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The closing article on the Federal Reserve and a possible solution to solving this den of thieves!

March 31st, 2014 | Posted in Of Interest | Read More »

The trap of Marxism/socialism..


The fight for America continues. To better understand those who want to fundamentally change America to a Marxist utopia, we must analyze the long-term and consistent, never-ending game plan to incrementally destroy our freedoms one at a time.

October 20th, 2013 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Corruption,Editor,Government,Legislation,Politics | Read More »

The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part IV: A Financial Parasite

United World Federalists founder James Warburg’s father was Paul Warburg, who financed Hitler with help from Brown Brothers Harriman partner Prescott Bush.

December 14th, 2012 | Posted in WarZone | Read More »


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  1. DaveE: ...... and the dirty white lowlife who can't pass an Algebra class are "entitled" to carry thermonuclear devices in their tackle box, just in case they meet a "heavyweight" outside ...
  2. rac: The grand jury was a show, because it did not do things in a normal way, according to USA Today. Normally the prosecution only puts on the prosecution's evidence, and ...
  3. LC: Amen + here it is what you explain (as ZIO-MATRIX 101) explained in context by Dr. David Duke;;; CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix ******* + @ end click on Gaza ...
  4. LC: @ Min. 13. A tribute to Gilad Atzom by Dr. David Duke;;;;; ++ ZIO-MATRIX 101 explained in context CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio-Matrix ******* + @ end click on Gaza terror ...
  5. Jack Heart: "Butler’s book begins with the startling statistic that World War I created 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires." And Carroll Quigley's writings will tell you who they were. But then I only ...

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