“Bahrain should return to motherland Iran”

Bahrain should return to motherland Iran


TEHRAN, Dec. 25 (MNA) – Bahraini Foreign Minister has recently insulted Iranian people with a discourse governing the Al Khalifa regime officials far from diplomatic norms and conventions.Separation of Bahrain in 1971 brings the question to the fore that what international legal bases allowed British colonial power to separate Bahrain from motherland Iran.

According to official map registered by UN headquarters, Bahrain was an integral part of mainland Iran. At that time unfortunately, Iran’s weak and failed monarch distanced from the public and accepted Bahrain’s independence and separation to save his crown, making a large scar on hearts of Iranians forever.

At that time in 1970, British government arranged the scene in order to separate Bahrain, then 14th province of Iran. The colonialist Britain, disturbed by the spread of Shiism in southern coasts of the Persian Gulf, devised the great conspiracy of separation of Bahrain from its motherland, Iran. Then, the British government installed Bedouins and desert-dwellers from Al Khalifa tribe on Bahrain as governors, with the aid from Saudi influence.

A 15-per cent minority, later to form Al Khalifa regime, immigrated Bahrain to change its demographic features, and to bring about gradual decrease in Bahrain’s original settlers.

The original settlers were not allowed to properly give their voices to the referendum held illegally by the British government.

The majority of those participants in the referendum received money from the Britain and came from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

U Thant, then the UN Secretary General, voiced his objection to the British excessive intervention in Bahrain internal affairs, but he was intimidated by UK and US.

The corrupt monarch, Pahlavi, was not so competent and by 1971, Bahrain was independent and separated from the motherland Iran.

After the fall and escape of Shah, and the success of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, it was expected that Islamic new state incite the international attention and condemn Bahrain’s illegal separation according to international legal system. Since Islamic Republic had taken a policy of détente, the Bahraini issue was overshadowed by Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

Al Khalifa rulers, disregarding the historical facts and its tiny size against the mainland Iran, mounted accusations far greater than their political weight on Iran with western support.

Bahraini rulers supported Saddam Hussein during the Iraqi war against Iran with lavish donations to Baghdad. However, Islamic Republic authorities winked at the Bahraini support of Iraq. This emboldened Bahrain rulers and, subsequently, they misconstrued the Iranian self-restraint as Iranian political and military weakness. Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Bahraini Foreign Minister has recently insulted Iranian people with a discourse governing the Al Khalifa regime officials, and far from diplomatic norms and conventions.

This type of rhetoric not only violates the sense of good neighborhood, but also intensifies the conflicts, where the real loser being Al Khalifa rulers.

The distorted image of the Iranian and international political atmosphere in the eyes of the Bahraini rulers, however has made them brazen to the Iranian nation, the political and demographic situations in the island are too shakier than its rulers may perceive.

So far, Iran has avoided any intervention intended to damage the Bahraini political scene by its hidden and evident capabilities, but if Al Khalifa family hate speech continues, Iran’s behavior would not be the same.

Iranian people have proved their peace-loving nature and its commitment to ethics, either moral or religious; but if the threshold is violated, then Saddam’s fate will happen to Al Khalifa family.



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15 Responses to "“Bahrain should return to motherland Iran”"

