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serbian children

The Pope Pius XII designates the special envoy in Zagreb. That is his elevation Ramin Marcone, with secretray Giuseppe Masucci. Archbishop of Croatia Alojzie Stepinac wrote the following in his diary:“By sending the envoy, Pope has de facto recognized the „independent State of Croatia“.

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  1. Frankly Speaking: Gordon, If its a bomb, its not possible to predict where the bulk of the plane is going to land. in all likelihood, it would land in rural farmland. ...
  2. medicis: On this issue, you may have a point, James. duff, forensic neuropsychologist, retired.
  3. Preston James, Ph.D: Excellent analysis. The USG has plenty to hide such as how the whole Congress and most of the USG has been hijacked by Israeli-American Israeli-first "Dual Citizen PNACers, NeoCons and ...
  4. medicis: to Jim, you talk too much. we already know all of this. .. you got a constructive suggestion? If not, please abstain. duff, forensic neuropsychologist, retired.
  5. medicis: Mr. Morrison,,, we have known about this for a good while... we do not need to be informed. What we need, is a coherent way to address this issue... ...

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