UFO Blamed For Millions Of Dead Fish Off Okinawa


Strange Substance From Crashed UFO Blamed For Millions Of Dead Fish Off Okinawa

A man wades through the sea of dead fish caused by the chemicals oozing from the crashed UFO

OKINAWA, JAPAN- The very first troublesome sign of the UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa has finally arrived. Millions of dead fish, estimated at over fifty tons, have washed up along the shore of the Japanese island. Inothernewz.com snapped the above picture of an elderly man wading through the dead fish as they came onshore. Some of the dead fish showed signs of severe burns and bleeding through their eyes.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, has signed an executive order restricting Japanese media from covering the UFO crash. Several news agencies based in the Pacific nation have quietly filed numerous protests with the Prime Minister’s office. They have yet to receive any comment as of this morning, Inothernewz.com has learned.

Inothernewz.com is one of the very few international news agencies covering this reported UFO crash and we have been able to cultivate a source deep inside the Japanese government who has direct knowledge of the proceedings off Okinawa. We spoke to him a short while ago regarding the dead fish washing up along the shore of the small island.

“I can confirm to you the dead fish appearing on Okinawa’s coast is a direct result of the UFO crash,” said the source. “We have scientists stationed on the JS Kurama, the vessel at sea responsible for bringing the spacecraft up to the surface, and they have informed the Prime Minister they believe a strange substance is oozing from the damaged ship and causing noxious fumes to rise to the surface. Not only is it killing any surrounding fish in the immediate vicinity but the fumes are making it difficult for the salvage crew aboard the ship to breath. The salvage operation has been halted for several hours due to this new development. The scientists fear a new and very dangerous alien chemical is infiltrating the seas and thus killing sea life.”

Meanwhile, back on Okinawa, several residents seemed astonished by the sight of millions of dead fish showing up on their ordinarily pristine shores.

“I would not have believed this had I not seen it with my own two eyes,” said Tsutomu Irabu, a 57 year old fisherman. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. The rotting smell is quite disorientating.”

“I’m afraid to touch one,” said Yamato Endo, an 18 year old student. “I believe them to have chemicals foreign to our planet. I don’t want to get infected.”

The source went on to say the scientists aboard the salvage vessel JS Kurama have expressed concern to the Prime Minister and the military officials responsible for the resurrection of the craft that there could very well be highly flammable substances on the UFO.

“One scientist believed the sea water would begin to boil as the UFO released the last of its unknown foreign substances into the water,” he said. “At this point it is conjecture as there is no such event occurring at the moment but the sight of several burnt fish is certainly disconcerting.”

Inothernewz.com asked the source when the Prime Minister would decide whether or not to let Japanese media outlets carry this important story on television or in print.

“The Japanese people have a right to know what has happened off their waters,” he said. “That is why I have come forward. Transparency is very important to me as a government official. I suspect it may not be so to the Prime Minister. I believe it will be a very long extended period of time before he will allow such a thing, if ever. I am saddened by this.”

“I’m quite certain there will be government representatives combing the Okinawa shoreline within the next few hours cleaning up the mess of dead fish,” he went on to say. “They will not leave any evidence of such an event as this UFO crash. They will deny everything. The Prime Minister was very angry at our Navy officials after the photo of the crashed UFO appeared on Inothernewz.com. He was quite livid. The Navy has received direct orders not to publish or make comment on this event without approval from the Prime Minister’s office.”


Dec. 5, 2012

OKINAWA, JAPAN- Japanese Navy officials have released the first ever photo of the UFO that crashed off the coast of Okinawa yesterday. The photo appears grainy and somewhat unclear since the vessel is submerged underwater but clearly shows a power source still glowing brightly atop the aircraft’s dome.

“We wanted to release this photo to the world and confirm the reports issued yesterday,” said Japanese Navy spokesman Yoshido Hari. “This picture will give credence to what some of our citizens living on Okinawa witnessed yesterday. We clearly still have many days of salvaging ahead of us but we will take our time and bring the aircraft up in one piece. We must preserve the object as much as possible.”

Numerous reports began to circulate around the globe yesterday about a possible UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa. Many people, including the mainstream media, believed the reports to be false or an elaborate prank. The picture snapped by Japanese Navy divers will put those thoughts of falsity to rest.

“This is not a joke,” said Hari, speaking candidly to reporters. “We have clear evidence at the bottom of the ocean that indicates UFO presence. What the world once thought virtually impossible is now a reality. It is up to us to preserve that reality in order to study the structure of the vessel and perhaps even the alien lifeforms inhabiting it.”

