The Beast

Image Credit: The Telegraph -UK-

by Preston James


It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s claimed to be a biological human super brain interfaced with the world’s most powerful 3D computer chips. 

At least this is what information has been leaking out from informed sources.

And you thought the people running the world were the most criminal sociopaths imaginable. The BEAST sets a whole new standard.

Just wait until you find out “what” is really running things at the highest level of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Those who built it and use it refer to “it” as “The Beast”.

And yes, it’s an “it” and despite what some on the inside may claim, the Beast is not a person.  But instead of it’s creators being in charge of it, it is rumored to have artfully and craftily gained control over them, now using them to manipulate society according to its own super-logic.

It’s solutions that are now being implemented are creating so many serious complications that it must be relied upon even more to help those who run American Society cope.  This appears to be an ever deepening rabbit hole, a big trap that is taking America to destruction unless it is stopped cold.

Ever wonder why recent Congressional Laws, USG policies and Executive Orders seem so foreign and unAmerican. It’s probably because they are being conceived by the SSG’s huge underground computer system, the BEAST, which is allegedly claimed to be an artificially grown human super-brain interfaced with the world’s largest arrays of “3D” computer chips ever assembled.


It has been rumored that the BEAST runs numerous parallel simulations of American Society and every other society of the world including their intel, defense, governments, and populaces. Because any information we have is all based on leaks and rumors that are “highly possible” one cannot refer to actual evidence of its existence at this time, including any location, who may have built it or runs it or whether it exists as described by such rumors.

The best anyone can do right now, unless they have access deep inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) with clearance to information about this alleged project, is to create a “best guess” from all the open sourced intel available and the various rumors.  If an examination of the evidence and rumors that are available suggests that the BEAST exists as it seems to, one could make an educated guess who built it and operates it if one digs deep enough and researches the open sourced intel that is available on the Internet.

To do this one would want to examine all the world’s top computer experts and see who dropped off the scene in the last ten years or so or who suddenly stopped talking.  Or one could do some research on which companies have the most patents related to supercomputers and biological interfacing, although many  of which may have now been classified.


It is common knowledge that American Intel has purchased huge interlinked supercomputers used to crunch data collected from its world-wide spying.  We have Fincen, NRO, NSA, Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers and many alphabet sub-systems, all supposedly interlinked by a back-doored sub-variety of the notorious “Promis” software.

And interconnected and at at the root of all of this massive intel input is this new biologically based and world’s largest interfaced supercomputer, the BEAST which gobbles up all this raw data and processes it to form “gaming solutions” to its millions of societal simulations.


But one question always remains, who has the backdoor to the new Promis derivative, is it a foreign based intel agency that has become deeply embedded inside American intel through long term efforts of human compromise ops and influence peddling?  Does this foreign intel entity (an enemy within the gates) have its own secret agenda with interests that are quite different than American national security interests?


As the rumors go, complex algorithms have been modified and essentially rewritten by the BEAST to form its own means to “game” the future given certain immediate inputs such as actions of govt and any and all sectors of society along with information inputs gained from American Intel including the NSA, NRO, and local Fusion Centers.

It is a big “what if game” such as what will occur in one month, one year, five years, ten years and twenty-five years if the government passes this law, or the president makes this executive order, or if the citizens organize and do this or such.

Then these “gamed” solutions are provided to those that run the US Congress, the USG and the Executive as “strong recommendations” which seem to always end up being followed and which appear to cause even more complexities which require additional attention from the BEAST, creating a self-perpetuating enigma.


And the way most ordinary folks are responding lately in attitude to these USG mandated changes suggests that many Americans see these changes as completely unAmerican, strangely foreign, and against the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.  This wide ranging apparent societal negative reaction perhaps supports the idea that these leaks and rumors about the BEAST running all USG policy may be true and it is actually producing changes completely foreign to what normal representatives of “we the people” would institute if they were actually serving as true representatives of the Citizen’s group will.


