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Another NNC Lendman Interview


NNC’s Iman Soleimani conducted this and earlier interviews. Each raised major world issues.

January 4th, 2013 | Posted in Politics | Read More »

NNC News Interviews Lendman


US foreign policy, its phony war on terror, its human rights record, imperial wars, belligerent diplomacy, and anti-Iranian agenda were discussed.

December 4th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,Middle East,World | Read More »


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  1. Gen. Daniel Bolger: “We need hearings on 9/11, wars”
  2. America Approaches Third World World Status!
  3. Obama’s Sham Immigration Reform
  4. The Incorrigible Sam Harris and Zionist Group-Think
  5. Palestine: If America won’t do what is needed Europe should and here’s why
  6. Iran and the Israeli-Americano Imperium
  7. Murderers attend Maidan killings ceremony…Oh the gall!
  8. US aid worker beheading video a set-up?
  9. At-risk veterans need help on suicide, senators say
  10. VetLikeMe Weekly 11/20/2014
  11. NEO – US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda?
  12. All Wars are Bankers’ Wars
  13. Part 1. The Battle of the Bulge and the Malmedy Massacre
  14. GOP Immigration Con: “Sweatshop America”
  15. Murder in Jerusalem
  16. Dr. Ismail Salami – UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice
  17. Kiev Plans Full-Scale War
  18. Minor Anomaly Threatens
  19. MKO, Driving Force Behind Anti-Iran UN Resolution
  20. Pilger and Assange, Theatre of the Absurd (redux)
  1. Gerry Kraut: Funny arlequin, I have seen for the second week fotoes in the German mainstream jewspapers of protests against your government in Budapest. Charge - corruption. Patricipants - also from the ...
  2. Pat Kittle: It's perfectly OK to call illegal aliens what they are -- illegal aliens. Rarely are they "undocumented" -- they are almost always STOLEN documented and/or FORGED documented. That is the truth, whether ...
  3. Sami Jamil Jadallah: Zaguero... salam of course I understand.... However with Israel fully supported by the US steadfast refusal to even consider ending the Occupation and with the Palestinian leadership in bed with ...
  4. SHORT2POINT: Chosen THIEVES of Palestinian Land & Perpetually Innocent NONSTOP LIARS .... Deport These Luciferans To izraHELL and Then NUKE it into Oblivion & MANKIND will be Way Way Better Off ...
  5. Chandler: thank you. I will follow up.

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