The Message from an Israeli think-tank…

The message from an Israeli think-tank all pro-Palestinian activist groups need to hear


By Alan Hart


One of the best articles I read in the whole of 2012 was published at the tail end of the year, on 30 December, by Ha’aretz. (As my regular readers know, I think Ha’aretz is the most honest newspaper in the world on account of its reporting and analysis of what’s really happening in the Zionist state).

The article was written by Barak Ravid. The headline over it was Think tank: Israel’s poor international image not the fault of failed hasbara (the Hebrew word for explaining and advocacy, for which read propaganda). The subject of the article was the first report of a new Israeli think-tank, Molad, The Center for the Renewal of Democracy. Outside Israel there are probably very, very few people who have heard of Molad, so let’s start with what it is.

Here is Ravik’s own description:

“Molad, established less than a year ago (in January 2012) is a think tank devoted to providing Israel’s liberal left with new ideas regarding matters of foreign policy and security, as well as socioeconomic issues. The new study is the first project released by Molad as part of an effort to infuse leftist ideas in Israeli public discourse. This effort, the center believes, will help resuscitate a political camp which is currently on its deathbed.”

Molad’s governance includes a Public Council chaired by a former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Avraham Burg, who for some years has been expressing with passion his disillusion with what Israel has become and his fears about where it is taking the Jews. In an op-ed for the New York Times last August, he castigated Prime Minister Netanyahu for his “warmongering” and Israel for its “unconscionable treatment of the Palestinians.”

As Ravid noted, Netanyahu and his closest advisers believe that Israel’s poor and deteriorating image in the world is the result of a hasbara failure; and that a more effective presentation of Israel’s case, and increased advocacy efforts, will solve a large portion of the country’s woes in the international arena.

The Molad study concludes that the Netanyahu-driven criticism of Israeli advocacy is “detached from reality” and “a myth”. The real reason for Israel’s growing isolation in the world, the study proclaims, “is the Israeli government’s policies.”

Ravid’s article also contains a very good explanation of why until recently the Zionist state was so successful in selling its propaganda lies as truth. It possessed the awesome ability to do so because of NID. What’s that?

Here’s Ravid’s description:

“Israel’s advocacy effort is directed by the National Information Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office. All the other official advocacy entities, and there are several of these – the Foreign Ministry, the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the IDF Spokesman’s Office, the Tourism Ministry, the Jewish Agency – are subordinate to the directorate. The National Information Forum, comprising delegates from these various bodies, is in charge of coordinating messages and formulating strategies. The directorate also consults media and marketing experts from both academia and the private sector. And, in addition, the government conducts an unofficial advocacy effort involving hundreds of Israelis and overseas activists, organizations and NPOs, along with non-Jewish supporters; this effort is aimed at delivering Israel’s messages mainly in the United States and the EU.”

In other words, one of the main reasons for Zionism’s success for so long in selling its propaganda lies as truth was to do with the efficiency of its hasbara effort, its unity and co-ordination.

How on the other side of the coin has the pro-Palestinian camp performed to date?

Ravid put it this way:

After analyzing Israel’s advocacy effort, the Molad study used the same tools and criteria to assess the efficacy of the anti-Israel campaign.

What it found was that the various anti-Israel efforts have failed to properly coordinate and unify their messages. The organizations do not operate under the aegis of one overall group; in many instances, they act separately from one another. Unlike Israel, with its National Information Forum, there is not a single anti-Israel group which takes overall responsibility for setting a unified agenda.

Moreover, the Palestinian Authority’s role and influence on anti-Israel advocacy is limited. “More than anything,” contends the study, “the conduct of these bodies reflects the anti-Israel advocacy campaign’s absolute failure to unify organizations and activists in this context around a single, coherent, official message.”

“Apart from basic principles,” it continues, “these groups lack a common idea or common goal that could consolidate them as partners in one official body.”

That’s an echo of what I have been writing in various articles for quite some time. At the risk of getting myself red-flagged by some if not many pro-Palestinian activist groups as well as by Zionism, the mainstream media and the Arab regimes, I’ll repeat myself. Most if not quite all pro-Palestinian activist groups everywhere are doing their own little things in splendid isolation and are like flies to be swatted away by the Zionist monster.  Some will say I’m not being fair because pro-Palestinian activist groups are assisting the process of isolating Israel. That’s true but only at the margins. Pro-Palestinian activist groups could not point to any significant success if Israel’s actions and policies were not turning much of the world off.

