Intel Drop: Israel’s plan for World War enters high gear

Israel’s plan for World War enters high gear

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

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“The ‘final straw,’ as it were, has been set in motion in Azerbaijan. Their government, once in agreement with Iran over Caspian oil finds, now is taking direction from Israel. This may well cause the world war that carefully engineered interference in Syria and Mali are only building up to.”

 Intelligence reports from across the world are pointing to one face, no longer simply a “mosaic” or “connected dots.”

Israel is using a series of surrogates, the US, Britain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Al Qaeda, Boko Harum, UNITA, and groups within the US, AIPAC, the ADL, police organizations, all aligned with organized crime, drug and human trafficking and gambling interests in Las Vegas and Macao.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Activities are being traced to Azerbaijan, Syria, Mali, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Kenya and especially, the United States. Each region is being subjected to systematic destabilization, political interference, terrorism, arms trafficking and espionage.

A war is being engineered, too many plays have been put in motion, the direction is now absolutely clear and the case can be laid out.

The “final straw,” as it were, has been set in motion in Azerbaijan. Their government, once in agreement with Iran over Caspian oil finds, now is taking direction from Israel. This may well cause the world war that carefully engineered interference in Syria and Mali are only building up to.

Sources in Azerbaijan confirm that Israel has been at the heart of manipulating false stories about Iran’s nuclear program to push through sanctions, sanctions meant to choke off oil and gas development in Iran, something publicly confirmed by Azeri press releases.

British Petroleum and Israeli Partners control Azerbaijan, not just oil, and are planning moves against Iranian fields, seizure, slant drilling, all backed by a scenario identical to the one used to cause the first war against Iraq when President Bush personally advised Saddam to move into Kuwait.

Congressman Ron Paul, in 2011, read the documentary proof into the Congressional Record when the cable cited below was found in a Wikileaks dump, “90BAGHDAD4237 1990-07-25 12:12 2011-01-01 21:09 SECRET Embassy Baghdad.” (see video above)

Iran is to be strangled, looted, threatened by drones, suffer continual terror attacks until it strikes back in defense, at which time Azerbaijan will run screaming to the United Nations claiming “babies are being taken from incubators,” the ploy used to start the genocide against Iraq.  The video of this outrageous war crime is below.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Simultaneously, Israel is manipulating UN groups to blame Iran for arming terrorists in Africa. A recent article in The Atlantic Monthly by Armin Rosen cited James Bevan, a former watch salesman for Seiko, “In Cote D’Ivoire, Bevan says “there’s a distinct correlation” between the presence of Iranian and Sudanese munitions in the possession of anti-government forces in 2009.”

Bogus Article Cites Phony Expert and Bizarre Report

”If you take an individual rebel’s weapon and unload it, you’re going to guarantee that you have Iranian and Sudanese ammunition loaded into the same magazine.” In other words, Iranian or Sudanese ammunition would almost never be found without the other. CAR had a similar finding with jihadi groups in Niger.

The report cited confuses types of ammunition, claiming machineguns like the PKM use 7.62 x 39 ammunition instead of the 7.62 x 54 round. These are childish mistakes.

The video below shows weapons used in Sudan.  All machine guns use “7.62x54mm” or larger ammunition, some much larger.  Only the few AK 47s use the “7.62x39mm” rounds.  Note that a common weapon is the Enfield .303 bolt action rifle, leftovers from World War II.  That ammunition is from India.  (I do so love experts, some of us do this for a living.)

YouTube - Veterans Today -

There are, in fact, seven factories in Africa producing, not just ammunition, but weapons as well. Three of them, producing both 7.62 by 39 and 54 are owned by Israel, the fourth largest arms exporter in the world.

Armin Rosen and his “informants” have never reported this and never will.

In addition, along with weapons taken out of the Libyan armouries, the United States purchased 250,000 Kalashnikov rifles for use by the Iraqi army that “disappeared.” Many, if not most, are believed to be in Africa. These misplaced weapons were part of the infamous “Rumsfeld shortfall” that showed the US Department of Defense had lost $2.3 trillion dollars, not just money but weapons as well.  From CNN:

“The report, issued July 31 (2007), follows an October accounting by the Defense Department’s special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, which put the number of weapons missing at close to 500,000.”

A “full press” move is on to blame Iran with stories submitted by questionable sources, attempts to tie Iran to terrorist groups in Africa when the very clear trail runs elsewhere.

