Sandy Hook, Land of Black Honda Civics

Actor, "child savior" with what appears to be a "shot up" black Honda

Please Help Me Understand This One

Can a Honda Move of its Own “Accord?”

Actor, “child savior” with what appears to be a “shot up” black Honda

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The press never asks about the window…or perhaps asks to check the trunk.

The anomalies involving Sandy Hook are beyond count.  We have information from official sources that the US is investigating Sandy Hook as a terrorist attack and has made at least 4 arrests.

Window problem? Wonder how he see the mirrors, perhaps he drives with the door off.

The public is being told none of this.  Take another look at the driver’s side window.  See any eyeholes?

Drivers Window and News Crew See’s Nothing…

Two names have been announced, arrests in New York City, “hippies” we know to have been running a safe house for the killer teams.  Teams?

Identical car, make, model, year, but with guns, being searched at the scene of a mass murder, only a few short yards away.

Two teams of three are now sought with two shooters in custody and three more, seen driving a “purple” or “maroon” van being sought.

Now we find one of the individuals who “sheltered” children who had extremely mysteriously managed to escape teachers, police teams number three digits, six children ended up in the home of a “actor” who, oddly enough, owns a Honda Civic identical to one tied either to Nancy Lanza or Chris Rodia, depending on who you believe.

Confirmation of Another Amazing Coincidence

There it sits, in his driveway.

Why is the drivers side window covered?  Is he out washing his car ?

Is the window shot out?

Why is the car seen being searched, a “long gun” I identify as a Benelli M2 shotgun, seen being removed from the trunk, sitting in a driveway adjacent to the school?

Films show the same car, or one exactly like it, being towed away as evidence, a “possible suspect vehicle.”

How I hate coincidences.

Or, how I wish I was a Honda dealer with a lot full of black Civics.  Do they all come with weapons in the trunk?

“Triple Click” on video below to get past warnings.  Video has full context of interview including the “kurious kloned” Honda.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Bonus 9/11 Video

YouTube - Veterans Today -

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  1. Yes, quite. I think my explanation is that in this country we often see it backward. We are taught to believe that the government, media, and corporations are distinct entities with autonomy. I say the banksters control the whole thing. Everyone else are merely employees. “Bribes” are merely moving debt around. The “money” has no value. It is merely printed notes of indebtedness for the cattle.
    The cattle must be placated and controversies carefully maintained and controlled. That is the job of the “media”. They read precisely what their owners give them and, for doing that, they are rewarded with a larger share of the cattle’s indebtedness.
    This scheme isn’t about “wealth” it is about control. The wealthy don’t need money. What they fear most is that the eaters will accumulate enough of it to become independent. That’s the real secret of “trickle-down economics”, there’s nothing the wealthy hate more than a leak.

  2. Do we have any confirmation on the assertion that Christopher Rhodes was one of the arrests at the site? This would connect to the human trafficking/child abuse/satanic background of this event, which need to be unpacked. They tie up the entire crumbling paradigm of corrupt politicians, false authority, mind control, and perhaps why a whole town would be willing to go along with the murder or disappearence of their children, or the hoax therein.

    Did children die or not?

    Govt operation no longer a question, with the FEMA drill confirmed nearby. CNN’s inclusion of video from the nearby drill confirms its complicity. Have we determined what other alphabet agencies were involved, and in what chain of command? The DHS must be considered the organizing agency for this event: retired CT Senator was also DHS Chairman and is also a dual citizen. I trust the early Mossad call was based on some pretty good info? I trust someone is doing some follow-up with the Joe connection on that?

    • Raven, my understanding about Rodia (not Rhodes), as of this moment, its a “toss up”. One camp says that the police tape was doctored to make it sound like the dispatcher’s response to a request to run plates was from the scene when it actually was in another town related to a parking violation. For some strange reason the “parking violation” is coded to a “radar hit”. Don’t ask me, I don’t write this stuff.
      The obvious solution is to find out what cars Nancy and Adam had registered to them. Also, whether the plate on the Honda on the tow truck comes back to Rodia or someone else. Anybody other than Nancy or Adam makes their story all the more shaky.

  3. Do we have any confirmation on the assertion that Christopher Rhodes was one of the arrests at the site? This would connect to the human trafficking/child abuse/satanic background of this event, which need to be unpacked. They tie up the entire crumbling paradigm of corrupt politicians, false authority, mind control, and perhaps why a whole town would be willing to go along with the murder or disappearence of their children, or the hoax therein.

    Did children die or not?

    Govt operation no longer a question, with the FEMA drill confirmed nearby. CNN’s inclusion of video from the nearby drill confirms its complicity. What other alphabet agencies were involved, and in what chain of command? The DHS must be considered the organizing agency for this event: retired CT Senator Lieberman was also DHS Chairman and is also dual citizen, connecting to the early info on Mossad.

  4. I agree with much of your line of reason, except for a few key points…one being LE…Not all are bad, way more good than bad LE, especially those who spend the majority of their time in the field. It’s policy makers and desk drivers who most of the time push the limits, some go full corrupt, some never get caught.

    another is what auto fire sound like to the average person, these being people probably ignorant of any difference whatsoever….most couldn’t tell a shotgun from a rifle, even it holding it. So when someone says machine gun I also question how they know.

    Anyway I don’t think anyone is stoopid, just stoopid to swallow a total Hoax with so many LE Officials, many garden variety pd personnel, involved and exposed to what those pulling the strings really know. Just isn’t possible, no way to keep all of it under wraps….someone would have talked by now.

    Their were deaths, just not at the hand of one shooter….this is my position from day one and I’ve seen nothing thus far to have me change my mind.

    Another thing…..none of the media knows anything more than anyone else… when Anderson Cooper runs his mouth he’s doing so on the word of WHOM EXACTLY? Again…he knows no more than I do, you do, or any other, and if he does then he’s intentionally and conveniently failing to mention it aside from airing cheesy interviews with supposed victims family members or friends.