The right time for co-ordination and a unified agenda with a single, coherent message is now. And to my way of thinking what that coherent message should be is obvious. The only real prospect for a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict is via the creation of one state with equal rights and security for all. But as I indicated in my last post, for this to become the driving idea of a coordinated and unified agenda, the occupied and oppressed Palestinians would have to set the ball rolling by demanding and bringing about the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority, in order to make Israel fully responsible and accountable for its occupation.

That would create a new, dynamic political environment within which pro-Palestinian activist groups of all faiths and none would have their best chance of making a real difference in the struggle to change the course of history – provided they put their act together and were united and coordinated.

One of the merits of a global campaign for one state with equal rights and security for all is that the message is a positive one. It is about care and concern for both Arabs and Jews in Palestine. And that would resonate with many, many people around the world.

Israel has its NID. Perhaps what is most needed on the other side is a PNID.


The above should not be taken to mean that I believe the countdown to catastrophe for all can be stopped. It might already be too late. I am saying only that a united and coordinated global campaign for one state with equal rights and security for all offers the only real prospect for trying to prevent a final Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which could trigger another great turning against Jews everywhere if the rising, global tide of anti-Israelism was transformed into classical anti-Semitism.







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34 Responses to "The Message from an Israeli think-tank…"

  1. Ken Rechtstein  January 5, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    The proposal of Alan Hart has been NULLIFIED by swift action of the PA, according to Haaretz: Palestinian Authority officially changes name to ‘State of Palestine’

    Which means that there will be no way back to and”Adam and Eve” times, sidetracking and/or confusing an issue, that has become as clear as the stars are on a cloudless night in mid Atlantic: The trick didn’t work and will never work.

    5 years ago, conversing with Dr Norman Finkelstein, I said that the 2 States Solution was dead (because of the ILLEGAL settlements), and ventured to add that the “One State” solution was the only possibility.

    He gazed at me inquisitively, maybe looking for a sign to see if I was serious or joking. As I kept a poker face on, he said: “Ken, those guys, they don’t even accept the IDEA of a TWO STATES SOLUTION”…

  2. blakehamilton  January 4, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Defending the indefensible is a tough gig

  3. Ken Rechtstein  January 4, 2013 at 12:47 am

    ” But as I indicated in my last post, for this to become the driving idea of a coordinated and unified agenda, the occupied and oppressed Palestinians would have to set the ball rolling by demanding and bringing about the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority, in order to make Israel fully responsible and accountable for its occupation”.

    To the trained eye, what is stated above, by Mr Alan Hart, is the WORST horse radish I have ever read in my whole life, for the following (partial) reasons, the “New Israeli Think Tank Molad”, not taken into any account. The members of this or other Palestine based thin-tank can’t be part and judge in the same case. They do not qualify as counsel or to contribute with an unbiased-impartial option about how to solve the problem of the house they are illegally occupying or how it would be shared with its lawful owners. Pure logic and ethical rules work against it.

    1) What Mr Hart is advocating for, specially after the recent vote by the UN General Assembly in favor of a Palestinian State, is a clean suicide and legal burial of the STATUS of the PA as the Representative (with all the shortcomings it has accumulated through the time) of the Palestinian People, being that condition even recognized by Hamas, for pragmatic reasons, because Talmudlandia (i.e. Israel) and those who support it, unilaterally-hypocritically, do not recognize Hamas as the lawfully-democratically elected PA.

    2) The legal consequences of the insane SCUTTLING, Mr Hart recommends, would be immediately taken by the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, as a total renunciation to all and every single right or “accord” the Palestinians had or have acquired since Palestine was invaded by hordes of immigrants Jews coming from Europe, because the Europeans did not want them there and the Zion Talmudists wanted them to be settlers in an already populated land, in the hands of the occupying Brits, in order to create a beach head in the Middle East, a retreat if anything goes wrong (again) in Europe or even America-the ex URSS, specially if the Myths-Manipulations and Lies connected to WW I and WW II were to be discovered, uncovering who were the cause of the slaughter of 60.000.000 people and the destruction of most EU except France-GB-Scandinavia, and WHY!