A “full press” effort to systematically destabilize Africa, “false flag” terrorism, funding and arming extremist groups, engineering conflicts while fomenting corruption, has already begun what some recognize as a continent wide “resource war.”

Africa is being re-colonialized and will be tricked into using its own troops, with Western support, to bring about its own worst nightmare.

What could have once been called the Syrian Revolution is now something quite different. We see Patriot missile batteries moving onto the Syrian border, both in Israel and Turkey, two nations set on Balkanizing Syria.

The likely scenario there will involve attempts to stage a chemical warfare attack with very high loss of life, blame it on the Syrian government and push “buffer and no-fly zones” through the UN Security council.

This brings us to the situation in America. Two moves are afoot, one involves disarming the American public and initiating broader control through use of regional and local police agencies that are now Israeli trained.

Many groups, including the FBI, are heavily indoctrinated by the ADL, a group run by Abe Foxman, a group closely aligned with the AIPAC lobby, long accused of espionage, political interference and cited by Secretary of Defense nominee, Senator Chuck Hagel, as “bullies.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The FBI used to investigate AIPAC for spying; now they work for them.

In 1878, congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act. From Cornel Law School, “Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse Comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

Current police organizations, now under control of “Fusion Centers” run by the Department of Homeland Security, and armed with heavy military weapons, are directly in violation of this act and are, thus, in unconstitutional.

However, search of Google and Wikipedia will show systematic cleansing and editing to obscure this vital American safeguard. Google, Youtube and Wikipedia have long been used by Israeli intelligence as “playgrounds” for game theory warfare against America.

Dividing America and pushing it to the edge of civil war is the task of the Israel lobby led by Senator’s Feinstein and Schumer. With the support of the largest police organization, the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police), Feinstein’s bill is filled with “stealth” provisions for gun inspections in homes, special licensing and is aimed at disarming veterans.

Enacting AIPAC’s gun confiscation law will require, not only the shelving of the constitution’s second amendment, but the first, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth as well.

Any bill that mandates “storage” and “transportation” will establish databases, endless paid informants and illegal searches of all persons, properties and vehicles without “probable cause.”

With full support of police organizations, fully militarized and Israeli controlled, at the behest of key Israeli members of the US government, an undeniable effort to bring America to civil war is fully underway as we speak.

Strangely, the Republican Party, sworn to block any gun legislation, in control of the House of Representatives by a wide margin and joined by many Democrats, has overwhelming authority to kill Feinstein’s bill immediately.

Yet they have remained virtually silent despite having this irrevocable procedural authority.

Do remember that the attack on the American government began with Benghazi, not just Sandy Hook. Pushed from the public eye is the backdrop for Benghazi, the Terry Jones, Youtube, Google and Cato (Koch Brothers) attack on Islam that provided “deception and cover” for the deadly terror attack.

Burying the evidence of the terror attack on Sandy Hook is the bailiwick of the ADL, tasked with smearing anyone compiling evidence showing multiple shooters or ties to Israeli terror groups working out of New York City. Despite control of Google and Wikipedia, attempts to hang the long overused label of “anti-semite” on anyone questioning the ridiculous cover story on Sandy Hook has backfired. Israel is now seen by millions as a “prime suspect.” Times have changed as recent votes in the UN have proven. Even six former leaders of Israel’s Shin Bet (their FBI), as cited in the Oscar nominated Israeli documentary film, “Gatekeepers,” have voiced their outrage.

The next move is to derail the Hagel nomination. Financing this is “casino boss” Sheldon Adelson, who spent hundreds of millions to get Mitt Romney, perhaps the world’s largest money launderer, into the White House.

Aiding Adelson is a flood of money from organized crime sources around the world, cited by Dr. Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today, “Sheldon Adelson, the notorious Las Vegas ‘godfather’ accused of money laundering, prostitution, and similar activities, just put out a hit – on Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense.

The New York Times, reporting on a new anonymous-dirty-money campaign against Hagel, states that Adelson “is so invested in the fight over Mr. Hagel that he has reached out directly to Republican Senators to urge them to hold the line against his confirmation.”

(Note on Graham:  Though an avowed “homophobe,” members of the South Carolina Air National Guard, people who we admit hate Graham, have confirmed longstanding rumors that Graham is ‘gay’ and very much ‘in the closet,’ making him not only vulnerable to blackmail but every bit the duplicitous phony the video below depicts quite well.)

