Intel Dump, Wednesday February 13, 2012 – Updated

Silenced and Smeared

Stories to Watch, If We Had a Free and Uncensored Press


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Veterans Today and her sister websites were hacked. 

We have been working several stories, including one involving a certain “closest ally America has” that we now know supplied North Korea with her new miniature thermonuclear (hydrogen) bomb. 

In honor of our beloved ally, we include this parody of the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

We can only hope that when he gets confirmed that he understands there is another army out here, ready and willing to go to work against one of America’s biggest national security threats.


[youtube p3TtRT7eoSE]

Hagel is the choice of Veterans Today, all veterans organizations, all officer and NCO organizations and has over 90% approval with all active serving members of the US military.

The State of Israel and the Republican Party are aligned against Hagel, Israel’s involvement is clearly in violation of American sovereignty.  The GOP are simply a pack of malingering cowards, especially you, Mr. “Hanoi John McCain.”

[youtube iJkudHUWEPk]


Lyndsey Graham took public opinion of the Senate down another notch – and he was not alone

Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina carries the unearned rank of Colonel in the South Carolina National Guard.  Members of that organization have contacted us over the years to express how sickened they are to be affiliated with Graham.

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The breaking story that will be developing this week involves illegal attacks in Libya and throughout North Africa perpetrated by the “Joint Special Operations Command.”

We are still clarifying the role General Petraeus played in Benghazi but we strongly recommend the quality work done on Benghazi by the people at

What is clear is that there is a “bootleg command” operating within JSOC that still thinks Cheney and Rumsfeld are calling the shots.  US military involvement in Libya was far more extensive than admitted and there were definitely troops on the ground.

US involvement in Mali, “on the ground,” trying to “un-SNAFU” blunders that had led the Bush administration to build an army of militant Islamic extremists that now threaten half of Africa, have resulted in much of the current destabilization we are now seeing.

The UK Mail released this story today:

David Petraeus was betrayed by his own  bodyguards and vengeful high-ranking enemies in the CIA, who made sure his  affair with his biographer was exposed to the public, a new book  claims.

MailOnline can reveal a new angle on the  story that rocked Washington last fall. It comes from two retired special  operations commandos – a Navy SEAL and a Green Beret – who say they discovered a  plot against the former CIA director while doing research about the attacks on  the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Senior CIA officers targeted Petraeus because  they didn’t like the way he was running the agency – focusing more on  paramilitary operations than intelligence analysis. They used their political  clout and their connections to force an FBI investigation of his affair with  Paul Broadwell and make it public, according to ‘Benghazi: The Definitive  Report.’

‘It was high-level career officers on the CIA  who got the ball rolling on the investigation. It was basically a palace coupe  to get Petraeus out of there,’ Jack Murphy, one of the authors, told  MailOnline.

Initiate knowledge: A new book claims CIA Director David Petraeus was betrayed by his bodyguards, who leaked in affair with Paula Broadwell to his enemies in the agency

Intimate knowledge: A new book claims CIA Director David  Petraeus was betrayed by his bodyguards, who leaked in affair with Paula  Broadwell to his enemies in the agency

Betrayed: Petraeus worked hard to keep his affair with Broadwell secret, but his personal security officers knew the truth

Betrayed: Petraeus worked hard to keep his affair with  Broadwell secret, but his personal security officers knew the truth

Inside accounts: Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL,  right, and Jack Murphy, a former Green Beret and Army Ranger, say they used  their vast network of special operation contacts to tell the ‘real’  story

Murphy and co-author Brandon Webb also  revealed that the September 11 Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four  Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, was retaliation by Islamist  militants who had been targeted by covert U.S. military operations.

The book claims that neither Stevens nor even  Petraeus knew about the raids by American special operations troops, which had  ‘kicked a hornet’s nest’ among the heavily-armed fighters after the overthrow of  Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s Deputy  National Security Adviser, had been authorizing ‘unilateral operations in North  Africa outside of the traditional command structure,’ according to the e-book.  Brennan is Obama’s pick to replace Petraeus as head of the CIA.


Who is really behind the North Koreans – and why?

This has been a busy week.  The world has never been as close to destruction as now, though few understand why.

Where did North Korea get the technology to build a mini-nuke, something they should have been decades away from.  Did they build it at all?

They bought it, in fact, anyone can.  Want one?

Let’s take a second to look at North Korea’s nuclear program.  In 2006, North Korea attempted to detonate what they called a “nuclear device.”

The VELA system detected plutonium.  Seismic detectors registered what was guessed to be a blast in the 2-3 kiloton range.  The Hiroshima bomb was 13 kilotons.

Intelligence officials know the material used was purchased from a Zimbabwean coffee farmer and a former South African defense official.  The origin of the plutonium was an American W 79 warhead lost off Diego Garcia.  Careless disassembly of an aging US thermonuclear warhead yielded two “pits,” one uranium 235 and the other, plutonium.

Both were damaged in the process beyond use.

Vela – South African double flash signature

North Korea faked a nuclear blast by exploding a shipload of ammonium nitrate fertilizer with enough plutonium onboard to create a “signature.”

Things were different in 2009.  On May 25, 2009, North Korea exploded a “gun type” nuclear weapon.  The uranium signature indicate an origin in South Africa, the Pelandaba facility which was run by Israel for South Africa between 1975 and 1990.  Ten nuclear weapons were built, one exploded in 1979 at Prince Edward Island, south of Capetown (300 miles).

Six were taken to the United States to be dismantled prior to the end of the apartheid era in South Africa.

Three “went missing,” transferred by train to Durban, put on a ship in blue 20 foot containers labeled “Blatchford and Company.” In transit, they were “reallocated,” from “nuclear weapons” to “metal cylinders” and dropped in a low security storage area in Oman. 

Soon after they disappeared, except for a minor “hiccup” when one was exploded in North Korea.  Homeland Security believes one more is in America’s Midwest.

South African nuke casings

We have documentary confirmation on, not only the purchase of these three weapons, 55 million pounds, but full details of the transaction, the 17.8 million pound “kickback” paid to Britain’s Conservative Party.  We have access to the team that loaded the bombs onto specially built cradles and the security personnel who supervised.

All have come forward at great risk.  One, Dr. David Kelly, was murdered for his efforts.

Others have been threatened repeatedly, had their homes burgled, their computers and records seized by local “Constabulary,” as they are called in Britain.  All is known, every bit.

One intelligence officer, Gareth Williams,  working on this project was murdered and stuffed into large piece of soft luggage in 2010.  Another intelligence officer was arrested in Britain, also working on a nuclear terrorism issue tied to the Olympic games.

Local police were caught placing child pornography on his computer.  They failed to notice that the videos they were loading on the hard drive were made after they seized the computer.

Police are such jokers.

Current authorities in Britain claimed Iraq possessed these stolen nuclear weapons.  They are now claiming, in endless “backchannel chatter” that it was Iran. But is wasreally Israel. Peter Eyre has written extensively on this.

Was the recent “North Korean surprise” an Israeli purchase also?  A former Mossad agent and Australian citizen, recently “suicide” in an Israeli gulag believed so.  The infamous “Prisoner X,” Ben Alon (aka Zeiger or Allen) had gotten too close to the truth.

The new weapon has a much larger yield and can be delivered, rocket, suitcase or packaged as Christmas tree ornaments. He knew so much more than Mordechai Vanunu, the original Israeli gulag detainee and nuclear whistleblower. But, we are missing much if we stop here.

[youtube nqjQG-Tw9FY]

Israel would so love to be seen as the madman of the world, the “junkyard dog.”  It’s either this or crying out in terror that a band of carpet salesmen are planning to “push Israel into the sea.”  It’s all street theatre, no more.

