The Great Imposition

The Forced Involuntary Servitude of America

by  Preston James


Like a covert inquisition without the obvious torture and murder of the Spanish Inquisition, an Evil Plague has descended on America that is transforming it from a Representative Republic based on Freedom and Liberty to an open air Prison Camp.

There is ongoing major asset stripping of the hard earned income of the American people by offshore based Banksters with the assistance of the USG and corruption is now occurring at every level.

USG tyranny is knocking on everyone’s front door.

To Impose: To establish or apply as compulsory, to levy, to impose a tax; to apply or make prevail by or as if by authority; to obtrude or force; to offer or circulate fraudulently; to take advantage or impose on one’s generosity.

An Imposition:  something that is imposed unfairly on someone; the act of enforcing unfairly or by fraud


It’s not too much of stretch to look on the New America as the next Gaza unless this creeping tyranny is stopped cold in its tracks. And the Battle of America, the Second Revolutionary war may have already started, provoked by the recent efforts of Congress and State governments to impose strict gun controls, gun registration and to transform normal law abiding gun owners into criminals by their legislative efforts alone.

When push comes to shove most law abiding Americans strongly resent someone in government trying to transform them into a criminal with the “flick of a pen”. And yet this has been what has been happening in America since the Assassination of JFK. All the time more and more meaningless freedom robbing laws are passed at the state and local level which make usual everyday practices illegal and needlessly restrict rights because of the abuses of a few criminals at the top which could easily be prosecuted from existing  laws if the government did its job properly and enforced the “Rule of Law”.  Look at the Federal and State tax codes and the thousands of absurd freedom robbing laws put in place to enhance the power of the government at the expense of “we the people”. This is nothing less than CREEPING TYRANNY at all levels of society.


What has set off this government addiction to passing more and more freedom restricting laws?  The full answer would take an encyclopedia chapter to describe, but here is a brief bare bones summary.

The covert invasion by an offshore foreign banking system in 1913 run out of the City of London is the primary cause and the root of all this current Evil and Creeping Tyranny.  This invasion by offshore Banksters has provided for the capture and control of the American monetary production and distribution system by these foreign based entities.  The system they set up is based on fake “fiat” (by decree only) “money” (i.e. debt notes which represent an interest and principal debt due to the private bank issuing the fiat money from nothing, as a paper or digital entry or with the “flick of a pen”).

This  whole Bankster system is based on extreme secrecy and pretending to be an agency of the USG when it is no more Federal than Federal Express.  This offshore Bankster system is based on the “magic” of Babylonian usury, an age old secret art used to create debt-slavery which was considered a grave sin by the Catholic Church in past years and is still considered such by those of the Muslim faith. The so-called “money” is issued as a debt (note) which can never be paid back because interest accrues to this “loan” and there is never enough money in circulation issued to pay off the principal and interest that is lent to the USG and the citizens.  So we have a situation in America where an offshore owned and based bank creates fraudulent debt-notes by fiat, labels it money, gets laws passed requiring it to be treated as “legal tender” for all American debts, and then collects interest for lending us our own money which allows them to become masters over the fruits of our labor and our very labor, earnings and acquisitions.  What a racket those Babylonians developed, this secret debt-based usurial money magic!

The result is that more money is issued and lent in large amounts to the USG to spend on any thing it wants and the total amount of “money” in circulation constantly expands.  Doubt this, just examine any chart based on the increasing debased value of this fiat debt “money” over time.  Alas, a dollar from the date of the origin of this offshore owned private American central bank is now worth approximately 3 cents now.  Once you understand this sleight of hand scam, you can easily figure out the rest of the game.

So we have many thousands of homeless folks on the street of America, and many are Vets who served their country with distinction but were abused, ignored and abandoned.  Many of these vets have serious unmet medical needs and have never gotten the respect they deserve.  This is completely unacceptable in America and must be immediately remedied at all levels.

Many American Soldiers feel they have been deployed in needless other people’s wars and this itself is a tremendous burden many have great difficulty carrying.  All this misery in America has been caused by the hijacking of America’s government and monetary production and distribution system by the City of London Financial District aka the world Banksters. What has America become under the occupation of a foreign based entity run out of the City of London Financial District?

from (origin unknown)


As this offshore monetary production and distribution system was covertly imposed on America by wealthy special offshore interests to access strip it and set it up for future destruction.

This was accomplished by buying certain Congressmen (the way it is still done), and various support agencies were established to provide intel and enforcement muscle to protect this system based on usury and fraud and violation of the US Constitution.

The educational system was federalized and centralized and control was established top to bottom to make sure the curriculums kept secret power under wraps and avoided the most serious issues relating to the Founding Fathers and what they taught about Freedom, Liberty, and the public maintaining arms and being wary of the corporations which are now asset stripping America along with their partners the offshore Banksters.

Thus the various alphabets were created as support systems for the offshore Banksters and major international corporations and include such agencies as the US Treasury Department, the IRS, the FBI, etc.  In the past when Americans have tried to publicize the fraud of this privatized offshore run bank and rise up against this foreign money tyranny, a true offshore run monopoly, these agencies were used to harass dissidents, suppress truth or murder dissidents in some cases if deemed necessary.  And this still goes on today.

The FBI is noted for selecting folks of marginal intelligence or who are known to be seriously disturbed and setting them up as patsies or attempting to set them up and transform them into terrorists in entrapment operations which are technically illegal but common practice.  In fact almost every recent case of alleged terrorism inside America in recent years can be traced either to the FBI or CIA covert operations.  And there are many honest and good FBI and CIA agents, but their agency’s reputation is tainted by the small number of notably dirty covert operators who have a long and dismal secret history which is leaking out to the public more and more each day.