    • Raptor, Yes, I know there are good people who try to do what they think is a good job out there. I’ll leave it at that. We don’t have to agree as to the percentage of “good” vs “bad” or that I have to accept “their” version of what that means. The job doesn’t HAVE to be negative. But, for most, in the end they support the Powers that Be, not the Eaters who pay them. Nuff said.
      I fired many full-automatic weapons in the Army. To me the sound is distinctive. In fact, I agreed with you on that. I think that’s what it would take. That or a team.
      I haven’t said “nobody died”. In fact, your observation is the main reason I think at least some did. Maybe all of them mentioned did. It is still a “media hoax”. It did not happen as described. To split hairs about it, we are supposed to live in a democracy. To have a democracy (or republic) people have to be informed. The “media” is where we are told to get our information from. If Anderson Cooper wants to say “I’m a whore. I’m only in it for the money and I’ll say anything they tell me to say”, fine. Hopefully nobody will pay any attention to him. On the other hand, when he gets sanctimonious and ridicules those who are pointing out the obvious fallacies in the story, he is saying “I’m an authority on the “truth”. What I say is true!”.
      I’m not trying to persuade anyone to any point of view. For me the idea is not to be manipulated. This is a deliberate, emotion-based attempt to manipulate public opinion based on fabrications and stereotypical boogeymen.
      So, credibility or “respect”, whether its for cops or news readers must be earned, not conveyed by virtue of their position. My earlier comment about the news hound pestering detectives for the “scoop” is an example of somebody doing their job. The cops may not have liked that but they realized that, to live in a democracy they had to put up with it because the reporter was doing his. The cop saw himself as the servant of society and so did the reporter. That is worthy of respect.
      When Lt. Porky comes on and tells everybody “I’m the boss, shut up!”, who is he “serving”? If the “media” feel obliged to “sell” this tale, who are representing? They are both merely self-serving and therefore not worthy of respect.
      Finally, I agree totally with your last statement. I’ve been saying “based on what?” since I started. Why is no one out on the street interviewing people who aren’t directly involved? Why are they not connecting the dots with vehicles, weapons, etc.? Because they are selling a tale. They are not the least bit interested in truth and they want to condition everybody to accept that as normal.
      So….., I say the drill isn’t over because they are still evaluating the results. Did the rubes fall for it? Are they pissed at the ones who didn’t? Can we divide the population this way with little or no evidence? Can we sell this as their “emotional duty” to believe anything we tell them because “we’re authorized”?
      It’s like a pregnancy test. They’ve dipped the wick in the flow and are waiting to see what color it turns.

  5. It’s something new every day to those who’ve not read the initial ( in the beginning accounts ) The Rodia thing is connected, I don;t think it’s a simple mistake either…again I’m thinking aspects of diversion and distraction, the car, the copper theft, leaf blowers ETC…another rabbit hole of an ever growing list.

    The full fledged Hoaxers are all jumping up and down on very this ice, soon they will unveil that which will bury all those who subscribe to such nonsense…I’m not going to mention the virtual unlimited reasons as to why this is absolute fact…all I can say is that in my opinion deception, misinfo, and deceit are at it’s core and completely by design.

    As I have mentioned many times before, the kill to wound ratio……I’ve seen some recent posters asking this same question, yet none have any idea about such things, they are simply asking. Don’t you find it curious as to WHY none have even tried to EXPLAIN how this could be possible?

    The answer is EXTREMELY SIMPLE………..I find it IRRITATING that the good authors of this site have yet to tell their readers as to how this actually went down….Instead they merely hint at certain aspects of what can or can not be proven, or what may be possible, like who was probably involved, or that arrests have been made and more are in the offing.

    Anyway I’ll lay out my thoughts in this regard, anyone can call me looney just so long as they realize that I know as much about weapons, especially those which were supposedly found on scene, as they or anyone else does. That said…..the KILL RATIO was achieved by a weapon, or weapons, either built stock or converted to full auto. There can be NO OTHER explanation that would ever come close to the 1 shooter narrative..period….So when you have targets in an enclosed space the size of a typical classroom, the idea of the deceased having multiple wounds of up to 11, is very very possible if not fully expected when FULL AUTO WEAPONRY is deployed.

    Those who fled were NOT FIRED upon, therefor none wounded who would possibly survive…..this may explain why the one other wounded adult has yet to come forward or be interviewed….They did say two wounded who died in hospital as well as two other adults, one in the foot and the other person injured has yet ( to my knowledge ) been discussed.

    Public consumption AR’s are all SEMI-AUTO…..which means repeated trigger pulls. This makes such a kill ration within the time constraints done by 1 shooter…….absolutely impossible, especially someone who is supposed to Adam 110 lb Lanza…Why?… simple target acquisition between pulls, especially when said targets start to move about…..I don’t doubt, I guarantee Adam lacked this necessary skill set….Just ask any experienced personnel, don’t take my word for it..

    Anyway the reason this has not been brought up previously by anyone within the media is because FULL AUTO AR’S are not supposed to be sold retail by anyone with a dealers license…..they are barred from doing so for obvious reason. They’ve already been regulated…..

    So in this case the murder weapon ( if really purchased from a local shop ) would have been modified and cast a poor light on any form of GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION…….Citizens can’t legally purchase fully automatic weapons… would this make a proper basis for argument when it comes to gun ownership and the responsibility that goes along with it? Do people know the difference? Do they even care?

    Apparently not…….because I read an article where the writer said that ” an ar ( the type used in this shooting ) can fire 6 rounds per second….lol—–really…..just where on earth did this scab get that from?

    I’m tired of all the BS in regard to this stunt…..let’s get a clue before we spew about things we’re completely ignorant of and then attempt to pass them off as fact.

    IMPORTANT: Articles are being written ( the latest one here on VT ) Where it is said that ALL of the initial mistakes can be chalked up to ” reporters trying to be first with the story ” I don;t buy that……and I think that’s a cop out……………better yet…..ask the person connected to the original piece just exactly who their anonymous source was in the first place and why they WERE COMFORTABLE in running with stories that would later prove to be false.

    Quality reporters have reliable sources within their local LE agencies….WHERE ARE ALL OF THESE STORIES???????????? This speaks to a much higher authority being involved in not only what people do but more importantly, what they say..

