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A Warrior Comes Home: A Photo Essay

Health Editor's Note: Here is an article from Smithsonian magazine's January/February 2018 issue, in which photojournalist Victor J. Blue documents the journey of a...

Michael Flynn’s FBI Interview Notes

In in a memo released last week prior to sentencing on Tuesday, Flynn's attorneys claimed that agents never told him that lying to the...

Two Flynn Stooges Nabbed In Turkish Spy Plot

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Two men involved in a Turkish lobbying campaign led by former National Security adviser Michael Flynn have been charged with...


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California Fails Women Molested by Their Doctors

Health Editor's Note:  While the state of California Medical Board seems to be cracking down on doctors whose patients have died from taking opioids,...

Tribute to late William Blum: “I was next to David Ray...

We are told that Osama’s bookshelf included two books by Blum, along with other excellent books including David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor.

Afghan Peace Talks at UAE; Concerns Go with

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul Taliban have had direct talks with Americans at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and there...

Moscow urges Pentagon to reconsider its Syria strategy & INF Treaty withdrawal

 Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu delivered a scathing criticism of the US policy in Syria and offered direct talks over the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range...

From East Pakistan to Bangladesh

 Asif Haroon Raja for Veterans TodayThe Pakistan that was achieved with so much of blood and tears, was split into two on the fateful...

The American Empire and the Zionist State of Israel

How many of us have really examined the historical “truths” in our textbooks and presented on television about the Federal Reserve Board, the World Wars, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassinations and that of Martin Luther King? Have you ever heard of Deir Yassin? The Lavon Affair? The USS Liberty Attack? The Pollard Spy Case? The real story on 9-11?
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Being There, as a Conscious Gardener of Your Thoughts

In the famed film "Being There" Peter Sellers, best known for his comedic roles in the Pink Panther film series, now plays the serious...



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