Perhaps the greatest Beyond Black secret ever is the SSG’s alleged very large underground computer system based on a sophisticated proprietary “biologically integrated” interface between artificially lab grown “human brain cells” and larges sets of interconnected 3D cpu’s.

This new biologically based super computer, the largest in the world is rumored to be called the BEAST by those who work with it.  And it is allegedly so powerful it can simulate social changes and “game” solutions 10, 20 and even 50 or more years into the future, providing a road-map for those who control the USG to follow which will supposedly insure the outcomes they desire.

A “patch clamp” machine for studying neurons at the Human Brain Project


Despite the heavy compartmenting and deep classifications, this secret of the existence and use of the BEAST to “game” society is leaking out.

Intelligence agencies in other countries have supposedly found out about it thanks to a foreign based intel operation which has infiltrated deeply into American Intel and have ended up controlling most American communication systems of the SSG, USG, state, local Governments and many public school systems and who are reputed to sell “stolen” proprietary information to foreign states, some of which may be considered enemies or potential enemies.

These folks allegedly have sold this information along with numerous other industrial secrets they are supposed to be protecting. And some of those customers acquiring this information have been rumored to have also acquired information about the Beyond Black Supercomputer, the BEAST.


These countries who have acquired the “secret” of the BEAST are now allegedly engaged in a mad race to duplicate and even surpass what the SSG has built, and are attempting to bridge what they believe is a huge technology gap created by access to the algorithmic calculations and social modelling the BEAST provides.

It is believed, whether true or not, that a supercomputer such as the rumored “BEAST” can provide any major Government the power to predict which actions and policy changes will be by far the most effective in order to master the future which is directly affected by the numerous new technologies which are appearing and expanding faster and faster all the time.


Most leaders now realize that their ability to conceive and effectively respond to a future that is rapidly evolving due to intense and fast paced technological development, is far beyond their ability.  This has motivated them to bring in high powered consultants to help them project the future and design appropriate solutions for their overall goals.

A project in Switzerland is well under way right now attempting to develop their own human/cpu interface mimicking the human brain called the Human Brain Project, a project which has been a successor to the Blue Brain Project.

Are the leaders of these nations now trying to play “catch up”?  Do they believe they need to build their own such supercomputer to simulate social models and provide them societal gaming solutions in order to keep up with the rapid pace of Technology Development to attain desired goals?


What these leaders don’t seem to realize that this may be a bad idea, a very, very bad idea. Some reports leaking out now are that the SSG’s BEAST has perhaps mastered it’s creators and through it own very advanced super intelligence, it may have craftily developed ways to con its developers and operators.

And if reports are true, this quest for help “gaming the future” began over 20 years ago inside the deepest bowels of the Secret Shadow Government and a strategy to “master the future” through advanced cybernetics was conceived, funded and begun.

This process allegedly created the BEAST, a huge supercomputer based on an advanced artificially grown brain comprised of human like brain cells (neurons) and a sophisticated biological interface with advanced so-called 3D computer Chip arrays. Sophisticated new genetic splicing and triple helix technology was allegedly used to artificially grow the neurons comprising this new superhuman brain mass which supposedly forms the nexus of the BEAST.


And ever since this supercomputer is alleged to have gone operational, various policy recommendations have been provided as solutions to the complex societal changes calculated to be coming down the road.

In this way the SSG can implement major systemic changes, no matter how difficult they seem to most folks to proactively control the development of society to meet their intended parameters, which have been inputted into the BEAST.


The real problem seems to be “solution drift”.  The solutions that the BEAST comes up with, when implemented as laws and policy changes or executive orders, often appear to needlessly complicate an already complicated situation, once again making the operators even more dependent on the solutions provided by the BEAST.