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Why would Sheldon Adelson, today’s Meyer Lansky, be leading a dirty-money campaign against Chuck Hagel? Is he afraid that the Defense Department under Chuck Hagel would go after the mafia, the way John and Robert Kennedy’s Justice Department did?

Obviously, the Defense Department cannot target domestic organized crime. The real reason Adelson put out the Hagel hit will never be reported in the New York Times, Israel’s flagship ‘American’ publication. The truth is that Sheldon Adelson, like Meyer Lansky, heads a foreign crime syndicate whose headquarters is the “criminal state” of Israel. The Zionist mob views Hagel as a threat to their operations.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This use of criminal resources to stop the US government from limiting the horrific damage it has suffered from Israeli interference and virtual control is being done with absolutely no attempt to hide its illegal nature or intent.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

America is being pushed to the edge. Awareness of 9/11, Israel’s role in maneuvering the US into Iraq and Afghanistan, Benghazi, Sandy Hook and dozens of less well-known attacks are creating a level of awareness seen by the ADL as roots of “extremism” and something for police to crack down on.

As we saw response after Sandy Hook, hundreds of heavily armed assault forces, pretending to be “police,” some speaking foreign languages (Hebrew), all cordoning off the press and families, a mile away, all over a single dead “perpetrator” who accidentally left his weapon in someone else’s car.

Put it all together, it is not a mosaic but rather “game theory warfare,” systematic destabilization of any power able to derail a world war.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

We watch the surrogates line up, each with corrupt leaders bought and paid for, we watch the UN and its “hydra” of incompetent and corrupt “advisory groups,” little more than “lie factories.”

Then we have the press, we have Wikipedia, we have Google and, of course, smears, attacks and censorship.

The endgame is world nuclear war.

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34 Responses to "Intel Drop: Israel’s plan for World War enters high gear"

  1. walterconell  February 3, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    It’s about time we the people say “Enough is enough”.
    You want war…?…do it on your own- you caused it- you settle it!
    I am not going to accept any more of our young mens deaths due to spats between ignorant hate mongering leaders with egos.
    The more you feed the dragon, the more it wants!
    Next time, they will not so easily call war, but try and initiate peace.

    Our military needs to protect OUR country and borders for a while!

  2. CoJonesGrandes  February 3, 2013 at 11:48 am

    There’s a lot of info on Sabbatean Jews at:

  3. Allesandro  February 2, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    …And let’s NOT FORGET about 9/11. This NEW video is the best I’ve seen to date, and I’ve seen most of them. It doesn’t mention Israel, but we know all points lead there.

    9-11 Explosive Evidence : Experts Speak Out

  4. Allesandro  February 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    It seems Israel is seeing the handwriting on the wall, as this story circulates around the world, and that is why they are pushing to start WW3. So what if 10’s of Millions of “Goyim” die as long as they get what they want and are NOT held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

    “UN calls on Israel to remove over 500,000 settlers
    UN calls on Israel to remove over 500,000 settlers
    © AFP
    The United Nations’ first report on Israel’s settlements policy concluded Thursday that the government’s practice of “creeping annexation” clearly violates the human rights of Palestinians and called for the withdrawal of 500,000 settlers.
    By News Wires (text)

    U.N. human rights investigators called on Israel on Thursday to halt settlement expansion and withdraw all half a million Jewish settlers from the occupied West Bank, saying that its practices could be subject to prosecution as possible war crimes.

    A three-member U.N. panel said private companies should stop working in the settlements if their work adversely affected the human rights of Palestinians, and urged member states to ensure companies respected human rights.

    “Israel must cease settlement activities and provide adequate, prompt and effective remedy to the victims of violations of human rights,” Christine Chanet, a French judge who led the U.N. inquiry, told a news conference.

    The settlements contravened the Fourth Geneva Convention forbidding the transfer of civilian populations into occupied territory and could amount to war crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations report said.”


    “Chanet, asked whether the violations constituted war crimes that could be tried at the Hague-based court, said: “These offences are falling into the provision of article 8 of the ICC statutes. Article 8 of the ICC statute is in the chapter of war crimes, that is the answer.”

