Black Doctor’s Group Creates Panel to Vet COVID-19 Vaccines

They’ll also be evaluating how well the clinical trial participants represent the demographic breakdown of the American population, as well as the fairness of the federal plans to distribute a vaccine

Zionists in US intelligence apparatus promote crazy Iranian conspiracy

The idea that Iran would consider killing somebody like this airhead blonde, as some kind of tit for tat for the murder of General ludicrous.

Trump’s Fraud Deposition, Why Wasn’t He Jailed? (amazing video)

Mother Jones: During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump was burdened with lawsuits that accused him and his Trump University of defrauding students who had paid thousands of dollars to learn the supposed secrets of Trump’s financial success.

IHRC: Call for the Arrest of Donald Trump for Conspiracy to...

The envoy of the International Council to Geneva, Ambassador Abu Said announced that the statement of President Donald Trump regarding the intention to kill Syrian President Assad falls within the framework of organized crime and persecution, which falls under the elements of crimes of the International Criminal Court.


Putin: We can now safely obliterate the United States, thanks to Trump – Bolton

RT/Moscow: The US pullout from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was a threat to Russia’s security and risked “zeroing” its nuclear arsenals, prompting Moscow to design unparalleled hypersonic projectiles, President Vladimir Putin said.

France Says US Claim Hezbollah to Nuke Europe with Lawn Fertilizer ‘Fucking Stupid’

France has rejected allegations by a senior US State Department official that the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has stored chemicals that can be used...

Scott Ritter on Iranian Disarmament and the Election

Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, assesses the outlook for agreement with Iran.

Yemeni Houthis Vow To Fight Israeli Plots As Netanyahu Signs Historic Deal With UAE,...

Late on September 17, the Yemeni Air Force loyal to the Houthi government struck Abha International Airport in the Saudi province of Asir with Samad 3 combat drones, which can be used as loitering munitions. The Houthis claimed that the strike hit a military section of the airport causing material damage and casualties among Saudi forces.

Russian clouds over Turkish-backed Jihadi Paradise in Idlib

Ankara has almost 10,000 troops and thousands of pieces of military equipment, including battle tanks and artillery, in northwestern Syria

Averting Barbarossa II: The Liana Space Radioelectronic Surveillance System (updated video)

In the past, nuclear deterrence existed only in the context of relatively stable bipolar and then unipolar systems. Does nuclear deterrence mutually assured destruction still work under conditions of a multipolar system experiencing a hegemonic transition?

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