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Universal urge to unite versus separate

Mayans Correct: Birth of Sacred and Renewal of Earth Now Happening

It's 12/12/12 and we have already reached a tipping point in our evolution with the growing worldwide acceptance of a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness ~ that extends not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears.

The Mayan’s were correct, when they predicted the world would end in 2012.

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We Are The 99% Who Want Peace, Harmony And Love On The Planet

we are the 99

Mark this moment ~ a true shift in global consciousness is upon us for the Occupy Wall Street Movement is touching deeply felt evolutionary chords which will eventually break down the global walls of greed, separateness and war and will eventually replace them with altruism, social cooperation and peace ~ the true driving forces of evolution.

October 19th, 2011 | Posted in Causes,Editor,Living,Peace | Read More »

ALLEN L ROLAND: Let There Be Peace on Earth, Happy New Year

                            Let there be peace on earth in 2011. It may well be wishful thinking but it must become a mindset of humanity or at least a constantly stated affirmation if this miracle is to happen. Since God is love, we are […]

January 1st, 2011 | Posted in Causes,Peace | Read More »


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