Why Israel and North Korea?  Why is Israel arming North Korea with American nukes?  Is it Israel or are they the proverbial “grocery clerks,” out to “collect a bill?”

Israel and North Korea are both minor players in the great theatre that some call the New World Order.  Israel plays victim, then madman, keeping the Middle East aflame, flooding American political coffers with drug money.  It isn’t Israel, its just a job they were hired to do.

North Korea?

Behind the closed borders of North Korea, many strange things go on.  North Korea is a giant laboratory for those things that cannot be done elsewhere, things so evil, so threatening, so disgusting, so beyond imagination that maintaining the pretense is vital.

It is all an act.  All of the things that “nobody would ever do” are being done in North Korea, not by North Koreans but “others.”  North Korea is the exo-biology research center for Earth.  Eventually, there may be no one left in North Korea with human DNA. Do with this what you will.

Perhaps we should sink into the mundane.  Now that we have all forgotten Sandy Hook buried in a hundred conspiracy theories, most carefully crafted to distract and dissemble.  We could look to the Middle East, the Syrian bombing, the car bomb in Mosul, or closer to home, the rogue cop mystery in Los Angeles. If none of it fits, you are beginning to understand.

Patton looking skyward for his orders?

Then it happened, the Pope “resigned.”

You can’t understand Joseph Ratzinger unless you have read George Patton’s journals.  Patton served as governor of Germany after the capitulation in May 1945.  He learned to love and respect the German people.  He watched the slaughter, at Eisenhower’s orders, of a million German POWs.

He saw the ethnic cleansing, what would eventually account for over 8 million Germans, murdered or sent to die in the Bolshevik gulags.  Patton saw a very different “holocaust” than we see on TV today.

Find Patton’s real post war journals.  Read them.  Also remember, this was America’s greatest wartime general, probably the greatest military leader since Hannibal.  Doing everything possible to “cartoonize” him, to destroy his legacy has been a cottage industry for the media.

The German pope, Benedict XVI, is the first pope in over 600 years to be forced to resign, “Nixonized.”

For the past few days, for the next few weeks, the rats will be eating at his legacy, conspiracy theories, rumors, bizarre and senseless tales of financial crimes and sex abuse cover-ups.

Those who spread these stories, all without any verifiable origin, all wild conjecture, are “tasked” with finishing Ratzinger off. The task begun when the first picture, the “Sith Lord Pope,” was published.

Why does Julian Assange always look like Mussolini when photographed?  Do you think all photographers lay on the ground when taking pictures of accused rapists?

The moves against the pope began with his investiture as they did with John Paul II, meant to die at the hands of a Bolshevik assassin.

You have to understand this about the Vatican, it has run the most powerful intelligence organization in the world and has done so for centuries.  The Vatican archives contain so much more than some quite terrifying secrets, and there are enough of those.

Some know, perhaps a few, that since the Papacy of John Paul II, the church has been assailed from within by Satanists within the College of Cardinals.

From an interview with Fr. Malachi Martin:

[youtube stMgtPH8S-A]

If you have skipped the four minute Martin interview, I suggest you bookmark this article and return to this later.  If you are a Christian, I suggest you spend time looking into my good friend Father Martin, his interviews and books.

Father Ratzinger’s issues, those that led to his downfall, were very much related to the issue of Satanism and the Vatican, that and a historical context, a mosaic as it were, that many miss.

Review what you feel you know about the post-war years.

Ratzinger was a German soldier during World War II.  He saw, first hand, what Patton saw, the systematic destruction of the German people.  Germany was subjected to the most brutal ethnic cleansing and holocaust of any nation save Carthage.

A German mother and her two daughters – get the treatment

Millions murdered, millions raped, millions starved, a nation consigned to shame and damnation at the hands of what we now so very clearly recognize as something substantively worse than Hitler could ever be accused of.

What we have of the war, and I am very much of the generation of Americans born after the war, those steeped in the mythology of Nazi evil, of American triumph, raised to question nothing, to lap up propaganda, and give only thanks.

Ratzinger began to become a serious threat as the Church dealt with the trial of Bishop Williamson, tried for “holocaust denial” in Germany.

Williamson had appeared on a radio show in Sweden and had questioned the legally sanctioned “German revisionist holocaust mythology.”

He was free to do so in Sweden but NOT in Germany.

Though Williamson was not in Germany, his broadcast was played in Germany and he was extradited and prosecuted for committing the crime of “illegal speech” that, though it wasn’t perpetrated in Germany, it was “heard” there.


Where did Williamson’s ideas come from?  Williamson, a “prince of the church,” had access to the Vatican archives.  They contain the most extensive archives on World War II in the world today, including materials capable of bringing down the oligarchical power that so many today serve, the very real Kingdom of Satan on earth today.

When you hear America called “the great Satan,” it isn’t the joke some might think.

Ratzinger saw the Williamson humiliation as the “last straw.”  He was going to open the Vatican Archives. In the process, the version of the holocaust that is taught would have come to an end.

We are going to end this piece with a short video.  You can clearly hear police ordering the murder of Christopher Dorner, a supposed “rogue cop’ responsible for several killings.  We don’t believe a word of it, just another “Sandy Hook.”

[youtube cNk-bV40XMc]

These same police gunned down two women delivering newspapers on a day or so ago.  It seems that murdering Dorner was a priority no matter how much collateral damage was incurred in the process. Police are such jokers.

Editing: Jim W. Dean




  1. “…it has run the most powerful intelligence organization in the world and has done so for centuries.”


    “…on July 21, 1773, Ganganelli, Clement XIV, abolished the Jesuits “for all eternity.” His brief of disestablishment is entitled Dominus ac Redemptor noster, which is usually translated “God and Our Redeemer.” We should note that “redemptor” also means “revenue agent.” Considering that the brief’s real effect in the long term was a dramatic increase in papal revenues from a new Febronian America, perhaps “God and Our Revenue Agent” would be a more appropriate translation, if not the intended one.

    Although Catholic history calls the Disestablishment “a supreme tragedy,” John Carroll more accurately appraised it as the “secularisation” of the Society of Jesus. Thousands of Jesuits now rose to secular prominence throughout the western world, in the arts, sciences, and government…

    …Adam Weishaupt, dismissed from the Jesuit college at Ingolstadt, attracted the fiercer elements of European Rosicrucian Freemasonry into a new secret cult in Bavaria. His “Illuminati,” whose cover was eventually blown in order to convince public opinion that evil secret societies were being diligently unmasked when in fact they were not – was another instance of “blown cover as cover.” Countless other members of the greatest clandestine intelligence agency the world has ever known, now secularized with the jeering approval of its enemies, crossed the Atlantic to help guide Americans through the pains of becoming the first nation expressly designed to be a Febronian, Bellarminian democratic republican Church-State. What an amazing production, all the more impressive for the complete invisibility of its means!”

    Let us reemphasize one more point:

    “Countless other members of the greatest clandestine intelligence agency the world has ever known…”

    — F. Tupper Saussy, Rulers of Evil, Chapter 18: “The Stimulating Effects of Tea,” pgs. 169-170 (1999)

  2. My computer is more than hacked even a new one I bought Something just took over decide what can cannot send or print. Not sure you get this, but I can read and forward URL to your articles.

