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NNC News Interviews Lendman


US foreign policy, its phony war on terror, its human rights record, imperial wars, belligerent diplomacy, and anti-Iranian agenda were discussed.

December 4th, 2012 | Posted in Editor,Middle East,World | Read More »


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  1. Ukraine Army terror units linked to mass executions
  2. A Dame to Kill for, Nymphomaniac, and Talmudic Ideology (Part II)
  3. NEO – Why the Scots Chose To Wear Their Chains With Pride
  4. NEO – Will the US use ISIL to attack Assad?
  5. Cocaine and Murder
  6. Three Israeli soldiers commit suicide: Report
  7. Rogue Courts in Canada Trample Self-Represented Litigants
  8. Ashraf Ghani Was Not Elected by the Afghan Majority
  9. The Gaza medical aid scandal: Suffer, little children….
  10. VA Awards SSVF Surge Funding to 56 Communities
  11. Sanders: Arab Nations Must Step Up Fight Against ISIS
  12. The Flim Flam Men Have Flim Flammmed and Scammed You For Decades
  13. Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned
  14. Gun Control and the Nazis
  15. US strikes, de facto moving into Iraq: Jim W. Dean
  16. Kurdish region has strategic value for ISIL: Analyst
  17. US, Turkey partners to ISIL: Analyst
  18. Gilad Atzmon On Muhammad and Friends ( Nation of Islam TV)
  19. Press TV: ISIL “Witches Brew” Cooked up by US, Israel
  20. Failure to learn from our past sins?
  1. R A FEIBEL: every time i read or hear ""obama impeached"" i cringe,when some one says this they can not be think clearly or they are delusional in a belief that the whole ...
  2. frederick muhlbauer: Well at least 3 İDF soldiers had a conscience not so sure Nutanyahoo does though
  3. Old Jules: Anzario nice quote from Cicero. It nails down the Roman conquerers perception of Jews of the time. Those Jews were similar in many ways to modern Israeli Zionists. ...
  4. adeUK: She lived, however, and has made an affidavit to these details. One group of twenty-two were killed at Irbit by Letts and afterwards the Bolshevik! continued to take ransom money ...
  5. adeUK: History Repeats - The Cornell Daily Sun, Volume XXXIX, Number 85, 14 April 1919 PDF BOLSHEVIK ATROCITIES CONFIRMED BY BRITISH Investigations in Perm District Prove Authenticity of Reports. By The Associated Press. ...

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