More Catholic Than the Pope?

More Catholic Than the Pope? By: Eric Gajewski I am sure many of you faithful Catholics have heard this loose but impotent argument coming from...

Syrian War Report – November 20, 2017: Government Troops Liberated Al-Bukamal...

Government troops captured the villages of Kashmah and Salihiyah and besieged ISIS units in the area between al-Mayadin and Kashmah.

Syrian War Report – November 22, 2017: Army Launches New Military...

...from SouthFront ISIS cells have unexpectedly captured 8 villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the northern Hama...

International Criminal Court to investigate CIA black sites in Afghanistan

The chief investigator of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, has asked for judicial permission to launch an investigation into war crimes and crimes...

Esoteric Evolution – a Primer for the New Gods I

“Teapot” & the Toroidal Universe by Jack Heart & Orage



Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson: Debate on Rising Racism and Islamophobia...

Is the USA free of racism and bigotry? I don't think so! But Frederick Peterson apparently does. Watch him get angry, sputter, and call me names.

ISIS terrorists given safe passage from Raqqa by US-backed forces

__________ Al-Masdar ISIS terrorists given safe passage from Raqqa by US-backed forces The BBC leaked details, Monday, of a secret deal that had the so-called Islamic State...

Russia begins deliveries of advanced T-90 battle tanks to Iraqi army

  Russia’s main battle tank manufacturer, Uralvagonzavod, has started delivering advanced T-90 battle tanks to the Iraqi army under a major deal struck between Moscow...

Russia Introduces New Long Range Bomber

Russia has rolled out its latest, cutting-edge Tu-160M2 strategic missile carrier. The Tu-160M2 is an upgraded version of its famed, unparalleled variable-sweep wing predecessor Tu-160, aka...

Sputnik: Russian Artillery and Missile Forces Day, Over 600 Years on Guard of Safety

Russia marks its annual Missile Forces and Artillery Day on Sunday, November 19. According to the Ministry of Defense, since 2012, 4,000 modern missile and artillery systems have been delivered to the army, making Russia the world leader in terms of these type of weapons.

Russia notifies Radio Free Europe & Voice of America about possible foreign agent recognition

Russian Justice Ministry has sent letters to nine media outlets on their possible registration as foreign agents.

Truth Jihad: Robert David Steele on “War in the Middle East”

It is obvious to everyone that Israel and Goldman Sachs want war in the Middle East...


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