Why Did the Maya Abandon Tikal?

New research suggests mercury and toxic algae poisoned the settlement’s reservoirs

Updated: Trump blackmailer, Mossad handler, Epstein rape partner arrested, Ghislaine (join...

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite accused of acting as a pimp for deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested.

Johnson and Trump now share the same covid policy: Pretend it...

Both Johnson and Trump are gripped by the myth of their own greatness and their delusion of total control. In the mould of all strongmen, they want to believe they can dictate and decree their countries' fortunes. This is the Brexit model of fantasy: you can engineer any defiance of reality if you simply believe hard enough. What these men cannot control must simply disappear.

Turks Bomb Refugee Camp in Iraq

THE UNITED NATIONS’ refugee agency has finally broken its silence with what has been branded a bizarre string of denials regarding Turkey’s bombing of the Maxmur refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan more than two weeks ago.

Syria Prepares For Military Confrontation With Turkey In Northeast

...from SouthFront The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces have put their forces on high alert in response to the new round of aggressive...

Internal Tensions Do Not Stop Militants From Provocations In Southern Idlib

...from SouthFront Late on June 30, fighting resumed near the villages of Kansafrah, Al-Ruwayha and Bayanin in southern Idlib between the Syrian Army and Turkish-backed...

Houthis Captured 400km2 From Saudi-backed Forces In Central Yemen

...from SouthFront The Houthis have captured over 400km2 from Saudi-backed forces in their recent advance on the administrative border of the Yemeni provinces of al-Bayda...

Strange Stuff: Syria, the IHRC awaits Russia’s actions

...by Nana Lancaster and Tom Duggan for VT Damascus Introduction by the Senior Editor - Russia's role in Syria has been 'less than clear' in the past...

Petraeus on Russian bounties in Afghanistan: ‘We were looking for this kind of activity’

The New York Times reported Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked fighters to kill American soldiers and other coalition forces in Afghanistan. The report asserts that US President Donald Trump was made aware of the intelligence finding in late March.

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