  3. G,
    Monday and Tuesday were very strange days, busy days.
    Monday, Feb. 11. 34th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. In Rome, the Pope resigns. The North Koreans set off a nuke test. A busy day for Team 11.
    Tuesday, Feb. 12. It’s Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, last day to celebrate before Lent starts. We have Obama’s State of the Union address, on Abe Lincoln’s birthday, which makes sense. What does NOT make sense to anyone who is sane, is that some people would choose this night, during the State of the Union and on the eve of holy days, to publicly barbecue a black ex-cop in front of millions of people. Satanists like fire, but this is brazen.

    • General Patton was murdered on Dec. 21, 1945, on the winter solstice. The winter solstice is another day that satanists like to celebrate.

    • When Patton later linked Communists with Jews, his fate was sealed.
      The driver of the truck, that hit him wasRobert L Thompson a Jew.
      On 21 December 1945, Patton was pronounced dead due to an “embolism,” that is, a bubble of blood which is fatal when it reaches a vital organ. It can be introduced into the bloodstream with a syringe by anyone with brief medical training.

  4. JohnG

    I never and will never take meds, they are a plague upon the soul and quintessence.

    Regarding democracy and freedom of writing.

    I appreciate and embrace all critique, I apologize for my spelling, I have a visual handicap and endeavor to improove.

    One thing which is essential is communication, regardless from whom the message is transmitted., as Stephen Hawking pointedly wrote, ” never stop talking “.

    Gordon, I sincerely appreciate all you do for our nation. I realize my re-entry is unorthOdox, and I´m willing to learn even at my age, which all of us should strive for. It makes for a more congenial environment.

    I know some of you are somewhat unsettled by my comments. I apologize for this. I should have known better, but given my personal situation sometimes, it´s rather strenuous to locate allies.

    I would like to share one of my long-experiences from days gone by, sort of anyway.

    In the year 1992 an administrator from a certain University in this country in which I then resided, prevented my advancing or acceptance into a certain University. My GI Bill application document was waved disrespectfully in my face and not approved for reasons unbeknownst to myself at the time. After sometime and consideration, it dawned upon thyself that that Administrator was acting out government policy. This repeated itself untill a Congress person of the USA interviened. Nonetheless, such is banal given the suffering of our veterans today. I am a nobody and so are most of us here.

    If we were in battle together, as I was many years ago, albeit rather tame, I would rather choose this forum for company.

    Mr. Dean,

    Your silence is noticed. No Hasbara or other here.


  5. You make a valid point as to Operation Paperclip and the American people. Many of those imported psycopaths steered what is today the AMA which is why anyone who trusts what their programmed, mostly incompetent, arrogant doktor has to say is a fool. Surgeons are a minor exception, though even many of them are charletons. Always get a second/third opinion including an ND. This infiltration results in disease, read Dr. Mary’s Monkey or see online video- Dr. Tent autoimmune epidemic, a most amazing summary which affects ALL of us in ways you can’t imagine. As to your other points, I make the suggestion you not ask for pat answers but do more reading here and elsewhere. You won’t find all of the truth in any one spot but instead by analyzation and compiling. You’re right, the cold war thing was a hoax, see also video -all wars are banker wars. -vt, spellcheck underlines my correct spelling of analyzation. amusing.

  6. I was surprised at the 40% figure Star, so had a look myself. ‘Deutschamerikaner’ (either born in Germany or of German ancestry) total around 50 million according to the 2009 census which makes them the largest ancestry group in the States and represents one third of all German diaspora around the world. So around 16%, but Gordon may have other figures he is working with here.

  7. Reading this article makes it clear that there are obviously some very important and emminent changes awaiting. Many people who studied the history and the religions, always guessed that there would be many, many truths hidden in the archives of the vatican. To hide them is one of the most important power fundaments of the catholic church and this goes way back into past times.

    These hidden things are related to the origins of the world religions as well as to ancient knowledge that was once concentrated in Alexandria, I would guess that many of those scrolls found their way to Rome. The other important things hidden there might shine bright lights on the real history and the interconnections as well as the basis of power structures – who knows. I always thought that, as long as so much knowledge can be simply hidden from mankind, there will be no real change in the world.

    The second stunning part of Gordon’s article related to North Corea, it’s last test of a nuclear device, which can’t have been produced in this country but was bought from other, who play a very dangerous game in doing so. The real motives behind all this can be many, one is obviously to scare some near or even some farer neighbours. Another reason might be part of a global play in terms of game theory warfare, where some key events at specific places and a specific time get their strategic justification only if one takes into account other events at far places, often done by groups who don’t seem to be related to this at all.

    The very vague but at the same time very serious alegation, which Gordon made in regards of “totally inhuman and mad science”, done in the isolated area of North Corea might – at the first place – induce some fearful feelings to the reade, but it is also much too obvious that there is something seriously going wrong for a much too long time. What we don’t know yet is this:

    – what kind of experiments (don’t know exactly what exo-humanoi could mean) are done there?

    – who exactly is doing all this stuff, if we are told, it’s mainly done by “others”? Who are they, which countries, groups, corporations are involved? Has this to do with the production of some sort of super soldiers, or is it even the try to play god and produce humanoids, which would be hardly recognized as humans because they are – perhaps genetically – have been ripped off of any emotional and soulfull pats, which are essential to our very existence?

    There might come up other questions like why is all this “unknown madness” done? I have no knowledge about this, but might be others know more. The simple fact that all this has been going on in a totally isolated country, itself lead by some strange kind of mad mans, lead by the ongoing grand political scam of communism/collectivism, should be enough to be concerned about North Corea.

    The possibility, that the last nuclear device was a mini-nuke, sold from Israel, might be even more telling. In past years, there has always been a relationship between South Africa, Isreal and North Corea. What is it really, that binds them together? I wonder, if anyone here on VT might have an answer.

    • Normally, I don’t talk too much about my country, Germany, because I try to learn from others and focus on the subjects of the articles, written here on VT. The last weeks somehow culminated in heavy discussions about some cruicial “myths” about our near past during the 20th century. So I would like to address some of them here in a compressed form.

      Against my own former opinions, I had to learn more and more about some of the most blatant historical lies and systematic misleadings, done to the unsuspicious minds of the people in many countries all over the world, but to an unprecedent scale done in my country first.

      On this hard way to get nearer to the truth about our past, I had to realize that nearly everything I thought was true in the past was not true at all or was intentionally political colored in a way that only leeds to complete political and often also personal dispair, confusion and by this way to a special form of feeling powerless. Many educated people at the same time questioned parts of these myths and lies, some of them cannot be brought up as propaganda weapons anymore, no one buys it any longer. But others are harder to dismantle, because we are not allowed to discuss those things openly and we have no helping media anymore, who – in the not so long away past – were eager to take up one or another aspect of deceitful wooven history and reveal some more truthfull insights.

      This general feeling of powerlessness leads especially parts of the youth, which has to grow up in bad times – allthough they seem to be pretty picturesque and delightful for others – to look for people or groups, who give them some satisfactory answers, most of them do nothing but use these young people to once again and mislead them systematically for their own or even for foreign purposes. This has always much to do with the lack of basic knowledge in human history, religions and so forth. Better informed people with solid education and a personal interest in live long learning are not driven into such political scams.

      As a whole, I would suggest that we germans are as “normal” as the people in any other industrialzed countries and I would like to add, that also in the past it was the same, but those parts of our had no way to succeed in those times – the money was on the other side. We have no historical or inbred tendency to any form of fascism, forceful authoritarian or even feudal structures. This does not mean, they don’t exist – they do, as they do in most of the other countries as well, but every attempt to draw us germans in a bad way will only play against the propaganda perpetraitors in the long run.

