Drone Wrath for a Compliant Society


by Sartre

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5 Responses to "Drone Wrath for a Compliant Society"

  1. captain obvious  February 13, 2013 at 3:59 am

    lol, these control freaks will declare hundreds of helium balloons lofting 100 yards of monofilament fishing line each, to tangle in the drones propellers.. “an act of terrorism”. children who accidentally let go of the string on their helium balloons will be declared enemy combatants to fine or imprison parents at whim.

    think I’m kidding about the “logic” of these psychopaths?

  2. captain obvious  February 13, 2013 at 3:48 am

    “spying”, “surveillance”, “espionage”, “reconnaisance”,
    are all terms for tactics of warfare, no mistake about that.

    economic sabotage, including counterfeitting to devaluate a countries currency, and removal of a countries productive industrial capacity, are also tactics of warfare.

    its with good reason DC is more often referred to as the “District of Criminals”,
    they have proclaimed their own warfare against the American people to be “legal”.

    the UN (I’m not a fan at all!) declared using weather as a weapon against another nation to be criminal,
    but not governments using it against their own people, no problem with THAT at all..
    chemtrailing to create or push weather systems around to cause drought, storms, floods, etc..
    to bankrupt farmers so corporations can buy up the land at forclosure prices isnt WARFARE at all nope..

    planting genetically modified wildgrass substitutes that make deer sterile is just preventing auto accidents,
    it isnt a bio-weapon attack against hunters with guns wanting to feed their families some real meat, and it’ll never contaminate real crops that are closely related to anything wildgrass, its safe, they said so!
    so what if some gun toting 2nd amendment loving redneck families go extinct for it, right?
    (its already the reality in Indiana, so how many other states?)

    they’ve already used a drone to prosecute a land owner for some escaped cows that had invaded his property. why should he have been made responsible for another mans escaped-trespassing cows?
    why should he search his own land to return them, or allow ex cow owner to trespass and find them?
    they used a drone to “prove him guilty”, no negligence charge for the guy who let his cows escape,
    that might make sense.

  3. haroldsmith  February 12, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Let’s face it, whether it be spiking the food and water supply of some unfortunate locale with drugs, or dropping biological and/or radiological agents from above, etc., our Masters have been testing potential new “technologies” out on the hapless unsuspecting peasantry for at least the last 60 years or so.

    Presently, they’re using peasants in far away places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen as test subjects in a grand experiment, apparently hoping to answer questions like: How much control can we achieve over people by way of drone-induced terror from above?

    Moreover, the bloody remote control mass-murder campaign is no doubt providing invaluable empirical information to help our Masters advance the technology and perfect their operational techniques.

    As it becomes more and more obvious that Jewish supremacists run the U.S. government, and as it becomes more and more obvious that their agenda is world domination and control – with an iron fist – using U.S. military, economic and political power to beat the rest of the world into submission, our Masters will of course have to rely more and more on drones and other force-multiplying technology. A Bradley Manning type character in the wrong position simply can’t be tolerated.

    Whether it be huge new computers, for example, to mine all the data they’ve been illegally collecting, enabling them to pick out the “thought criminals” who are potential “threats” to their grip on power, or fleets of killer drones in the skies, they will need amoral machines to do their dirty work.

    Put simply, the 1% must rely on technology to control the 99%, and drones are obviously a big part of their plans.

  4. winston smith  February 12, 2013 at 7:42 am

    Whats sauce for the goose etc.,
    The Univ.of Texas proved how easily these drones can be hacked ,
    and taken over by a third party.Or jammed until they run out of fuel, as
    the Iranians already have.The bandwidth to jam them is small.
    Just imagine the chaos of 300000 rogue drones over the US,after seeing
    what happened in Kalifornia hunting one man.

  5. boonie rat 70  February 11, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Recently a small local paper published a glowing article about the abundant future here in Oregon as OSU in Corvallis becomes the leader in drone tech . Heralding the many environmental qualities in nearby for testing the drones , Oregon seems to be the perfect place for R&D . Dominated politically by Obama supporters & financially by such entities as Gunderson [railroad cars for FEMA] and the Koch bros. [paper mills] Oregon is always looking for a solution as logging & fishing die off. With NOAA headquarters in Newport ,soon drones will be providing the security ,etc. while the “sleepy fishing town” will be the cutting edge testing for ultimate control . A perfect example of citizens championing their own demise as locals cheer the creepy changes .

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