And Homeland Security, many now call the New American Gestapo, is the new poster child for this harassment of the American people by offshore Bankster power. It was set up by Marcus Wolfe, former head of the East German Stasi two years before he mysteriously died while serving as a “consultant” to the USG.  He would have been very proud of what Homeland Security is now doing to oppress Americans and trash their Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Of course we still have Fema, and it’s tyrannical plans, Garden Plot and Rex84 and their new upgrades involving numerous secret internment camps near railroad lines designed for dissidents in the future. And central to their daily functions and long term strategy to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights is their definition of normal average Joe Americans as “domestic terrorists”.


The offshore controllers selected various groups inside America to do their dirty work and to serve as cutouts. Since they controlled the production of “money”, they had all they wanted to bribe and/or buy almost any US Congressperson or USG official. And they developed the “revolving door” system of appointments.  If one was a good servant in Congress or a USG bureaucrat, a useful cutout with a proven track record providing what the Banksters wanted, they would then be promised and given lucrative positions in commerce after their “government service” ended.  Or if they were an exceptional member of one of their “member corporations” they would be appointed to high USG positions, have a Congressional or gubernatorial campaign paid for, resulting is the placement of one of “theirs” in a high position of influence. And of course the infamous non-profit tax free foundations and planning boards have been used to keep the USG in line and staffed with “players” and plenty of pseudo scientific studies that just happen to support the bankster’s wishes.

The phony War on Drugs and now the phony War on Terror have created a false pretext to justify and predicate the massive buildup of the US Military to attack foreign lands such as the Mideast and Africa, and build up a huge Stasi style secret police organization inside America which involves the consolidation of most alphabets into one centralized command allowing much easier control by cutout doofuses at the top of the control pyramid.  Many average Joe Americans as well as numerous high Military and intel officials now realize that 911 was an inside job, a Gladio style false-flag attack which was wrongly blamed on Afghanistan, Iraq, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden (aka Col. Tim Ossman of the CIA).  Many also know that the USG is a major international illegal narcotics trafficker into America using cutouts and joint ventures with cartels, and launders massive amounts of money through some very large Wall Street Banks.  Periodically some of these banks get caught and have their hands slapped with minor fines.  No bank officials ever get charged with federal or state drug offenses which should require life prison sentences in many cases.


It’s possible that the recent moves by some States and Congress to severely restrict gun ownership in America and force centralized gun registration may be the final straw for many Americans.  These gun grabbers appear to have inadvertently forced the average American to draw a line in the sand over these efforts to take his guns.  They may have over-reached and created such blatant exposure of who they are, who they represent and what they are being instructed to do by offshore foreign power, the the JIG MAY BE UP for the first time across a broad spectrum of American Society. The more these talking heads from this gun grabbing group keep getting air time, the more folks are catching on to who they are, what they are doing to America, and who they really represent, which is offshore power trying to tyrannize, asset strip and destroy America.

Why the sudden rush to grab guns?  This has apparently been mandated as an emergency control due to the current economic breakdown and the spontaneous emergence of American community solidarity much of it perhaps elicited by the information freely disseminated on the world-wide Internet which appears to be waking up the sleeping masses.  And it could also be due to the City of London’s constant need to elicit conflict at every level in America as part of its divide and conquer strategy to keep Americans divided and prevent them organizing into a viable mass which demands an end to money fraud and theft of much of their hard earned assets by a foreign bank using Babylonian principals of usury to create debt slaves.



Now, out in the open for the first time ever Americans are seeing their Constitution and Bill of Rights crushed and bypassed using slick, absurd, twisted and completely false opinions from USG attorneys that have sold their souls to offshore controlled power structure (The Powers That Be “PTB”) long ago. Traitors have hijacked the USG and whether they realize it or not now represent offshore interests of the City of London Financial System and their cutouts who are folks that do their dirty work for immense rewards in return.

Their game is the imposition of tyranny and the complete take-down and asset stripping of America, followed by its destruction and parcelling into pieces to be folded into the NWO Globalist system.  Most are deluded and do this in the name of climbing the corporate or USG ladder of success or supposedly “serving their country” when these are petty rationalizations for narrow minded selfishness and lust for power, fame and wealth.  Doubt this, then examine the financial disclosures of so many American Congressmen/women who are elected to office only somewhat well off and then acquire millions of dollars while in office, many from insider trading who are never prosecuted because of loopholes or SEC non-enforcement.

We have the NDAA 2012, legal opinions from US Attorneys stating that torturing anyone the USG says needs it is allowable and good and opinions that anonymous death by drone fired missiles with huge “collateral deaths” (translated lots of dead innocent women and children) is okay, if these innocent victims “chose” to be near a suspected terrorist. We have the USG running secret kidnappings (“extraordinary renditions”), bagging and tagging targets who have had no trial, no attorney based on a flimsy recommendation by some soulless intel official hiding behind a wall of secrecy, and taking these captured victims to numerous (over two dozen) foreign prison ships and prisons where they are tortured and then many executed.

The USG claims this torture is not really torture but just the serious manipulation of confinement conditions. Water boarding is used but not considered torture and yet Japanese officers were tried at the end of WW2 for using water-boarding of American soldiers as a torture. Get used to examining many lies and much deceit when considering the debasement, neutralization and perversion of the American Rule of Law by the USG and the Department of Justice when examining these issues.  If there are ever world trials like Nuremberg for these American leaders who are responsible for torture, drone mass serial murders and extraordinary rendition kidnapping, and the phony legal opinions supporting these pre-emptive wars and their related crimes against humanity, a lot of such folks are likely to end up swinging from wooden gallows by the neck until dead.

