Obama: Netanyahu is a “Liar” and a “Coward”

A coward, a liar, and a 9/11 suspect.
A coward, a liar, and a 9/11 suspect.

by Press TV


American political discourse is chilled, if not frozen, by fear of the Israel lobby. Anyone who criticizes the apartheid Zionist entity will be attacked as an anti-Semite. Many Americans have lost their jobs, others have been harassed by the IRS, and some have even had their lives threatened for speaking out against Israel.

Yet one very important American despises the current Israeli regime and isn’t afraid to say so. The regime of Israel tried its best to get him fired from his job – and failed.

That American is President Barack Obama. The President is on the record calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a “liar” and a “coward.”

The UK Guardian, a pro-Israel publication, reported on Obama trading insults with Netanyahu under the headline: “’Political coward’ Binyamin Netanyahu sees rift with Barack Obama widen.”

Jeffrey Goldberg, a pro-Israel Zionist journalist, just interviewed Obama and reported that Obama considers Netanyahu a “political coward.” The White House pointedly refused to deny the quote.

This is the second time that Obama has verbally insulted Netanyahu. In November 2011, Obama “accidentally” left his microphone on, and agreed with French President Sarkozy that Netanyahu is “a liar.”

Then last September, Obama delivered the harshest insult of all – without saying a word. When Netanyahu came to New York to hold up a ridiculous cartoon bomb at the UN, Obama refused to meet with him. Obama – who was in New York and could have easily met with Netanyahu – chose to appear on the David Letterman comedy show instead.

Obama’s message to Netanyahu was clear: Benjamin, you are a joke. David Letterman is worth my time. You are not.

Rarely, if ever, has any American President openly shown such contempt for the leader of another nation. Even the leaders of wartime enemy nations get more respect.

What makes this situation even more astonishing is that since the murder of John F. Kennedy, Israel has had a death grip on the American presidency:

  • – Lyndon Johnson, in league with Israel, called off JFK’s covert war on Ben Gurion’s nuclear program, allowed Israel to steal American nuclear material, and conspired with Israel to launch the 1967 war and murder American servicemen on the USS Liberty. (It is likely that both LBJ and the Mossad were major players in the JFK assassination.)
  • – Robert Kennedy’s virtually guaranteed election to the presidency was forestalled by an assassination plot. The mind-controlled patsy, Sirhan Sirhan, was a Palestinian who wrote anti-Israel rants while hypnotized by the plotters, so that the killing could be attributed to an enemy of Israel.
  • – President Nixon, who did not like Israel and who privately stated to Pat Buchanan that Israel was doomed to eventual destruction, was forced by Israel’s backers to let Rothschild-Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger run his foreign policy.
  • – President Carter was ejected from office after one term by the Israeli-dominated media together with the “October surprise” plotters in the Bush crime family. Carter’s offense: Pushing the Israelis to give back the land they stole in their 1967 war of aggression.
  • – President Reagan was held in check by the Israelis, who had plenty of material to blackmail him and Vice President Bush. Reagan knew that if he followed Carter in trying to push the Israelis back to the 1967 borders, he too would be a one-term president at best, an assassination victim at worst.
  • – President George H.W. Bush refused Israeli orders to cancel US weapons sales to Arab states, and covertly opposed Israel on other key issues. As a result, the Israel-dominated US media and financial sectors ensured that he, like Carter, would be a one-term president.
  • – President Bill Clinton, like Jimmy Carter, wanted to push Israel back to its 1967 borders. Israel torpedoed Clinton’s hopes for peace by sending Israeli asset Monica Lewinsky into the White House, wiping out Clinton’s political capital and ensuring that no genuine peace plan would ensue.
  • – President George W. Bush and his handlers, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, were lured into complicity with Israel’s false-flag attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. As a result, Bush was held as a Likud Party hostage during his entire presidency.
  • – In 2008, President Barack Obama was himself elected thanks to Israeli money and media. When asked why he appointed Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, making Emanuel the “second most powerful person on earth,” Obama stated obliquely that he owed certain people a debt, and was forced to appoint Emanuel against his better judgment. (It was Emanuel who coerced Obama into breaking his promises to close Guantanamo, prosecute torturers, and return to Constitutional rule.)

In short, it is clear that since 1963, Israel and its global criminal syndicate has been the single most powerful force determining who will serve as President of the United States of America. But in 2012, Israeli hubris – call it chutzpah if you will – went too far. Netanyahu did everything he could to ensure that Obama would be defeated by Mitt Romney. And he failed.

Also in 2012, Andrew Adler, editor of the Zionist Times of Atlanta, Georgia, published an editorial calling on Israel to assassinate President Obama because Obama was refusing Israel’s orders to attack Iran. Though Adler never had to pay for his crime – a Muslim who published an op-ed calling for the assassination of the President would have been shipped to Guantanamo – this and other Israeli assassination threats against Obama helped ensure that the President and his military leadership would henceforth have no use for Netanyahu or any Israel-instigated war on Iran.