    One last thing…..if anyone doesn’t think that LE didn’t hold briefings prior to every presser done, and Vance was just speaking/answering questions off the top of his head, then you’re not living in the real world…He’s their spokesman and it’s obvious that he’s been instructed on that which can be said and that which is off limits…

    Someone needs to make him a special tee-shit that reads ” I don’t get into specifics ” lol


    • First, I will stipulate that you know more about guns than I do. That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about weapons. I’ve been around them all my life and am quite a good shot actually. Qualified “Expert” and all that back in the day.
      As to “speculation”, I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, I’m not one bit worried about talking about anything. It doesn’t mean I buy it, it just means I find it interesting. Nobody is issuing points for “right” answers here. No one is going to win a prize if they’re “right”. My guess is that we’ll never know because no one is going to admit anything.
      As far as law enforcement “LE” is concerned, I don’t have a lot of regard for them so would be unlikely to put much faith in what they said. It is unlikely in the extreme that any of them will say anything that isn’t “authorized”. That’s a non-starter.
      All the other details are absolutely fine with me. Nobody is required to believe them. At least “pieces” of them are instructive. I don’t really see anyone here following something down the rabbit hole. Just because they mention “a find” doesn’t mean much. It does add to the overall list of things to look at.
      I think we can all agree this is a “media hoax”. Whether anybody died, or how many is still up in the air. How it happened is obviously not as described. I personally think this is part of the drill and that the drill isn’t over yet.
      I’ve said many times that any announcement of printing, or news broadcast should be considered in light of everything being carefully scrutinized before publication. In other words, there are no “mistakes”. If its there it is there on purpose.
      That said, once in a while something creeps in sort of inadvertently. “Cajones” post above is like that. You can’t tell if that’s a planted piece or not. I have no idea where the outfit gets its information. If that were true it certainly would shed a whole new light on the situation.
      I also agree (if anyone was actually shot and the kill ratio was as described) it would require full-auto to pull it off. That or a team of shooters trained to cover the area. Still, even to someone who’s never been around full automatic fire, the sound is distinctive and unlikely not to be remarked upon.
      Someone would say “it sounded like a machine gun” or something. Your statement about not firing on runners makes good sense. It also lends credence to this not being a “crazed shooter” as crazed shooters are not usually using their noggins and wouldn’t care about wounding anybody. Soldiers are taught to wound, if possible, because it takes two others to carry the wounded.
      I’ve stated in a number of ways the fact that they “release” detailed information about unimportant drivel but never anything conclusive. Even a first-year journalism student would notice that. Where are the details? So yes, its orchestrated. It is also true that they may very well come out with some scenario designed to make all the skeptics look stupid. I’m not too worried about that. I don’t feel a bit stupid.

  6. Just to add a couple of observations: The local paper is blathering about support for the cops. According to them “the investigation is still ongoing”, but “Adam did it”. How is that? What could be so secretive if its an open and shut case with an identified perp? We’re not supposed to ask.
    Who asked for all these “drills”? Oh, I remember, they came with the 9-11 package. Just like this we’re supposed to believe there are hordes of dangerous terrorists lurking everywhere and but for the expertise and expenditures made on “our fearless protectors”, we’d all be mincemeat by now.
    Then there’s the money. They borrow from the banksters to pay the counties to do these. They are spending our great-grandkid’s money but we’re not allowed to participate in those decisions. Just abide by “the three “A’s””- pray, pay and OBEY.
    When are we going to stop watching this propaganda drivel on TV? Pravda at the height of the Soviet Union didn’t come close to these guys now. This isn’t about money, or “revenue”. They’d print some more debt for us to pay off to fund these organs of misinformation if all their sponsors dried up. The key is refusing to watch it. Their role has traditionally been to keep the lid on while their owners robbed us. Now they have expanded that to openly pushing the party agenda and threatening the audience.
    This seems to be an exercise designed to divide. Those still capable of critical thought will form one line, the chumps will form the other. This is just another expansion of the Sparky Bush meme “you’re either for us or you’re with the terrists”. What a crock.

    • Not necessarily. They’re setting some rather nifty legal ‘precedents’ with the Aurora “trial’.

  7. I get where you’re coming from. That’s how I’m leaning too. I have no way to check out whether anyone actually died or not but it appears, for the time being, that they didn’t. I have no doubt that they would do something like that, however. It isn’t so much the “authorities” that make me think that. It is the other actors. If they know this is a ruse they wouldn’t feel like conspirators to murder. They may think they are playing their parts in “the drill”. You know, doing their patriotic duty.
    Any idiot that would cooperate with something like this is probably dumb enough to not know that if they are willing to fool the country they are definitely willing to fool them. Either way you slice it, my “sleuth sense” tells me that any missing kids came to a bad end. That is if there are any missing kids.
    The whole thing has the same “made for TV” feel about it as most of the pre-packaged vignettes used in the 9-11 movie. Its like reading a James Michener novel. People don’t talk that way. People don’t act that way in a scenario like this. This is a small town but not too small. There are lots of uninvolved people living there. All they know is what they see on TV. Why are we not hearing from some of them? Is that part of the drill too? They would have to control information coming out of there.
    If they pull this off they may as well broadcast “War of the Worlds” all over again and claim that aliens abducted half the population. Why not? If that is what they say who are we to argue with that?

  8. Another superb article by VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff. Gordon exposes a sloppy cover-up which at first glance may see as if it is merely another byproduct of the doofuses that run American Intel. To come to this conclusion would be a mistake however. Yes they are doofuses and goebbels like figures, but they do have staffs which develop complex false flag attck plans that involve leaks and evidence of their staging of these mass media events designed to split the public into two groups: The true believers that view the USG and LE as their God or benevolent parent figure; and a mass of realists who see the USG and the now militarized LE as parasites. Thus this op has been designed to bifurcate the populace into two opposing groups, the USG/LE worshippers and those who see the USG/LE as a militarized robot force of the NWO Globalsist run by the Secret Shadow Govt on behalf of the City of London Banksters.

