fast & furious […]

April 12th, 2010 | Posted in 9/11 | Read More »


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