Useful idiots and doofuses with no character or conscience, many perverted beyond reason are being promoted and placed in high USG positions.  Like those of Nazi Germany east Germany under the Stasi these folks are morally compromised and will do anything they are told, obviously without any sense of shame or loyalty to their Oath to Defend the Constitution and the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  They have become the domestic enemy within and expecting them to police the creeping tyranny they are imposing on America themselves is like expecting the fox guarding the chicken coup to stop eating chickens whenever he is hungry.


Obviously the offshore Banksters operating out of the City of London Financial District (the “Great Draco” or “Dragon”) do not want to maintain a visible role.  They desire to stay in the background avoiding public disclosure as the “string pullers” or the master controllers, the “Oz behind the curtain”. They know that if fully and openly exposed to the American public their power would be eroded and crushed within a generation as the average American Joe would identify them as their complete enemy within the gates and the usurper of the US Constitution And Bill of Rights.  They would quickly come to view these offshore Banksters as what they really are once the curtain is pulled back, blood sucking, asset stripping PARASITES attempting to destroy America and take it back in a covert replay of the American revolution or the War of 1812.  They tried hard again with the Civil War and lost, and now they are making their big, final play to retake America on their terms, which means to forever crush it into pieces which can be easily folded into their evil long planned trans-generational NWO Globalist system.

So in order to avoid exposure and the limelight, they have worked very hard and spent a great deal of money (of which they have an unlimited supply since they create it it with the “flick of a pen”) creating and managing their cutouts at every level in American Government. They own and control the major mass media (6) which they worked hard to consolidate from hundreds, providing easy master control. Like they have done in so many industries and corporations, most of which they eventually move offshore to friendly tax havens.  These folks set up and run American Intel and the alphabets and keep their head officials in place working for them.

But in spite of all this, there are growing control problems.  Even with the well developed systems they have designed to keep their cutouts in line, cutouts are catching on and starting to develop discordant attitudes.  Historically cutouts have been controlled by the use money, fame, power and if necessary, which it often is, the use of human compromise operations such as honey traps and other means to set up and video tape these assets doing very bad things which are usually provided covertly.  When they are done using these cutouts to attain their designed goals before the cutout becomes too powerful, they often discarded onto the trash heap of history. Many cutouts are now waking up and are horrified as they find out the very system that they love and has made them very well off is now being destroyed by their own feather-bedding and lack of support for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Take the numerous cutouts used to manage their illegal drug trafficking business into the USA, the so-called “Drug Kingpins”. When they are done with them and made millions off of their crimes as these folks become too powerful, they are arrested as a drug kingpin and prosecuted, allowing anything they say to be easily discredited so once again the PTB remain separated from their crimes.  Take the case of Freeway Ricky Ross who was a CIA drug trafficker.  He was arrested, prosecuted and convicted.  He implicated the CIA but because he was discredited and his testimony rejected allowing those CIA drug traffickers who used him to skate free once again.  The evidence was so compelling of these capital crimes that CIA inspector general Hitz admitted as much in his report and then resigned.  Nothing was ever done to prosecute these capital crimes.  Folks in the CIA should have ended up swinging from a USG gallows like those that assassinated president Abe Lincoln but they walked free.

Sometimes the the cut out is approached with their intentions to prosecute and an offer immunity is made if he is willing to provide testimony to implicate those that they want implicated.  In these cases other cutouts are taken out of the mix and tossed on the trash heap of history and new cutouts will be selected to replace them.  Cutouts always feels “oh so special” and never see their doom ahead. And the most notable case of this which is really the gold standard for how cutouts are treated was “Operation Hummingbird” or the Night of the Longknives.

So now we have hundreds of cutouts, most unknowingly, being used to advance and protect the offshore bankster interests of the City of London Financial System inside America.  These folks tread on the basic God given rights of the average American Joe who unlike them works hard for  a living and does not live off “other people’s money” like they do.  Been through DC lately?  It is booming financially, new construction everywhere in USG and Intel buildings and private housing.  Most Congressmen/women have become unbelievably wealthy and live live Kings and Queens.  All by asset stripping other people’s money through excessive illegal taxation and fees. It’s a great racket that will end soon as the economic system implodes.

Centralized Socialism mandated by the now massive centralized USG is great as long as those at the top do not run out of other people’s money and are allowed to keep trashing the “rule of law”.  But that reality is fast approaching.  Despite all the efforts of these USG officials to pad their coffers more and more through increased taxation and borowing of more and more “funny money”, the system is on a set course to self-destruct sometime within the next 1-9 years if not this year.


The so-called “National Security”, a nonsensical phrase used to cover almost any crime imaginable has been imposed as a rationalization to keep the American public as well as any honest Congressmen/women (there are a few) from examining the crimes of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), the offshore controlled unConstitutional Central Bank, the crimes and corruption of American Intel, Homeland Security (The New American Gestapo), it’s TSA, the Alphabets and the American Military.