      The discussion about the times between 1933-1945 overshadows all to an extend, that it’s sometimes frightening. Young people in school are brainwashed the classical way, he whole history almost solely talks about the NAZI’s. Nearly no one wants to hear this anymore, we – as any other nation – want to enjoy our lives, want to do good things and bring up families as other people do all over the world (if they are allowed to).

      I began my own research in my own family as a young man. Ten years ago I made a yourney together with my elderly mother to all the places (ow in Poland), where she lived in her youth. It was a hard yourney with many tears, but it was a good way for my mother to come to peace with all the frightening things she and so many others at that time experienced during the last period of the war, when roughly 12 million germans where forced out of their homelands.

      My father died from his heavey woundings/burnings, which he got 1943 at the central russian front. I myself visited Russia for the first time 1975 for two weaks. My family was completely frightened that “they” would have turned me into a communist over there. Yes, I was very idealistic at that time and I was very left oriented as well, but now I see this simply as reaction to the fascist remains, which were present in the 50th and 60th in our country, especially our teachers, many clerks, many local and top politicians (think of Globke, Adenauer’s influential dark shadow man).

      The times changed, until suddenly 1989 the walls were to be torn down. What went on behind the sceen at those times, is not yet told, but I know now for shure that most of the stories surrounding the german unification as well as the break down of the Sowjet dominated eastern socialist countries are nothing more then further smoke screens, made up to blur our mind for another time. Our newer JFK cases are Rohwedder, Herrhausen and some others who where in high places and where brutally murdered for their believes and actions. No further investigations, no one in jail until now! I call the process a transformation, not a break down, because we all know where Gorbatschow sees his friends now and where he speaks. Nice guys, or further to the truth ugly guys. The destruction of the “best” enemy to me was the necessary way to later merge both systems to what is now known as the “New World Order.

      Communism never existed, that’s for shure. Even fundamental socialist theoretical principles have never come to existence from the very first days after the October Revolution in Russia and during the political extreme labile times in Germany. It all was nothing but a bad joke and a nightmare for a whole generation of people, forced to dig their own graves for the benefit of their money masters.

      What people in the western countries didn’t realize in the years after 1989 was the fact that all the major players hid their plans, the NATO already knew in which direction they would go to further the never ending destructive path of wars – now without their longtime “best enemy”. The people in the former socialist countries also didn’t realize that exact this “breakdown” was exactly the time when they were openly rubbed one more time by the same people who put them to death before. Look at the 1.5 million jews who fled to Israel right after this mass looting, they knew why they had to leave Russia. It’s not too hard to imagine, what might take place in the near future of the US. To sum this up, there is no german speciality in all this, only the historical precedence.

      The german youth after WWII, now coming more and more into charge, has been systematically mislead once again and this is a heavy weight in political terms, because subtile mind control is self-stabilizing to a great extent. This will lead to some disturbing years in the future, when parts of this heavy mind grip will fall apart one after the other, it will not come overnight but as a long process which itself will have their reflections in other european nations when this starts to happen.

      This process is – to a main part – enforced by a growing and more influential part of internationally acting writers (not as part of any new INTERNATIONALE, but personal engaged), former main stream journalists, politicians with soul, people from the military (as VT) and ordinary people who seek the thruth and speek openly. This situation never existed in past times, we should never forget this specific and powerful momentum in the struggle, which goes on now.

      Some three or four years ago, I would never have imagined that I would regularly read articles on a Veterans website or even write comments myself. Now, there is no contradiction for me in doing this, because one truth I had to learn the hard way is this: ordinary people all over the world, as well as soldiers who do the duty for their country are NOT those persons, who want wars. They have seen it, they know the nightmare it is and they will therefore be the first, who critisize their own governments for engaging in or formenting wars.

      That’s the way, the great mayority of german people think as well, no matter what their political affilliation might be.

    • Thanks Detlef, that’s some thoughtful truth. When I visited Germany briefly some years ago, in conversation with those of older generation I found when I brought up ‘nazi germany’ with my programmed revisionist history façade, they would instantly clam up and change the subject. Of course now I know why, because the old ones know the truth, or something closer to it than what is taught. Though one would think the older would pass it down, and perhaps have, but with the insane lockdown on questioning the holocaust they’ve also been conditioned to be quiet about it. And yes, the big disconnect in knowledge today is the psuedo-communist con, it’s threat to Germany yesterday, and it’s worldwide threat today. Not in the programmed sense of ‘them russians’, but the zio marxist plans being laid so they abscond with what’s left of the mid and upper class property, before calling for bs equality -meaning the mid/uppers are broken so the thieves own it all, giving scaps to the welfare dogs to buy the last of their votes before the cull. In short, phony communism by zio marxist usury and other thieves continues their path, as before. I’ve recently read the opinion that MaCarthy was a hero of sorts, contrary to the way he’s been treated by US social/education programmers. I have to agree with that now. He was getting at the truth in his own way.
      On the korea/exo thing, that is at least experimentation with artificial life. All American babies born the last seven years (possibly longer) have had their DNA stolen by the US government. Think cloning, artificial life, perhaps alien scraps also, whipped up in a blender by psychopaths. I am supremely confident their plans lead to the horrific death of the elites, eventually, but as for the rest of us I do not know. The ratio of stupid to thinking has weighted so grossly to the useless eater side that the rest of us may not outweigh them. When all of humanity is being sprayed with chemtrails but only a fraction notice, that says a lot. But, you never know. Thanks again Detlef.

    • Thank you also Detlef, very well stated.

      I think also that those that came to the West from East Germany also tend to carry an extra burden having lived under Communism.

      After the wall came down, many crossed to the West because they really wanted to, and many crossed for purely economic reasons and resisted integrating themselves.

      It is just an observation

  8. Well I have to call bogus on the Africa story, but as for a nuke midwest, we know is there is no excuse for anything to happen in the US unless the controllers make it happen. I doubt further false flags will be believed by most citizens. I am perplexed though on the Hagel item. The puppeteers obviously want him, is this squabbling for chaos value, or are the bankers allowing Israel and the republipuppets to dog around for scraps. Hey, just as I wrote that I continued reading (write as I read at times) and, voila, ‘the great theater’ box. Also knowing the bankers have Israeli companies running white house comms keeps the reality squared. I’ll say this is one of the better you’ve done that I’ve seen G. I wonder how many will get either what you’ve written or what I do. On the hack, saw it was down yesterday. Then again if it’s all together G why are they hacking here, or ’tis more theater. Is not everyone cohesive? I believe I get the prize for best general guesser. Perhaps I’ll join the circus. Whatever else I expect points for keeping it deft G. I’m still in for humanity but I also have some humanity fish to fry. More on that another time.
    ps. stargazer’s too lit to be hasbara, just stuck in strident programming and needs basic ed.

  9. Go Gordon, I have been sending info to Obama website giving him all legal and Constitutional info I can find to force those ….. to produce THEIR financial history showing their special interest in the issue, since the issue is really Israel practically demanding Sen Hagel pledge allegiance to Israel. According to the rules and record they can be made to recluse themselves. Also leak a name of who will be proposed in Hagel place and make sure it is someone that is even stronger than Hagel in his views of Israel demands. Even suggested Ran Paul, that will give them a stroke. Urged Obama to move fast with enforcing the rules where such donations are called “bribes”. Obama did point out what they are doing has no precedents… he opened the door if he wants to go the next step. Any way of getting the financial record faster than FOA?????

