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Lords of War and the Birth of a Multipolar World


American corporations have to beg for capital from the cash-rich Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Persian Gulf. By invading Iraq, President George W. Bush grossly undermined American credibility in the international arena and irrevocably weakened Washington’s diplomatic clout. Now what?

December 13th, 2012 | Posted in Book Reviews,Editor,Living | Read More »


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  1. Book: Syria’s Endangered Heritage
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  3. The Holocaust Narrative: Politics trumps Science
  4. War is a Racket
  5. The Killing of Reason: How the Dreadful Few Rape Europe and America
  6. The Pathology of Max Blumenthal
  7. Chairman Sanders: We Must Address the Crisis of Veterans Suicides
  8. Happy Thanksgiving and a Joyful Reminder That We Are Not Alone
  9. Be thankful it hasn’t happened yet
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  11. Hellstorm: Book Review
  12. NEO – Washington’s New Enemy Image – Victor Orbán
  13. NeoRenaissance & the Green Eyed Grocer!
  14. Hawks in US Congress threaten Iran with sanctions
  15. I Support Israel’s National Bill
  16. NEO – West supports Kiev in new East Ukraine war
  17. NEO – America’s Nuclear Command Meltdown
  18. ISIL Israeli mercenary army
  19. RT Outs Amanpour, the “Cow of Propaganda
  20. Iran nuclear talks end in Vienna, new deadline set for July 1
  1. Edmund Dalpe: Etominusipi, You touch it with a needle. In the midst of insanity, to tap into our creative nature, is the most difficult thing of all. Thanks, ED
  2. LC: Holohoax brain-chemistry explained by...... Holocaust faker who explains himself... (with Talmudic Lies) & that he would continue lying about it!!!! ****** Report made Diane Sawyer wet her diaper!!!!
  3. wiggins: "While you’re waiting, check out my latest debate with IS supporter Anjem Choudary on Press TV " Choudary is an MI5 stooge. Friend of the Woolwich 'Michaels'......there's more...
  4. etominusipi: Edmund, thanks, and hats off to you! this is analysis of a rare calibre indeed! and even better - the lucid and well-thought-through insights are wrapped in generous humour and ...
  5. Stewart Ogilby: Preston - Very well done! Ritualistic murder, sadistic pedophilia, and rape are equated with homosexuality, harmless consensual fetishes, bisexuality, pornography, and even sexuality itself through propaganda by controlling psychopaths. That ...

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