Russia Alleges Britain Holding Yulia Skripal Prisoner in Gas Attack Coverup

Russia’s Embassy urged London to give direct access to Yulia Skripal after the release of her first interview since the Salisbury attack, since there...

Microwave weapons no longer Conspiracy Theory – Now deployed in China

Clearly the unfortunate American who suffered a 'mild brain injury' was the victim of an attack using a microwave weapon.



Medicare is Wasting Taxpayer Money on Incompetent/Unethical Physicians

A doctor, provider, or supplier will agree to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for any covered service.

A Sleepwalking Society Breathes ChemTrail Toxins In Plain Sight (Updated)

The Great Deception - What On Earth Are They Spraying on US and the World That's in Plain Sight?

Russia: US to Get Its Nukes Out of Turkey

Commenting on reports about the US military's plans to use Greek bases to store its nuclear weapons.

Afghanistan: The Tint and Dark Image of Upcoming Elections

  Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul The 2004 Presidential Elections became held in a peaceful atmosphere and, unexpectedly, more people had...

President Nicolas Maduro to Trump: “The Empire doesn’t dominate us here”

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela: “The empire doesn't dominate us here. We've had enough of your conspiring.”

Netanyahu Is Losing His Mojo

Netanyahu: "“If you asked most of the governments and most of the leaders in the Middle East: What is the principle barrier to peace? What is the greatest threat to our security? They would say three things: Iran, Iran, and Iran.”

Speaking Truth To Empire: David Swanson talks World Beyond War

Host Dan Yaseen hosts David Swanson; author, activist, journalist, and radio host.



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