    Thus it is reasonable to conclude that this op has been designed to provoke a civil war between the gun grabbers as they go door to door and those who have drawn a line in the sand. You can bet that American Intel will be bringing in mercenary black ops and mossadniks to provoke things and will probably take it live by attacking police and fed and staging more false flags. Why? Because that is what they do all over the world and are considered a necessary cog in the Bankster’s system of waging wars for war profiteering. Starting the wars is as important as fighting them and keeping them going and these ops are paid huge stipends for doing their soulless, evil work. And the SSG boys have decided to turn America into the world’s biggest new theater of war, even bigger than their current multi-nation onslaughts in Africa. Looks like it’s only gong to be a matter of time before they unleash the demons of war in the “homeland”, their designation, not ours.

    • Sadly, I think your analysis is correct. The Sandy Hook psy-op was executed so sloppily by design. They fully intended for a growing segment of Americans to pick up on all the anomalies and lies. Why? Because ultimately they WANT a civil war…an armed revolt and they are ready for it.

      Now the Sandy Hook “truthers” can all be characterized as fringe whackos and extremists…domestic terrorists who need to be neutralized by DHS stormtroopers…and the sheeple in their TV-induced trance, will cheer them on.

  9. Jim Stone worries that Israel is very close to launching a nuclear attack on US by using the Stuxnet virus. He asks us all to proliferate this graphic explaining how to override this:

    His enemies are upset by this cartoon and are trying to shut it down and stop it from being proliferated. If any readers know anyone in the nuclear power industry, please forward this graphic to them asap!!

  10. Is there any way to sharpen up that fuzzy license plate, because it does not look to me like it’s 872-YEO. As you noted, there are so many Hondas out there. The van thing is interesting, though. Apparently, it went to a Greenwich Village location. It is also interesting that NYPD arrested two young “Occupy” supporters on 12/29/12. They found HMTD in the apartment and chemicals to make more. Oh…they were living in Greenwich Village. This was a terror hit, but who do these people work for? Is it Israel or somebody trying to set up Israel…?

    • I think the plot for the drill called for a “black Honda”. Both the drill and the live op needed a black Honda. They built that part of the tale around the drill plot. Gene just happens to have a black Honda (at least there’s one parked in his drive way), with a broken window. They probably covered the deductible for the window in consideration for use in the drill (if its his).
      I think the license plates are a red herring. They needed a couple of black Hondas and they got them.

    • For some reason, my comments are taking almost a day to post, so if you haven’t yet run across this video link I passed you above, please check it out-
      That should help you begin to tie up quite a few loose ends. Then take a gander at this,
      from yesterday, 20th. (original source- intelhub)

      Just about everything I’ve been blogging about drills for the past week is beginning to gel real fast, and yes, to differ with that author, I’ll admit I DO NOT believe any victims perished in this operation, which is NOT a FALSE FLAG, (a misnomer), but was simply a flat out, full bore MEDIA HOAX.

    • …also see remainder of video, you can almost make out the numerals on that plate with bare eyes, along with the model name or logo on the trunk. The driver side mirror IS intact, and the rear, and rear window appears to be somewhat iced over.

    • Garibaldi, the photo of the car on the tow truck (supposedly at the scene) centers on the license plate. That can’t be an accident. When they select these shots to reinforce their tale they are careful. They wanted someone to run that plate, for some reason.
      Regardless of model, Gene’s car is a black Honda (that’s close enough). Could it be that the drill scenario involved a black Honda? If you remember the Aurora operation they did the same thing. The radio transcripts were a mixture of the drill and the “live event”. They had certain cars identified in the parking lot and broke a window to get at a “device” supposedly contained in one of the cars. That seems to be a integral part of these drills.
      That could account for the side window being damaged due to Gene’s car being used in the drill. There is a scene of SWAT teams assaulting a school. It is identified as St. Limas I believe. That is just down the road from Sandy Hook. They used footage to try and show all this police action as taking place at Sandy Hook. It didn’t.
      There is helicopter footage BEFORE this event took place. I know they have gotten pretty good at cutting and splicing but it still takes time to put these things together. I knew that the 9-11 thing was a false flag the first day, primarily because of all of the “news” coverage. They had a number of vignettes that were only aired a short time, never to be seen again, because they had impact but wouldn’t stand close scrutiny. That’s what they’re after, impact, preferably subliminal.
      I find it hard to believe that Gene’s car is an accident. Those shots were carefully framed. They have been played over and over and have not “disappeared” down the rabbit hole. On a subliminal level they say “black Honda, Nancy and Adam Lanza did it”. It is especially telling that the car is a central element of their story that Adam drove his Mom’s car (a black Honda) to the scene. We know from the plates it wasn’t hers (if that is the car), and nothing further has come out to support this. The tale about him being stopped somewhere else and the message being garbled doesn’t work. He says he was in a green Honda. The plate is visible on the tow truck. That registration is to him. The car is black. It is a minor point…..unless, your team drove him there (dead or alive) and you have to have an explanation.
      If the team used Mom’s car, why wouldn’t they simply show that it was hers? Maybe the answer is that they were intermixing elements of the drill with the live show and some wires got crossed. That goes for the scenes of them “finding” weapons as well. They found TWO weapons. It was probably in two different cars, one at the scene of the crime and one at the drill. That would also account for the ham-handed way they were handled. Why bother, its just a drill?
      I think its safe to say that “Gene the kindly freemason” knows much more about this. So whether Gene is doing his “brotherly duty” or is sayanim, it doesn’t matter. He’s in it up to his pearly whites.

    • …”We know from the plates it wasn’t hers (if that is the car), and nothing further has come out to support this”…
      Nancy Lanza’s car is reportedly an ’09 silver BMW.

      BTW, here’s some inside dope on St. Rose of Lima School-

      Keep plugging, you’re getting warmer.