Military recruiters are sale-persons, true believers that sell a product for significant rewards, but they do not give 100% informed consent of all the risks (mental and physical) and side-effects of the product they sell to vulnerable young men and women.  Weekend warriors are typically sold the idea they will be heroically fighting floods and feeding the hungry in their state.  Many Radio stations play expensive slick ads featuring this idea and present the Guard as a superb opportunity to join a dedicated team to help the community.  Instead they will often be sent to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan or Africa in other people’s wars, that is, for the interests of foreign offshore power, the same folks that control the City of London Financial District and the American private central bank they control.  Overly idealistic military advertising keeps many newspapers, media and radio alive through massive  expenditures paid for by American taxpayers.  If the truth was told explicitly there would be almost no new recruits, for even though the services are sold as a volunteer military, once a person is inducted in a sense it becomes indentured servitude with all the stop losses, boondoggles, catch 22’s, lies and misrepresentations.  And after that any needed medical care is up for grabs in many cases, although there are rumors it has been slowly improving in some areas.

Potential recruits will not be shown photos of the horrendous injuries and amputations that so often occur as well from roadside IEDs as the needless soldier deaths occurs frequently along the same roads.  They will not be told these are pre-emptive wars of aggression, of domination rather than defense of America.  When pushed they will claim these are pre-emptive strikes and invasions justified because these countries have terrorist training camps and have been preparing to fight us here inside America and have already attacked us on 9-11.  None of this is true.  yes when folks attack someone’s country in raw aggression, of course many will fight back.  And when Americans soldiers are killed this elicits a desire for revenge (blood feud) among their surviving soldiers who want revenge against those fighting to repel American invaders.

Those in high positions in the American Military and Intel now know that the USG’s position on 911 is a BIG LIE, that Muslims DID NOT attack America on 9-11-01, because it was an INSIDE JOB, a Gladio style false-flag attack done by a cabal of Neocons inside the USAF using Mossad cutouts and Sayanin or other foreign mercenary or privatized special operators. A significant number of high military and Intel officials and staff now view the 911 attacks as a event enacted to satisfy dual needs of the SSG, the American defense Industry, the City of London Banksters, and Israel to create the synthetic construct, the monster of world wide TERRORISM which would frighten the masses enough to motivate them to give up their Freedom and Rights for so-called “increased safety”.

Obviously, instituting the 911 inside job attacks on 911 and blaming offshore Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq (Osama Bin Laden Aka Colonel Tim Ossman of the CIA and Saddam Hussein, well known CIA cutout asset like Noriega of Panama), helped them revitalize the military and generate huge otherwise unattainable USG funding to fight this phony WAR ON TERROR which itself is one of the greatest acts of government terror in recent history.

As the five dancing Israelis stated when arrested by NYPD officers, “your problems are our problems”.  And many now realize Al Awlacki was also a US military asset, a cutout seen entering the pentagon numerous times who served as a double agent. Allegedly after he became suspected of being a triple agent, he and his young teenage son, an American Citizen who was innocent of anything, were “taken out” by a targeted drone strike (this was an extra-judicial murder with no trial, no legal representation, and they were American Citizens).  This incident has caused a national and international furor over the serial murdering of innocents (referred to merely as “collateral damage”) by these anonymous drone strikes allegedly run remotely by satellite out of a Denver USAF air conditioned trailer.  Just because the USG and the US Attorney’s office say it is legal and okay, does not mean it is.


Now consider this, if a police swat team comes to your neighbor’s home to capture a supposedly violent individual and kills your harmless pet dog barking in your fenced-in backyard and one of your children is killed by stray bullets, would you look on this as mere collateral damage?  Or take the case where a swat team dressed up in black like Nazi stormtroopers, attacked the wrong house and seriously wounded a child by throwing in a concussion grenade.   No one was punished for such blatant terrorism and abuse of power. Yes, these type incidents are just claimed to be operational normalities and no apologies are made because tyranny rarely takes prisoners and makes no apologies for its crimes against the people, never has, never will.

These abuses happen every day, but they should not be called “collateral damage”.  Or take the so-called renegade police officer in California who the Police Department claims is on a mission to extract revenge and who allegedly published a manifesto describing blatant police corruption that the LA Police Dept has been so well known for for so many years.  The CA police are so fearful of this man that they have already shot up two cars and wounded two innocent women for nothing (can you say “trigger happy”).  These police officer shooters will skate because of the blatant corruption in California when they should be charged with gross criminal negligence or attempted murder.  Or like the NYPD policeman that shot numerous innocent bystanders by mistake and missed the man he was aiming for in front of a hotel in NYC.  Yes, it was written off as mere “procedural errors” and this man skated too.

Obviously any normal American Joe can see America is under siege by “CREEPING TERRORISM” from the USG.  And now with the creation of Homeland Security (the New American Gestapo), Northcom, and the numerous training manuals for deployment and war-fighting inside the continental USA against “domestic terrorists” which are described as returning vets, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Gun owners, tax protesters, and dissenters,  and now the construction of numerous prison camps  and suspension of Posse Comitatus, a war against the people is being covertly waged and could get hot any time.

It does appear though that the recent efforts to institute centralized gun-grabbing is transforming this covert war against the American People and making it OVERT and in their faces. For the very first time, these USG gun-grabbers have shown their true colors as representing an offshore foreign power and have shown themselves to be working hard to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, all the while using the freedoms provided by such to do their dirty work.  How’s that for a major and illegal conflict of interest?  A significant number of these folks appear to be functioning as representatives of a foreign power and should be investigated and prosecuted for TREASON against America if clear and convincing evidence is uncovered.