    3) If I was a Zion Talmudic Don or simply a Talmud believing Jew, and the Palestinians followed Mr Hart’s foolish and maybe even fooling advice, I will CYNICALLY say to the International Community: “Look at Those Palestinian Clowns. We always told you that they were LUNATICS-UNRELIABLE. Now that we have spent 65 years, with much sacrifices,trying to reach an agreement with these terrorists, there is no PA to talk with. Now they want us instead to take care of them, and see they have renunciated to the Palestinian State, they were recently asking for in the UN”. What Mr Hart wants the Palestinians to do is commit collective suicide.

    4) I think I know what the motives for this new tack toward treacherous waters are, but for the moment will keep it for myself. The Palestinians should be very wary of people who use seemingly compassionate expressions like “occupied and oppressed Palestinians” while dining and wining with their occupier and even calling them friends.

    Mr Hart seems not to understand that there is no such a thing as a legally created Jewish State on Palestinian land and his proposal is, in my opinion, a coup de grâce to the Palestinians legitimate rights to reclaim their occupied land, now totally and not partially, as the UN imposed partition of 1948 wanted them to. Mr Harts Govt cowardly handed Palestine over to the Zion Talmudists and no “forget about it and clean slate stance” can undo the wrongs Britain has done to the Palestinian People.

    The message from the “Israeli” think-tank should be sent back to the sender with the same postman.

    • blakehamilton  January 4, 2013 at 11:59 am

      He is on record as saying:

      UNGA passed a resolution recommending partition Palestine into 2 states, 1 for the Arabs & 1 for the Jews – excl Jerusalem. Britain was driven away by Zionist terrorist gangs. Truman went to UN to make a new proposal, it was to make it some kind of UN trusteeship so point is this there was no UN resolution for “Israel” it was officiated, became invalid & it was when UN was again deciding what to do that “Israel” unilaterally declared itself to be in existence. “Israel” was not given a birth certificate it has no legitimacy whatsoever.

  4. Tiu  January 3, 2013 at 10:57 am

    The chances of getting an impartial media channel in the west to broadcast any Palestinian message, other than one wanted for purposes of division, would have to be around about zero. They are up against the masters of the game who play by their own rules.

    • Tiu  January 3, 2013 at 10:59 am

      and that’s “masters” in more way than one.

  5. wiggins  January 3, 2013 at 10:55 am

    Interesting picture of Bobo giving the digitus impudicus to all his Goyim enemies. The scrotum hold codicil he has on Western Goverments may well becoming to its finale. As a Judge once said at a famous gangster trial: “The public need a holiday from your activities.” whilst jailing them for a very long time.

  6. shachalnur  January 3, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Can’t hear anybody about the deafening silence of the “Israel” lobbies in US and Europe.
    This think tank story is rubbish.
    Israel’s Hasbara is in serious trouble.
    Thomas Friedman is a good example,(banker controlled.)
    A perfect Israel hasbarist,now supporting Hagel as secr, of defense.
    There’s new Jewish groups vocally taking distance from Israel.
    Israel knows they are being thrown under the bus.
    Expect Bibi and Lieberman to be taken out by the bankers and the part of the lobbies supporting the bankers.
    Serious chance of civil war in Israel.
    Leaks on 9/11 are very possible.
    Elections in Israel; beit Yahudi will create govt with Labor/Livni/Lapid and Stanley Fisher,all NWO stooges.
    Like Alan Hart says,chance for Israeli desperate etnic cleansing/suicide is not off the table.
    Most of the “Israel lobbies” will go against netanyahu,because Israel is refusing to commit suicide.
    The other parties,still controlled by the bankers,will obey.
    Possibly before Likud will lose power,leaks ,false flags,will create chaos in Israel,civil war not unthinkable.
    Coincidence today,Bulgaria “identified” one of the attackers of the Burgas.
    Israel claims Iran,hezbollah behind this one.
    Bulgaria releasing info now,has to do with elections and will show this attack was inside job,Probably Mossad(banker controlled).