  5. shachalnur  February 2, 2013 at 9:26 am

    There we go.
    Turkish Foreign minister suggests that israel and Assad are collaborating.
    The attack was to help Assad to strenghten his position.
    Syria,Iran,Russia AND Israel don’t want this war.
    US/Europe want this war,the Middle East is trying to stop it.
    The real game will become clear soon.
    The “protector of Edom” bankers want their war,israel has to blow up the Middle East and commit suicide.
    All movements right now are to avoid this.
    Any false flag(chemical,biological) inside Israel will start the mess.
    Most likely coming from the NATO-“rebels”.

  6. Zadok  February 2, 2013 at 6:23 am

    As long as there is no false flag at the Superbowl, we have some time. They couldn’t or else the gates of Hell would be opened and WWIII commenced.

  7. CoJonesGrandes  February 2, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Hey everyone!
    Questioning the official 9/11 story is hitting the mainstream media!
    Look at the Sydney Morning Herald website:
    You don’t get more mainstream than that.
    It’s on the top LHS of the home page and here is the link it leads to:

    “Home > Documentary > 9/11 Explosive Evidence
    About this episode

    More than 1,700 architects and engineers believe it was not planes that brought down the Twin Towers but a controlled explosive demolition. With testimony from 43 experts, they soberly present forensic evidence from architects, structural engineers, metallurgists, physicists and explosive experts. Their findings are startling and suggest serious errors and omissions in the official investigations by the 9/11 Commission.”

    We’re going to nail those Satan-worshipping bastards! Yay!

  8. Mike Kay  February 1, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    I hope your readers will understand your point that the arms and munitions of Sudan are in fact from every other nation other than Iran.
    I believe Iran is targeted because they are the one society that offers resistance-that word again-to the global crooks. This is not to claim that Iran is headed up an enlightened government either, rather that Iran truly represents both geographically and culturally the central pillar of the middle east. It can be seen that Iran’s position is far more strategic than even Egypt. I wonder, though at the wisdom of attempting to take Iran down. Right now, they are the perfect boogeyman, the perfect cover for the evil dealings of the occupiers of Palestine. Without Iran, who can be conjured up as the next really bad guy?
    The best case scenario for the takedown of Iran has a massive ground war element, an element which Israel and her stooge-US, will loose. After over a decade of war for the backshooters, all we have to show for it is strain and exhaustion. We have no more reinforcements, no army in waiting to bail out the backshooters. Sure, our riflemen will extract their pound of flesh, but Iran will have several more pounds to offer up.
    I’m certain that Iran understands both logistics and dynamics. If attacked the way the backshooters want them attacked, they will have no choice but to launch an immense ground assault. This ground assault will be focused on removing the strategic threats to their country, NOT on occupation, thus the Iranian military will be free to move quickly and en masse to secure their objectives. Doubtless they will overrun Azerbaijan, parts of Syria, and all of backshooter land. This will not be to add any territory to Iran, but it will be to neutralize their opposition.
    Feinstein and others can point their evil fingers, they can open the door, but they will never be able to close it again.

  9. petersmith  February 1, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    I`m quite sure that the majority of the people in this country do NOT feel that ” an attack on israel is an attack on the United States. Why are we putting up with these clowns in our gov`t??

  10. petersmith  February 1, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    I think everyone in the executive branch, and Congress should swear under oath that they are loyal to the USA first and foremost, and after that, anything that they did could be judged against that benchmark, and they could be treated accordingly.

    • wolf  February 1, 2013 at 2:29 pm

      How many Jews and dual-citizens infest our government, supreme court, etc?
      Even if Jews swear an oath, they have a synagogue-approved license to LIE and renege on oaths, agreements, etc…known as the Kol Nidre prayer. Check into it: ***

      In light of this fact, how can anyone trust a Jew to keep their word on anything?

    • Allesandro  February 2, 2013 at 7:16 pm

      Excellent Point and I’ve heard that before. Do you remember all the questions J.F. Kennedy got concerning his Catholic Religion, and where his loyalty lies, when he was running for President?

      The point you make makes those questions of him look completely ridiculous.

    • K7KTR  February 1, 2013 at 2:55 pm

      Cynthia McKinney said in a interview that in Congress a Congressperson has to swear and OATH to Israel. Why she is no longer there. She was ran out too.

      The Video was when on PressTV talking about NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) blowing up Universities, Schools, State TV and Radio and Public Works like the GMR Water Project that was pumping fresh water to the whole of North Africa in 22′ pipes that were also destroyed. Along with Power and Sewage plants.

      First the IMF went in and then Britain has 300+ Billion in Contracts to rebuild Libya before the bombings started. What happened to Libya’s 144 Tons of GOLD?

