Netherlands: Their Trump in hate speech case, says ‘half of Netherlands’ convicted with him

Netherlands:  Their Trump in hate speech case, says ‘half of Netherlands’ convicted with him

Far-right politician Geert Wilders has been convicted of discrimination and inciting hatred by a Dutch court. However, he received no penalty or punishment for his conviction. The politician was charged regarding a 2014 incident in which he urged his supporters to chant they wanted “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!” Moroccans in the Netherlands. The Dutch Moroccan minority […]

Trump Election Spurs Hate Crime Wave with 400 Racist Incidents

Trump Election Spurs Hate Crime Wave with 400 Racist Incidents

This was the inevitable outcome of the racist hate speech that Trump utilised often throughout his campaign – a surge in the incidence of racially motivated hatred, something that Trump had correctly been advised was bubbling just under the surface of US society and was ripe for exploitation, which he did in a most cynical manner.

The 16 times mainstream media gave a voice to Anjem Choudary to spout hate

The 16 times mainstream media gave a voice to Anjem Choudary to spout hate

The MI5 operator Anjem Choudhary has obviously served his purpose or has become burned out or otherwise has outlived his usefulness, that is why he has been ‘convicted’ and ‘imprisoned’. In reality, I expect he has shaved his beard, thrown off his Islamic garb, adopted a new name and is sunning himself somewhere far away from the interracial tensions he has done so much to promote and provoke.

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier warns of ‘hate preacher’ Trump

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier warns of ‘hate preacher’ Trump

He makes the French want to retch, the Germans consider him a hate preacher, in Britain we just think the whole fiasco is darkly humourous; yet Trump continues to be supported by large numbers of Americans. In fact, it has been blatantly obvious to us non-Americans that Trump and his campaign for president has brought […]

Kurdish Schizophrenia: Love the Turks, Hate the Turks

Kurdish Schizophrenia:  Love the Turks, Hate the Turks

Amid ongoing clashes, protest continues in Diyarbakir. Photo: Rudaw Editor’s note:  This article is in Rudlaw, the pro-Turkish publication run by the Erbil government that invited the Turkish Army into Iraq in violation of that nations sovereignty. DIYARBAKIR, Turkey – Leaders of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) have called on people in Diyarbakir to […]

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Like This

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Like This

What you think you know about Christianity is a lie. The gospels we use now are “rehashed” Roman Empire propaganda, not the pure word of Christ. As much of Christ’s real words as possible were destroyed. The real Gospels, Nag Hammadi, Thomas, Magdalene, some from the Dead Sea Scrolls, never to be released or translated, kept like nuclear secrets, Christianity today is a game.

Anti-Immigrant Hate Crimes Rise with Hateful Political Speech

The federal trial of three Pennsylvania police officers accused of covering up the murder of an undocumented Mexican immigrant opened last week—reigniting critical discussion about the recent rise of anti-immigrant hate crimes. The officers—former Shenandoah Police Chief Matthew Nestor, Lt. William Moyer and Patrolman Jason Hayes—allegedly attempted to conceal the racially motivated nature of the […]

Some People Are More Equal Than Others

‘More Equal Than Others’ … it’s the assumption shared by the oppressing class in societies and communities the world-over, and their useful idiots—The bigot and his militant cousin, the Brown Shirt. If you’re in Israel, the less-equal are the Palestinians or Arabs [unless you are a favored Arab dictator]. In America, despite its pretence to […]

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies, Reason and Justice—Jan Brewer Wannabes Have Taken Over the State

While much condemnation has rightly been expressed toward Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, a less-reported and potentially more sinister measure is set to take effect on January 1, 2011. This new law, which was passed by the conservative state legislature at the behest of then-School Superintendent (and now Attorney General-elect) Tom Horne, is designated HB […]

Military Religous Freedom Group to Donate a New Qur’an to Afghan Army for Every One Destroyed by Terry Jones

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) will not let the Qur’an-burning Islamophobia and plain bigotry go unchallenged. From the Military Religious Freedom Foundation: After being contacted by scores of our active duty military clients asking us to do something in response to Terry Jones’ planned “Burn A Koran Day,” MRFF has decided that the most appropriate […]

Arizona-like Immigration bill coming in Texas; Lawmaker says Obama’s ‘God’s punishment’

What’s good enough for Arizona is good enough for the enlightened souls in Texas. Immigration bill in works from Texas lawmaker, who called Obama ‘God’s punishment’ Anna M. Tinsley A state lawmaker wants to make sure that any candidate on the presidential ticket from now on can show proof they were born in the United […]

Sarah Palin: Obama Is Pushing ‘Myth That Racial Profiling Is Part’ of Arizona Immigration Law

Amid a backlash from civil libertairans and law enforcement officials, Sarah Palin defedned Arizona’s new immigration bill. Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News and straightened out the record: No racial profiling in Arizona after-all. Sure, if you look brown and have no papers, you land in jail. The Fourth Amendment, the 14 Amendment, these rights are for […]

McCain on Arizona Your-Papers Law: Fine Cause Immigrants “Are Intentionally Causing Accidents”

In case anyone missed the McCain madness; from Media Matters: McCain: AZ Bill’s Racial Profiling Aspect Is Fine Because Immigrants “Are Intentionally Causing Accidents.” April 20, 2010 During an episode of The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly asked Sen. John McCain if the new Arizona immigration bill would result in racial profiling.  In a bizarre […]

Is Arizona the Most Racist State in Amerikkka?

The racial profiling edict passed by the Arizona legislature now on the desk of their Governor will permit a police officer (on his own, without provacation) to stop you and ask “for your papers”. Don’t have ID? No problem, go to jail or at least to the intergation room probably housed next door to the water boarding gas chamber!

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