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Lords of War and the Birth of a Multipolar World


American corporations have to beg for capital from the cash-rich Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Persian Gulf. By invading Iraq, President George W. Bush grossly undermined American credibility in the international arena and irrevocably weakened Washington’s diplomatic clout. Now what?

December 13th, 2012 | Posted in Book Reviews,Editor,Living | Read More »


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  1. Mopar21277: It is shocking how much the ordinary Iraqi people have suffered the past 30 years from the West's geopolitical games; Baghdad is on par with Kharkov which changed hands 3 ...
  2. Gilad Atzmon: probably many of those who run back to berlin don't really buy the shoah story...
  3. Gilad Atzmon: I wishe you were right,,, they are just running for comfort ,, they are the wandering people
  4. Gilad Atzmon: It may take a while b4 peace prevails but for the time we must expose the Zios in our midst ...
  5. Detlef Reimers: First get the Nobel Price and then lets do business http // Malala's father owns a chain of private schools and huge UK/US education corporations are vying for a share of ...

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