    • The Rahnameh  January 3, 2013 at 10:26 am

      Deafening silence? Like how they are running Subway ads causing loonies to kill Indians and otherwise prominent ads to “swiftboat” the honorable Chuck Hagel by the Jewish Lobby?

      Accountability won’t go away with new labels this time. We all knew it was Netanyahu (and his operative arm) Mossad behind Bulgaria. Same with Benghazi, the Sandy Hook shootings, etc. It’s all very obvious.

      On December 28, 2012, the Forward published an article entitled “After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns: Lawmakers and Community Play Key Role in Debate” by Larry Cohler-Esses. The Forward is Jewish circular. ****

      No surprises there. Neither is it that the rats are eating each other before jumping ship. Hope Israel does implode soon! 😆

    • shachalnur  January 3, 2013 at 5:29 pm

      Shabak is supposed to be the PM’s operative arm.
      Mossad is Rothschild created and controlled .
      Do your homework.
      And Yes,for the predicament israel is in,the Lobbies are very quiet.
      Strange changes on Mondoweiss,comments that really attack the core of Zionism are allowed now.
      Desperation is setting in.
      Try reading “Israpundit” once in a while,so you can see what you’re up against.
      Who’s Jackson,is that your new sidekick?

    • shachalnur  January 3, 2013 at 5:22 pm

      And who are you ,calling me “Alex”?
      Do you see the same shrink as Rahnameh/Nicodemus?

    • OrdinarySerf  January 3, 2013 at 7:17 pm

      As I said folks, not taking sides here ….got enough problems being an OrdinarySerf !

  7. Harold Saive  January 3, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Sandy Hook Hoax article makes the top 50 articles this week. So why is NRA and Gun lobby pretend the compelling evidence that disputes the official corpse media story does not exist?

  8. Harold Saive  January 3, 2013 at 9:07 am

    The turning against Zionist Jews has already begun. It’s time for the good followers of Judaism to distinguish themselves from the brutal imposters who hold Judaism hostage by association

  9. stephanaugust  January 3, 2013 at 9:02 am

    About Haretz: I am always surprised to find topics other media ignores (especially in Germany) as white slave trade in Israel, hatred towards Christians, child molesters hiding in Israel.

  10. Harold Saive  January 3, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Well said. Thanks for posting.

  11. Excalibur  January 3, 2013 at 8:52 am

    My God Almighty LC – I have just watched that from beginning to end. One of the most horrific exposes I have ever seen. I commend the author for having the stamina to collect so many disgusting and terrible facts – and having the stomach to put it together.

    In the name of everything Holy we cannot allow the world to be run by these people.

    • shachalnur  January 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm
      Look how Baroness Phillipine de Rothschild shows off her Baphomet jewelry.
      She’s the owner of the Chateau de Rothschild Wineries in France.
      Check out the symbolism on the labels on the bottles.

    • Walking Turtle  January 4, 2013 at 9:07 pm

      “…now I dont give a rats about ever being called “anti-semitic”…”

      GOOD Upgrade, my friend! Congratulations on your gain in Perspicacity! Modern Khazari Kultur is to human as delinquent predatory psychopath is to… Human. Semitic Culture is to human as HUMAN is to human.

      Blood-simple, really. The two cultures in question are derived from entirely different regions of the globe. The one is an ancient Turkic (Eastern European) remnant of a long-lost empire seeking, by hook, crook and etc, to regain the Lost Dominance (hence the wandering “Jews”(fnord) from medieval times Driving text: Babylonian (aka “Soncino”) Talmud.

      Sidebar: Historically, the Khazars were a Turkic people who originated in Central Asia.“left” to the onlooker of course)istory.html seems to provide a fair general history. Wikipedia’s article seems pretty decent too, it seems, albeit with some various issues per the editors.

      The other – the genunely Semitic line – is INDIGENOUS to the land now being stolen, and shall be called “Palestine” unti/unless the Khazarian theft is completed. AKA “Sephardim” when Jewish iirc; otherwise of an easygoing Muslim sort as I have it. Driving text: Torah – the “Old Testament” canon (more/less) of the Christian faith. The translation of Hebrew-script Torah is called “Tanach”, and is published by the JBS – the Jewish Bible Society.

