ADL Owns

This is my website, you stupid friggin’ Jews

Nazi Website Used to Scare Jews, Launder Cash


by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


A forensic search of, and dozens of other objectionable websites has shown that the Anti-Defamation League headed by Abe Foxman, is funding them and that ADL workers along with volunteers are managing these “NAZI” websites.

These and other websites are used by the ADL in a pattern of massive piracy and copyright violation, a pattern of criminal activity that violates their tax exempt status with the IRS.

“They got some spainin’ to do”



  1. Once again VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff delivers hardcore truth right between the eyes with a minimum number of words. The implications of his findings here are incalculable and unending.


  3. This has become a bit murky. Who owns what websites? “Mike”? who is that? I wish Gordon could provide some more on this as it is very interesting. It further exposes the Israeli lie. This is a hot spot. Gordon, anything new?

  4. When, a couple of years ago, I started participating in VT debates and commenting, some of the issues-allegations, raised/made by Gordon Duff (and other Columnists), were so much in stark opposition to what I have learned in school and even in foreign Universities (French and Scandinavian), specially about matters related to the intricate-deceitful world of +what we see-are made to believe+, versus +++what is hidden from us & why+++. Those SUBJECTS, no teacher ever touched: +++how the real world works and to the benefit of whom+++.

    In the beginning I read and crosschecked whatever Gordon wrote, as routine procedure, finding out more about territories, in which, only by accident, I previously have made insignificant-superficial incursions.

    Since then, I have discovered-learned a lot of things about diverse subjects. I threw away my initial skepticism, and started instead filling the gap, between what I knew and what I still needed to know, to catch up with a reality which sometimes is more unbelievable and cruel than any fiction ever could be.

    Like Schopenhauer once said:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    • Similar metamorphosis with me Ken, although (probably like yourself ?) I didn’t start that here. It probably comes from an instinctive feeling that things just don’t make sense to a rational caring person and there then follows a natural desire to research and find explanation. Many blind allies are visited on one’s travels towards discovery, but eventually patterns emerge and these are over a broad spectrum of topics and pull together to bring some explanation. It is a vast minefield though !

    • I didn’t make myself-if there is a source for the world, we can call that god-obviouslyLucifer, like us can’t exist but thru that source…… oh it’s complicated and it ain’ no Christian doofus stuff and is a feeling you get when you come very close to dying or some other weird experience. I heard it said there are no atheists in Foxholes, is that true?

    • Thus, if you want to get rid of Lucifer, then get rid of God! Tadah!

      In other words, your comment is off-topic. Please thump elsewhere.

  5. ask em-Veterans Today is A -OK- maybe they only block gentile racists sites that hate jews-ask em why they don’t block Talmud racist entities? I always say both the Talmudic jews and the white separationists are racists, the jews are smarter cause they don’t go around bragging about it!

  6. What I always wanted to know: how expensive is the equipment doing this forensic search? How many programs / apps are needed? Can only programmers do this?

    • Allow me to answer that. It requires nothing more than Internet access, a browser, comprehensive understanding of Net technologies and security-level access to systems and databases. In combination, the potential is virtually unlimited to make connections. For instance, identifying anyone’s exact location is actually very simple so long as they aren’t actively hiding.

      Steep learning curve, but it all comes down to systems access. Just imagine what is done today, considering what PROMIS was capable of in the 1980’s.

  7. I notice @ ratfaced jew under ‘Gordon Duff’s Paranoid Delusions’ that when trying to access it says
    ‘Under monthly maintenance
    Be patient, we will bs back shortly…….’
    bs, does that mean what i think it does. LMFAO
    Firefox can’t find the server at
    Firefox can’t find the server at
    Firefox can’t find the server at
    Firefox can’t find the server at
    Where have they gone, off to write more BS i suppose

    • Yeah, I noticed that right away.

      Another factor nobody is discussing is the enormity of cross-linking between all these sites. There are literally hundreds of “Friendly” links that, when followed tend to link back as well. Each/most of the sites don’t appear to have been designed to make anyone proud. Just there for whatever they’re worth.

      So, I imagine the entire list of links is suspect. It might be shooting fish in a barrel to detect the ADL-connected. I admit a few of those links were in my bookmarks, but now my discernment is heightened.

  8. Okay Gordon. I fixed it. Love ya. Keep on killing. Let’s be friends.
    From one Vet to another.
    Tom D.
    Carrboro, NC
    (ps I could never figure out how to change the username once I entered it the first time)

  9. HOW I HATE THIS, I do not understand the last line:

    “They got some spainin’ to do”

    Please, can someone explain Spain to a Kraut?