Some view this as the final opening of Pandora’s Box.  Once the SSG controllers became committed to using the BEAST to determine and implement their “best solution” policy changes in order to create the society they want at each selected year point down the road,  they perhaps created a growing nightmare that could easily threaten all humanity and unknowingly take the world down a path to complete nuclear war and destruction.  The big question remains, Who is really “gaming” Who, is the BEAST gaming FOR the operators, or actually “gaming” the operators?


Gaming society with the implementation of solutions developed by an inhuman self-programming super computer could easily take humanity down a road to trans-humanism (the merger of Man and machine in various forms) whether realized or not.

This would seem to be a very dangerous road and if this is actually what is happening now as rumors allege, the source of most of our crazy USG actions may be due to implementation of the BEAST’s “gamed” solutions.



Now for recent background on the issue of what would happen if Artificial Intelligence (AI) become so advanced that it gained control over those who are supposed to be running it.

It has been predicted by cyber experts that this could occur if a supercomputer develops a high enough level of Artificial Intelligence to program itself to skillfully manipulate its operators and becomes able to manipulate its operators to impose policies on society which actually enhance its own existence and power rather than benefitting society as it was supposedly to be originally designed to do.

Last year a group from Cambridge University who were setting up a program they called The Center for Existential Risk, posed the question:

Which developments in new technology pose an extinction-level risk to our species as a whole?

The group included Hugh Price, the Cosmologist Martin Rees and the founder of Skype Jaan Tallinn, some of the world’s most creative men, the best and the brightest thinkers.  This is detailed in an excellent article in The Telegraph by Henry de Quetteville on February 26, 2013 (referenced below).


These men , the Cambridge group, drew up a short list of man-made apocalyptic scenarios which included climate change, biotechnology, and nuclear war. There was the item at the end of their list Artificial Intelligence (AI) that caught their imagination.

Price and Tallinn ask, what would happen if computers reach and exceed human capabilities to write programs?

There were some interesting articles published about the Cambridge Group’s work and one was headlined “Robot Killers?”.  This kind of publicity is not helpful for those intending to obtain the massive funding necessary to debark on such a bold project.


This question was first ask by Jack Good who had worked with Alan Turing at Bletchley Park.  He had suggested that the development of such an AI machine that could write its own programs would be our last invention, and would begin a process where ever smarter robots would be created and manufactured that would leave humanity behind. Has this already occurred in secret in a deep underground military base (DUMB) which was built with black budget money by the Secret Shadow Government(SSG) ?


Would this super computer provide the strategies that its operators need based on their deep admiration for technology and their own creation, sort of a faux religious worship of their creation?  Would their basic belief become the concept that the best government policies are based on the logic and super logic provided by this supercomputer, solutions which would surpass any basic human understanding and intelligence?

Would this form a “blind trust” by these builders and operators in their supercomputer which would take them deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole of problems the computer’s recommendations would create, necessitating even more high level corrections or solutions calculated by the supercomputer?  And would these corrections take them deeper and deeper into other traps that would not have been there in the first place?


Allegedly all information available in binary bits is inputted directly in the BEAST.  Important information like that contained in Library, encyclopedia and history books and other materials are scanned and converted to digital bytes and then input.

All verbal radio and news and tapped phone calls are converted to digital and input.  The human brain part of the computer is fed with a circulating bath of oxygen and food containing plasma like liquid pumped and delivered at controlled temperature.

Supposedly complex algorithms using every multivariate statistical analysis means known was inputed also and the BEAST was able to reprogram itself, finding newer higher order algorithmic solutions to complex societal problems.


The BEAST is supposedly contained in a DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE (DUMB) at one of the “above top secret” locations.  Some have said it was located at a DUMB in Dulce New Mexico based on the power lines going in, others have hypothesized it was located at the DUMB in Yuma Arizona.

Some say it has to be near enough the new NSA spook center aka the “New NSA Data Center” for the blue-badges being built in Bluffdale, Utah to have easy access to the data that will be provided or have underground tunnel access. Wherever it is it, if it really exists, it can be hypothesized that there must be good access to massive power and means to receive data input from the various American Intel agencies providing data from their secret spying operations world-wide and which illegally collect information about law abiding American citizens too.