  11. CoJonesGrandes  February 1, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Benjamin Fulford’s latest interview

    • CoJonesGrandes  February 1, 2013 at 1:36 pm

      Re: Fulford’s latest interview

      At 12:30 mins, he says that there are about 16 million Jews in the world, of which 1 million are Sabbateans (ie Satan worshippers). In the book of Ruth, they are known as the Moabites, who carry out human sacrifices. The star in the Israeli flag is the symbol of Lucifer. They are Lucifer worshipping people who carry out child sacrifices. They control the government of the United States and Wall St. They are going around the world murdering people and stealing resources and trying to create a world fascist Babylonian dictatorship, controlled by members of their in-bred clan. When you come across a nest of scorpions, sometimes you have to take out the insecticide and remove them. They are going quietly. Netanyahu has been recorded on the telephone, threatening to blow up Japan’s nuclear reactors if Japan does not hand over money to him…. The current Pope is a serial child rapist. Certain people should be removed from power

    • CoJonesGrandes  February 1, 2013 at 1:37 pm

      Meant to say “They are NOT going quietly.

  12. thorshammer1999  February 1, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    I’ve never been very religious, but I have taken an interest over the last while.
    I have read that during the “end times” , Russia and Persia (Iran), would attack Israel ; Damascus and Jerusalem would be destroyed along with many other places, leading to the rise of the anti christ and a genocide world wide like no other in history. With what has been happening lately, I am honestly getting quite nervous.

    • K7KTR  February 1, 2013 at 12:50 pm

      Luke 21:20-21 When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know that [its] end is near, let those in Judea flee to the mountains and not return.
      God is not one to be mocked.
      Hebrews says, It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. ARE YOU LISTENING NETENYAHU?

    • johnsholtes  February 1, 2013 at 1:11 pm

      The problem is that you christ blood drinking cannibal cultists have been pushing for your end of the world since the stpid book of hallucinations came out. Your plans to end the world. the jew Nostardamus wrote his blueprint then the protocols of zion wrote their blue print then Ellen White and the Hal Lindsey crowd wrote their blueprints which said this gneration shall not pass which paeesd in 1988. But never gave up. every time another date and we have been in our last 7 years since the stupid blueprint was written what around the year 325. Enough is enough. Hollywood has been laying out their vision of Nuclear Armegaden etc and succeeded with 911, Sndy Hook Aurora and so many false flags they helped happen. Now we know about them and they are planning to break the Hoover Dam Nuke a football game and set off a nuclear war. Well None of this has to happen. We can stop all of it. The Future is Ours to See Que Sera Sera. You See We project the future not some jew book protocols or Hollywood movie. We need to write a whole new book of Revelation. Starting with a plan to solve our problems and a collective effort to build a better America. An Honorable Government led by Honorable People. We need to bury the past and burn those filthy jewish Books. And quit quoting jewish lies and garbage from the stnking jew book. We have had enough. How about this for a change.

    • Allesandro  February 2, 2013 at 7:23 pm

      Thanks, You are quite correct and I agree wholeheartedly.

    • shachalnur  February 1, 2013 at 4:51 pm

      Welcome to the Rothschild”Gog and Magog-Hollywood montage Show”.
      They are playing out Isaiah 21;15.
      Enjoy the ride.

  13. K7KTR  February 1, 2013 at 11:53 am

    U.S. Purchases Fuel for Afghanistan, Possibly Undermines Own Iran Oil Sanctions

    This can’t get any better.haha
    Source: *******

  14. K7KTR  February 1, 2013 at 11:28 am

    WOW! Mr. Duff, I swear I read this exact article last week. But I see its post date. This is freaky. A Deja-Vu for me in any regards. Maybe my med’s are slowing me down? Or I had an out of Montana experience. In any case, Time to stock up on Milo food. I think also the SHTF and soon.

    One thing is clear is that like a row of domino’s… We can see the line of events going down and there will probably be a big display just like a shows ending in Las Vegas. Russia is not pleased with Israel and if its true that a Mig Fighter from one of Russia’s 18 ships buzzed Israeli airspace then I am sure when Putin said, “Syria is NOT going to be another Libya” he meant it.

    Great Article.

    • Jim W. Dean  February 1, 2013 at 1:10 pm

      You read it on Press TV where it was originally published. We repost those articles here after a few days.

