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The HSCA Final Report

The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research II

jfk war2

Perhaps the most important trait of the human mind turns out to be the capacity to adjust your beliefs to the available evidence.

December 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Civil Liberties and Freedom,Corruption,Editor,Politics | Read More »


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  1. MH 17 Satellite Photo shows 30 Miles of Debris Field of Bodies
  2. Gaza – Who Will Speak for the Dead?
  3. Trolls Attack Just Prior to Hobbit Vacation
  4. Veterans Organizations Back VA Funding
  5. NEO – Cold Case…MH17 faint echos of KAL007 Shootdown
  6. Veterans Voice Problems With VA’s New Pain Killer Policy
  7. I’d fire rockets at Israel, if I lived in Gaza
  8. Celebrity tweets rip Israel to shreds
  9. Landmark California Meeting to Halt Covert Climate Geoengineering
  10. Veterans Push Albany County to Move Forward on Housing Plan
  11. Monsters!
  12. NEO – John Tefft- Here We Go Again- US Special Ambassador
  13. The Sandy Hook “Smoking Gun”: Game, Set, Match!
  14. EU, P5+1, Iran Joint Statement
  15. Malaysia Airliner Missile Strike: Was it MH-17 or MH-370?
  16. ISIS exposed at House of Lords
  17. NEO – Iraq: Blowback Blackwater-Style
  18. The Science of Thought Control
  19. HIV Virus Eliminated from Cultured Human Cells
  20. May Your Children Have the Same Fate as Gaza Children
  1. captain obvious: "all that is needed for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing". I'd recommend you re-check your tude there Venice. I do agree much of it IS designed to ...
  2. captain obvious: sad thing is that he was CORRECT and the "guess who controls the media" demonized the efforts as irrational and paranoid, same as they do to truthers regarding all their ...
  3. Jim Morrison: Why Washington is behind this mass murder on 300 airplane passenger, of whome 80 were children and 5 infants. http // """Less than an hour after the crash, however—before even the size ...
  4. captain obvious: your "historian friend" is unaware of jewish clergy declaring WAR on Germany in the first place? hitler was evil for trying to deport real threats who were living inside Germany's borders? most ...
  5. Jim Morrison: We are all witnessing the complete downfall of the USA. You will end in history worse then the NAZI's. https // At 1 11 the girl describes a situation that occurred A ...

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