When the sound bytes of these folks are almost constantly replayed by the major mass media, this is the best wake up call any American could have.  Not only do many of these folks look weird, but they speak and act differently from the average American Joe. They use trite, self-aggrandizing phrases that are absurd at face value.  These sellouts are into their roles so deeply they say these absurdities with a straight face. Obviously these folks are their own worst advertising and serve as poster children for tyranny as they make increasingly extreme moves to impose it and trash the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So when we have an elderly Senator Feinstein who is head of the Senate Intelligence committee making the incidiary, highly tyrannical and noticeably unAmerican statements, this tends to wake up every American listening who expects the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be the Law of The Land in America, not what she says should be instituted.  The more air time folks like this get, the better, because the quicker Americans will wake up.  Never before has any effort to grab American guns been so extreme or accompanied by such an obvious attempt to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. And never before has it been so obvious what it is really all about and who these people represent that are behind it.  They represent foreign interests from the City of London Financial District and serve as their cutouts, whether they realize it or not, and many of these folks are dual citizens who pay homage to Israel by their official actions in Congress and inside the highest echelons of the USG. This cries out for a full investigation of unAmerican activities for divided loyalties.  Such an investigation of dual citizen unAmerican activities and illegal spying on behalf of foreign power and foreign nations is long overdue.

Two of the most outrageous examples of this ever displayed were the absurd hysterical tirades directed against Chuck Hagel by senator John McCain and the alleged closeted Lindsay Graham during Hagel’s  Senate confirmation hearing.  And of course if anyone makes the slightest criticism of Israeli foreign policy they are forever accused of anti-semitism by the adl and SPLC  or Aipac who themselves have been accused of operating as a foreign lobbies or spytanks representing Israel, which should require immediate registration as such.  If these organizations are operating as spy agencies for Israel then this is illegal and they must be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.  Personally I have a great deal of respect and admiration for many Islamic and Jewish people who are both semites, although I do sometimes question the actions of their leaders just as I question the actions of the leaders of the USG when they do unacceptable things which are not in the best interests of the citizens or humanity in general.

History has shown that the best, most effective cutouts are those who do not realize they are being used, folks who have become true believers in their cause which is merely a prescribed cover story imposed by those who are conning, manipulating and using them in exchange for large amounts of power, favors, fame or money. And what is a cutout?  A cutout is an individual or group that is selected and manipulated to do illegal or unacceptable things on behalf of an party who is hiding in the shadows.  The cutout must be completely deniable, set up to do the dirty work and take the heat when it is discovered what they are doing is illegal and unacceptable to society. When the intel agencies are done using their drug kingpins, they arrest them, discredit them and disavow them. The same goes for many of the spies and assets they compromise and use. Any testimony of a discredited person is will not be admissible in court unless an immunity agreement is given in advance by the Dept of Justice, and this won’t happen because in the intel drug business they are usually a part of the crime which must remain covered up or higher ups would go down hard.


It appears that a fair number of these top Congressional gun-grabbers are dual citizens who have allegiance to a foreign nation and are thus divided in their loyalties to America.  Serving another country as one’s primary interest is not legal and there is a thin line that when crossed can become TREASON.  It should be made clearly illegal to be a dual citizen.  A new basic law called “America First” should be passed requiring dual citizens to renounce one all other citizen-ships beside their American Citizenship, and take a loyalty oath to America alone.  I am referring here to any dual citizen of any foreign country living in America who is also an American Citizen.

These dual citizens should forever be barred from holding any public office or serving in the judiciary or law enforcement or serving in any USG or State government role.  For an offshore power or another nation to funnel money through certain offshore banks or large international corporations to buy legislators and influence legislation is certainly illegal and must be exposed and stopped.


Many now suspect that like the Murrah bombing, the first NYC Twin Towers bombing and 911, Aurora “mass shooting”, the Sikh Temple “mass shooting” and now the Sandy Hook “mass shooting” were American Intel staged false flag events using foreign cutouts that specialize in these Gladio style inside jobs. Nobody except for those closely involved know what really happened at Aurora, the Sihk Temple or Sandy Hook because these events are clouded in secrecy imposed by Homeland Security (The New American Gestapo) and the evidence and news reports released has either been staged, phony, confusing or unverified.  It has been alleged that a cover story at Sandy Hook was provided to LE and top media officials that a complete secrecy lock-down was being imposed because psychological consultants to Homeland Security recommended that such would greatly decrease the possibility of copy-cat imitation crimes.   Although this is quite interesting claim, it has not yet been confirmed.


Here is the sad situation in America that has emerged while most folks were asleep at the wheel struggling to pay their bills and survive during a deep recession which some experts call a true depression.

We have the average American finding himself/herself as a debt slave to the credit card companies and bank that charge usurious, unconscionable rates. How did this happen?  It is an expected normal occurrence when the jobs are shipped offshore under Nafta, Cafta, WTO and GATT and the money production system is manufacturing debased, ever inflating devaluing fiat “money”.  The massive decrease in jobs and pay accompanied by the increase in prices due to the ever debasing “money” has created debt slavery for many and a middle class that is dissolving like an ice cube on the side walk in Phoenix AZ in July.

We have folks being recruited into the military under false pretenses, treated as indentured servants with almost no rights.  Many women soldiers are raped and sexually abused, but most of this is covered up. To many entering the military today even though claimed to be “voluntary” is like signing up for indentured servitude, despite all the recruiter claims, promises and slick multi-million dollar media ads.

Numerous soldiers were injured or electrocuted by subnormal base construction in Iraq but this was covered up too as were most of the rapes of women soldiers and contractors. Our wonderful American soldiers have been tricked into fighting other poeple’s wars of conquest.  If a soldier protests, well he/she may end up being murdered by the American Intel like Pat Tillman.

And yet there is the whistle-blower who tried to stop war, the great America super-hero Gweneth Todd who overcame threats and got her story out anyway, resisting successfully all attempts to be silenced under the abuse of so-called “national security”.