  10. Interesting article, Mr, Duff.
    Funny, I think “stargazer” probably represents quite a bit of mainstream belief. Certainly Hollywood is very much in love with the personification of evil via Nazi, and thus goes much of the tripe we suffer through in “mainstream media”.
    The first clue that one is holding to the mainstream narrative is to jump in head first with the old Nazis are evil cliche.
    People like star—- are useful in that they help to keep truth buried and out of reach. No normal person wants to be associated with evil, so make the stink offensive enough, and those who seek to understand will back away, leaving the mainstream narrative unchallenged.
    Oh, and one other thing, the Nazis were not satanists, they were pagans. They searched for, and found their mysticism in the ancient Teutonic heritage, employing symbols understood by those who could read the Runes, for example.
    The swastika is itself an ancient, world wide symbol found in rock art, illuminations, manuscripts, and ancient Teutonic metal work.
    Any serious scholar would know all this-and more.

  11. Hagel nomination today,,,,,,”Filibusteros; from the Spanish – a term used to describe pirates that plundered in the seventeenth century”

    Just about sums it up.

  12. Apparently many are of a different view, democracy at work, which makes me ask several questions regarding loyalties to the past and the present. Outside of Detlef and myself, how many of you have lived overseas for an extended period ot time, 5-10-15 years or longer? Europeans are currently-Greece and the remaining southern European nations encountering and enduring a deliberately planned set-up from, yes Zionist Bankers –mainly French, Dutch and mostly German larger Investment entities…Deutsche Bank, Commerz Bank, BNP Paribas, Societe General, ING, …among others whose loyalties are Berlin centered or more accurately Frankfurt am Main. Hardly a financial panic-phase passes without coverage in all internet and mainstream media of hundred-thousand-million person anti-austerity demos focused against Merkel´s policies of eliminating social gains from previous governments. It´s German-led and very much supported by the vast swath of this population, who have bought into the notion that those “lazy Greeks” deserve to have their Akropolis, their Islands …etc privatized by millionaire and billionaire Germans, Westerwelle the German foreign minister was forced into submission and sent abroad following his gaffe´s demanding such measures. Conquering the European nations -via fiat Euro debt trap, excessive liquidation, Irish Allied Bank set-up via German connections via Hypo-Real Estate, there are many millions and millions of good Europeans who vividly and astutely observe this slow motion non – militaristic 4th Reich -pan European, Vichy Regime emerge. Ironic how Zionism or the belief that it serves the political castes´moneyed-interests can be used to divert blame away from any potential blame against Germany. Why has no one chosen to attack content, please I invite you, rather than assume that the historical record of WW2 is flawed, an artificial construct of Zionist making? It´s easy to just dismiss the facts when it serves the populistic ( not a word I like to use) demands and momentary political whims of angry white men. Manipulating public opinion was my father´s occupation, Psy OPs and my Uncle´s, a 2 star General, etc was saving lives in Europe WW2.
    Loyalties… I don´t wish to infuriate everyone here, and no I´m definitely not what you accuse me of, but given my direct life experiences, just as with all others here, I tend to dismiss views of certain individuals. Germany, aside from it´s obvious state of momentary stability has engineered an economic model based upon strictly market fundamentalism, these are very harsh people….whose past has stunted their development in many, many ways in particular their capacity for empathy, for concern of others beyond thier own famaily and clan. They are tribal. Aggressive, either pro or contra with most anti-neo… sensitivities. One cannot really peel away the onion with them. Some enlightened ones are gone, each year 70,000 emigrate, most never return. They hate their history, yes you are correct, and are guilty, not the post war generation. They become vile when confronted with certain subjects and behave like nothing you have ever seen unless you are-were a soldier facing a Drill Seargent in Basic Training. This country has the potential for civil uprising, just like elsewhere in Europe. Germany´s foreign policies have laid waste to Yugoslwavia and Greece, anyone disagree, under the banner of the EU as a shield of course.
    In fact I wonder how many of you have ever experienced a soccer game here, dozens myself, always violence afterwards against the winning team´s fans.
    I do not condemn the entire nation, that was my mistake I´m not arrogant nor convinced that every<thing I write is 100 % correct, however I stand by my experience, and that of others. It should be noted that the Germans really loathe the Americans, more so according to polls taken 6 years ago, more so than other muslim nations loathe the US. 67-69% have a negative view of the US. Ask me how often I´ve been attacked,verbally insulted or otherwise for speaking English in the public, or for seemingly innocuous behavious harmful to no one.? Sound like America, Spain, France? Because I am foreignor, an occupation soldier of decades ago with experience in high level affaris.Sound familiar to some of you? Ausländer Raus?

    • I have. I have kids and grandchildren in Germany.

      I own property and businesses in Germany.

      I also recognize Germany’s regionalism. I am not entirely in disagreement if you were to take specific areas of Germany.

      Germans from the Rhein and Saar have nothing in common with Swabians or Bayerisch.


    • hi gordon, that is not quite right. they have the language in common. just kidding, i know what you mean and they do have a different temper. that is one reason i prefer the southern part because culture has slowly advanced from the south to the north and is still on its way to the coast.LOL

    • That’s a bit more balanced than your first post Star……we might be getting somewhere.

      The banking scam doesn’t all originate in Germany, it’s a worldwide fraud on the people to keep them servile……Europe is a region that is being brought en bloc like the Americas (another region). Germany is the most economically powerful country in that region. On the other hand if one was looking at it from a global perspective many would argue that the City of London is the driving force….

    • The Financial trifecta is: of City of London, Vatican City and District of Columbia no? All operate under the same parameters and together.

      I believe District of Columbia may even have its own Constitution, separate from the rest of the USA

    • As far as Merkel is concerned – she has always been and still is willing to listen to the shawm’s tune. She has given German foreign policy a new direction and pushed aside the cautious attempts of her predecessor to counterbalance American Unilateralism. The new coalition government agreement made this clear from the beginning and so do the present policies of this government: Transatlantic bonds have been much more emphasised than by the previous government, and although some seemingly critical remarks about US-policies might arise, the line being taken on the main issues is completely in line with that of present US policies. Angela Merkel, however, is more than a mere puppet of the present US President. There are indications that Merkel should be boosted as a European Bush, her future role being one of implementing US-plans in Germany and Europe. This special role has to do with Chancellor Merkel’s personality, her political biography and with the strategic judgements on Germany’s role in Europe as laid down by certain strategists such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Security Counsellor to the US government.
      Merkel supported by the Springer Newsgroup loyal to the US and Israel – daily briefing by Jeffrey Gedmin..More here-> Will German Chancellor Angela Merkel Soon Lead Europe and the World into Coming Wars?

    • I am originally from the UK, lived in Germany for many years, everywhere from Kiel to Hamm to Berlin and a few in between, married a German girl, and my daughter was born in Germany. Also spent a while in the ME and reside now in the US of A.

      Your reference to a survey carried out 6 years ago that stated that Germans hate Americans I find is at odds with my experience. Most Germans I know, especially those born after WW2 love America and cant wait to come out here (subjective I know). There are of course all the less educated, provincial types marching to a beat that stopped 60 odd years ago but we find those everywhere.

      If you were to survey any EU country on US Foreign Policy for example (which are the sentiments that I believe this type of survey would have touched upon) then you will find that most/many are not in agreement with the wars that have been waged in the last 20 years, especially given the pile of lies that they were substantiated with.

      In some parts of the ME for example, they will worship in a Mosque one minute shouting “down with America”, and then when finished will cross the street to Starbucks for a Triple Grande Latte.

      You could toss a pile of Green Cards into that same crowd, and many would sell their grandmothers for the opportunity to come and live in the USA.

      A soccer game in Germany and the violence that ensues – happens all over Europe and ME for that matter.

      The vile side of a German that can come out when one questions certain aspects of their history?

