Intel Drop: Sunday, February 10, 2010

CREW DUKE, Frying American Troops for Awhile Now

Some of What You Won’t Be Hearing…At All

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A couple of issues for military and veterans hit the top of the list this morning.  Primary among them is the CREW DUKE system used by the US and NATO to protect troops from IEDs.  It is killing more than it is saving.

One company that returned from Iraq in 2009 has 52 members seriously ill.  Their symptoms are life threatening, tumors, bleeding, weight loss.  In fact, the symptoms of being exposed to what is claimed to be radio, which may or may not include microwave, radar and/or ionizing radiation, the military is unusually vague about this, rather resemble radiation sickness.

The sources of this information are totally reliable and the military is involved in a full-scale cover-up assisted by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Some correctional measures were made on deployed systems whose antennas were installed backwards.  Imagine what it would be like putting a baby in a microwave for 20 minutes.  The military thinks of such things as a joke.

There is no active investigation, those who speak up are punished or transferred.  No medical care is being offered and those who are deteriorating are being blocked from treatment and diagnosis.  As usual, the Department of Veterans Affairs, as part of its new drive against veterans with disabilities is blocking paperwork and/or turning any interaction, be it a counseling session or “comp and pension hearing” into a confrontational nightmare.

“We are on to you.”

The system is said to block radio controlled IEDs by scanning ALL available frequencies and blocking all “radio frequencies” within a proscribed distance of a vehicle.  The units are typically mounted on vehicles, MRAPs, Humvees, anything with tracks or wheels.

The worst thing is that these units seem to actually work, saving the lives of a few while killing the many.

I was part of our military effort, having serving in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) during the 60’s and 70’s.  I received my first cancer diagnosis in 1995.  By that time, tens of thousands of veterans had died from the effects of Agent Orange.  The number is now in the hundreds of thousands, having exceeded the combat deaths from any other war.

Most could have been saved if it weren’t for a pure fraud, falsified studies, denial, obstructionism and total corruption.

Those veterans who didn’t die of cancer now suffer many other illnesses and genetic anomalies.  Almost all require multiple joint replacement though the Department of Veterans Affairs has made that process up to 25 years long.

Guess why.

Marines in Vietnam suffered more killed in action than the Corps did during World War 2.  Two minor issues, the period of primary combat in Vietnam was MUCH shorter and the number of Marines in combat was only about 20% of the number in World War 2.  It doesn’t take much of a statistician to figure out that my Christmas card list is very short.

Back to Veterans Affairs.

Congress is helping the DVA formulate policy for eliminating veterans from the disability rolls.  The current ploy is to put up roadblocks that make it virtually impossible for veterans to receive total disability.  Only those veterans receive benefits, insurance and education, for their family.  Recently, a large number of “findings” have placed extremely disabled personnel, certainly unable to be employed “gainfully” at 90% disability rating. (that last 10% is worth up to $5000 per month in lowered benefits if educational assistance and medical care is factored in.”

Normal procedures allow anyone over 60% combat disability who is unable to work and support a family to be paid at the 100% level under what is called “Individual Unemployability.”  This policy is being stripped, the rules behind it are being violated continually and genuinely disabled veterans are being victimized.

A short word or two on the problem of veterans homelessness.  Recent reports regarding veterans suicides, listed as 8000 last year alone (under-reported by up to 70%) have brought the focus on homelessness.

What isn’t being said that many of the programs are rackets.  By “rackets,” I actually mean involving organized crime in concert with powerful politicians who bleed millions from veterans funds to create programs for veterans.  The problem with some of these programs is that they are designed to bilk the government out of land, often involve refurbishing “apartments” and hundreds of thousands of dollars each, enough money to build and entire building, and are run by “cults” that victimize  those they are meant to help.

Those who have protested these programs are silenced, threatened repeatedly and arrested and illegally prosecuted.  We have had prosecutions reversed, clearly shown collusion between veterans officials, political bosses and organized crime and yet the FBI and Department of Justice do nothing.

Many of the politicians involved are also leading the “gun seizure” movement.



I have long pointed out that the “rightwing” or “neocon” Republican Party is, not just bought and sold 100% by the war lobby, oil and the Likudists along with their Wall Street friends but has always been an enemy of very real environmental issues, pension security, America’s soldiers and veterans, in fact, I have no idea why we keep them around at all.

The Hagel hearings have been one of the most revealing episodes in American history.

Here, we have had the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY reveal itself as totally indifferent to America and totally controlled by extremist elements among the ultra-nationalist Likudists in Israel.

