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Beating of War Drums


Some of the important news gets reported quickly and is then forgotten just as hurriedly.

December 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Corruption,Editor,Foreign Relations,Government,Legislation,Politics | Read More »


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  1. NEO – The World gets smaller as ambitions grow
  2. US firepower surrounding Russia, China
  3. JBLM plans to give Vietnam Vets the homecoming they deserved 50 years ago
  4. VA Funds Will Help 70,000 Homeless Vets And Their Families
  5. Bijorhca – France’s Largest Int’l Trade Show for Fine Fashion, Jewelry and Watches
  6. They Expected Iran From The East – They Got Da’esh From The West
  7. Pro-Russians launch new attacks to seize Donetsk airport
  8. Ukraine Army terror units linked to mass executions
  9. A Dame to Kill for, Nymphomaniac, and Talmudic Ideology (Part II)
  10. NEO – Why the Scots Chose To Wear Their Chains With Pride
  11. NEO – Will the US use ISIL to attack Assad?
  12. Cocaine and Murder
  13. Three Israeli soldiers commit suicide: Report
  14. Rogue Courts in Canada Trample Self-Represented Litigants
  15. Ashraf Ghani Was Not Elected by the Afghan Majority
  16. The Gaza medical aid scandal: Suffer, little children….
  17. VA Awards SSVF Surge Funding to 56 Communities
  18. Sanders: Arab Nations Must Step Up Fight Against ISIS
  19. The Flim Flam Men Have Flim Flammmed and Scammed You For Decades
  20. Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned
  1. gentry: [Disgusting, greedy] RETIRED GENERALS DEMANDING MORE WAR - Pro-War Pundits Retired Generals Keane, Zinni, Mattis, Vallely, McInerney, John Allen, & Petraeus (known as BE-TRAY-US by the troops) are paid by ...
  2. Old Jules: Da’esh is almost certainly still being supplied by whatever routes brought them to their current location. The destabilization of the region has been in progress so long with the ...
  3. Charlotte NC Bill: The Jew Bolshevik terror brought to you by Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg and the rest of the Rothschild network.
  4. Charlotte NC Bill: If so that's Talmudia's calling card.
  5. gentry: MIKE MCCONNELL is named in this new Project Camelot video at 1 hr. 30 mins. as being the HEAD OF MJ-12. These monsters are FUNDING the terrorists AGAINST our soldiers ...

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