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Targeting Journalists: A Modest Proposal

zio vs media

If you’re a journalist, and you report something Israel doesn’t like – such as the truth – Israel will try to blow you up.

November 24th, 2012 | Posted in Editor | Read More »


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  1. Tomer: I watch RT TV every day to get as near to the truth as possible. The west press lies through their noses, however be careful, the russians also have interests ...
  2. Tomer: Emma I am not an expert on english history, however the inbreeding started at a much earlier time. When the saxons and angels invaded the island during the 6-7th century, they ...
  3. Tomer: wjabbe I beg to differ with you, however you just cannot compare the USA to GB. In GB we are talking about two entirely different nationalities, the scots are celtic origin, ...
  4. wjabbe: Why no articles in VT about Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi held in Mexican prison for over 3 months? While he appears to have done something very stupid, still, he ...
  5. Old Jules: helpingmind thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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