America has been at war for 12 years but the GOP, during confirmation hearings for Senator Chuck Hagel, nominee for Secretary of Defense, mentioned Israel 106 times but failed to make reference to any defense issues or mention Iraq or Afghanistan.

Their job was to take the best candidate we have had for this position in American history, a member of their own party, mind you, and do an “ADL smear job” on him.

One might wonder how and why a political movement tied closely to Hitler and the Nazi’s during World War II, one long hostile toward Jews, manages to do the bidding of Israel?

Many of our readers aren’t Americans and find the incredible and extremely obvious duplicity of American politics unbelievable.

Even more, many who live here are either so friggin’ stupid and propagandized or so blinded by racial hatred and bad brain chemistry that they are oblivious to reality.

This week, I was listening to National Public Radio with Terry Gross.   She was interviewing a guest about the Iranian “nuclear program.”  I have some technical knowledge about such things, mostly through “osmosis” from having worked with nuclear weapons designers and weapons officers for years.

“Gross,” a well known and “very liberal” radio host, was reading from a script clearly imagineered by Israeli intelligence.  Her guest wouldn’t know a nuke if he had one carefully place among his hemorrhoids.

Recently, polls were published about the credibility of “Fox News.”  Supposedly, only 46% of Americans take them seriously.

In reality, the polls reveals this:  46% of Americans are totally delusional.

However, as much as Fox News is an embarrassment, wild conspiracy theories, cheap propaganda shoveled out by the ton, no other network, no publication and less than a dozen internet sites offer “non agenda driven” free press.

Today, the gangsters that own and operate NewsCorp, the parent company of Fox News, along with their political “affiliates,” also fund and power conspiracy sites across the internet, run neo-Nazi organizations, spread continual rumors, doctor photographs, falsify documents and broadly engage in espionage.

Yes, many of those who run “the news” in, not just the US but across Europe and the world are directly in the employ of…


If you didn’t know this, the governments of almost every nation are small minded and inferior types who got to positions of authority by selling out to elements that represent what can only be described as evil.

So, when Chuck Hagel shows up, a man who clearly understands this and opposes this, we look at those who oppose him.

We see Israeli groups and the Republican Party.

Make your own assumptions.



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21 Responses to "Intel Drop: Sunday, February 10, 2010"

  1. captain obvious  February 12, 2013 at 10:02 am

    ok here comes the “cheap shots”

    FTA: “One might wonder how and why a political movement tied closely to Hitler and the Nazi’s during World War II, one long hostile toward Jews, manages to do the bidding of Israel?”

    its pretty simple really.. wealthier Germans were allowed to buy passage into the open campus concentration camp that was named the STATE of “israel” in 1948, when the warden and guards there became government. other countries refusing refugee’s from Germany also ensured a “concentration”.

    prescott bush busted funding hitler with his “son” and “grandson” having been past presidents now,
    “obama” appointing multiple felony clinton as secretary of state like nazi kissinger was under nixon,
    who’s mouth and rothschilds money formed the United NAZIons, then the “state of izrahell”..
    -ya cant make this stuff up!

    what further proof is needed that the same fascists moved their bases of operations,
    from Germany, to the USA and their new welfare-warfare “state” of Izrahell?
    their behavior is sure an indicator! whats amazing is they’re never held accountable.

    meantime we have another writer here at VT trying to say anyone aware of the truth needs a psych-eval,
    and a psych diagnosis is a sure way to “legally” disarm a citizen, a tactic used in Germany long ago..
    Catch-22 psychological entrapment anyone?

    I understand whats going on and theres so many details about this machines interrelational parts, that anyone attempting to describe it all is conveniently branded some kind of crazy conspiracy theorist, which is very convenient for the criminal psychopaths who are running this show of ruining the USA, as fast as possible every they can possibly think of… which is NOT some kind of paranoia, unfortunately.

  2. Detlef Reimers  February 12, 2013 at 6:36 am

    The slander of the now useless soldiers in their own countries are more and more treated like waste, they are quietly trampled on and – so to speak – executed by deadly byrocracy inside and outside the military.

    Drugging them into devastating and self destroying psychic extremes seems to be the most effective way to get rid of them, no one in the government really cares. It would be even more revealing if you, Gordon, or another expert on this subject could tell us the more about the whole story. We know, that this drug treatment in most cases began long before they came home from wars in other countries, it began even before their first fight. We could all learn about the really devastating effect some of the most frequently used drugs have on the human psyche.