    • Garibaldi, yes, those were good links. I hadn’t seen the one from St. Rose. I had seen the other. As usual, it just adds to the confusion. I’ve been saying the same thing about the cars for a while now. I think the drill scenario had a black Honda in it. Who knows, maybe they had one in their impound lot. Anyway, they had to cover how Adam made it to the school with all the weaponry. I guess I’m not being very clear about what I’m trying to say.
      There are reports of Adam’s father having to pay for his car as part of the divorce agreement. No reports of what Adam drove. The Honda on the tow truck has a visible license number and, according to the radio broadcasts, it tracks back to the leaf blower thief. Also, we have the footage of the searches of the trunks of probably two Hondas. Rodia says he was stopped while driving his mother-in-law’s GREEN Honda. Again, that’s the drill working. The script said “black Honda” so black Honda it is.
      The priest link is very strange. What were they removing under a red tarp? Were they getting church records on Adam and/or Nancy? The monsignor drives a Beemer? I’m Catholic and that would be looked upon as a bit “out of character”. He’s supposed to make about $1,000 per month.
      Now, if there was all this activity at the Firehouse with the parents why wasn’t any of that shown. It would have made their story more believable. It seems obvious that there was an effort to keep the parents away from their kids. How would all these people “know” the whole story so quickly? Exactly how much DHS activity does an area of this size “normally” get? No follow up on the scare at St. Rose’? Notice the people in the background during the priest’s interview. This is supposed to be two days after a tragedy and they just evacuated the church due to a bomb scare? They are looking respectfully sullen and some even grinning. Weird!
      You are correct that it is more properly called a “media hoax”. That is exactly what we have here. Just like a test. In a sense, it is a drill. People have been asked to play a part. They think they are doing a great job. The designated talking heads are feigning outrage to see if it works. They are pushing the envelope of credibility to see if they can control the reaction.
      Look at the aftermath. They have divided the country into warring camps. They have separated the “true believers” from the heretics. In other words, the drill isn’t over.

    • Great comments and links, Garibaldi and LoPhatt.
      The VT community seems to be doing what the complicit mainstream media and corrupt-at-every-level government obviously refuses to do. But of course they won’t look into the real truth, because they are all owned by the same handful of families and interlocking corporations who profit from fear, war, and disease…and who seek to eliminate most of humanity while enslaving the rest.

    • Garibaldi, yes, believe it or not, the paper went to great lengths to point out that “the Monsignor” got in his silver BMW and grabbed a couple of other priests and hightailed it over there. Now, the same paper mentions that “an off-duty SWAT team member “from another town” was there. I guess his name and what town he’s from is “unimportant”. But the car that Monsignor drives, that’s another story. They HAD to get that in there, for some reason.
      So now we have Nancy Lanza driving a silver Beemer and the Monsignor too. They are as popular in Connecticut as black Hondas.
      One might ask just why a convicted felon (seven and counting) that is currently facing another major felony trial would decide to hang out in an upscale elementary school. Besides selling drugs his last gig was boosting copper gutters from construction projects with his niece. Maybe the school got a new batch of leaf blowers. He seems obsessed with those as well.
      Well we don’t know much about that angle but we DO know that the Monsignor drives a silver BMW. Pretty classy rig for a guy who makes about $1K/mo (maybe two with a few masses and weddings, etc.). Did I mention that this is Nancy’s parish? It made quite a stir in the news a while back. Something about child abuse or some such nonsense.
      Sort of makes ya’ yearn for those days of yesteryear when the obnoxious reporters pestered the officials and ran to the telephones to get the story out. Now it’s “uh, I don’t know his name, I’ll have to clear that with my editor”.

  11. “We have information from official sources that the US is investigating Sandy Hook as a terrorist attack and has made at least 4 arrests.” OK Gordon, you’ve got my attention…now what’s the follow-up?
    If this is true, imagine the implications for the President who cannot be happy with this development!

    • Cold Wind: You will not get an answer. I have seen this before here. So far China and the US are still fighting UFO’s in San Francisco……..

    • Thanks Raptor – all very valid points and I plan to get the DVD of the latest Batman movie asap. Also, some have advised watching the Hunger Games for insight. I am not much of a movie goer, maybe that’s why I am so poorly informed 🙂


    • Raptor, yes to most of what you said. We have to face certain realities. “Stoopid” and “fearful” are not necessarily the same thing. People “willfully” refuse to believe the obvious because they are afraid. It is very frustrating for those of use who care about ourselves and others and don’t like the obvious direction of things.
      It even shows in the fact that, even among the “informed” and conscious, we say things like “they ought to hang them or just wait until the investigation”. Alas, that will never happen. We have to be fearless and tell it like it is. Nobody is going to fix this for us.
      You have various levels here. The first is “did it happen?”. The second is “how did they pull this off?” There will not be a third where somebody fixes it.
      Even those of us who are not willfully “stoopid” have a hard time coming to grips with the reality that we live in a fascist dictatorship. Do you think that any such government ever announced it? No, they were all bastions of democracy. Adam Lanza is Emmanuel Goldberg. It’s a fait accompli. The only real question is “will you cooperate?”.
      I don’t like it either. I can’t do anything about other people, I can only do what I think is right. I don’t think we’ll be responsible for “The Great Awakening”. I do think its fun to watch them squirm and we do pick up people from time to time. This one has made an impression on a lot of people in ways that they didn’t intend.
      Some here mention the Jewish agenda. That’s very astute. One major failing they have is that they are not very creative. They do the same thing over and over. It’s easy to spot and predict. It is EXTREME hubris. That’s what gets them 86’d from various cultures. They are so convinced the “the cattle are stupid” that they don’t worry about them catching on.
      I will watch the Batman movies (although its not my thing). There IS an element of narcissistic gloating that accompanies these operations. They like to signal one another and to let the more astute know that its hopeless. Well, it isn’t hopeless. The real issue is that if you’re waiting for someone else to “do something” you’ll be waiting a long time.
      I know it sounds trite but it is true that the one thing they can’t stand is light. We need to shine as much light at it as we can. We also cannot cooperate in any way with any of this. Instead of reinforcing their perceived power we must totally ignore them. If confronted we need to laugh in their faces and turn our backs. The simple truth is that “the Government” does not work for us and they will not “fix” anything.
      I completely ‘get’ the bit about Rosen’s house. It is an idiotic narrative and only supports my contention that their belief in the universal stupidity of “the cattle” is so complete that they would dare trot out a ridiculous storyline like this and play it over and over. Besides, he’s not only an actor, he’s a bad actor. He whines so much he should get a job with AIPAC.
      One last thing on Rosen, I read a piece on him that said his father-in-law was a Jester. I don’t know if you are familiar with this but its telling. To be a Jester you have to be a Shriner. To be a Shriner you have to be at least a Master Mason. His obit was full of “honors” from this slimy bunch. They have been busted numerous times for underage sex with minors. Usually its in latin America but they’ve been charged with violations of the Mann Act as well for importing hookers from all over to come to their “celebrations”. That’s what the Jesters are about. Partying, preferably with kids. So you have “Gene’s house”, right down the hill from the masonic hall. I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the location for this operation didn’t have something to do with that.
      Finally, there was a supposed witness on one tape who said she saw boys fleeing the scene through the woods towards Gene’s. This was early on, before the “real cops” arrived. Maybe they were taking hostages. I don’t know, its just a theory. Somebody even mentioned a tunnel. That’s pretty far fetched but, hey, the school’s been there since 1950. Jesters will be Jesters!