Or take the great but relatively unknown hero John Coleman who fled the USA after being threatened because he tried to expose American Intel massive drug Trafficking and other most serious covert crimes. He is still living in exile in Europe.

We have rampant swat teams dressed like Nazi storm troopers running loose often attacking wrong houses, shooting harmless family pets, shooting wrong persons, needlessly traumatizing young kids and generally acting like thugs with a bad attitude.


And yet despite this massive descent into tyranny imposed on the American People, many normal everyday Americans are waking up and drawing a line in the sand and saying “no more of this, no matter what”. And there is a split in the high military command and much of the military and Intel. Many are secretly discordant and sandbagging, dragging and know that at a certain point they will no longer be able to cooperate with tyranny. They are awaiting for things to go live and then they will act, but they will not initiate anything and throw themselves on a sword until that turning point is clearly evident to them. At that point they will take off the gloves and anything goes.

Never in American history has there been so much dissent in the military and its high command and inside American Intel as now.  It is shocking how deep this dissent runs.  There are folks in the current high military command and intel that now know that 911 was an inside job, a false flag Gladio attack by a faction in the USAF, the Neocons, Mossad and assets, and they are hoppin’ mad and want revenge, but they want the actual perps punished, not the innocent citizens of those countries whose leaders are the perps.

And it’s a fair bet that they will get their revenge all in due time. These folks who have now taken control have had long successful careers in covert tradecraft and are known to be so expert at what they do that if and when they decide to act, they will do so decisively and may engineer covering incidents to hide any of their massive, broad based corrections designed to deal with those responsible.

Some experts have stated behind closed doors that these gun-grabbers have really exposed those who have hijacked America to the average American Joe for the first time publicly.  And they believe this has been a huge miscalculation and a mistake of major proportions.  Now the Beast from the City of London may have hell to pay for it all as well as his cutouts inside America.  It appears that the curtain has been pulled back exposing the true Wizard of Oz (as in Ounce, Ounce of Gold that is).


The name many use to describe those offshore Banksters who have hijacked America is the BEAST.  The Beast is run by the City of London Financial District and known as the Great Dragon or Draco.  It is based on deep seated multi-generation, interlocked occult systems of death cults, i.e. cults that worship Lucifer and are committed to the ministering of death to the masses in order to “purify their race”, to preserve it and to gain the power that creating wars can provide them. These folks secretly believe that harnessing and using the war-making ability of a nation provides them with the massive power they need to create and extract wealth from the masses and to dominate and rule them. The ministering of mass death through war, medical eugenics and “soft-kill” is the way they prefer to gain and hold this power and wealth it provides for their special “bloodline families” and to attain their inter-generational NWO Globalist plan for a one world government run by a new occult “Caesar”.

The Beast prospers by a policy of perfidy which is the take-down and capture of other nations by deception, fraud, infiltration, the hijacking of the monetary production and distribution system, and the elicitation of numerous serious societal conflicts as a strategy of divide and conquer to keep the tyrannical authoritarian system they put in place pitted against the common man.


The Beast WANTS America to pass and execute a continual stream of laws that guarantees a steady stream of taxpayers revenue to its international war efforts which support its worldwide fascist corporate network.  The beast WANTS to manipulate the USG to tyrannize, repress and rob the citizens of their God given human rights and the Freedom and Liberty the Founding Fathers previously fought and won from the Beast themselves in the Revolutionary War.

The Beast knows that if if can’t keep government at war with the common man, and the common man fighting each other, the common man can and will eventually form  a cohesive community and will be able to take back his/her country from these hijackers, which would mean taking back the monetary production and distribution system and making it America’s once again with full oversight at all levels, something missing now.

Thus, the Beast is willing to parcel out a great deal of the money it has asset stripped to give back to the politicians and cutouts whom they buy every election through the 70,000+ K Street lobbyists they use. This typically insures those who are willing to operate as traitors for their cause are highly rewarded and promoted. Thus Americans now live in a country where most of its top leadership and high officials at all levels of government are traitors doofuses bought and corrupted and completely owned by the Beast whether they realize it or not. When a government has become corrupt at all levels, crime and corruption at the street level becomes rampant and society starts disintegrating, which is well under way right now in America, especially in DC, NYC, Chicago, and LA.  The highest rates of gun violence are in the large cities with the most restrictive gun laws.  Strangely these cities are same areas are where organized crime is the strongest.  Another pure coincidence I’m sure.  Might one assume that political thugs don’t like “we the people” (their real competition) to be well armed?


Now here is what the Beast DOES NOT want in America.  The beast does not want Americans to organize at the street and community level to take their country back.  The Beast does not want to lose their private banking system it has imposed illegally on America by fraud and slight of hand.  So you can imagine why they have worked so hard to keep this sinister secret hidden of their Babylonia “money magic” through usury to create debt slaves.  It is not taught in any school or university or college in America.  The Beast has made sure of that, but their control system is now breaking down at every level thanks to the world-wide Internet and besides they are losing control in foreign markets.  Information and truth are the antidote for the beast’s poison against America and many folks are now getting a full dose via the world-wide Internet.

One cannot learn about how the American system of monetary production and control system was hijacked by the Beast in any school, university or college but it is however now being taught in the alternative media and fine publications like Veterans Today who dares to publish the truth, unlike the major mass media which is controlled by the Beast. The tipping point is fast approaching where the average Joe is turning to the alternative news and media on the Internet and abandoning mainstream media news because they no longer believe much of it.  They are getting tired of all the lies, distortions and Edward Bernay’s style Madison Avenue mindkontrol via ridiculous advertising and lying actors giving fake testimonials.