  10. I apologize for the extremely ashort letter above.The Congressional web site for my representative didn’t allow for copy and paste.Go figure.I’ll know better next time.Luckily the window for the comment to President Obama was still open.

    President Obama,

    I send you this article from Veterans Today to perhaps see that the US Government,you and the US citizens have been had.

    I certainly hope that you confirm this and take action on people and groups and agencies that are falsely and maliciously taking us for suckers.

    Nazi Website Used to Scare Jews, Launder Cash

    by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    A forensic search of, and dozens of other objectionable websites has shown that the Anti-Defamation League headed by Abe Foxman, is funding them and that ADL workers along with volunteers are managing these “NAZI” websites.
    These and other websites are used by the ADL in a pattern of massive piracy and copyright violation, a pattern of criminal activity that violates their tax exempt status with the IRS.
    “They got some spainin’ to do”

  11. Zionist own everything, and Soon they are going to OWN THE WHITE MANS GUNS.SIMPLY BECAUSE WHITES DON`T EXERCISE THEIR RIGHTS NOT ONLY TO BEAR ARMS, BUT TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTIONS WITH THOSE ARMS., WHITES can`t blame a zionist for his nature.His nature is in his books. The Talmud: clearly states that Jews are to look at white people as less than a slaves,(that`s below African American forebearers, who are already in their graves),less than their pets.White don`t even have the right to right s, under talmudic Law. Israel, and Those Jews in New York that fund israel, with a lot of White Americans ,(and Americans in general), tax Dollar, Illegal settlements which is not an obstacle to peace., it is a smoke screen to continue depriving white people out a Talmudic Jew, It is his birthright to do so. This has nothing to do with an Israel state., but global dominance. AND ONCE THEY GET YOUR GUNS WHITE MAN. THEY WILL HAVE THE RUN OVER THE WHOLE WORLD.ALL WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD GO OUT TODAY AND BUY ; THE TALMUD; AND READ WHAT IS IN STORE FOR YOU.Then you will see just how close you are to your end.White man., I think after you read this book a bit., it will become more adamant than obvious , what you have to do. [Godspeed] MILITIA, You are America`s hope.

    • You’re right, the Jewish pathology originates with the Jewish ideology, the Torah and the (even worse) Talmud. A crime syndicate and demonic cult masquerading as a “religion.” Unfortunately, most ethnic Jews ain’t smart enough to dump their evil brainwashing.

  12. Hegelian Hegemony, 1) To gain power, use the powerful against themselves to usurp all power. 2) Once power is obtained, remain in the shadows via useful idiots enforce your edicts upon all. (of course all edicts do not apply to you. 3) If no opposition exists, create it, run it, use it, and discredit it; all to justify your power and control to protect those less powerful from gaining power. 4) Once people start wising up to your plan, start a world war to show them what you will do to retain power, and lessen the numbers of those who would oppose you. 5) Repeat the process continually, never forget to lather, rinse and repeat; because you always end up smelling sweet.

  13. Perhaps it’s time to deport some dual citizens who ARE NOT America firsters and stop their incessant whining and “poor me” schtick while agitating and funding unAmderican activities? Folks who work hard to destroy the Constitution and rule of law and turn America into the world largest open air prison camp? Can you say “unregistered foreign intel agents” doing espionage inside America, folks beaking federal and state laws with impunity while they project blame on everyone else?

    • mike who?

      pro what?

      you think the ADL doesn’t control a thousand “Mikes?”

      you wonder why things are total shit….”dumbness” may be the cause

      look closer to home

  14. The “article” above is just a statement. There is no proof. Nothing to back it up. I could say Gordon Duff works for the Likud Party as forensic search showed it. Just sayin’…..It makes VT look very weak. Not good.

    • Jim W.Dean:
      Understood. I was hoping for some more elaboration on the forensics or the funding ie exactly who else and how. That is really controversial information and very interesting both politically and historically. I hope there is more on this. Really a top story if you ask me. I commend Gordon for this and not criticize him. We simply want more if this is possible. Maybe it is not possible.

    • Jim, I thought you said some time ago that VT doesn’t track commentators? I don’t think Tom/lola was being personal, but the response to him definitely was. Heavy-handed intimidation. Does the ADL use similar tactics on our congresspeople to keep them quiet?