  12. “Adam’s” accuracy rate is indeed impressive. Just like the magical pilot who couldn’t fly a Cessna executing a 270 degree descending turn above the design limits of the aircraft to smack precisely into a spot in a building without even damaging the lawn. Incredible! Indeed it is. Why, it defies credulity, maybe that’s why we’re all discussing this story.
    As to “Gene”, the kindly Freemason. Besides the obvious phoniness of the interviews, scenery, etc., it seems that Gene has a wife. I don’t know about anyone here but doesn’t it seem odd that Gene’s wife wouldn’t want to be involved in this? Where was she when the children all materialized at Gene’s house? Her daddy was a Jester? Wow! I wonder if he chased under-aged kids in latin America like the others? Is that who taught Gene Spanish?
    Gene definitely seems to like children. I have children too. I’m a little less “effusive” about it, however. Maybe Gene likes his medium well with a little garlic on the side. How did Gene come by his riches? He says its a small house. Looks pretty nice to me. Of course in this tony neighborhood the little ones probably think that’s the servant’s quarters.
    That’s another oddity. If this happened in an inner city neighborhood you’d see crowds of angry people demanding to know what happened. Not in Newtown. Uh, uh! Just perfectly respectable, accepting people like you’re supposed to be when somebody guns down 26 people.
    Lone shooter. It’s better that way. No messy trial. No inconvenient evidence. No snooping around. The town gets a photo-op with King Soetoro. Why its as if the whole thing was written by a bad author. Given the mathematical likelihood of a scenario like this actually unfolding wouldn’t you think some questions would be in order? How is it that Lt. Porky just declares the case solved? Isn’t that the DA’s job? For my money they haven’t even proven that a crime was committed.
    I notice that if you Google this you find an ever increasing list of “true believers” and nasty assaults on any heretic who questions THE STATE on this. I also notice that most people I talk to do not believe this story or have serious doubts about it. People who generally like to “belong” are going out of their way to learn more. That’s very healthy. There may yet be some unintended consequences from this.

    • Rosen was quite obviously working from a script. The sheer audacity of an exorbitant number of mainstream interviews he gave is rivaled only by the sheer idiocy of his repetitive phrasing throughout, which only serves to blow his cover, and the fairy tale delivered from his script, right out of the water.
      Best round-up and analysis of Rosen’s dramatic tour de force is right here-
      Here’s “Gene Rosen” THE SONG……(when I first heard this last night, I thought it was a send-up,
      but this kid is actually SERIOUS!!! {read the notes} ) OMG!!!I’m still ROTFLMFAO!

    • Wow! He sings pretty well but I’ll bet he has a herd of Kirby salesmen to contend with now! I think it was P.T. Barnum who said; “never wise-up a chump”.
      Well, if they can give King Soetoro the Nobel prize, why not our Gene?
      Wouldn’t you like to drop your kids off at Gene’s? They could listen to stories, run down to the firehouse and even take a stroll up to the masonic temple. Wouldn’t that be fun? Who’d worry?

  13. About the psyop and Gene Rosen. Few gentiles realize the full scale of Jewish treachery, Gene’s storyline includes “the nice old Jewish man who loves little goy children”. Hardly. Gene Rosen is taking money from someone (Jewish Greenburg family?) and playing a role in a large psyop in removing guns so the new Bolsheviks can kill off millions of goy the children. Underneath his friendly gentle persona is a Judea lion waiting to devour American citizens.

    The sacred Jewish holy days are celebrations of slaughter like Purim holiday includes eating triangle cookies that represent Persian ears. Gene Rosen the nice old Jewish man is cover for IDF commandos that shot 6 year old defenseless children at point blank range with a high powered rifle.

    Gene Rosen and all the actors should be immediately arrested by a militia force of armed citizens. Lt. Vance arrested for treason, covering up a huge felony and threatening citizens while the state kills citizens is treason. All those in the media like Anderson Cooper and Jewish Mossad Intelligence officer Wolf Blitzer executed for treason by armed militia on live television.

  14. Something remarkable that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is how few people were injured. 27 killed and only 2 injured (one unnamed). Compare that with Coumbine, 15 killed and 21 injured. Or with 101 California, 9 killed and 6 injured. So one would expects roughly the same number of injured as killed. Here we get a huge disparity.

  15. Well, Well, Well…here come the leaks…..all of you Hoaxer’s better get the knife and fork out, crow about to be served in massive quantities.

    The Newtown Bee’s Andrew Gorosko has written a telling piece of inside information.

    The interesting quote which I’ll paste:

    Investigation Progresses

    As the police probe has progressed, some facts of the case have become clear.

    According to a reliable local law enforcement source, Adam Lanza attempted to destroy all his computer equipment to prevent any tracing of his Internet usage and his electronic correspondence. It is thought that “some or most” of the computer data will be retrieved from the damaged equipment.

    The source confirmed that Lanza used a Bushmaster-brand military-style semiautomatic assault rifle to kill all victims at the school. Lanza also carried two pistols.

    Also, Lanza used a different rifle to kill his mother by firing four shots at her while she was in bed at home, according to the source. Adam Lanza left that rifle at Lanza residence.

    Also, Lanza shot more than 100 rounds and possibly hundreds of rounds of ammunition at the school, according to the source.

    Lanza was not wearing any “body armor” when the school incident occurred.

