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REVISED: News from Veterans and Military Families in the Peace Movement

REVISED: News from Veterans and Military Families in the Peace Movement

Despite the fact that both the Bush and Obama Administration have made it easier for Americans to go to war, since most U.S. citizens have never been asked by either administration or any political party to share in the sacrifice of our troops and military families, both the conservatives and so called liberals have been able to neutralize the anti-war movement (defined as pure pacifists) into being as much of a nuisance as a mosquito on an elephant.

Mrs. Obama and Biden, Military Families Don’t Need Another Propaganda Program.

Mrs. Obama and Biden, Military Families Don’t Need Another Propaganda Program.

On 12 April, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden kicked off a new initiative called “Joining Forces,” which encourages every department of the government as well as companies, schools, philanthropic organizations, religious groups and local communities to recognize the burden placed on military families by the ongoing military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Chris Kirkham at The Huffington Post has an outstanding piece chronicling the vultures preying on troops at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. While Fort Sill Religous Support “[advises] the command in matters of religion, morals, morale, and ethical issues,” it neglects the vampires sucking these guys dry. Oklahoma, you’re not okay; and neither are the  lending operations encircling American […]

Military Families Speak Out against the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan War

The Military Family Peace group Military Families Speak Out is asking all Military Families, Veterans, and supporters who question or oppose the continued occupation of Iraq and escalation of war in SW Asia to add your voice and SPEAK OUT! Robert L. Hanafin, Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired, Veterans Today News

New Non-Fiction Book Addresses the Effects of Military Deployment on American Families

“Reporting for Doodie” Details One Grandmother’s Story of Commitment, Frustration and Unwavering Love. Long Beach, CA- With our military troops being sent to every corner of the world, more and more caregivers are suddenly being asked to raise and care for our military children.  Family and friends are being called upon to change their lives […]

Pro-PEACE Veterans and Military Families Prepare for DC Protests

Various Pro-Peace (or anti-war if YOU prefer) Veterans, active duty, and Military Family groups and service organizations have been planning and preparing for massive demonstrations in Washington, DC and across the nation come March 20th, 2010. I believe that the Peace of the Action logo here best epitomizes this massive SURGE in protests that are […]

The vast majority of Americans do not have a loved one in the military

As you know, President Obama delivering his second State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 27 , 2010. With the vast majority of Americans (the electorate) not having a loved one in the military thus not committed to the wars, it was no surprise that Obama’s message focused on domestic priorities, and he only reiterated and defended his policy decisions on Iraq and Afghanistan, including the most recent surge of 30,000 troops in November, 2009.

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