    • I always assumed that they did a certain amount of tracking xx. Only way to sort the wheat from the chaff. Hope you are staying here anyway (noticed your ‘Goodbye’ post on Jim’s most recent article)

    • Tom D. who is not named Lola
      Do you want me to tell you why you moved from Los Altos to the place right off South Colombia street.?

      When I said we do computer forensics, I wasn’t kidding.

      You lose.

    • Dang! New headline: “Mess With Gordon and He’ll Feed You Your Own Gonadds”
      I love it! Don’t need anymore proof than that.
      I think I’m gonna have to learn more about how to perform computer forensics. Just to out the trolls would be worth going back to school.

      Good lookin’ out Gordon!

    • Gordon: Read the Facebook comments above. I am not the only one asking. It is only logical. I love this site and I thought it seemed a bit unsubstantiated with a powerful statement like the one above. I was not “calling you out” as it seemed to be perceived. This is my favorite site and I like to share some of this with others but one has to be careful with heavy statements. I was not criticizing the site at all. Your reaction was weird. Never thought you even read the comments much anyway.
      Tom D. CPT USAR LT USN (Ret.)

    • Question: So, are you now posting as Tom D?

      If so, and if you no longer do as “lola” I think that’s best. Now, if you were posting under both names at any time that can really only mean one thing.

      In the end, commentators on any site are always potential trolls and we all have to provide a clear and unemotional defense of our positions sometimes. Some more than others.

    • Derricksmithers:
      Yes, I am only posting under Tom D. Again, I had that “name” as it involved another person but I thought I could not change it back. Did not seem to matter until GD got hot under the collar. Lola was my gal pal at the time. So both issues are gone. Many here use whacky names but GD wanted a show of force in my case. This has been resolved.

    • Lola was the name of my girlfriend and not based on a Kinks song. The Kinks were a rock band for those too young to remember. Funny crowd…..

    • Well I’m not the worlds most physical guy…
      But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine
      Oh my Lola…lo-lo-lo-lo Lola

      Love it!

    • No I am not keeping it. I could not figure out how to change it once I put it in a long time ago. It says useername cannot be changed but the other one is. I was stuck with it or so I thought. One thing I did learn on this site is that some of the folks are not very educated or mature at all. Kind of sad. Many people use different user names outside of their own real names. Like TJ Bronco is probably not really him. I do not care that much but it is enlightening. A lot of hate here too. I am not a big supporter of Israel but wow…real hate trips here. Not sure if I want to be associated with it. I used to get some crap from some other folks for sending articles from VT. I am getting the picture now. The info is often really good but the hate is pretty outright and intense. Hmmmm.

    • Actually Tom, the comment boards were getting a bit out of hand but have been cleaned up a lot in recent weeks thanks to John Allen and Jim. A number of the worst offenders have gone and it is good to see new ‘posters’ appearing with a lot of interesting things to say. I like these words from Jonas E Alexis in replying to a comment on his own excellent recent articles:

      “In any rational discussion, try to be civil. Don’t be carried away by emotion and coarse language”.

      Well said……

  15. so rat faced jews are funded by the ADL to scare jews and they link all Veterans Todays articles! We are getting to see the sleight of hand so oft used behind the scenes folks.Terrorism is all about making ppl scared of someone else

    • So,you’re posting as a jewish girl from Haifa?
      You’re knowledgeble,and half funny.
      Your Facebook is recent.

      kashe li lehamin.
      At lo mesacheket im ha chevre po?
      Ze lo jaffe ,ze lo nichmad,kacha lo osiem bichlal.

    • oh, this is the basic problem and why most of us are willing to brave anti-Semitic charges to call them out, “the immense power of the jews and their concern with using that power to help their race rather than all of us!”

    • Yep,that helps.
      I think you’re doing a great job,by the way.
      Don’t know many Israeli girls that managed to de-program themselves(?) as well as you have.
      No shekels,no schackles.
      Keep up the good work.

    • Patience,this is a long road,and a painful one.
      But there’s no alternative.
      One day ,the few will be many.

    • Shalomjuitsie:
      Do you mean you are jewish only on your parents side? (that is a joke A. Dershowitz said about Norman Finkelstein who spoke up for the Palestinian folks). I am not sure what you meant but I wanted to share that joke with you “…only on the parents side” Pretty funny.

  16. I see ratfacedjew has a link to VT….as well a vt stories on their site…
    Tryin to link you to the knuckleheads….

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