The Bad Guys Win, For Now

I always try to give an objective view. Much as I would like to report that the Forces of Evil, a.k.a the Democratic Party,...

Trump Aims to Beat His Own Record with THIRD Impeachment: “It...

"Only two other presidents in history have been impeached even once," Trump gloated. "I did it twice. Now get ready for number three!"

Chris Grisafe: What was FEMA official briefed on Capitol Security Doing...

Grisafe was given a detail briefing on security threats to the Capitol by terrorist and extremist group...then joined them in an armed coup against the US that demonstrated a high degree of organization and considerable advance knowledge of Capitol security...time for Chris to answer some hard questions.

There’s No Single Domestic Terrorism Statute. But Those Involved in the...

In the absence of specific statutes, like the ones written to combat foreign terrorism, the entire criminal code becomes part of the prosecutor’s playbook. So what laws might we expect to see prosecutors use after Wednesday?

New: Michigan GOP Senate leader Mike Shirkey very closely tied to...

Many of the leaders of the attempted coup against the US were from a group centered in Michigan that met with GOP Senate Leader (Michigan Senate) Mike Shirkey.

‘Trumpette’ Coup Leader Jailed for Trying to Sell Pelosi’s Laptop to XXXX’s SVR/Russian Intelligence...

APennsylvania woman named Riley June Williams, and according to FBI officials, she is suspected of stealing a laptop computer or removable hard drive from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office and intending to sell it to someone in Russia.

Trump’s Belongings Reach Mar a Lago, ‘Child Rape Capital of Florida’ While President Biden...

Several large moving trucks arrived at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club on Palm Beach Monday morning, sparking speculation that he'll move to South Florida once he leaves office.

Democracy in Deep Space: U.S. Space Force to Get Nuclear Reactors

There’s really nothing new in space, and the race to get the upper hand in it. It’s been going on for years.

Queen of the Clown Posse, Cuoy Griffin Jailed for Violation of the ‘All hat...

Cowboys for Trump founder Griffin arrested for his participation in the Capitol Riot.

Proud Boys: Extinguisherman Denied Bail, His Story (video)

Here is a video that will help identify 200 more rioters who otherwise would have escaped capture.

Russia Advances In The Field Of Autonomous Combat Robotic Platforms

The experimental robotic platform “Marker” completed a trek of approximately 30 kilometers, entirely in autonomous mode, the Advanced Research Fund (FPI) reported on December 30th. The tests were carried out in the Chelyabinsk region.

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