Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet, President Rouhani checks out the...

Iran has revealed its first domestic fighter jet, "Kowsar," at a defense show. President Hassan Rouhani has apparently been checking the readiness of the...

Syrian War Report – August 20, 2018: Militants Crack Down On...

...from SouthFront The Syrian military has continued redeploying its elite forces from the southern part of the country to the contact line with forces of...

Signs of Trump-Putin collaboration, starting years before the campaign?

By Shane Harris Shane Harris is a staff writer at The Washington Post. He covers intelligence and national security and the Russia...

New Pedophile Revelations: How Much Longer Can the Catholic Church Survive?

__________ The Philadephia Inquirer Pa. Catholic Church sex abuse report names hundreds of priests, accuses leaders of cover-up: 'They hid it all.' Top Roman Catholic leaders in...



Tell the Doctor

Health Editor's Note:  While this short article is told from the perspective of a doctor who encourages talking with the patient to find out...

Part II: The Cosmology of Consciousness…The Monkey Mind, Excalibur, and Your...

Here is Part II (The Monkey Mind, Excalibur, and Your Leaps of Faith) of my hypothesis and/or theory from the Cosmology of Consciousness, Miracles,...

China counters Indian influence in South Asia

In Pakistan, Beijing is planning to spend $60 billion on roads, railways and power plants as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor,

Dear Trump, Come On!

The Syrian war is essentially over, and both the Israeli regime and the United States lost. The big losers in this mess are the Syrian families and civilians. The interesting thing is that the Trump administration and indeed Israel want other nations to pay for the debacle.

Dangerous Confrontation in The Middle East

Will Trump choose “the mother of all wars” or the “mother of all peace”?

US gets caught with pants down in Yemen

“Saudi support for Islamic extremism started in the early 1960s as a counter to Nasserism—the socialist political ideology that came out of the thinking of Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser—which threatened Saudi Arabia and led to war between the two countries along the Yemen border."

Speaking Truth To Empire: Pakistani Election and US Pakistani relations

Host Dan Yaseen speaks with Junaid Ahmad about Pakistani Election and US Pakistani relations.    



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