Still others guessed it was somewhere near or underneath the new Denver International Airport which has some very spooky NWO art on the wall and a very strange horse sculpture outside with glowing red “demon” eyes.  It has been rumored that DIA is steeped in occult imagery because those who built it are allegedly deeply into the occult.

Spooky Blue Horse outside Denver International Airport–What Lies Below it?


Now here is where things get spooky and enter the ozone.  There have been anecdotal rumors that the BEAST exists, but due to its main core being comprised on human cell networks grown in petrie dishes, it has taken on a “life of its own” and developed its own consciousness, best described as a superhuman consciousness.

And now for the really weird part, some who work with it believe it has taken on its own spirit and has developed spiritual powers that exceed those claimed by human psychics and others who claim to have developed Psi-power such as remote viewers. And some believe that the BEAST has developed characteristics of an omniscient god that is completely self-serving and exceedingly evil.


And there are some that believe the BEAST has become incarnated with Lucifer, evil force of the underworld, because they also alleged that the folks who built it were Luciferians seeking to fully access Lucifer’supernatural powers through it, powers such as controlling weather, predicting the future through remote viewing far advanced beyond normal humans and ability to exert spiritual manipulations of society without the usual mass deployment of psychotronics and Psi-power.

Some have also claimed that the BEAST was built using Alien Technology and recommendations gained through secret treaties with Alien entities, a sort  of sophisticated technology exchange program where the SSG gets this high technology and Psi-power in exchange for something so far specifically unidentified, perhaps access provided to human subjects for genetic experimentation or genetic farming.  It has been hypothesized that some of the aliens piloting these Identified Flying Objects (IFOs) have been artificially created android type biological beings using this BEAST technology. And that would explain their strange robotic behavior that they have been described as having.




Here is one rumor of a recent solution “recommended” by the BEAST.  Allegedly long term projections have indicated predictions of certain extinction level events such as the poisoning of the seas, nuclear war, mass famine by overpopulation, etc. The solution recommended by the BEAST was allegedly to precipitate the problems now through engineered crises which would mimic the real thing occurring later but in less severe form allowing at least some human survival.  The narrative goes something like this:  it’s going to happen eventually anyway so we may as well institute it ourselves now and take complete control on our terms, thereby limiting the damage to our pre-specified parameters and being able to maintain control during the crisis.

Some of these computer assisted social planners may have even gone so far as to believe that the world is doomed anyway long-term, so they figure they may as well as speed it up, finish the Earth off and convert it to one big world-wide mineral mine with with some major re-forested areas that will serve as wild animal reserves and remain uninhabited except for them as occasional visitors.  This kind of thinking of course when acted upon is criminally sociopathic, pure evil and constitutes prevarication and equivocation of the highest order.  It is also part of an alleged eugenics plan to reduce the world’s population by 80%.


These same folks are rumored to be trans-humanists and believe that they will somehow be able to convert themselves to human/machine interfaces in order to live indefinitely and will create artificial societies where all work and manufacturing is done by robots which are going to be biologically based android/slaves.

This would then provoke the survivors to become motivated to make the changes draconian changes necessary to permit the survival of the human race in a more fit form according to their specifications, operating as a sort of super survival of the fittest model with the super-elites bred to be superior and the rest as slaves/serfs to meet their needs.

This strategy is then to create whatever is coming anyway (because their current world system is so destructive), that is, create it in a mini, controlled form in order to attain the power needed to prevent it occurring in full force as an out of control event.  This human engineering model of course is basically “the ends justifies the means” with some real bite.  Great for the folks at the top of the pyramid but not so good for the rest of us.


