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Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge?

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Correction and update to Niall Bradley’s exposé on the Sandy Hook school massacre: it seems even clearer at this point that certain persons knew things they shouldn’t have, in advance of the horrific event…

December 21st, 2012 | Posted in Editor,WarZone | Read More »

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

angel-sandy hook

By now, five days later, an official version of events has more or less solidified to explain the chain of events. But how much if any of it is true?

December 20th, 2012 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Editor | Read More »


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  1. 60sstreetpunk: Carnaptious- if young doctors, PAs, NPs, and other health workers are precocious maybe they can better get in the heads of people who have undergone some legit trauma like ...
  2. joe chuy-medina: John Hart Young -I still have my paperback, 'Morning of the Magicians,' and refer to it time to time. It was one of the selected readings in my 'senior seminar' ...
  3. joe chuy-medina: Ann, no, he is not. If you have listened to the 10 hrs of his audios or read some of the evidence -much of it coming from the Vatican, via ...
  4. 60sstreetpunk: Tomer - I agree. One has to know the individual and judge by what the person does and not by their nationality. It is good that you shared part of ...
  5. jake gittes: Criticism of Bolger for not coming clean about everything or realizing the criminal invasion sooner, are probably correct. But he's said more than most in his position and it should ...

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