Alex Jones and his Piss Sucking Playmates

An infamous anti-vaxxer drew mockery by touting urine as a COVID cure. He got the idea from Infowars’ fave chiropractor, who claims drinking pee can also ward off HIV and cancer.

Road to Jan. 6: How Portland police grew to love the...

Raw Story: There were many points at which if the government had acted the Jan. 6 insurrection might never have happened. Leading up to the...

THE INSURRECTION “Sense of Entitlement”: Rioters Faced Few Consequences Invading State...

The showdown inside the Idaho Statehouse in Boise on 24 August 2020 showed supporters of President Donald Trump how they could storm into a seat of government to intimidate lawmakers with few if any repercussions.

Video of the Arrest of Elmer Stuart Rhodes III (the third),...

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers is arrested and charged with "seditious conspiracy" for his involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

VT Damascus: Tom Duggan, VT Correspondent, Dead

Exclusive interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan in Damascus at the French Hospital tells us about the chemical attacks accusations. Interview conducted by Syrian artist and political activist Hanin Elias.

Response to Ukraine Threat: Russia will begin to clean up Syria from the US...

“If the United States is helping Ukraine in the fight against the LPR and DPR, then Russia will easily help the Syrian authorities free Syria from the Americans. It’s quite natural,” notes the specialist

CIA’s Ground Branch is Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries against Russia. False-Flag Warning

On the cover Ground Branch of Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe  “GB (Ground Branch) officers constituted the...

Two Israeli Commando’s Murdered by IDF – Mistaken for Palestinian Children

The company commanders from the Egoz special operations unit, Maj. Ofek Aharon, 28, and Maj. Itamar Elharar, 26, were misidentified and shot during a security patrol on Wednesday near the Nabi Musa base in the West Bank.

Did Russia Seize the US Bio-Weapons Lab in Kazakhstan?

U.S. military labs secretly develop biological weapons in Kazakhstan: report.

Evidence: Russia Planning to Deploy Nukes to Cuba and Venezuela

In response to NATO's refusal to negotiate with Russia on non-expansion, it became known that Russia could conduct active negotiations on the deployment of missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.

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