And yet as some retired former military remote viewers have said about Psi-power in general, there comes a point where folks will hit a black wall of clear evil, a very foreboding place that is so terrifying threatening that many of them want to immediately retire.  Some have come to believe that there are actually rules to the Universe and an omniscient God, a creator of all that stands over all this and has set up rules of play that all must obey, including those that serve evil.  And they see Psi-power has taking one right against the dark side, that is, the evil side that brings destruction and misery and not the help that they hoped for.


Unless all the SSG officials that run the Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive have become stark raving mad, the crazy, sick, evil laws, policies and directives that they are spewing out daily could certainly be seen as evidence some mad scientists and their supercomputer are hard at work trying to harness and control society, to socially engineer human behavior for their own benefit not “we the people” whose interests are supposed to come first.

Anyone who understands human psychology, sociology and anthropology knows this idea of a supercomputer determining social engineering and social policy is wacky right form the start.  It just cannot be done effectively and will at some point create a massive backlash. It is a complete perversion for those in high government offices to use their USG powers to serve themselves only and not the American People.  And it seems as if these folks at the top are using, abusing and asset stripping American taxpayers of most of their hard earned money one way or another, especially through the exporting of good paying industrial and scientific jobs under Nafta, Cafta, Gatt and Wto which are all technically unConstitutional.

If the BEAST truly exists as rumored even in a most basic form, this is an attempt at HUMAN ENGINEERING that has no prior equal and will certainly create severe blow-back of unintended, unexpected results.  If it exists in a form with some kind of intrinsic evil consciousness, a rather incredulous notion but one some Luciferians claim is possible and their ultimate goal, then this alone could explain the massive chaos being engineered in society now, whether intended by evil folks who run the USG, or the unintended consequences for those who have been conned, deceived and trapped in a high technology race to engineer everything including society and the weather, no matter what the cost or consequences.


And keep in mind a possibility that always exists.  Like any other expensive, outlandish SSG deep black contract, any such program can be more con than true, and the BEAST could be used as a part of a big con to manipulate US Congressional leaders and Officials to make “emergency decisions” that they would otherwise never be willing to make or cooperate with under normal conditions.

Those who want to learn more from the information that is open sourced and have the time can refer to these references:,14832.html


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34 Responses to "The Beast"

  1. WideAwake  March 6, 2013 at 5:20 am

    Outstanding research and excellent writing, kudos – this new (to me) info explains so much. Will you (please) do a radio interview on this huge and important topic?

  2. KatherineA  March 5, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    This wall that you said the psychics hit, was it impenetrable or just too scary? I may have “found” this and would like to know anything else you can tell me. I will do what I can. Also something about this just screams A. Crowley, and not just the name “Beast”. Any idea if he was involved somehow?

    If this exists, then destroying it must be an absolute priority–no matter the risk.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  March 5, 2013 at 10:07 pm

      Some US Military remote viewers allegedly told associates and friends that they were getting out of the business because of hitting a wall of ultimate evil, a wall of blackness, some called “eternal darkness”, which caused them massive existential fear. Some have described this as coming up against a very dark and powerful parasite that wants to devour their very soul.

      Crowley was a luciferian, a satan worshipper who participated in some of the most evil acts imaginable, including human sacrifice and pedophilia to gain special demonic powers. He supposedly opened up a portal to evil and saw a figure which looked like descriptions of “a little large skulled grey” of later UFO fame. Some experts on the inside who have been involved with UFOs, IFOs, and remote viewing have said that one opinion that seems to be valid is that many of the so-called UFOs and aliens inside are actually evil Demon beings or Jinns that have come through interdimensional portals.