  1. The Patriot  January 6, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    whether you spell Palestinian with an A or E does not make a difference at this point. I am so proud of myself that I guessed you right. Your ranting and raving is only coming from your racist and ill-informed agenda that you carry in your mind. You still have not answered the issue of Bahrain but you tell me:THE SURROUNDINGS OF SYRIA AND THE HISTORY OF THESE SURROUNDINGS HELP FOR ITS SCENERY TO BE ONE FILLED WITH WEAPONS.
    Are you kidding me, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles as well…How many soldiers really broke out from the Syrian army? Can you tell me? not many. The Syrian army is made up of mostly Sunni Muslims and between reserves and regulars accounts to almost 500,000. When you are fighting a guerrilla warfare it very hard to win a war especially when it is coming of your own people and you don’t know the enemy. You say you don’t hate Iran as much as you hate Israel. Why would you hate Iran at all. Did you forget the Iran – Iraq war…Do you even know who started it and for what reason….. More than one million Iranians died at the hands of Saddam…It seems to me that Iraqis started killing Iranians not the other way around. Did you forget who invaded Kuwait .. Is not a Sunni nation ruled by the Sunnis. Why don’t you see a country like Saudi Arabia is named after a family and owned by them.. I have been to Syria and I don’t support the regime there but I don’t think you by arming civilians and bringing Al qaeda is the solution…. If they want Jihad let them go to Gaza or the West Bank and fight your real enemies…Start over there. The Syrian regime has been good to Palestinians and helped their cause. But you don’t see that, all you see is your hatred to the Alawites and Shites . By the way I am not Iranian.

  2. The Patriot  January 6, 2013 at 11:26 am

    the avatar, like he names himself sounds to me like a lost racist Palastinian who lives in some western country out of touch with real Palastinians who endure hardship and degradation on a daily basis. He fails to differentiate between the civil strife in Bahrain that is completely unarmed and for the most part peaceful and the fully armed thugs in Syria who are killing civilians and are supported by heavy weapons from all big western countries… The racist hates Iran and I don’t know why? Is it not Iran helping the same Palastinians who he claims to love . What has Iran done to you or the Sunni world as you call it. What has Shia islam done to you . Moreover, Mr Jackson is talking about history in geographical sense not form a fanatic religious stand point.

  3. Sami Jamil Jadallah  January 5, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    By looking at the geography, I think Bahrain is much closer to Saudi Arabia than to Iran…. There must be an invisible hand that is pushing for a sectarian conflicts all over the Middle East and within the Muslim world. One would think that Muslims, Shiites and Sunnis will wake up to this danger and get their acts together… There are no winner out of this “sectarian conflict” only losers. and before Muslims engage in dialogue with other faiths, perhaps they should start with each other… More and more Muslims are getting killed at the hands of other Muslims . How stupid and reckless things can get… Where is the leadership of both Sunnis and Shiites to put an end to this stupid non-sense… and please do not blame the Zionist for all of this…

    • The Rahnameh  January 5, 2013 at 1:19 pm

      Saudi Arabia did not exist until 1932 when the Rothschild usurped the Hashemite Kingdom and gave Ibn Saud the bright idea that it was his ancestral homeland. The reason it has been called Khalij-e Pars, for centuries upon centuries, is because the entirety of that area was not divided by geography, but by heritage under a grand civilization. The Ottomans came and and undid the culture of the area, including by owning the regions to the West of the Persian Gulf, in the 16th century. Look at what they did to the ancient Greeks after centuries of occupation: they act nothing like their heritage nowadays.

      The Talmudic mafia, absolutely, played a role in British Imperalism. The only thing I can agree with you on is that sectarian conflict is stupid. Sorry, Sami.

    • The Rahnameh  January 5, 2013 at 1:20 pm

      Btw, this is not a Sectarian divide. That is the Zionist strategy. Muslims have prayed at each other’s mosques for millennium. This is about politics and territorial claims by Zionist puppet regimes versus power establishments that developed over centuries and centuries.

  4. Charlotte NC Bill  January 5, 2013 at 7:25 am

    A map attached to the article would help a little…Britain broke Kuwait off fm Iraq before WWI…60 yrs before this happened…Amazing it took them so long to get around to it….After WW III and the UK/US navies have been, unfortunately, destroyed these countries will have a chance to settle these issues by themselves…Justice is a drink that is mixed and poured slowly but it catches up with all of us..

    • The Rahnameh  January 5, 2013 at 11:45 am

      Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf. It’s ruled by a 15% minority regime that tows the Zionist agenda. Formerly, the western bordering regions of the Persian Gulf were also part of Iran. This was a modern imperialist dissection. The people there are Iranian leaning. The governments are low-lying puppets protected by the Talmudic mafia.

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