      – Its called the “Shadow Personality” – we all have one. It’s the sum total of all the aspects of our “selves” or “personality” that we are ashamed of or have “disowned”, or not yet come to terms with or accepted/integrated – so yes, lay your finger in a wound that is in the process of healing and you may get some vileness coming your away – nothing special about Germany in that respect except the amount of shame they may feel.

      Agreed there are some parts of some German cities were its not pleasant to speak English, but at the same could be said about the German language…Moabit ecke Tiergarten…eh…..willste raus? Ich hole mein Bruder…..(Turkish accent ha!)

      I had infinitely more run ins with Turks in Germany than I ever did with Germans.

  13. Could this be the true story of the Holocaust?

    “the Holocaust was invented by Churchill and Ike to cover up biological warfare that was outlawed.
    the RAF and the 8th air force bombed europe out of existence with carpet bombing. they took out the water and sewer sevices then they dropped parasite infested head lice all across europe. the head lice infected the people. when a person is infected they start losing weight become ill to the point they cant keep anything they eat down or if they do it goes right on through with diarrhea. they cant put on weight and they die of starvation unless the parasites are killed out of their system. without treatment 98% died. those who died their bodies were contagious . the only way to dispose of them was to burn the bodies.
    it is a historical fact that were ever the german army went they set up public delousing stations for all the people in the area. they went door to door. and all internment camp internees and pows were put thru delousing stations. those with symptoms of infestation were tested and quarantined to prevent the entire camp from getting infested……..

    he said the germans were working hard to find a treatment to stop the infestation but did not have a clue. 60 million dead Europeons from this and it was covered up. the jewish people had a higher death rate than other non jewish people.

    this is the truth as i know it based upon a death bed eye witness to theevidence. the Holocost did happen but not the way the history books say which were written by the victors. the Nuramburg trials were done to coverup the truth and sell the lies. “

    • hi cojobes, don’t be offended but this a serious paper so, please, spare us more of this propaganda material. thanks

  14. Stargazer, also remember that the academia you studied in Germany at that time was designed to villify and demonize Hitler and the German people as per World Order Agenda.

  15. What we actually said is that we ‘knew’ they had come in. They were spotted in the airport. Now that we know that JSOP was running live fire missions in the area, there are two places they could have been used. So we have the classic intel situation that when new information comes in, it can require adjustments in what you thing happened.

    This took up a bit of time last night, and will be taking more as we talk to more people. That is why you were looking at the book review today. You have the new information.

  16. Do you really believe your own disinformation? Perhaps it´s time for me to explain or remind you, yes I know you have German blood running in your veins, Grey Blood, I wonder? The Wehrmacht, the SS, the …entire apparatus of Nazi machine was very hostile to all of humanity. Aside from the Holocaust, which you might agree with me on this, 25 million Soviets were killed, starved, bludgeoned, raped, torture bombed …to death by those indescribeable evil, satanistic Nazis. And yet you forget these atrocities so easily. Oh and do not forget the other 15 or so million western Europeans, north Africans, Greeks, Yugoslaws, Polish, Norwegian, British, American….how many nations is that so far? How many did I forget? Gosh…do you even realize what occured in WW2?
    Are you really serious? I´ve spent 25 years of my life studying this subject, I´m an expert on the subject, I studied for 5 LONG years in a German University doing graduate work in Germany History, culture, language…etc, my neighborhood is half-filled with ex-stasi´s-NVA veterans who escaped from East Berlin, one was an old man from the East who relocatedhere in the west to flee after the fall of the Berlin Wall and all he could say about us Americans was, “the only good thing about us was the bread”. He fought in WW2 as a teenager, blowing up American tanks. Like yourself, I´ve also been in intell, so lets kinda get real here. The Germans were treated very, very well by us Americans, we did not dissappear them, they welcomed me into their family inner circles, treated me like a king for years, at least untill 1990 broke out. That´s when the Anti-American sentiment changed and you know that very well, I´m sure.
    The Germans definitely did not suffer a 1 million nor a 8 million person retaliation war at the hands of the allies nor the Soviets. What is standardly accepted in academia, media, and in other circles is that the soviets were brutal to the Pan Germans those from Kalingrad, Prussia (Preussen), the Slawic descendent
    Germans, another of my neighbors was an Aussiedler, all of them spoke of cruelty and crimes against humanity, however, the number of 8 million is so unbelievably absurd. Sorry, the Vatican is deeply complicit in aiding, assissting and hiding all top-level German SS leaders, even Hitler is know to have escaped. The Germans are truely unmatched in global History when one evaluates and seriously understands their (genetically) tainted psychology, culture, history and potential for cruelty–The Roman historian Tacitus referred to them as brooding, savage, barbaric, cunning, uncivilized but noble and yet somehow respectable. Patton may have gone off the deep end politically and could no longer be counted upon for obediance, yet the notion that Ratzinger, a notorious SS soldier from the Third Reich as the leader of the Papalcy, the Crown of Catholicism, tells it all. He naturally will deceive his flock, for he is a member of the ODDESA group and has been fighting the soviets for years and years, working with MI6, CIA. Recall JFK wished to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, and who really eliminated him, of course the CIA..i.e. the Gestpao-SS-Gehlen clan, because he knew the truth. He wanted to purge the CIA of the SS-Operation Paper Clip elements which had infiltrated our agency. The Pope would never leak his files from the Vatican, did I mentioned I also spent 4 years in a Monastery in Europe attending a Benedictine Private Academy?

    The ultimate in disinfo. The Germans are still, very much evil, I experience this state of being every day of my life, it´s time for you to get off the Holocaust obsession, it´s only disputable in the exact numbers and how they were killed; the brutality, the hatred cannot and should not be overlapped upon today´s political happenings. That is a grave historical and judgemental error, but given the neo-nazi ideology -hated against jews -running through the craniums of most today, nothing surprises anymore. If you only knew just how aggressive and despised these bastards still are in Europe today, I think then would you most certainly have a radical meeting with reality.

    • Stargazer, This was not even a nice try. You flunked. There is no big H obsession here. It is a new item, and an ongoing one as it is a tool that is used on an ongoing basis, which certain parties feel is their private tool.

      We run into this similar attitude in a lot of the controversial issues we deal with here. You shoot your whole argument full of holes simply with the attitude that you display, a bit of a supremacist one I have to say. We realize that there are multiple views on this topic, and for a variety of reasons. But it would never occur to us to send out ‘orders’ on what to think.

      If you plan to continue doing this, you need to work on your delivery game a bit more.

    • “Stargazer..”
      If you want to sell your ideas, get us a bio and CV. This being the internet, of course, I can probably get you that and tell you when you need to change the oil on your car as well.

    • StarGazer,

      In all my time here I have never interpreted VT editorial staff having a pro-Hitler or Pro-Nazi leaning, or any other leaning for that matter except to sort the wheat from the chaff

      What VT does very well is demonstrate how “history is written by the victors”, and goes to a great deal of length, often citing sources to demonstrate more accurately what has really been happening behind the scenes in recent history.

      As for “Germans” being “still very much evil”, you really demonstrate a very narrow and uninformed world view.

      You wrote ” If you only knew just how aggressive and despised these bastards still are in Europe today, I think then would you most certainly have a radical meeting with reality”

      Any remnants of “German hatred” still remaining in the EU are leftover from WW2 and have nothing to do with how Germany has comported itself in the last 60 or so years. The vast majority of the population being pacifistic in nature and anti-war and have no hesitation in turning out on the streets to demonstrate such.

      You think that US, UK, or any other population for that matter is immune to a national psychosis, similar to that which which swept through Germany in the late 1930’s?