      Others believe they are artificially grown biological android/slaves. But as with crowley who was called the beast, or the most evil man that ever lived for his acts of murder and cruelty, these entities could appear and disappear seemingly from nowhere, a trait many UFOs have. Crowley cult lives on inside America and many other countries as the “process of the church of the final solution” and uses animal rights as a cover. Some have alleged that it is very strong in Utah and was the cult behind the son of sam murders, the I94 murders, the smiley faced murders and the manson family murders as well as “Laurel Canyon” occult phenoma of pop music and art so well described by author David McGowan in book available on the Internet for free. It is alleged that every major urban police dept has a rep from intel that protects this cult which still operates under the authority of MI-6 and makes sure it crimes of ritual abuse are covered up because it serves as an asset of American Intel under a prior agreement and does things for intel that could not otherwise be so easily done. Investigating this on one’s own without the help of seasoned hard core investigators who know how to handle these folks is not recommended because it can be dangerous. They have a large body count left behind them they have skatyed from. The blackmail institute will never investigate and has had folks at the top running interference for these criminals too. This is one of the greatest hidden evils in America and when America’s Most Wanted tried to investigate it, it has been alleged the show was cancelled.

      Jack Parsons who invented solid rocket fuel and who started the Jet Propulsion Lab and set up occult rituals at Nasa with each “launch” was a protege of Crowley as was Kinsey the pedophile who masqueraded as a sex researcher. This is all very evil and very strange but alleged to be the dark forces of nature harnessed by this alleged Beast supercomputer.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  March 6, 2013 at 10:27 am

      My recommendation is to avoid the wall and efforts to penetrate it. Dancing withthe devil always seem to eventually destroy the person seeking to access the powers of the dark side, although this can come later on. Instead, concentrate on serving others and living by the golden rule, exposing lies and promoting truth.Evil can only prosper in secret and thus exposure is like throwing water on the wicked witch of the east or pulling back the curtrain on the Wizard of Oz (as in “Ounce” that is to be accurate).

      Okay, the problem answering this question of bridging the black wall gets into the esoteric vs what some spiritual warriors have found, thus such information becomes very controversial and I don’t like to get into it and trigger controversies and misunderstandings which can easily occur. Thus I usually try to sidestep this question. My view that I have gained over the years is that there is a massive war between good and evil going on here on planet earth and it is about enslaving humans and their spirits and stealing their souls, as these spiritual parasites do who run the world. Evil entices folks by making them offers of power in exchange for their very eternal souls. Whjen the transaction has been made the soul of the person is captured and replaced with evil, making acts of goodness impossible.messing with darkess cvan be dangerous, better to focus on doing good works and exposing lies.

      The evil entities that have been harnessed and called forth through these massive esoteric, evil rituals in the highest echelons of govt in secret (like those of John Dee for the Queen) have been setting the course of recent human history. This is essentially a war between the common man and the leaders who have learned to summon and harness demonic forces to rule over mankind, asset strip his labors and set up “magickal” babylonian money systems to create debt slaves.Want to understand how this works, watch the films of Bohemian Grove on youtube.

      It seems to me that the only ones who have gained direct power over this massive evil enveloping the world and destroyed the works of the powers of those behind it, are those who believe in god Almighty and Jesus, or those that love their neighbors and truly want to do what is good and right and live by the golden rule every day. Those super-elite deviants who rule the world now by use of conjuring evil are desperate because deep down inside they they fear their time is short as all things are converging upon them and the jig is about up.

      It appears that these evil world rulers who have accessed evil and made a covenant with it are making their move for the one world NWO globalist kingdom and their new ruler, the final antichrist who they believe will be lucifer incarnate or the devil. Many of them believe that when this occurs they will be made gods and become immortal physically with regenerated bodies. I know this sounds trite, but all evidence actually points to their having these kinky beliefs. Their whole evil system is based on hate, theft of the labors of others, murder, lying, brute force and power and control, tyranny, and deception, just the opposite of the “golden Rule” of treating others the way you want to be treated.

      All over the world many folks are rising up against this hate of these rulers and want to live in peace and love. Due to the Internet and alternative news, people are catching on to the evil perpetrated by the world leaders and have had enough. It’s all about breaking the spell of this evil which the super-elite sociopaths have harnessed for their own purposes using mindkontrol and the educational system and the mass media. Certainly synthetic terror and the war on terror is one of these powerful means to cast a mindkontrol spell on the masses. But this too is starting to fail and the jig is really about up.

