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Now that Palestine has its birth certificate…

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You have rescued the chances of peace by supporting the forces of reason and responsibility rather than the irrational and irresponsible exercise of force and violence.

December 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Editor,Palestine,World | Read More »


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  1. wolf: I catch your drift too DaveE. Ya can't fire a silver round. CCI 'Stingers' will be highly barterable in the New Amerika.
  2. wolf: I predict that his successor will be another 'Knight of Malta' Dempsey, Leon Panetta, and practically ALL past and present heads of the CIA...probably including John O. Brennan. Stealthy stooges ...
  3. Chandler: Never in my born American days have I ever witness such a classless elected government official as John McCann or McCain whichever his name is. Once I wtched the ...
  4. DaveE: Needs to be remembered that Hagel was a GOP Senator from Nebraska so I doubt very much this whole thing has a "warm and fuzzy" feeling with Comrade Obomba.
  5. Amarka: "Think of the Earth as a 45 year old female body (Gaia – Greek Goddess of Earth)" From, "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop, p.77 . "........In Egypt she was styled Athor------i.e., ...

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