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Mayans Correct: Birth of Sacred and Renewal of Earth Now Happening

It's 12/12/12 and we have already reached a tipping point in our evolution with the growing worldwide acceptance of a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness ~ that extends not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears.

The Mayan’s were correct, when they predicted the world would end in 2012.

December 12th, 2012 | Posted in Causes,Editor,Living,Peace | Read More »

The Truth That Shall Set Everything Ablaze

choose love

Nothing is more powerful than a truth whose time has come. In a world that is increasingly interconnected and viral, the search for the ultimate truth is accelerating.

March 11th, 2012 | Posted in Causes,Editor,Living,Of Interest,Peace | Read More »


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  1. John: For a while now I had the feeling that P.O.S. North was behind it. Jebus! What a government we've got!
  2. Jonas E. Alexis: Thanks, Gordon. That really caught me off guard. I plan on reading that book.
  3. Charlotte NC Bill: It may have been the Granit missile that Victor Bout unwittingly sold these people ( he didn't know they were going to kill a bunch of accountants with it..)
  4. captain obvious: uhh.. YES. they're who demonized hitler trying to deport ZIO's who were an inside threat when the bolshevik ZIO's slaughtered millions of Germany's relatives. "Allies" bombing all Germany's infrastructure ...
  5. Jonas E. Alexis: Excellent point, Jack. In fact, Philip Gilradi pointed out a few years ago that nearly all the leading neoconservatives who are dragging us into one war after another has never ...

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