Chuck Hagel: “Palestine in Chains”

One of Us
One of Us

Secretary of Defense and Likely New President

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video below is the kind of straight talk Americans haven’t heard since the murder of John F. Kennedy, not from Americans at least.  For the staff here at Veterans Today, those who know war like Hegel does, real war, not ‘fatass Pentagon war” but the real thing, his clear language, the language the Times of Israel seems to hate is music to our ears.


[youtube QzQT0bzfSEU]

Hagel is “one of us.”  He puts America first, not Wall Street or Tel Aviv.  He has survived the test, served among the serpents in congress and seems to retain his courage.

We will see.

The video has Hagel referring to Palestinians as “living in chains,” and explains that terrorism is a tactic to deliver freedom to those who have been denied it. Every real American knows that, we are a nation built on terrorism.

It is where our freedom comes from, just as Hagel describes terrorism as a way of delivering freedom.

It’s time more people carefully listened to his words.

America will survive no other way.

Thus far, we see Hagel as the only viable candidate for president in 2016.  A lot can happen between now and then, a lot of “Sandy Hook” terror attacks.

The American people have suffered the tyranny of organized crime long enough.

We would rather vote it in than “tear it down,” piece by piece but tear it down we will if it comes down to that. I only hope we have grown up enough to understand that our enemies are not of a race or religion or ethnicity, our enemies are not of a sexual preference or even an economic class.

We are down to simple “good v. bad.” The good will rule and the bad will leave or die. It will come down to that, anyone who doubts that has not been paying attention.



  1. Hagel has some possibility of being able to help prevent stupid pre-emptive wars of aggression and occupation. But he is a Johnny Come Lately on the Vietnam and Iraq and Afganistan Wars. He needs to stay in close consultation with his brother who is also an ex-grunt but sees through the kool-aid drinking politicians more then Chuck does. When we were startin up the Vet Centers in the early Reagan Adm., VA Sec. Nemo wanted to shut our program down and not fund other important VA programs. Hagel was Deputy VA Secretary and quit in protest. That is one point in his favor. Another point in his favor is that he was an enlisted grunt. It would possibly be a good thing to finally have a brother grunt, non officer Vietnam Vet as Sec. of Defense. I just am not sure how much of that kool-aid he still drinks. I kind of like the guy but that probably doesn’t mean shit.

  2. The time has arrived where the Congress , the Senate and the present administration decide that the 310 million americans shall only have one citizenship, one pass port and loyalty to the U.S.A.

    Those who profer owing alternate allegiances to sole American citizenship have no right to influence this nation’s policies.

  3. Good article Gordon, as always. I have several concerns about Chuck but the greatest concern is why would Obama chose him. He doesn’t fit the “mold”. I’m looking forward to your follow-up reports.

    Alos, great article on the Moon base. Any follow-up coming?

  4. The Jews are the only Nationalist people in the world. Screw with us and you are outta da game. Even Adolf -who wanted a Nationilst Germany – was an an anathema to their One Jewish World….so he had to be obliterated as pro Levicticus in the Old Testament………….their Mein Kamph.

  5. The Hagel confirmation i imagine could be quite lucrative for netanyahu and his nuts. It only proves to the israeli’s (or rather reaffirms a belief they seemingly have had to deal all there life) the world hates jews and there might be another holocaust unless their heroic right wingers stay in charge and steal more land.

  6. “We are down to simple “good v. bad.” The good will rule and the bad will leave or die. It will come down to that, anyone who doubts that has not been paying attention.”

    I hope Gordon Duff is holding out from us information that gives reason for optimism, since evil has won most of the time since the beginning of recorded history, and the current group of ruling families has been on a roll for the last two centuries.

  7. My guess is that Chuck Hagel will be withdrawing his nomination soon.AIPAC does not want Hagel’s confirmation to go to a Congressional. Hearing. If so, it would be far too transparent to the American public that the same “Jewish Lobby” he had co
    plained about does exist and did defeat him.

  8. Don’t kid yourself Dave E, Hagel’s nomination will be successfully “torpedoed” by the Zio Powers that be in Washington. The line forms to the rear with Goyim-American politicians that will sell America down the drain to please their AIPAC bosses.

    • If I was a bettin’ man, I’d give it a 50 / 50 at this point, but the tide seems to be shifting towards the Good Guys (us), although how quickly is anyone’s guess.

  9. The fight is on. Let’s see if those still loyal to America can get their guy in over the efforts of supremacist Jews. Is America still owned, occupied territory of Israel? John Hagee, CUFI founder and traitor is vehemently opposing Chuck Hagel:

  10. Presidential appointees like Chuck Hagel should be judged by their “CONTENT OF CHARACTER” and NOT CONTENT OF PRO ISRAELI CONVI CTIONS!

  11. Good clip. He wants the world safer, Iraqis better off, America credible and measured in her actions, Palestine with better options than terrorism to break her chains, and many solid things. Hagel that day was what the Senate calls an FNG. If only they all were, instead of the undead jewish vampires (UJVs) that populate the halls of power, like Feinstein and friends. She is my very favorite, the once female Sith Lord now of indeterminate gender.

    I am banking on the Marine Corps to rout the obvious treason. There are brilliant, humanitarian people already in place to run this show transparently. They are everywhere. Chuck Hagel needs to quit being a minority.

    The Sampson option? They will never pull it off and at least then the scurrying and yelps begin. And the Corps may even get a few firefights in and around mansions and Goldman Sachs enclaves, what Marines call real fun. I can’t wait.

  12. Actually, Hagel seemed not very focused in this video, but to me whether or not he will make a good President depends upon his willingness to expose Israel’s role as the principle architect of the 9-11 attack in NYC–and his commitment to stand firm in the face of all the subsequent implications of that acknowledgment. Does Hegel believe our Second Amendment rights are inviolate? Is he opposed to gun confiscation? To be brief and not exhaustive: will Hagel put an end to the NDAA, the Patriot Act, Agenda 21, the Federal reserve and will he bring our troops home!

    • Exactly. Those would be top items on my agenda for change followed by arresting the banksters who sold the crappy derivatives, reclaiming that money and putting it back to work in the country. Next America needs a strong industrial policy that stimulates job production WITHOUT sacrificing quality of life (that means more environmentally sound methods of production)


  13. Tahnks Gordon… it is ironic that those “cowards” who see no value in a military service for them, and who are “too busy with important things to do — Dick Cheney-” and those who sits on the sideline always present themselves as “experts on national security” and “national defense policies”.. wonder when will have an “American Party” that can represent us in Congress…. The truth in America is an ugly word specially in the American Knesset.

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