Several scientists from the United States have already been dispatched by the U.S. government and will arrive in Tokyo sometime today. It is unclear, however, if the vessel will be moved to the capital city for further study and research or if it will remain housed in a hangar on Okinawa.

“At this early junction, we can’t say for sure where we will be conducting our studies,” said Hari. “Our main objective at the moment is salvaging the giant aircraft in one piece. We must get it out of the water before saltwater eats away critical pieces. Obviously, keeping the structure intact would be optimal.”

Asked if the Japanese Navy had any intentions of releasing future photos of the downed UFO, Hari commented, “At this time we have no other photos to release. The water is somewhat murky and the picture released to the world this morning is the best quality available at this time. We will try to produce other photos of the vessel as conditions improve.”

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is expected to arrive on the small island sometime tomorrow to speak with Navy representatives regarding the salvaging of the UFO. Needless to say, the Japanese government has a huge interest in preserving the aircraft as it will be used for future research endeavors.

For more information on this event and confirmation of partial UFO recovery please click this link: http://inothernewz.com/japanese-government-official-confirms-partial-recovery-of-crashed-ufo/

Please keep checking back for further updates as they become available.

***UPDATE posted December 10, 2012

Inothernewz.com has learned from sources inside the Japanese government that the Prime Minister’s office has restricted any and all media coverage of the UFO salvage operation. The tight secrecy has led to several media outlets protesting this decision, claiming the Japanese public and the world have a right to know about the crash.

Inothernewz.com will post a full article on these developments as we continue to gather facts regarding the UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa. Please check back for further updates as they become available. 

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  1. BWAAAHHAAAA!!!!! I hope none of the VICTIMS of the nuclear plant explosion try to sue for the governments stupidity in airing this story. Its an insult. I don’t mean the fish either.

  2. A simpler and plausible explication might be this:

    A meteorite hit the water. Fish died because of blast shock wave due to the violence of the impact (like fishing with dynamite) or toxic deadly substances contained in the meteorite…

  3. This is almost as bad as telling American’s 8 Month’s later that the TUNA caught in the Pacific are loaded with Radiation from Fukushima. Let the people eat and eat before they realize that the Bering Sea is not far from Japan’s Nuclear WASTE being discarded into the sea. That “White Fish” one of the most sold Fish in the Market is from the Bering Sea. Anyone can look up Ocean Current’s. Or the 4 WWII Weapon’s Cache off the GULF that the drums of Phosgene gas, Mustard gas and other chemical weapon’s are probably all RUSTED through by now and that is what is killing the fish. Everywhere.

    Have you noticed in Most Fish DEATH’S they always blame the WATER for not having Oxygen in it. Remind me of Charleston Heston in “Soylent Green” as they continue to kill the Ocean’s that most people can’t even wade in without getting a flesh eating disease and have to have limbs amputated.

  4. I don’t believe any story that refuses to name WHO the alleged SOURCE is. This is like listening to Faux New’s blather, A (CIA) Agent’s comment on Twitter of having to be subjected to propaganda while he was embedded with Lame Stream Media.

    Faux New’s bet line is “Sources say…” Whom are these Sources? If the name of an 18 year old can be printed they should be able to quote someone. Not like here where a “White House Official” said… If a mans title isn’t good enough to stand behind his comments then he should SHUT UP! “Quoting that Idiot Bill O’Reilly there. He’d had a blast with the “Tin foil hat wearers here. haha

  5. That “photo” of the crashed UFO is actually a glitch that was happening on Google Maps when in street view. It’s not a photo of a crashed UFO. That was in the news a few months ago that those images were showing up on Google Street View.

  6. Back in 1988 when I was about 7, my mother and younger brother where living in this giant house in the middle of a forest in a place called Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands off the the coast of Washington. This house we were in had huge windows and through the windows was the backyard area which consisted of a huge field about 50 yards in length that was surrounded by dense forest. One freezing, very dark night my mom, brother and I were huddled near the fire place when out of nowhere in a very close distance outside the window was this amazing vehicle in the sky not but 40 yards away from us. There was no sound coming from this craft and had a magnificent glow of a bluish green going round and round the bottom side of the vehicle. The light spinning so fast almost seemed to stand still like when a car rim spins fast enough seem to not spinning at all. This site was almost hypnotic and remembered there was a Polaroid camera and grabbed it and as I turned to point at the craft it disappeared in an instant. My mother called the police and later the next day we saw black helicopters in and around the area. Still remember it in perfect detail after all these years. So does my mother.

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