      History is replete with genocidal atrocities of many nations whereby the flawed consequentalist philosophy of the “ends justifying the means” has been used to make “bad into good”

      Seriously, to assume that the rest of Europe has the same view of Germans as you do is beyond me

      Michael Shrimpton and his Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst along with the German government selling nuclear submarines to all and sundry below the radar is another matter.

      The DVD operate as many “shadow governments” and their lesser known branches do, but to equate that to the fulfilling the wishes of the people is nonsensical.

      Germany is a wonderful country and they are a wonderful people who, likely more than any other nation, appreciate the gravity of their recent history and are likely the most furthest away from ever allowing such a repeat of history to ever happen again.

      Ask Detlef Reimer…..he really knows.


      If anything you identifi

    • I hope they do try it again-the 3rd Reich was a noble attempt to beat debt usury and the notion that government is only beholding to the powerful who speculate and plunder and pauperize the ppl. I’m sure you are aware of the German turnaround from 30% unemployment to 2% in 2 years with a labor based dollar. What Germany did wrong was lose a Just war for they were forced into it- and there is nothing wrong with that-don’t feed me any holohoax bull now!

    • I am not convinced it was as black and white as that shalomjuitsie, and I am not convinced the Third Reich was noble in its intentions as you put it, maybe just noble in its aristocracy.

      I had thought, maybe incorrectly, that the reduction in unemployment at that time in Germany was due in part to massive government sponsored infrastructure projects such as the autobahn between Berlin and Munich?

      Similar to the increase in infrastructure spending that the current US Government is attempting here in the USA (for largely the same reasons) – except that the infrastructure here really needs the investment in this case, and is unfortunately massively underfunded compared to what the Germans spent pre-WW2 – relatively speaking.

    • well, we will never know how it would have worked, for there was a small group of ppl that wanted a world war cause Germany claimed it’s own money supply-Until this cancer is removed, all fixes will be inadequate(jew debt money)

    • Rubbish,Shalom.
      Nazi’s were totally backed by US and British Eugenicists,bankers and scientists.
      Educate yourself about the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics.
      A complete Rockefeller enterprise.
      The quality of your info is going down.
      Have you run out of one-liners?

    • As an immigrant living in Nuremberg, you show much of the same propagandization and self hatred those born in Germany are indoctrinated with.

      My guess is that you are an “out of control” Zionist stooge.

      They would never admit their racial hatred of Germans as most Jews see themselves as Germans…and, frankly, about 30% are.

      The rest are Eastern European.

      As for you calling the CIA “our agency,” and running on about Paperclip… are lecturing the wrong people.

      As for the Romans, a nation that enslaved half the world, and your quotes from Tacitus on the Franks…

      One wonders what you actually know about Germany, sitting there in Swabia.

    • Talking about serious matters has always been risky. So, it’s no surprise for me to hear some blind ranting, whereby stating they would have knowledge about nearly everything.
      Stargazer just gave us an insight of the way, some people here on earth like to think about others, he even talked about a whole nation of people to be evil.
      When was it, that I heard this kind of stuff the last time?

      There is no nation, no ethnicy, who can be titled to be evil on this whole earth, got this?

      Why didn’t you learn anything while “studying” so much over so many different things, Mr. superbrain?

      Do you hate me, because I’m one of those “evil” people from Germany? Gordon, you’re right, must be an out of control hasbarah guy, should we expect more of this crap here, I hope not.

    • Stargazer, you with your head in the heavens
      You’ll never get by walkin’ that high off the ground
      Hey, moon dreamer, I’ve been around and I’ve seen it
      The higher you get the harder they let you down

      You pay your dues, it seems forever
      And if you’re clever
      You may be in for a while
      Then you’re out of style

      Hey, stargazer, probably think I’m crazy
      And haven’t you heard one single word I’ve said?

      No, I don’t want to burst your bubble
      But you got trouble
      Don’t you know the higher the top
      The longer the drop ?

      Anyone seen that internet post that’s been doing the rounds “I was a paid shill” ( ? ) Don’t know whether it’s genuine…..I saw it on the James Randi forum the other day.

  17. Two brief points.

    It would seem, Duff exaggerates the Pope’s willingness to take on the Church’s many enemies. Example: his Eminence Benedict XVI failed conspicuously to give any credence to E. Michael Jones seminal work The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit ,which carefully documents a century’s long vendetta against the Church by Talmudic Jewry. One has to ask why? The Gospel requires the Jew to embrace Christ to be saved. But, as E. Michael Jones asks, can the Church proclaim the Gospel and at the same time have good relations with the Jews? Ratziner seems (at best) confused on this issue. Then their’s Ratzinger’s caving to unseemly pressure from a plethora of Jewish groups, including notably the almost omnipresent ADL, to cast out Bishop Williamson, who had the boldness to question the Holocaust narrative. This censuring of Bp Williamson for speaking truth to power to appease Jewish elements is typical of the Pope’s lassitude regarding the Jewish assault on the Church.

    The continuing imbroglio surrounding the nomination of Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense could have been cut short if Hagel had been bold enough to confront his ‘handlers’ from the Jewish Lobby– to speak truth to power. Hagel’s lack of courage regarding organized Jewry ties him to a genre which apparently includes, inter alia, the Pope.

    • My opinions are based on discussing the pope with those who knew him earlier in life and feedback from one of his advisors.

      What is being kept from the world is enough truth about so many things that more than just the holocaust might “fall.”

      The adage about those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it no longer applies.

      Today it is “those who are taught mythology as history are condemned.”

  18. What is a Burner?

    What is a burner?

    The AN-M14 TH3 incendiary hand grenade is used to destroy equipment or start fires. It can also damage, immobilize or destroy vehicles, weapons systems, shelters and munitions.

    The grenade filler can burn through homogeneous steel plate – even underwater. Burn time is 30 to 45 seconds.

    ***Allegedly 7x Burners deployed in/at the cabin***

    • Stephen it pains me to watch as I am sure it does you too.

      Especially now the Sheriff claims there was never an intention to burn down the cabin.

      Have you heard the scanner references to that effect? It is entirely the opposite.

      I dearly hope that there is someone, or an organization with the power and the law behind them that has integrity to call for an independent investigation.

  19. Excellent Prof. Duff, the pending Vatican Intel-Dump, of which you revealed on Mike Harris’ and Rense’s program was stunning and makes a lot of sense. Contrast this with a certain zionist shill radio host who took on VT and Stew Webb (its still ongoing and is getting out of hand) and was destroyed in the process, immediately came out with disinfo b.s. “Jesuit False Flag” and subsequent programs of Jesuit crap.

  20. Great intel dump Gordon…….I picked up the North Korea nuke article as soon as it hit the Mail Online site yesterday and you have placed it in context, many thanks.

    • Or rather, should clarify that the Mail put up another article about the NK nuke testing AND this one quoted above re: Petraeus…..

    • Thank you CNB for these very informative links. This should be read by many. In general, I’m not a bible studier, but the articles give some revealing background informations that directly tie in to today’s devolpments.

  21. Well done Gordon, the Rebublican “Neo Crypto Israeli Lap Dog Senators” are filibustering Chuck Hagel’s nomination as expected. This is probably by order of William Crystal via AIPAC. I predicted Chuck Hagel’s nomination would be successfully torpedoed. I really hope I’m all wrong!

  22. “North Korea is the exo-biology research center for Earth. Eventually, there may be no one left in North Korea with human DNA.”