    Additionally, a teacher at the school who realized what was occurring during the shooting incident crowded all of her students into a rest room adjoining her classroom and then pulled a bookcase in front of the bathroom door to obscure it from view. The people hiding in that bathroom survived.

    A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.

    Off in the woods as Police arrive instead of helping the victims, and heard saying ” I didn’t do it ” ah….really…
    Do what exactly ?

    One diversion team member, off duty tactical unit, or SWAT TRAINED, take you pick…oh..
    and from another town…
    What freaking town, and what is this chump’s name. Which explains why he was said to have been sat down in the front seat of the cruiser as opposed to the back… Very detailed, and as it continues to unfold it’s looking more and more like what was said to be sloppy wasn’t so sloppy after all….This obviously aided the escape of the Purple van being driven by the crazed Nun..


    • And what of the other man, evident in the footage, who apparently evaded detection and the comfy front seat of the police vehicle.

    • How unreal can someone make it? First, the cast is about as believable as the crew from a “reality show”. They are all affluent, smiley, will spoken, etc.. None of the participants acted in a “normal” manner to any of this. We’ve seen the ambulances, etc., scenes depicted in ways where the evidence of our eyes does not match the description. Maybe more importantly, we’ve seen the so-called “media” sit quietly for the next update to the script. No questions asked. Very conciliatory.
      Is that their job? Well, we know it is but, according to the script, they are supposed to be asking “hard questions”. Are they?
      We are analyzing their announcements about the “investigation”. Why would anyone expect anything but drivel in support of the official story to come from the conspirators? Where’s the evidence? Why is it now considered bad form to question the State?
      I don’t believe anything that comes from the TV. Sure, you might extract some unintentional slippage from there. That’s about it. Everything about this tale is a psyop. The more we study it the more obvious it is. The hit team theory is surely the best. However, we don’t even know if anyone was killed. If they were, how many, who were they? There is no doubt about the drills either. Drills “going live” is the new norm. I think it helps get all the players in position to control the scenario. After all, you have to have hired your actors and staged the area in such a way as to avoid the possibility of any real reporters and other interlopers actually reporting what’s happening.
      Still, how do they control the town? Aren’t they the least bit curious about this?

    • Thank you, Garibaldi. With regard to this particular thread, could it be that our kindly Mr. Rosen’s car was used in the drill? Perhaps it suffered some damage. In fact, we’ve seen pictures of a car being towed away but we don’t know (other than the sign) where they were taken.
      Someone else posted a scenario where there was a mixture of the drill and the “live drill” that was pretty good. That way you have multiple shots of two separate events all interwoven and fed to the “news” readers as the situation warrants.
      That’s what I’m trying to say about not believing anything you see on TV. They are not deliberately going to show anything useful. Them may by accident. Just like the license plate. It is either an oversight (doubtful) or deliberate (more likely). Every shot is carefully chosen and enhanced, cropped, etc., to sell an idea. It’s hard to believe that they’d overlook the guy’s license plate. By the way, what were Nancy or Adam’s license plate numbers? It’s a simple question.

    • That kid could have blown up his house and you’d still find him from servers he visited. Did he even have a atm card to purchase stuff? Did this kid even exist?

  16. Just to weird. What about the nun costume? Gordon you mentioned elsewhere that one of the three was dressed like a nun. Simply bizarre….

  17. My sick humor…
    George Bush senior was supposedly on his deathbed at the time of the shooting…maybe he got a frresh blood transfusion….from 6 year old childrens blood….just like Dick Cheney getting Travon Martin’s heart….
    Bush is having a speedy recovery after being hospitalized for 6 weeks…..
    Just startin some junk…..

  18. Rosen is creepy and his account simply not credible. But the unconfirmed source info on the arrest of multiple shooters and the existence of two three man hit ‘teams’ is way out there and needs to be confirmed before I will take it seriously. Which agency in the US has made the arrest? Are the shooters from a small nation in the middle east? Do they speak Hebrew?

    • Yes. Rosen is very creepy. It’s frightening, if the info is real, that he was a ‘psychologist’.
      Don’t know what to make of it, but it’s curious that one of the first oh so helpful statements in setting up the msm ‘lone crazy gun-nut’ Adam Lanza profile with appropriate (sob) ‘RIP Nancy’ went out via twitter account (neighbour) having same name as the hospital where the father of the pregnant NY ‘hippy’ works. Just one of nature’s curious coinkidinks?

  19. Gordon and VT: Gigantic THANK YOU and keep pounding this unbelievable hoax – maybe this will be the straw that breaks everything open including 911 truth. It is IMPERATIVE that humanity wakes up to what’s really going on. On that note I offer the following (also posted to another Sandy Hook article):

    Food for thought – from the Cassiopaean session transcripts:

    October 25, 1994
    Q: (L) Is the Quorum composed of members who are humans on this planet?
    A: Partly.
    Q: (L) Would we know any of them as well known figures?
    A: Hidden. None you would know.
    Q: (L) How is the Quorum important in regard to the Earth changes?
    A: Watchers.
    Q: (L) Why is it important to have watchers?
    A: Keep track of prophecies.

  20. The New York connection……Yes one of their rags, the daily I believe…..had someone inform them ” correctly ” that Lanza…may have had a high end shotgun stashed in the trunk of a car parked behind the school. The weapon that was correctly identified by a VT poster as being a Saiga, was in fact the weapon found in the trunk.

    Why suggest multiple Honda products….? Like I mentioned very early on…a Distraction aspect/team was most definitely involved….. The weird thing is that this piece was written on 15 Dec…posted at 12:00 something EST.. You’d have to check Paul Vance’s presser to cross check how anyone would have this information and more telling, how did it fall through the cracks?

    Anyway….Civic’s and Accords are as different as Bologna and Prime rib……The media, whether wittingly or by utter ignorance…….mis-identified which ever vehicles are in question..

    Here is the article:

    Last comment……as you read it you’ll come across a pic of Soto…..” Looks like the head has been pasted onto the body of the person in the pic ” I may be wrong but this botched shooting may not have been so botched…

    I would wager that the real shooters are long long gone…all that are left are piss poor actors who allow misguided folks to yell HOAX at the top of their lungs…This is key to this event!!!