    You revealed the net killing effect of the CREW DUKE system, which was officially meant to shield or warn the soldiers. This very dangerous technology, especially its complete idiotic usage, is not the first one we all know. In Germany some soldiers began to think about malicious effects of strong radar sources and the more and more open secret that they are producing cancer in uman bodies. It took some 30 years to fight this through the judicial system, so that the victims and their family could receive some money.

    Money can’t buy you love as well as life, so this is a joke compared to the overall damage done to many soldiers. More examples are the uranium hardened weaponry, silently used by most NATO countries in the wars. Doctors and others specialists from several countries went to the places in Irak, in Jugoslavia and other places and took probes of shells, ammunition and the like, took it back home under personal risks only to learn that everything was taken from them, they were personally charged for “unlawful” acts and sometimes ruled out of their scientific working places. Everything is shut down on this subject till today. Filmmakers in my country lost their job on german television, who wanted to bring the information horrific scandals out into the public discussion.

    At the same time, countries more and more don’t care about their own soldiers (and I’m not even talking about the unjust wars on itself) whereby they massively push the military power into the hand of private armies, those who can act without any public control. From modern mercenary warefare to drone or robot wareware there is only a small step to go, I’m prepared to see this in my lifetime.

  3. ethanallen  February 11, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    On the subject of electronic manipulations: You’ve been censored Gordon as has everyone else who appears on Press TV. Somehow Press TV has been taken down from Galaxy 19 which carried the free to air signal. The screen states: This channel is no longer available

    Still available on the net-for now at least. What has happened?

  4. Alie  February 11, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    I think the United States Agenda Must be to Kill off the Veteran. WHY? Because Veteran’s are the only warriors left. Our country has bred a bunch of Wimpy Men. So I say, Veteran’s UNITE and ask the “woman” to back you. Woman, not the he-she females, but the Apple Pie kind of women because we naturally want to follow a Tough Man.

    I’m just perplexed as to knowing what we have to do. There’s got to be something.

    • captain obvious  February 12, 2013 at 1:34 pm

      yup.. “US prime” sent overseas to get mowed down by machine guns, or DU, or Agent Orange.. or whatever injections they give em to be “prepared” at whim. WE protect the infirm who stay home to reproduce, has done exactly what to our collective gene pool now? not that all warriors die of course, but it isnt like it hasnt had some serious effects in the last century or more..

      then theres the mercury-thimerasol in the “vaccines” making moreso young boys autistic, BPA plastics that mimic estrogen, GMO crops that are being banned in other countries for causing cancers and other health problems, cel phone and other forms-sources of radiation everywhere making more and more guys less fertile is also a reality. aint no way this is all just “happily accidental”.

      the eugenicists have been really busy! toxins we cant perceive is STILL bio-weapons warfare, then they turn around and raise what is considered “safe levels” of radiation while they recommend and sell carcinogenic sunscreen products and install kiddie porno scanners everywhere?

  5. Preston James, Ph.D  February 10, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Another hard hitting, to the point excellent article on the typical, near complete lack of caring by the US Military about anything but war profiteering for their contractors. Senior Editor Duff’s exposure here of the dysfunction and corruption in the military should alarm everyone including Congressional committees responsible.

    Hopefully this is not a replay of Operation Pandora, the planned use of Americans for experimenting with high doses of pulsed beam microwave and other secret wave forms. With Pandora the US Embassy in Moscow was targeted by Soviets. When staff developed blood dyscrasia and other serious health issues, American intel approached Russian Intel and negotiated a “deal”. This deal was not to stop the electronic harassment, but rather to continue and share the medical results while placing folks there they wanted to use for tests.

  6. matthewmccauley  February 10, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Walking Turtle, I do wish to know about the jewels.

    • Walking Turtle  February 10, 2013 at 8:23 pm

      Happy you asked, Stranger. In brief, I’m the one who crafted ’em.

      The strand was commissioned by the then-director of the MA Department of Apprenticeship and Training as a sort of promotional gift from the Commonwealth to Her Nibs (who at the time was still a NY Senator). IIRC, Ms. Clinton was said to have a hand in some legislative committee that had to do with some pending national industrial and/or apprenticeship training bill in-process that year. (1997 iirc, though I could be off by a year or two either way.) The apparent intent of that Commonwealth office was to gain favorable allocation of said pending subsidy for the benefit of skilled trade and craft apprenticeship programs within her borders.

      Sidebar: We still had some promising kids coming up, back then; the de-education and skill-stripping under the aegis of Bush-era “No Child Left Standing” MCAS testing-tyranny is now apparently right near complete. They hardly know nor care which end of a screwdriver is which, now… It’s a GLARING SUCCESS for all the WRONG People!

