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VA Releases New PSA Targeting Women Veterans

women veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs has developed a new public service announcement (PSA) to let women Veterans know they’ve come to “The Right Place” when seeking VA health care.

November 26th, 2012 | Posted in Vet News,Veteran Service Organizations | Read More »

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Todays News March 07, 2012

All month, VA is celebrating the contributions made by women Veterans to our Nations history. Several new videos are available from the Stories of Service series, in which women Veterans speak of their experiences in the military and their return to civilian life.

March 7th, 2012 | Posted in Benefits,Top 10,Vet News | Read More »

Women Veteran Numbers Double in a Decade

women veterans

The number of women Veterans attending VHA for healthcare has doubled between 2000 and 2010.

March 5th, 2012 | Posted in Vet News | Read More »

VA Creates Women Veterans Call Center

women call center

Female Veterans are on pace to double in number over the next few years. In preparing for this demographic shift — and in recognizing that women have unique health care needs — the VA has undergone nothing short of a medical makeover during the last decade.

July 28th, 2011 | Posted in Benefits,Regional,Vet News,Veterans Affairs | Read More »

Special Journal Showcases VA Women’s Health Research


A special supplement of the journal Women’s Health Issues published July 13 shows the tremendous growth and diversity of VA women’s health research in recent years.

July 18th, 2011 | Posted in Vet News | Read More »


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