      Much cleaner translation, Tanach, than Old King James produced per Royal Commission, btw. Odd that Tanach can be found on the shelves of most public libraries in the US – but Talmud? Easier to find “Light Steam Power” magazine – yet another suppressed tech journal. (Ask me later if you like… Add “Isle of Man” and you got usable search terms.)

      So someone might want to hit for that missing Talmud study. Well done design, excellent scholarship and a downloadable, CD-burnable Web site, too. Like getting a FREE Talmud plus commentaries.

      Now for a little countermeasure for the entirely intimidating “Antisemitic!” shriekdown psychotech: Number One, it’s classic criminal eversion. Just turn it inside out, Bubbilah, and call wot’chu doin’ what it is NOT. But don’t SAY you are doing that! (Just make it stick. HARD.)

      As to that Fearsome Shriekdown in live-fire practice: There *is* effective countermeasure. Field tested. 😉 To wit, in broad general outline, here is Snappy Comeback Scene No. 101:

      A: “These Israeli-sponsored False Flag Massacres MUST be STOPPED.”

      B: “Antisemitic slander! SHAME! DISGRACE! HATE CRIMINAL! YOU are an ANTISEMITIC HATE CRIMINAL!!!!” etc etc et ad nausaeum cetera)

      A: Calm, composed and with good civil dignity, “Hardly. Palestinians – including the Holy Illuminated Rabbi Yehesuah of Al- Nazaar – that’s “Jesus of Nazareth” to folks ’round here – were and are to this day SEMITES. Decent people! I for one am PRO-Semitic – but you and your friends have twisted that into something hateful and aggressive for a long time now, now haven’t you?

      B: “But-but-but-humminah-humminah-humminah…”

      A: “And YOU are SOOOO OBVIOUSLY Anti-SEMANTIC! [Then the optional] And a SEMITE MURDERER! Stealing OTHER PEOPLE’S LAND and murdering INNOCENT BABIES… AGAIN! Is THAT what YOU WANT for a LEGACY?”

      Then A turns on the heel with arm(s) akimbo and walks off (doesn’t run) Stage Right but watchin’ their own back… Street Theater deluxe.

      Deliver with sweet precision and loving care. Practice makes perfect! Just trim any inappropriately rough or sharp edges of the as-offered prototype to suit. Works better than any Black Magick ever could hope to. Modeled after American Beat Era Yiddishkeit Coffeehouse Comic Schtick fwiw.

      Because, as of the most recent criminal-State-sponsored massacre incident, the Fuse is LIT. And that is all. 0{;-)o<

  12. Excalibur  January 3, 2013 at 7:07 am

    Alan – there is some great information in this article about the evil monster itself – but in my opinion you are viewing it from the wrong perspective. Like many fair minded Brits you automatically view this type of ‘propaganda’ as an equal game with two sides trying to out think and out pitch each other. This is unrealistic.

    The poor Palestinian nation has been brutally attacked, subdued, has had many of its natural leaders murdered, had it’s children killed in their beds, infrastructure destroyed, is surrounded and bullied daily by an unreasonable occupation force – and has even had it’s public opinion awareness groups infiltrated and compromised. This is not a fair fight – and how on earth can Palestinians be expected to mobilize ANY publicity campaign in their current incapacity.

    The israelis, on the other hand, are merely complaining because the global Wizard of Oz ‘smoke and mirrors machine’ – that is normally relied upon to present them as victims and distort all information in their favour – has not been working as well just lately. They are looking to oil the creaks in that machine – NOT to amend their corrupt behaviour.

    Surely it is the view that the rest of the world takes against the israelis that will ultimately create advances for the Palestinian people. The Palestinians themselves have been brutalised and tortured to the point of being unable to properly defend themselves.

    Voices from around the world must openly condemn the evil actions of this evil zionist monster entity – with or without a pro-Palestinian ‘marketing’ advert.

  13. Annis  January 3, 2013 at 4:05 am

    If the world has turned against israel than how can there be a problem with not having one entity in control of the opposition to israel?

    The problem would seem to be that israel has one entity in charge of all the pro israel propaganda.