      Being (at the time) a leading proponent of hot glass crafting and allied jewelry component manufacture in the Bay State, my design and production skills were solicited in order to produce a suitable quality promotional item on a “free-hand donation” basis. I produced that strand the following week in one sitting, following materials acquisition and a brief interlude of pre-production meditation. From that point, sheer instinct (the which now looks downright prescient) led the initial design and one-off production.

      Was verbally thanked, post-gifting, and told they were ooh-ed and ahh-ed by all present… No official letter of thanks, and no 35mm film in the ol’ Ricoh 401 that hurryup Delivery Day, sad to relate. (Oh well.)

      So if it somehow matters, kindly do be informed up-front that I really can prove nothing of this account in “hard” form. But I sure made ’em, she sure owns ’em (unless she’s thinned her collection, unlike Imelda Marcos ever did with hers) and I sure do still own the means of production to this day.

      In fact, I have thought from time over the years following to time to go meta-searching up Webside for any published image of that strand. Got plenty other more productive projects on the table right now, though, so many years later. So it’s still a “maybe one day” sort of thing. Keeping rent etc paid and the groceries coming in still has priority in my wee shop. Moreover, I just haven’t brought myself to spend the time looking at her face so many times running while seeking ’em out, as she has turned-out these days, is what else… I naively thought somewhat better of her public service, deeds and positions back then, to be sure. Times sure do change… She sure has outed herself right plain these days, imvh&observant_o.

      Even so: Should you ever catch any glam-shot of Herself dressed to the nines (when ain’t she?) and accessorized as-described, my friend, well there you are.

      So now you have it, and that is all. 0{:-\o[

  7. Tom D.  February 10, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Great article. The VA and its denial of veteran needs I believe is deliberate as they know these vets are sick. They money is scammed and they blow off the vulnerable. This is an old strategy. Kick the sick in the teeth and run off with the cash. Israel is a pile of stink, yet I wonder what Obama personally is doing with Iran, Hagel et al.? Is he genuine?

  8. Johng  February 10, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Brian, in case you haven’t noticed some of the once “truthers” are now changing their tunes. That “lunatic” Marc Glen and two of his “lap dogs” Mark Dankoff and Max French are now anti Gordon Duff and VT for being too hard on the Israeli Mossad. Unbelievable!

    • johnsholtes  February 10, 2013 at 7:34 pm

      This is not the case at all. It had to do with the misinfo story that ZCF was run by the ADL which is totally bogus. and then that Gordon Duff is part jew. I tink that the ADL put out that info in some jewish rag and when Duff saw it he jumped on it. I don’t think he intentionally meant to do it. He was tricked. I follow Duff and he is amoung the best sources for information although he sometimes blames us for what the jews do he still is a valuable source. Listen to Glenn and don’t make false statements about him. I like Gordon mainly because he does not censor anything and doesn’t get into bullshit arguements like a lot of the guys who go to websites like ZCF and Totally Fascism do. But they are the source for the truth about NS. I would really like o get a Veterans rehabilitation program going myself. Perhaps even starting a mutual training program where they can train me and I can train them and form our own network. I hope that happens.

  9. Mike Kay  February 10, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    You are intimately familiar with the manner in which America treats her veterans, and you are correct that that treatment is getting worse. My own nephew should already be in the wounded warrior program, but of course he is not. The words spew forth, and the action never follows.
    Of course all of this is based on a tradition that goes back to Rome. Roman soldiers who did not come home on their shields received the benefits of full citizenship. It is part of a sacred trust where the society takes care of those who enabled its expansion and stockpiling of wealth. However, today we are no longer America, nope, we are occupied by stinking evil which controls every lever of power. So what of the sacred trust? So much used paper for the shredder.
    I totally agree that the GOP is useless, where I think we may differ, sir, is that I believe the Dems are maybe just one or two steps behind.
    The elite really thinks that they have a lock on things. They really think they can trash Mr. H. and get him to play pretzel, demonize our young women as terrorists, and reject a couple thousand year old tradition, and its all cool.
    No one believes me, but I’ll say this much and then I’ll shut up. I was told that we would know the last days of the crapstem were here when the ocean runs black, as in the Gulf. When the brown stuff really hits the fan the elite, I was told are going to be hunted. I’ll leave it up to the readers to imagine what this may mean to the pasty faced suits who think they run it all.
    Why are Americans clearing the shelves of guns and ammo? Because they know, deep down, that the hunting time is drawing near.

