Jasenovac – The Cruelest Death Camp of All Times 2/6

Bodies of prisoners killed upon arrival to Jasenovac

By Sir Vojislav Milosevic, Director

Center for Counter-terrorism

Bodies of prisoners killed upon arrival to Jasenovac


 At the Yalta Conference, February 1945, U.S. President F. D. Roosevelt stated:  The crime of genocide committed against Serbs and Jews in the death camps of Croatia – the Croats should prohibit the possibility of establishing an independent state for the next 1000 years.

Jasenovac was Croatia’s largest death camp.  It was a network of several sub-camps, established in August 1941.  It certainly was a death camp, since the plan was to exterminate all its inmates.

While the killing in Sobibor, Treblinka, or Auschwitz was carried out on an industrial basis, in Jasenovac the Ustasha guards competed in killing contests, on an artisanal level.  The Croat Ustashas, the military wing of a clerical party whose symbol was the knife and crucifix, appeared to enjoy the burdensome labor of manual killing; they took pride in saving bullets, as they killed their enemies.  They used knives, hammers, axes.  Occasionally they used saws.

The number of people murdered in the Jasenovac death camp system is unknown.   Hundreds of thousands of Serbs perished there, together with Jews, Gypsies, Croat partisans, and other Croat opponents of the Ustasha regime.  Jews were brought to Jasenovac from all over the NDH (Independent State of Croatia).  Most were killed upon arrival, whilst a small number of skilled professionals were kept alive to work at the camp.  That gave rise to the absurd charge that the Jews were in charge at Jasenovac.
On April 22, 1945, 600 able-bodied inmates, armed with sticks and hammers, took the desperate decision to organize a mass escape, to face a very likely death today, as opposed to a certain death tomorrow.  Most died under machine gun fire, but 80 emerged from Jasenovac and survived.


“From above, a new European order is forced upon the masses, and masses open their hearts to the above. Underneath, it turns into devotion to symbols of death.

The Fuhrer’s paranoia becomes a collective one: the brides rush to touch the Fuhrer in delirium, overwhelmed by their erotic tears, they kneel down in front of the “corporal” from heaven. He gives them pure race mystical blood, holy land the sacrifices are made.

He is illuminated by Luciferian light, while he builds the inferno on Earth.

Max Luburik

On June 6. 1941, at Berghoff residence,  Hitler meets Ante Pavelic, a leader of fascist Croatia. Pavelic will thank to him personally for the creation of the so-called “Independent State of Croatia” under German protection. Totally fascist “Independent Sate of Croatia”, was proclaimed on the April 10, 1941 at 4pm by Ante Kvaternik, one of the followers od Croatian Fuhrer Ante Pavelic. The very notion of crime, the notion of right and wrong, has been erased from existence, and the ruthless extermination of political enemies: Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, becomes the practice as well as ideology of the Ustashas, Croatian Nazis.

The prisons, known to the people from before, become a sort of nostalgic and sentimental memory of good times, compared to the monstrous concentration camps of today.

Dr Ante Pavelic, the Fuhrer, arrives to Zagreb on April 15 1941 at 4pm sharp, he is already at St. Marko Square in city center. From the main Ustasha HQ, he is sending messages to the nation underlining the fascist character of the Ustasha movement. Aiming to impersonate the great Fuhrer, and copy Nazi Germany in absolutely everything, including the public spectacles, Ustasha ideologists organize gatherings and rallies, instigating hatred among our peoples with the same flavor of Arian sarcasm.

The holy Catholic Church, headed by Archbishop Dr Alojzije Stepinac, congratulates to Pavelic the creation of “Independent State of Croatia”. Other  Catholic priests chose to follow the Archbishop’s steps. In Udbina, a local priest is saying to the flock of his parish: “Until now, we practiced our Catholic faith prayer books and a cross. Today, the time has come, to practice it with rifles and guns. We shall oust and exterminate all the Serbs from Croatia.”

Ustasha killers, the followers of the cult of knife and bloodshed, cross their killing daggers into a new emblem and swear to the cross and almighty God that they will take part in creating new history, contributing by sheer terror, and making preparations for the cult of blood to the sound of the organ. The tools are ready for lethal blow on the head.

Robbing prisoners of their valuables

The massacre of Serbs in Glina church expulsions and forced conversions to Catholicism become events performed on the horrifying scale.

Dr Mile Budak, deputy Fuhrer, launches a furious campaign against the Serbs and Jews. The anti-human spirit is the important element  of political character of fascism, even in its Croatian Ustasha version: honest Serbs, Jews, Croatians and Gypsies become the victims of the notorious Pavelic’ decree on sending “disobedient and perilous” persons to labor camps and concentration camps. The decree has legalized the existing state of affairs doors to mass terror are now wide open .

From April, 1941 onwards, countless processions of future camp inmates are travelling, some by train, some on foot, towards the camps in Caprag, Bjelovar, Slavonska Pozega, Kerestinec, Kruscica, Tenja, Sisak, Lepoglava, Rab, Djakovo, Pag,  Jadovno, Gospic, Stara Gradiska… and… JASENOVAC !