    Gordon, do you realize what you are saying here? NK is a Nephilim laboratory. Look at this night time view of NK:

    Perhaps we only see lights around Pyongyang is because most activity that involves electricity is being conducted underground? If there are any gamers here, and one has played Crysis, what nation was bent on acquiring “off world” technology? And, as the story line goes, how did NK acquire a nano-suit? (a bad knockoff of one at that). One has to play Crysis 2, to fully comprehend just what a nano-suit really is, and how it really works, or say, “can” work…

    Rob Skiba postulizes that we are in the phase of “technical dress rehearsal.” He’s a director/producer in the film business. He knows of what he speaks…

    Gordon, you also do know that Dr. Tom Horn was asked repeatedly to be on Ventura’s third season, and had to graciously decline. However, he did point the producers to the people they needed to interview in his stead…

    Gee, the words “exo” and “vatican” in the same sentence (URL)? That just can’t be!

  23. The following is supposedly from an intelligence report just after WWIi, regarding the camps and Soviet propaganda designed to thwart the growing collaboration between Nazi and US leadership.

    “In order to drive a wedge between current American policy towards Germany and the American people, the Soviets have embarked on an extensive propaganda program aimed at creating a situation wherein the American public will refuse to support further U.S.-German rapprochement.

    This propaganda mainly deals with German wartime atrocities, or alleged atrocities. The most important aspect of this campaign deals with the German concentration camps and specifically with purportedly huge numbers of Jews being deported, incarcerated in these camps, tortured, put to death by lethal gas and cremated in huge numbers.

    As the Soviets have all of the concentration camp directorate files, it is now possible for them to make any kind of wild and unsubstantiated claim they wish without fear of rejection.

    They have launched an extensive campaign with the assistance of various Jewish writers, historians, political groups and members of the motion picture, press and motion picture entities.

    This program was commenced during the course of the war by such Soviet literary luminaries as Ilya Ehrenberg and other rabidly anti-German Jews and has been continued without a let up until the present day.

    It is now known that many documents presented as evidence at the Nuremberg trials after the war were Russian fabrications and this counterfeiting program is still in effect.

    The image of thousands of emaciated, naked bodies strewn around the compounds of liberated concentration camps is strongly fixed in the minds of the American public. These bodies are purported to be those murdered by the Germans when in fact, they are victims of the typhus epidemics that raged in all the German camps from 1942 onwards. Most especially noted was the camp at Bergen-Belsen liberated by the British. Inmates in this camp had been transferred from Auschwitz in late 1944 and typhus had wreaked havoc in that place since the introduction of lousy Soviet prisoners in mid-1941.

    There is a great deal of confusion in the public mind about these camps and about the massacre of millions of Jews.

    Firstly, it is necessary to give a definition of what constituted a Concentration Camp…”

  24. Very thought provoking Gordon.

    Here’s another reason the Intel section of the CIA might want Petraeus out – he can’t keep his mouth shut. This article appeared on’s website March 15 2012:
    “More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them.

    Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an “Internet of Things” — that is, wired devices — at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

    All those new online devices are a treasure trove of data if you’re a “person of interest” to the spy community. Once upon a time, spies had to place a bug in your chandelier to hear your conversation. With the rise of the “smart home,” you’d be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real time when you use the lighting app on your phone to adjust your living room’s ambiance.

    “Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Petraeus said, “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.”

    Petraeus allowed that these household spy devices “change our notions of secrecy” and prompt a rethink of “our notions of identity and secrecy.” All of which is true — if convenient for a CIA director.

    The CIA has a lot of legal restrictions against spying on American citizens. But collecting ambient geolocation data from devices is a grayer area, especially after the 2008 carve-outs to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Hardware manufacturers, it turns out, store a trove of geolocation data; and some legislators have grown alarmed at how easy it is for the government to track you through your phone or PlayStation.

    That’s not the only data exploit intriguing Petraeus. He’s interested in creating new online identities for his undercover spies — and sweeping away the “digital footprints” of agents who suddenly need to vanish.

    “Proud parents document the arrival and growth of their future CIA officer in all forms of social media that the world can access for decades to come,” Petraeus observed. “Moreover, we have to figure out how to create the digital footprint for new identities for some officers.”

    It’s hard to argue with that. Online cache is not a spy’s friend. But Petraeus has an inadvertent pal in Facebook.

    Why? With the arrival of Timeline, Facebook made it super-easy to backdate your online history. Barack Obama, for instance, hasn’t been on Facebook since his birth in 1961. Creating new identities for CIA non-official cover operatives has arguably never been easier. Thank Zuck, spies. Thank Zuck.”
    Now we know why there’s been a push to install Smart Meters in all homes world wide. These will transmit all the info about our daily activities from the chips straight back to Utah, even if you’re not internet connected – and it will be GLOBAL.
    Original link: wired-dot-com/dangerroom/2012/03/petraeus-tv-remote/

    • You’re a good one brat. That will include our bodies. see chemtrails morgellons, make the connection. Yet the stupid sleep. Stay cool you.

  25. Excellent dump Gordon. What an exciting time to be alive eh?
    Seems like the purpose of the Dorner caper might have had something to do taking the first steps towards normalizing and rationalizing the use of drones in law enforcement.
    Even the guy’s name, Dorner, is an anagram of Droner.

    • hadnt thought of that dorner-droner thing being there, but have seen the “reports” of the guy having three different wallets with ID’s found all different places and close together, the last one being magically fireproof like a supposed 911 hijacker’s.. all reeks of false flag BS, again!

      another veteran executed by “police SWAT TEAMS” as excuse to justify the usage of drones? really?

      IF, he were really out to get LAPD, he’d got a hell of a lot more than just 2 of em with the training he’d gotten and he wouldnt have made it known it was what he was up for doing.. makes more sense!
      (which also says FALSE FLAG to me)

      “government” would be in tizzyfits if WE were spying on THEM all the time and had drones flying around everywhere to possibly target them for all the treasons they commit on a regular basis..
      it’s not “suspected” when they sign their names to “official paperwork”!

    • Correct, make it a two way street; this whole thing needs to be flipped on its ass, with probes inserted into all elected and enforcement officials to include the ones wearing black robes, who sit in judgement behind a bench.
      Every person who serves the public gets wired up…with all the latest electronics, so we can monitor their activity from the inside out.

    • You know I am surprised what has just remained a footnote in this whole Droner thing, and that is his being holded up across the street from the command center for a few days. You just can’t make that stuff up!!!

    • The Dorner story will go on for years just like the Rodney King and Trayvon stories did. He set fire to his truck

      Dorner, 33, was drummed out of the LAPD in 2008 and officially terminated in 2009. A rambling, 11,000-word manifesto he posted on Facebook blasted the department for protecting racists and promising revenge against those he believed were to blame for his dismissal.

      Dorner was accused of killing the daughter of a former LAPD officer, the daughter’s fiancé and a Riverside police officer before he was tracked to the mountain community of Big Bear Lake. Police say he was cornered in a cabin and killed a sheriff’s deputy in a shootout shortly before the cabin was consumed in flames.
      The woman was the daughter of a retired LAPD Police captain who represented Dornor in disciplinary hearings where Dorner resulted in his dismissal from the force.

      This story will get absolute nl media attention at is just another of the almost daily black on white crimes gthat you will never hear about.
      White Family of 5 Tortured, Murdered and Set On Fire By Blacks

    • Supporting the Drone theory, this video is from MSMedia. This video clearly shows drones flying by a helicopter see at 0.13 seconds from left to right on lower screen and later in tape also The video can be found on UTube and is named:
      “Christopher Dorner involved in shootout with police in Big Bear”. I was shocked how openly the video showed the mini drones. The UTube channel is “supermezox2012” I am a USAF Veteren 8 yrs Medical Corp.

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