  14. ayelyahbenjamin  January 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    The Palestinian struggle against the Zionist agenda is one that affects every human being on this planet and deserves immediate attention. Palestine is their blueprint, their beta-testing ground…then they roll it out … the Pacification Industry please view
    What they don’t advertise is their planned grand finale……the destruction by demolition of the Al-aqsa mosque and the rebuilding of their temple ( all ready to go, right down to the gold utensils, vessels ). The there is the burial place of the Patriarchs to desecrate. Understand this… the masterminds of Zionism are Satanists …they have a blood covenant with the very source of evil….elitists, bluebloods,war profiteers, they live off the blood sweat and tears of humankind and in exchange for an endless supply of human flesh, bloodshed and child sacrifice they expect “ALL the kingdoms of the world” …. Jesus turned down the same offer over 2,000 years ago… Rothschilds Zionism is the vehicle they are using to bring about their planned grand finale. Netanyahu is nothing more than Rothschilds shoeshine boy.
    Their planned rebuilding of this temple will be where they intend to bring back out what they have been forced to practice underground…. Ritualistic human sacrifice, child sacrifice on the altar to bring about the full manifestation of evil and IN JERUSALEM. This alone should cause outrage to every Christian, Muslim, Jew and ALL lovers of humanity itself. 50% of the population of Gaza are orphaned children and under 18. American taxpayers assisted in the death of their parents, no , this is not up to the Palestinians to resist alone. There are 130 nations of NAM who support Palestine…. 130 nations in solidarity we MUST make a move they have a timeline and we need to head them off at the pass
    Enter Gaza Port in the front door for the sake of these children, for the sake of ALL humanity. Not through criminal Zionist checkpoints and border crossings. Enter proudly and with honour for the Palestinian people in global solidarity…they need more than a failing lifeline through tunnels and Raffah…they need us now. The Port of Gaza is the ONLY Mediterranean Port closed for shipping and trade and illegally. It is the international “right of trade” for the Palestinians to trade with other nations.
    My hope is this… that it is a US vessel that leads the way into the Port Of Gaza and supported by 130 NAM nations. United States of America would be transformed from a globally despised nation/military to heroic status. Can you imagine the healing that would take place for both America and for Palestine….same enemies…America no longer the fall guy…I would be greatly honored to stand at the bow of that US Naval vessel as it enters Gaza, I volunteer my life…..we can not afford to continue to play by their rules because they don’t. They are guided by the very dark forces they invoke. We have a higher vantage point that we need to move in..urgently

    read it and weep….

    • blakehamilton  January 4, 2013 at 2:30 pm

      Beautiful pics and thanks for the link. It certainly looked peaceful and at one with itself.

    • Walking Turtle  January 4, 2013 at 5:34 pm

      Thanks for posting that link. Duly bookmarked! I, for one, shall remember. 0{:-)o[

  15. Warlord Moneybags  January 2, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    The Americans, Canadians, Germans, British, Australians and honest, law-abiding citizens of half the other countries of the world can’t get equal rights in their own societies due to the slimebag cronyism and surreptitious meddling of the Talmudic scourge.

    What makes you think it will be any different for the Palestinians ?

  16. Brian  January 2, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Pro-Palestinian activist groups won’t be able to create one official organization to effectively combat Jewish Zionist groups because a lot of the pro-Palestinian groups have been infiltrated by Jewish Zionists who won’t let it happen. These Jewish Zionists have power in these organizations due to providing money and using blackmail. Money and blackmail have work fantastically well for them over the years.

    I suggest the pro-Palestinian people create a new organization named Israel did 911. The best way to stop the deranged occupation of Palestine is convincing Americans the Israeli government and its Jewish Zionist pals did the evil 911 event.

    We have a good chance of ending the occupation of Palestine if angry Americans insist the United States government stop supporting the evil Israeli government financially, militarily and with its veto power in the United Nations. An angry American population may even initiate a boycott of Israel.

  17. peter  January 2, 2013 at 10:45 am

    That would take the wind out of the lobbyists sails for sure. Good article g.

    • peter  January 2, 2013 at 10:59 am

      Thought it was Gordons article, no matter, great article Alan!

  18. DaveE  January 2, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Palestinian voices silenced, Jewish voices amplified to deafening levels. The bastards with the microphone get heard. This ain’t brain surgery.

    It’s falling apart only because pathological liars are still pathological liars, no matter how big their p.a. (public address, not Palestinian Authority) system.

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