    • K7KTR  February 2, 2013 at 1:14 am

      Wow, Thanks Mr. Dean…
      I thought I was loosing it. Comes from sitting around wondering how to screw back Citibank. haha

  15. Allesandro  February 1, 2013 at 11:24 am

    It looks like a race to the finish line, but even those who bought the 9/11 cover-up by the 9/11 Commission must now be looking at what that started and the steps that have taken place since then, all leading to NOW and the move toward gun confiscation. It’s not that hard to see, first the 9/11 then the call for the Patriot Act, then the establishment of DHS with huge powers , then the State Of Emergency (maybe still in effect), then the Military Commissions Act, then the attacks on the 7 Countries on the “List” in and around the ME (all of which Israel wanted “Taken-Out) then the TSA strip searches, then the NDAA, and now this faked “Terror Spree” .

    It’s all part of their “Plan”. Are we the only ones who see it? I doubt it but am not sure. I know the awakening is happening but will it be quick enough to offset their plans?

    • thorshammer1999  February 1, 2013 at 12:12 pm

      I wonder the same. I get the feeling this is all coming to a head soon. I hope the cavalry come to the rescue in the nick of time..or maybe we are the cavalry.

  16. shachalnur  February 1, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Israel hit what?
    Did Israel hit anything at all?
    A convoy?
    A military installation?
    A “rebel” position?
    Why did it take Britain 2 days to react?
    Why does Russia say,they’ll study what happened?
    And what if israel bombed a “rebel” position?
    Is a chemical false flag against Israel by NATO “rebels” on the menu?
    If israel wants to start ww3 and survive,this is not the way to do it.

    • shachalnur  February 2, 2013 at 10:55 am

      I think most countries in the Middle East are aware of what’s happening.
      Before the Middle East goes up in the air,martial law will come to US/Europe.
      The Bankers are going for broke,and are running out of time,people are waking up.
      Start worrying about where you live,let the Middle East solve it’s own problems.
      Read alternative sources like Essential intelligence network,
      “Israel’s placebo defense policy”.
      Even VT is not giving you the truth.

  17. CoJonesGrandes  February 1, 2013 at 11:06 am

    There are some in the MSM that do report the truth but they get heavily leaned upon to remove such stories.
    The Daily Mail (a UK national newspaper) recently reported an infowars story: US ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’
    This has now gone from their website and David Icke has picked up on this.

    Other UK national newspapers are also coming out with astounding revelations – the Daily Express, the Guardian and The Independent.
    I hope more newspaper editors will show courage and break free from the cabal’s control.
    Maybe one day, we’ll see the headlines telling the world that American traitors colluded with the Israelis to nuke the WTC.
    Daily Mail, will you step up to the plate? I already gave you this info back in 2010 via your forum.

    • shachalnur  February 1, 2013 at 4:04 pm

      Not sure MSM found their balls.
      More likely they are allowed to write this stuff now.
      Aipac is gonna be reduced to rubble.
      Even the NYT is writing anti -Israel stuff.
      The Banker attack on Israel has started.
      MSM is controlled by the “The protector of Edom”(“Rothschild “in hebrew)
      The anti -Israel leaks have been going on for a while,inside and outside Israel.
      In a while MSM will be discussing the Holohoax,don’t worry.
      Only if you think that this is new,I’m gonna have to disappoint you.
      Before ww2 the Bankers did exactly the same;
      Blame “the Jews” and divert attention away from the Bankers.
      “The Bankers are aliens,it’s the Jews,whatever that is.
      The result will be that the Bankers will advance their agenda towards a New World Order.
      The harvest after 40 million dead (including a few million jews) in ww2 was ;the EU,UN and Israel.
      This time they go for ww3,and World control.
      But the possibility this will get out of hand,Nuclear,Chemical or Biological,is huge.

    • shachalnur  February 3, 2013 at 9:29 am

      In Holland there’s a guy called Micha Kat,
      he’s doing the same ,going for the pedophiles in the Dutch powerstructure and Royal House.
      Unmasking the real banker power structure.
      he’s being arrested almost every month.
      They try to shut him up through justice system and MSM.
      david icke is right on many things,and might be too big to kill.
      The Elite is getting nervous.

  18. stephanaugust  February 1, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Thinking about a T-Shirt: “Ich war für Israel — Jetzt nicht mehr”
    (Once I supported Israel — Now no longer)

    • DaveE  February 1, 2013 at 5:17 pm

      Say it in Russian, the REAL bad guys of WWII.

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