  21. I’ve seen the vid with rosen before, but never noticed the car in the background was the same as the black honda at the school. I knew he was lying, but good god, evidence in plain sight. Nice to know there are people in custody. May these perps burn..

  22. I’ve been trying to compare the license plate number on the Rosen Honda to the plate number on the “Shooter’s” Honda (872-YEO from a photo of the car being hauled away). I cannot get a clear view of the Rosen plate but it appears to be a different number and not even a Connecticut plate. I know the plates could have easily been changed, but it would be interesting if Mr. Rosen had non-Connecticut plates on his car. I would appreciate it if anyone can get a better image of the Rosen Honda license plate.

  23. Although I’ve already sat through his previous 2&1/2 hour video, I haven’t even watched this Brendan Hunt video yet, (he’s an actor, that gives him an inside track, imho). But already being aware of Rosen’s acting background and psych ward resume’, (and the masonic lodge out back over the hill), all I did was search youtube for “gene rosen masonic”, and BINGO! (can’t wait to see it)

    Due to his maximum proximity to the “scene” of the “action”, (himself AND his property, including the car, hypothetically), plus his maximized media exposure, I think he begins to emerge as a prime suspect for actually being what is known as a “controller” in what I see as just another “active shooter drill” gone LIVE.
    So to keep it short, I think there’s a strong possibility that it could be one and the same vehicle.

    • “Not only does he (Gene Rosen) live down the street from one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the US (which also happens to be located directly in back of the Sandy Hook school), but Eugene’s family are high-level Freemasons.”

      My my…will wonders never cease. But, like you Garibaldi, I still have to wonder whether anyone was actually shot and killed at the scene. In all of the interviews with “grieving” parents and/or relatives, etc, there are no real tears…and way too many smiling countenances. It is sooo patently PHONY.

    • And one other wild possibility occurred to me after this revelation about the proximity of the Masonic Lodge to the school. Could there be some underground connection? I mean like a tunnel.

    • That is a great possibility. I have heard that the Masonic lodge was old so how old is this school anyway? Nice observation Wolf.

    • Hey Wolf, and all. There may be bullet holes, and magic hondas, and maybe even a child or two was sacrificed in the hoax, but the bottom line is, HOAX. Hoax hoax HOAX. G is still insinuating some terror angle. Not good. Diminishes the primary fact this is a HOAX full out. To spin it into some Israeli angle is to confuse, which serves to distract. By allowing distraction it takes the wind out of the truth. Allowing for some scapegoat, in this case Israel, when we cannot forget it is the bankers, zionists, slaughtering war profiteers and all their media disinfo ops, all of them, that make up this HOAX. It’s critical to focus on the HOAX, pure and simple, and it’s players at the city, state, federal and media. Those are not Israel.
      see video at top –
      This and similar should be sent to everyone we know. This is the chance to show the scum government at state and federal levels and media liars for what they are. HOAX HOAX HOAX. While Israel is a scummy murdering ripoff problem, that has nothing to do with this sandy hook HOAX and Gun Grab.
      and –

    • And why exactly have “Jews” been thrown out of over a hundred countries throughout the centuries. It’s for crimes/actions like this, against the local population, and then they did 9/11.

      Although in the past, they didn’t have the same capabilities as today. Now with control of the media, politicians, the FED and Central Banks, the IMF, BIS, World Bank, and everything else, they think they are impervious. No one can harm them, they have complete control of all they avenues.

      Not all avenues.

  24. “…the US is investigating Sandy Hook as a terrorist attack and has made at least 4 arrests.”

    If this is true and comes to light, do you realize what it would mean? Their whole house of cards would come crashing down…including the monumental lie of 9/11. There is little doubt however that Michael Chertoff would intervene and Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, the Greenberg family, et al will be on the next flight back to IsRaHell…for “national security” reasons doncha know.

    • It’s almost too good to be true…….. but then again lies and liars are always exposed, eventually. In this case the karmic payback will be like 10 (exp) 23 Hiroshimas….! Gordon just made my day with this news…… hope it’s true. Maybe the Mayans were right, after all…..just not the way we expected.

    • It looks to me like, in view of the fact that 9/11 and the truthers will not give up, and that the world sees 9/11 for what it is and they won’t give up, has got the Israeli’s AFRAID that at moment someone might crack and spill their “guts” in which case many will be enraged and look for revenge (as it should be) in which case they may not be able to get enough planes back to Israel and safety as needed.

      So this is showing signs of desperation, and although slow, a way to disarm America, in the attempt to limit the public’s ability to retaliate against the perpetrators of this horrendous traitorous series of actions against their only true defenders.

      Sad, but it fits the profile. They have gone to far, but it reminds me of the lines from the “International” movie, when the lead criminal mastermind and his son are talking and he asks him “what do you do when all alternatives are gone and there’s now way out?” and the son says “you go in deeper”.

      This is what they are doing and what we are seeing today, the “Jews” of Israel that is, may they burn for it.

    • ‘…someone might crack…’
      Funnily enough, there are Kony connections in the
      SH show too.

  25. To all those who wish to stay “duped” on the Sandy Hook Masacre “one lone gunman” theory you might want to check out The Ugly Truth. It’s a good site for the novice and misguided.

    • I totally agree w/you Johng! If you want to remain dumbed down on Sandy Hook and go along w/the offical “lone gunman” narrative, then by all means, follow the Ugly Truth (or perhaps better known as the Ugly Half Truth). Seems like the folks over at the Ugly Truth are willing to challenge the official story and false flags when a muslim is accused, but when it’s a white guy, then they always say “sorry folks, but white people do bad things.”

  26. Gordon, got some new for you (but maybe you’ve heard it already).
    At 39:55 min, Clif High said that the number 2 guy in the breakaway civilization has just died of pancreatic cancer, leaving a power vacuum. This may lead to his temporal marker of the breakaway civilization revealing more of itself.

    • …a simple google brought up two interesting names for cliff’s number two guy that recently died of pancreatic cancer – sally ride and steve jobs -j$

  27. Thank you Gordon for all the work done at VT on Sandy Hook. The public is giving the “truth movement” more respect now than they have because of the work here at VT.

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