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Press TV: US Builds Israeli Nuke Bunkers and Bio-War Labs

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Legally, the law, based on the disputed Oslo Accords, which expired in 2000, would require the dismantling of the “Gaza Wall,” a project no different than the Warsaw Ghetto, the Berlin Wall or Buchenwald.

December 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »


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  1. Ann: Yes, it's too bad that our currency was taken off gold and hitched to oil. All of us at home and abroad have been dragged down since. The original schemers ...
  2. Jim W. Dean: Oh yeah...I don't cut the guys just in it for the money any slack. There are legions of them in uniform that when you talk to them about fixing anything ...
  3. wolf: I suspect his plastic bracelet says; 'United by Evil'. And notice how he makes the extended 'Mano Cornuto' with his index fingers, emulating his horned fuehrer.
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  5. jvmcdee: I agree. *****http //*** C. Bollyn also recognizes the Pope's potential importance for speaking to the World and the American people about those 9/11 truths the TPTB do not want ...

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