Cadik Danon

The most horrifying of all of the camps and the longest-lasting one was the inferno of Jasenovac death camp, with all nine circles of torture. In fact, it was a system of camps spreading over 223 acres of land. Such a large area equals to 175 ideally sized football pitches. The plans to construct this gigantic torture chamber have been devised by the deranged necrophilic mind of Vjekoslav Luburic, while he was still abroad along with the rest of Ustasha emigration. Gaining experience from German concentration camps, Luburic is perfecting his plan.

Vjekoslav Max Luburic, one of the cruelest Commanders of Jasenovac death camp…

Everything is twisted: a pigeon, symbol of peace in the hands of Max Luburic, a war criminal !!!

A central link of Jasenovac chain of camps made of barbed wire. This camp was founded in August 1941, and destroyed by those who created it, Ustahes – in May, 1945.

Camp 1, “Versajev”, built in June, 1941, beside Jasenovac-Novska road. It lasted until October, 1941.

Camp 2, “Krapje”, founded in July 1941 on the edges of Gornja Krndija forest. It lasted until November 1941.”

“The smell of Human Flesh”

“A Witness of the Holocaust Memories of Jasenovac”

by Cadik I. Danon “Braco

The horrors of Jasenovac surpass manyfold anything we know about the dark ages of the Inquisition. The daily mass murder orgies in which Catholic clergy participated directly can hardly be put in words. Every day, every night at Jasenovac was a Bartholomew’s Night. Over six hundred thousand men, women and children were butchered in the most bestial fashion. Too few survived to tell the story.

Mr. Danon’s main wish is for the entire world to learn about Jasenovac so that horrors and injustice of this sort are never, ever repeated- anywhere in the world. He is painfully aware that he is a rare survivor of the Jasenovac hell. He is also one of the few survivors who is still among us.

Today, September 26, 2007, Mr. Danon is still alive and well. As a retired architect he lives in Belgrade.

Witness to Jasenovac’s Hell

by Ilija Ivanovic, Wanda Schindley, Aleksandra Lazic (Translator)

The true story of a boys experiences in the Jasenovac concentration camp in World War II.  Nazi puppet state of Croatia. Hidden history, unknown to Western audiences, the Jasenovac concentration camp the so-called Balkan Auschwitz, was a place of torture and death for hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies.

Hardcover, 192 pages

Published January 1st 2002 by Dallas Publishing






  1. “while the killing in sobibor, treblinka ……………” let the question open, how reliable is the whole report?

  2. > “While the killing in Sobibor, Treblinka, or Auschwitz was carried out on an industrial basis…”

    What are you talking about?

  3. Modern day leaves mankind with the scenes of Burnt Palestinian babies taking their last breath[s] with the smoke rolling out of their mouths caused from the White Phosphorus still burning in their lungs from Israel’s bombing of a 100% Civilian people.

    I feel no sorrow from reading the above and seeing these photos compared to what we in today’s time know what is bad and that had someone actually LEARNED from an alleged Holocaust that they would themselves not be repeating such evil today.

    Yet oddly, then they called those acts “War Crimes,” but today a cause for Israel’s “National Security.”

    Or how the news shows a 100% Civilian people throwing Rock’s at IDF Soldiers of Death while omitting that they would not have rocks thrown at them had they not been on Palestinian Lands that have yet to be stolen by the Israeli’s.

    When one views old photos or footage of how massive the alleged “Death Camp’s” were of Nazi Germany it is no different then seeing the miles of Prison walls, Mobile and Stationary “Check Point’s” in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. The Players have changed. Now it is the Jew’s saying, “Papers, Papers (bit no ‘PLEASE’ as it is almost impossible for a Palestinian to get themselves or children to a Hospital.

    I feel nothing for a RACE that refuses to LEARN and wants to remind the world what they went through [pre-WWII and during WWII] but when you highlight their actions towards the People of Palestine, that they {Jew’s} have BECOME a Mirror of what they allege they suffered, showing no signs of stopping what they are doing.

    If one mentions the War Crimes, Today Israel just does it even more. Snubbing International Laws, UN Resolutions and basically telling the world to F-OFF! So you wont find empathy here, only apathy. When Jewish organization lobby to make it illegal to say or do anything to oppose their evil regimes and calling a people who fights for their lands… Terrorist’s?
    Thanks for clarifying also Mr. Sholtes 🙂

    • Damn it all… It wasn’t only Jews who perished in those accursed places. You feel nothing for the murder of anyone in the past but only in the “recent” past? And then only in one specific geographic location? Are you sick!? I grieve for all, regardless, because I’m HUMAN. What are you? Who grieves for the Rwandans, the Cambodians, Chinese, Timorese, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, and YES…even the Palestinians? It isn’t a RACE issue but an ideological virus that plays with race as a tool to it’s own ends. Not any different than anywhere else.

    • The Jews were a fraction pf those killed at Jasenovac. Unlike the camps where the alleged Jewish Holocaust occurred, the Yugoslav camps had burial sites where the number of dead has been estimated. The largest group killed was Orthodox Christians. This was a Catholic operation. If you study the Jesuitsa like I have, you would come to the conclusion that the Jesuits are the driving force behind the New World Order. The future of humanity may be found at Jasenovac.

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