Consider the importance of this new trend in America where the police are starting to view the common American Joe and trust him/her as an asset and essential to establishing effective policies of community policing as a team effort between the law abiding citizen and the police.  This kind of community esprit de corps is coffin nails to the Beast.  Stay tuned because it looks like the American Spirit is growing every day and much more community solidarity against the Beast is coming soon to main-street  America. And this new American Spirit which is now arising in almost every city of America is providing the spontaneous community solidarity which is the kiss of death for the Beast and his minions and cutouts, his bought and owned politicians who have sold their country out for power and money.

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13 Responses to "The Great Imposition"

  1. scotshig  February 22, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Community policing waters down the police! Last I checked it was individual rights & liberty that defines America not “community solidarity”.

  2. Preston James, Ph.D  February 13, 2013 at 7:02 am

    Yes, the course for America has been charted to serve the approx 140 major interlocked international corporations that appear to now run the world in a new form of super-fascism where the ggovt and the corp are fused but unlike the Nazis the corporation is supreme and the govt does what is specified by this corp. network.

  3. Preston James, Ph.D  February 13, 2013 at 7:00 am

    Good point. But the wall street party was all based on issuing debt-money that would have to be paid back even though issued from nothing. What goes up must come down. Long term there is no free lunch. As this web of debt has now engulfed the whole world except for a few countries, the whole system will probably collapse requiring a new world wide money system which is what the PTB want.

  4. Charlotte NC Bill  February 10, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Went to a Maronite rite Mass this morning in SC….Walked into the Community Room afterwards and saw a book by that liar Hannity ( Conservative Victory ) that someone had obviously bought fm the library for a dollar…I wanted to write inside it the truth of 9-11 and how sean’s a paid liar…..unfortunately my wife was using my pen to pin her hair up….oh well, so I just threw it somewhere hard to find…I wont be happy until these neocons are confined to the stocks and spit on by passers-by..

  5. dirtus napus  February 10, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    I can’t find one thing contained in our social ills that cannot be boiled backwards to Central Banking and fractional reserve lending. We all know what Ben Franklin told the English when he traveled back there briefly. And we know what was promptly written publicly in their news rags immediately after his honest Q/A. America must be destroyed (colonies). Why? No debt. A people with a modicum of disposable income and an education are antithetical to total control.

    Drones. It’s come to my attention that this Rogue ex-cop was on vacation during all of this state sponsored bullshit and has gotten in touch with news people speaking of his innocence. Seems to me, if he’s innocent, someone knew when he would be incommunicado and pull off this psyop without his ability to stop it immediately. Seems someone wants him dead. Seems they put him in a position where he can’t even turn himself in now. He’ll be shot on sight. How convenient for someone? Seems to me this guy is being set up to be “joysticked”? And who would argue with it. The scenario is perfect. “Rambo, can’t be dealt with, will kill cops family members, will kill all cops, won’t stop until he has killed as many as he possibly can before he is dead himself. COME ON? Perfect psyop. March in the Drone strike.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  February 10, 2013 at 9:03 pm

      Very good point. The LAPD “S Squad” or current equivalent could certainly take advantage of this and eliminate certain “problem officers” (whistleblowers, folks who know too much about the endemic corruption, etc.) if they were inclined. Because the major mass media (6) is not to be trusted (a dispensor of USG propaganda), it is hard to find out the truth. Certainly the major mass media has a long history of lying and providing support for psyops and USG political assassinations like JFK, MLK, and RFK. If you are correct this would be the perfect psyop to create justify police paranoia and masive deployment of drones inside Amerika. Maybe it’s just another episode in the SSG’s game plan to create a civil war inside America.

  6. Ann  February 10, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Thank you. Anything I know is open to anyone–the classics for starters. Everything in the ancient classics seems to be violated by our leadership–bravery, valor, honor, fortitude, patriotism, loyalty, etc., etc., name it. Then someone who embodies these traits comes along and gets brutally murdered, like Col Sabow for example, whose story has been covered here several times and for what? Disgusting narcotics. So the head honchos who run this country use our military bases for smarmy businesses and when a real man shows up he gets killed. Same thing for Yeakey, Cutolo, Rowe, Tillman, all of them. This needs to stop.

    The first thing we need to do is recognize the ancient virtues that were always ours but which have been lost. Reconnect with them. It is not difficult but it is critical and indeed part of our genetic memory. Our slave masters would prefer that we all forget forever and instead participate in the vulgar NWO culture that has been imposed upon us. Ignore them. Leave them to the gutter where they belong. They know that dragging the culture down makes it easier to drag us down which is why they have spent so much money on vulgarity.

    There really is a correlation between high culture and strength of mind so make it a point to build yours bit by bit at every opportunity. Edith Hamilton wrote a short book on classical mythology in I think the 1940’s which was a good overview and starter for anyone.

    As for Terry Yeakey, I hope his rotten killers are caught, along with the creeps who ordered the hit. Several of them were involved, so hopefully one of them will turn on the others. Or maybe someone heard or saw something, whatever. It is absolutely atrocious that this many people can go though life covering up for a murder knowing what it was about. Yeakey personified the finest virtues of the classics right here in America, just as his killers represented all that has gone wrong.

  7. stephanaugust  February 10, 2013 at 10:51 am

    “Obviously the offshore banksters operating out of the City of London Financial District (the “Great Draco” or “Dragon”) do not want to maintain a visible role.”

