Lock Me Up?

The once boisterous and bellowing leader, Manafort, of the "lock her up" chants on Trump's campaign trail has found himself in quite the predicament...

White House Tied to Terrorists, Trump Authorizes $6.6M in Aid to...

Has "Corrupt Trump," the Israeli Puppet Gone Even Crazier? First Surrender to "Pig Boy" in North Korea Now This? Is there no end to the crap we will be subjected to...dictatorship by orange buffoon...

WikiWars Part Deux

It’s high time that I dismantled Wikipedia’s outrageous attack piece on me. A tissue of lies and distortion, it is mostly drafted by a...

“Massively Corrupt” Trump Foundation sued for “Endless Crimes”

Jim W. Dean - The list of crimes here is miles long, and in a democracy, Trump and his family would and should be doing time.  



Drug Free Anesthesia: No Thank You!

Here is a remarkably humorous article done by the medical/healthcare satirical site, GomerBlog.

How to Meditate, Be Still and Know I AM (We are...

This profound insight and teaching seemed to be at the core of our soul's life lesson journey here on planet earth.

China plans historic mission to the moon’s ‘dark’ side

By directly examining the geology of its landing area, Chang'e-4 could solve longstanding mysteries about the moon.

INTEL DROP: Black Cube

"Weinstein used ex-Mossad to locate journalists and actresses who tried to make public the harassment and attacks" that Weinstein was accused of. According to the Observer, Trump aides also contacted Black Cube in May 2017, asking them to look into Obama officials.

TTP Chief Killing: Strategic Turn between Pak- Afghan-US Relationship

"Pakistan is the only country that suffered colossal live and financial losses as result of global war against terrorism" - (besides Syria...editors note)

Only 8 nations vote for continued killing of unarmed Gazans

The vote to condemn the killings of the Gaza demonstrators will not bring back the dead, but with only 8 votes against and 120 for, we seem to have a clear dividing line between good and evil in the UN.

TCK RADIO: “Why Didn’t Father Malachi Martin Reveal The Real...

Join me as I discuss what some many traditionalist's are asking these days especially those new to breaking free from the Novus Ordo.



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