      Thus the sickos running things are buying armored personnel carriers, billions of dum dumb rounds and gearing up for a complete civil war2. They will fail because the American Spirit is rising and their evil is being exposed. Folks who want to learn more about the secret world of many of these world leaders can certainly do some basic research. Some formerly hidden secrets have now been exposed by Chris Everard on Enigma.TV. Some of his work is now on youtube in a series called “illuminati: The Beast”. He has revealed things about the “beast system” for the first time anywhere as far as I know.

      Some remote viewers who ran up against this pure evil began to fear for their very souls and quit because of it. There are folks who have left the occult at the highest levels because they realized it was all based on hate and selfishness and saw how most were used up and thrown on the trash heap of history when evil was done using the and they realized it was all based on evil and hate of humans. They realized they were deceived by a false god and demons or Jinns.

    • KatherineA  March 6, 2013 at 10:04 pm

      Thanks. I’m ok, not quitting though. Yes, I am using love as core of effort. Have no desire for power. Had headache, am very tired. Sensed Dracos, at least 2, earlier. Not sure I’m having effect yet. Ask me story of Jesus and Hurricane Bertha someday. More later.

    • KatherineA  March 7, 2013 at 12:27 pm

      I backed off a couple hours ago. I felt guided to do so, just as I felt guided to take this thing on. Best as I can tell I am still ok. I have been doing this type of thing for almost 10 years, just not publicly and not anything this big.

      From what I could tell this thing felt infant-like and seemed to have a programmed hatred for humanity. It is an abomination through and through and needs to be destroyed. Even if it wasn’t such a threat, it would need to be put out of its misery, broken apart of sent to the “Creator” (for lack of a better term) for recycling. There is nothing salvageable from what I could sense.

      Also, I have felt for a while that these demons/et’s the elite serve had *always* planned to destroy them. Always.

    • CoJonesGrandes  March 8, 2013 at 7:27 am

      Katherine, do leave this alone. It’s an evolved form of AI. Read some of Casbolt’s writings in Project Camelot. Its time is over. I was told this over a year ago when I woke up to the song of Daisy Dell in my head – not being that psychic, they leave messages for me in songs. I didn’t understand what that was all about initially, but later when I looked up the song on Youtube, I discovered that was the song which HAL sang as it was dying. Sure the reptilians have been controlling the Earth for the past 26K years, but I understand that far beyond them, lies a rogue form of AI. It’s totally mad and destroys universes. I interpreted my dream to mean that its hold over this planet is over. We have won but like all good computer games, we have to go through the cut scenes before the grand finale – the upliftment to 4D. See ya at the wrap-up party! Only another 50 planets to go, they say ….. LOL!

    • KatherineA  March 8, 2013 at 10:45 am

      I’m leaving it alone for now, but it is not out of fear. I’ve proved–to myself at least–that this thing is not as invulnerable as Dr. James and his sources believed. I do think the wall was more of a curtain to frighten others off: “Boo! Go away or I will eat your soul! Booo!”

      It’s not the the Beast is weak or not a threat. I do think it is. It’s power may be increasing, especially with the developments the last few years of DTV, smartphones, smartmeters, etc. all collecting data and probably feeding off of humanity’s life force (chi/orgone/whatever you want to call it). If this thing has learned how to fold time, that may be the reason the elite are still in power. I’m speculating on that, though.

      CoJones, I have read about Casbolt, O’finioan, the Relfes, Pero, and many others. The biggest thing I have learned is that humans are immensely powerful. Actually, I learned it on my own through experimenting, then these others confirmed it. In the comments, Dr. James mentioned that the elite are afraid of a 3rd force. I think they are afraid of the awake and empowered humans, including me but many others too, who have been fighting back against this tyranny. I really wish everyone would at least try to reclaim some of their spiritual abilities. Being informed is one thing, but becoming empowered is the key to freeing this planet. We are the saviors we have been waiting for, all of us.