    Hmmm, if these are also the beasts behind the UK paedophile scandal? I would bet on it.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  February 10, 2013 at 1:42 pm

      Bingo, you have connected the dots. These folks are into unspeakable evil and have infiltrated the highest levels of govt and society. They worship death, slavery, servitude, torture, war, sometimes even cannibalism, pedophilia, anything of evil and drakness, you name it. They have been responsible for millions of civilian murders (genocides after disarmament) and numerous dealy wars they have conjured up. They are so evil and their acts so unspeakable that almost no one of the public can believe it even when others speak of what they have been caught doing. The incredulity of their acts protects them from the public gallows where they belong swinging in the wind.

    • Latney Davis  February 10, 2013 at 3:28 pm

      “The public gallows where the belong swinging in the wind”. This observation/statement is more than simply the TRUTH, it is the ONLY solution still remaining within OUR collective and concerted efforts TODAY.

      Are WE not ALL DUTY BOUND by not only our current status/existence, but by the future we will leave generations of our progeny to bring “The Beast” and all of “it’s” allies/cutouts to unrelenting and IMMEDIATE justice? Politically correct and “rule-of-law” have become irrelevant “noise” when confronting those to whom “the rule-of-law” has not, and does not apply. Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE have been conditioned to accept the illusion that “The Beast” and it’s cutouts are above the LAW created to enslave/imprison US. Make no mistake…We don’t make deals/compromise with “The Beast”. We destroy “it” without regret or concern. To paraphrase Patton, “make those bastards die for THEIR cause”.

      I am inclined to further elaborate, but will not use this forum as a personal “vendetta zone”.

  8. Ann  February 10, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Great description of the viscious blueprint used for every national takedown since the 17th century by this generational gang of criminally insane degenerates.They have inflicted ghastly persecutions on hundreds of millions of people the world over since Cromwell, and bludgeoned towns and cities whole just to keep the population in line through terror. So terror is nothing new to them, they’ve been at it for a long time. It is easy for them because they see us as distinct beings from them, and indeed we are.

    But they have managed to worm their way into our societies and still live in a parallel universe, dragging us with them, for their universe is unnatural and cannot grow without draining the life out of ours. Yet for centuries they follow the same format which you described so well, for they can do no other. And now here we are again, no different to those who went before us all those centuries ago. It’s our turn.

    The only thing is that for the first time the Beast/Rat can no longer operate in complete secrecy and condemn entire populations to death, and pin the blame on another group. They can still more or less get away with it thanks to the stupid media and education systems, but the complete lock on information is now gone. The German and Japanese baddies can no longer be blamed for both wars, we now know who pulled those off, as well as the 20th century revolutions and so forth.

    They also have the benefit of technology which they will use with wild abandon if they feel like cornered rats. Iceland recently defied them and opted out of the debt slavery system which barely made a headline in the controlled media. Neither did recent news that millions of dead fish washed up onshore around Iceland. Coincidence? Or punishment via the HAARP weapon for defying the Beast/Rat?

    Once the Beast/Rat is eventually caught and all the fearsome armor pulled off, it will be revealed to be nothing but a grubby street rat, asking for a deal out. It will give up its multitude of allies in exchange for a quick escape. The sooner the cutouts realize they are being used and abused by psychopaths the better for them and the rest of us, as in The Cutolo Affidavit.

    Our overlords are not smart, as everyone seems to think. They are just ruthless serial killers. If they were smart they would have seen the writing on the wall after JFK and retired but no, they had to bring us all to this point. The first and easiest thing that needs to be done is to stop this nonsense about dual citizenship from anywhere in public office. Anyone with divided loyalties has no business in public office. The next thing is a clear understanding of the Constitution, and an absolute dismantling of the Federal Parasite Reserve. It’s just a slush fund for wars.

    As for Murrah, here is a story about Terry Yeakey, a great police officer who was on the scene and knew right away something was amiss. He did his best to gather evidence of wrongdoing but the Beast/Rat turned on him and tore him to shreds. They didn’t want their false flag hoax exposed, and they were willing to kill anyone who got in the way. What else is new. Why do we allow honor, valor and bravery to be destroyed by vermin? This cannot go on forever, especially since the Beast/Rat keeps overplaying its hand and does not seem to know when to stop which is a bad sign in itself. It will hit the wall eventually. Too many of us are on to its smarmy game.

    In spite of clear and present danger, Terry Yeakey bravely sought the truth and met the wrath of the Beast/Rat. His life was snatched from him too soon like so many others, but his honor, like theirs, remains intact forever. His valor can never be forgotten and he should join the ranks of so many other American heroes such as Sabow, Rowe, and the hundreds of others who could easily fill books and inspire school children the way Perseus, Beowulf, and Gawain did for centuries.

    Your article gives me hope that the tide is turning–if enough intel, military, and law enforcement see through the lies and confront them, the Beast/Rat might at least be smart enough to think of its own survival and back down. But that won’t be enough–monetary and political power has to be taken away from it.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  February 10, 2013 at 10:50 am

      A very informed person you are and a great comment. Yes, folks are finally waking up to the beast’s games and the JIG IS ABOUT UP at every level thanks to the alternative media and fine publications like Veterans Today where freedom of expression reigns.

    • Ann  February 10, 2013 at 2:12 pm

      I appreciate your complement but it is imperative for you to keep spreading the word among your contacts that these “leaders” who have for centuries mislead so many nations and wantonly destroyed so many armies are themselves nothing but dynasties of cowards and thieves who fear and despise the very men they send into harm’s way, which is why so many of them are killed and disabled outright and the survivors sent home and systematically abandoned. They create enemies for us of people with whom we should be trading and building. Thank you for all your good work.

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