  10. Shangrila01  February 10, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Don’t feel so disgusted about your fellow countrymen mate,Not so different here in Australia..We know our country is run by Israel the vast majority of us know this.. Apathetic is the word ya looking for.There is more than enough people who know whats going on,but until it affects them in there home none will do anything,not one darn thing…
    Why take part in OWS or something like that,when you can sit at home and watch it on your TV,and watch all the hippies being rounded up without the inconvenience of running for your life.awesome…
    you ever considered a false false flag operation,set your govt up or members to fall hard and in doing so make the entire population pissed off…

  11. Jim W. Dean  February 10, 2013 at 11:09 am

    At Gordon and I have covered in our discussions on this, ‘they’ really revealed themselves.

    I was a bit suprised as the Netanyahu attacks on the American political system were a huge failure. So was the devastating UN vote, which to the Obama regime’s eternal shame they were on the wrong side. But I know how the delusion works. The dummies think that ‘if the stand with Israel’ then they will have more influence over them. Ha! Ha!

    So, that means we allow them to run industrial scale espionage operations over here, where deportation is the worst penalty…so it gives us more influence on them. Or is it that they feel they can blackmail them by revealing the the American people that the Whoish Lobby does really exist here in American and significant portions of it really do work with Isareli Intelligence because they have been told “the fix is in…it’s OK for us…if you get caught ‘we’ can take care of things”.

    The most current example if the incredible ceremony with Sec. of State Hillary leaving, who had denied on countless ocassions that the Iran sanctions were not targeted toward the people, but the regime only…and then she and Kerry took turns saying that if the Iranian people did not like the tough conditions they were under, food up 100 go 100%, all imported medicines through the roof or unavailable, used cars up 300%….they should change their regime.

    Only people with absolute contempt for their citizens could have the gall to say such thing at the changing of the guard. But that shows the wimps they view us as…a people who will and can’t do anything about it.

    • Walking Turtle  February 10, 2013 at 12:22 pm

      “Only people with absolute contempt for their citizens could have the gall…”

      …To think that ANY of the Rest of Us are “THEIR Citizens” in the FIRST place, as those asshats clearly do.

      Ah-HEM, excuuuse ME! NONE of THEM are even remotely anything LIKE a Sovereign Nation of which ANYONE ELSE could EVER be a citizen… Not even among their OWN greedy kind! That’s a socio-anatomically Impossible Thing from the start. They’re just pretty-faced nice-dressed Parasite Thugs. The relationship is analogous to that of 665 and 667 to 666 – NEIGHBORS of the Beast. As such, Miz Hillaree, Sirrah Oh-blamma et al inter alia are not even the REAL parasite!

      Ugly shills and convenient lightning-rods for same, now THAT I do allow they be.

      Fact: I, for one, am STILL a healthily prickly citizen of a sovereign Republic. I was born and trained-up into it: Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights and all. Ayup, that Constitutional Republic has since been infiltrated, inverted, everted, shaken-down until bled dry and generally SUB-verted by stealthy and deceptive high-placed agents of one STINKING FOREIGN POWER – the MONEY POWER, last I looked – ever since 1913 or so.

      All as World-Class ENTERTAINMENT on the World Stage, many are now realizing. (Um, WE are not amused…)

      Fact: Miz Hillaree is only the most recent and visibly egregious front-man(sic) of the Infandous Legion in a (by now) century-long chain of those pigdogs. Sheathed in a certain Very Shiny Media-driving “Transparency”, ginned-up with an inhumanly contrived heart of opaque black adamantine… She even owns an elegant graded-diameter strand of handmade spherical glass beads – all strung on a fine hand-knotted brown silk cord – that spontaneously reflected that very aspect of her character and constitution when created. “Blackhearts” they be known as.

      No hatred here – mere common-sense human recognition, is all. Just ask me how anyone could know all that, re them jewels… And that is all. 0{;-\o[

  12. athousandyearsareover  February 10, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Great piece, Mr. Duff!

    Ron Paul would have been the only correct choice, the only politician honorable and honest in advocating AMERICAN interests FIRST, but instead You were presented with 2 traitors both on Goldman-Sachs’ payrole.

    HAGEL AND THE DEATH OF THE GOP. “Fox News – 46% of Americans are totally delusional.” Spot on.

    If Mr. Hart would really want to understand where too much of the dreaded Anti-Semitism stems from, he’d have a deeper look at AIPAC, ADL, JDL, SWC, Shoah-Foundations, AJC, WJC, the FED, WALLSTREET and their satellite-organisations like the (once) GOP…or Hollywood.

    “The Hagel hearings have been one of the most revealing episodes in American history.” recently, right.

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