Will Obama’s anti-Netanyahu insults lead to the US abandoning its support for the Zionist settler colony in Occupied Palestine? Probably not in the short run. Even Chuck Hagel, the self-proclaimed Senator of the USA not Israel, has been forced to kowtow to Zionist power in order to ensure his approval as Secretary of Defense.

But in the long term, Israel’s irreversible turn to the radical right, and the democratization of the oil-rich Middle East, will force the US to view Israel as an increasingly burdensome strategic liability.

Nixon advisor Pat Buchanan writes that Buchanan’s wife Shelley once asked former President Nixon what the prospects for Israel were. “The long run?” Nixon responded. He extended his right fist, thumb up, in the manner of a Roman emperor passing sentence on a gladiator, and slowly turned his thumb over and down. (Death of the West, p.122)

Roman emperors used the “thumbs down” sign to sentence a gladiator to death. Nixon’s clear implication: In the foreseeable future, an American president will have to give the “thumbs down” sign and acquiesce in the destruction of Israel. As Buchanan writes, Nixon knew this because he “was not blind to the forces of history.”

Will the President who finally gives Israel the thumbs-down sign be none other than Barack Obama?

Probably not. Zionist power is still too great. But one thing is certain: Given half a chance, Obama will give the “thumbs down” sign to the coward and liar Benjamin Netanyahu.

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  1. Once the American people wake up and realize the truth that the Mossad and Netanyahu were behind 9/11 attacks on American soil, the end for Israel will happen.

  2. Once again, Mr. Netanyahu has a proven combat record – Mr. Obama does not. Mr. Obama told the truth “I am going to fundamentaly change America”. Yup – told the truth as we witness the destruction of good ole US of A institutions.

    Let’s see, how outnumbered are the folks with the Star of David? Seem to rather surronded all the time but have won wars up to now in modern times. Does not mean that brave men like Mr. Netanyahu will always win though. Mr. Obama can send the reconfigured US of A military complete with battlefield day care centers to assist nobody. Our own military is becoming weaker by the day.

    In disgust

    Dale R. Suiter

  3. A conveniently held “open” mic (for public consumption by a Zionist directed media), blaming one individual (Rahm) for a failed campaign promise, the presence of a multitude of Zionisist supporters in the staff of the administration, unabated violence against strategic Israeli targets (e.g., Syria), the non-use of veto in an ever increasing war budget that spells NWO, and perpetrating the continued lies about numerous false-flag violent attacks on our own soil do not sell the president as a force of resistance against any “external” controlling entity, in my book. This means that the Hagel battle is just a made for TV drama to entertain and distract from any efforts that might elect honest, dedicated U.S. representatives. Your losing “cred” with each article, Kevin. If you’ve got real stuff, let’s hear it!

  4. Mr. Netanyahu has an impressive military record. Mr. Obama has systematically set about destroying America’s military. He is succeeding too. Mr. Netanyahu is a voice of reason in a sea of Islamic horror.

    Where do people that visit a “Veterans” site get so much misinformaiton and hatred for a very brave people?

    Readers may consider that people do not make or create wars. Political parties and religious folks do – all the time. Mr. Netanyahu is working to survice Mr. Obama and the Democrats systematic destriciton of America.

    Dale R. Suiter

  5. Great article. Growing up being naive to the world at the time I even felt something was not quite right about “Israel”. Its like something that just should not be there. It’s an artificial construct, a pipe dream (of an insane ideology). Even naive as I was at the time I could tell it was not sustainable. Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  6. Thought provoking article Kevin…..however, really don’t agree that The Guardian is a pro-Israel publication – it has been criticised for it’s anti-Israel stance and, just before Christmas 2012, even banned Adam Levick, the managing editor, of the pro-Israel media watchdog, CiFWatch, from its website, deleting all prior comments on Guardian articles and disabling his ability to contribute opinion pieces to the site and further comments.

    CiFWatch monitors the Guardian’s coverage of Israel and is affiliated with the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. “CiF” stands for “Comment is Free” the opinion section of the Guardian where anti-Israel articles often appear. In other words, Israel lobby…..

    • Thanks for that info was unaware of that. And agreed with what you had to say, Kevin might be thinking that because of the cifWatch monitoring their comments and thumbing up the really retarded hasbara comments – reporting en masse the human right advocates. It was because of cifWatch I stopped going to the Guardian and complained saying I would be boycotting their site. I might just return and see if my comments stay up now. .

    • Well, one can never be totally sure in the BS fog of the press Blake. However, whilst again one has to be careful with this, just noticed in an entry for the Guardian on Wiki, that there is a whole paragraph (Accusations of anti-Semitism and bias in coverage of Israel) where it is stated that the Guardian originally supported the Zionist movement, but has moved in the opposite direction in recent decades – much of that paragraph has source references too)

  7. Even Sarkozy, who is a Jew, could not stand the psycho Netanyahu. Obama has inherited a complex situation of subordination of the USA to Talmudlandia, where foreign agents, like AIPAC, had achieved a bipartisan accepted status of SUPRA GOVT, which the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rove Govt had blue-stamped as a normal and natural part of how things are done in the USA.

    Obama, even he wanted to, would not have lasted one month in the White House if he rocked the boat, during his first term, specially with Rahm Emanuel breathing at his neck. In his second term (with Hillary Clinton out of the way), he is now more free to maneuver in a discreet-subtitle way.

    We have to keep in mind that Obama & the American People are dealing with a shrewd, cunning, powerful and INFILTRATED Mafia, present EVERYWHERE, an enemy embedded in every single US-EU institution, which has managed to turn politicians and many top brass from the Pentagon and the Intel Agencies into Coward Sissies, who think more about their careers than about the Constitution and America.

    I will say that 6 MAJOR CALAMITIES, in my view, come to mind when analyzing the most significant tragic events that permitted the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons to hijack the country, rape it, pervert it, scam it, extortion it, impoverish it and make of it a vassal state of the Rogue Illegal Criminal Jewish State of Israel:

    1) The Federal Reserve Act (12-23-1913),

    2) The unsanctioned murder of president JFK and his brother RFK, (respectively 11-22-1963 & 06-06-1968),

    3) The unsanctioned assault on M/S USS LIBERTY, cold blooded murder of 74 American seamen and maiming of 134 of her crew, (06-08-1967),

    4) The unsanctioned attack on the Marines Barracks in Beirut,(10-23-1983),

    5) The unsanctioned Inside Job of 09-11-2001,

    6) The Financial Fraud leading to the collapse of Banks Bigger To Fail in 2008.

    Behind all above stood the Zion Talmudic Mafia embedded in the USA. Thus, there is every reason in the world to consider that The phony Rogue State of Israel and its unregistered AGENTS are no friends of the USA or its people and should be, the soon the better, for the sake of America’s Health and the future of coming generations, considered as Rogue-Criminal Elements, Mafiosi, abusing and misusing this country that generously hosted them and in return always got deceived and stabbed in back by them.

  8. Wow. Great facebook following Kevin.
    Great article! The elements involved in the criminal elite in israel are being shown. The tentacles extend far and deep. And it has nothing to do with religion! The only thing that could be said though is that they have systematically intertwined the two together as a last defence. No more though. There are to many good people from every religion who can see what’s going on. Thanks Kevin.

  9. @Pad Dar

    quote: “AmeriKA is going to be CURSED, bigtime, because of people like this person who wrote this article.. ”

    Amerikkka is already cursed because it is infested with Christian and Jewish Zionists who read the stupid evil Bible and actually believe that crap.

    There is no judging god, there is no hell, there is no need for salvation except to be saved from bad myth and the hell those that believe create.

    Maybe someday, after everything is destroyed and burned to a crisp, that what you really worship is not god but Jewish power and money. The Jews are the destroyers, they don’t represent the creator and how do we know? They destroy and that which destroys life is evil.

  10. That picture of Netanyahu pointing at a photo of the smoking twin towers is good material for a political poster. Add as caption “9/11 is good for Israel” and glue such posters all over the US. Pamela Geller will be pleased!

  11. Kevin,

    What is your source for the statement regarding Rahm Emanuel? How do we know it is Rahm behind the sudden disappointments in Obama’s progressive track record? What is the best way to reconile Obama’s marketing versus his actual beliefs? And extending this question to the Libya fiasco, how do we know it is Romney behind the supposed coup attempt as opposed to the competing hypothesis, that Obama’s own October surprise backfired?

  12. I can’t even consider Obama being free from the clout of Netanyahu until he eliminates the cruel economic sanctions on the Iranian people. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons project to shut down. These economic sanctions are an evil form of war.

    Israel and it’s American Jewish Zionist cohorts have controlled the U.S. government for decades, Israel is not going to let a coward like Obama gain control of the United States on behalf of Americans. If he cared about Americans and had courage he would stop short his next planned major televised speech, announce the Israeli government is by far the #1 suspect for 911 and the Underwear bomber, the Israeli government is the #1 terrorist organization in the world, Israel and Jewish Zionists control the U.S. government and just about every important sector and organization and admit he lives a double life which Israel uses to control him. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    I don’t think the Israeli stranglehold on the United States will end until the United States collapses due to enormous debt and thus the United States is useless to Israel. China you’re next, just say no to Jewish Zionists and their money and their enticing Swallows and Ravens, perhaps it’s too late.

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