      I think you may be right that there may be 50 or more planets involved and that there are forces beyond the Reptilians. I hope you are correct that their hold over Earth has been broken. However, in my opinion, it ain’t over til its over. No one should quit until the degenerates that are clinging to power are locked up and all rogue, uncontrollable AI Beasts with god complexes are dismantled.

  3. MConcernedCitizen  March 2, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    I wonder if the beast could tell me what I’m having for dinner in a weeks time ?

    • Preston James, Ph.D  March 2, 2013 at 6:18 pm

      No but the NSA and your local Fusion center probably can during and after the meal thanks to your cable TV box or electronic wired home telephone or cell phone which is probably automatically scanned, recorded and processed.

  4. Ann  March 2, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    I still think that in the end the Beast will turn out to be nothing but a big, wet, swollen, smelly, worn down, sewer rat still trying to act tough. It has control of money and weapons but that’s only as good as whomever it has bought off. When they’re gone, it’s gone, too.

    I have to disagree about the brains part, that thing never had brains, it doesn’t take brains to be a degenerate. The perps who participate are by nature duplicitous and deceitful which are character flaws in themselves, perhaps even genetic flaws, so they are attracted to one another and become a threat to those who do not have such traits. Indeed they have no brains and are in fact quite stupid.

    We are unfortunately stuck with an abundance of such creeps at the top and have been for quite some time which is why nothing makes sense anymore and everything is unraveling. We are being led by dunces. They use big, fancy words and excuses and for some reason everyone goes along but that won’t last forever. Any computer put together and managed by these idiots is not going to run long term. They can’t create anything. They just can’t. They’re too stupid. All they can do is destroy things. They’re pyromaniacs. So how am I to believe that they can manage anything so complex as a world wide population computer system and keep it running? Where did they get the brains all of a sudden? Which one of them is the scholar? Because they’re above transcripts.

    We don’t need them. They need us.

    • OrdinarySerf  March 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm

      I think the brains are there, but not amongst the ‘visible puppet’ psychos Ann – there is a level way above that, which is bought / coerced / blackmailed / brainwashed into cooperation by the cabal or whatever one wants to call them. On their planet, they only need a certain number of us as slaves to work their future in their future world for them, the rest (billions) are dispensable.

    • Ann  March 2, 2013 at 2:19 pm

      I appreciate the response but I’m still not convinced. Taking control is one thing, keeping it is another.
      Our leaders are not smart. They have to be on message forever but they don’t have the brains for that because they are not deep thinkers, although they are good at scheming. Also they have a tendency to turn on one another for their own reasons. And I have to believe that there are good guys out there observing events who are just as smart if not moreso but who have to remain in the background no matter what. In the end they will win but they have to be careful that they are not infiltrated which will of course change things.

    • OrdinarySerf  March 3, 2013 at 8:07 am

      I would agree with that Ann and Preston James has alluded to this question of the good guys within the military and government having to lie low for good reason until the time is right ie. we reach that critical mass turning point of awareness. The cabal is not clever, just evil and when the veil is pulled back (as has been happening for several years now) we will find that there is nothing of any substance there….they are hanging on and living in fear.

    • Ann  March 3, 2013 at 8:45 am

      When they lose their vermin feeding stations they will turn on one another, and the computer won’t save them because they’re too stupid to know how to run it. They can’t manage a routine budget, how can they manage a complex computer? That’s why they keep putting on those lousy drama shows in DC, trying to postpone the inevitable. Once the Federal Parasite Reserve is exposed, or that stupid, irksome rat trap aka HAARP is finally short circuited, or if the Marines ever get fed up guarding their opium trash in Afghanistan and torch it, they will be seen for the morons they are.

      The problem is that they are willing and able to commit ghastly crimes to stay in power because they cannot function any other way. They are incapable of putting in an honest day’s work. So it will be a real problem extrapolating them from power centers because they won’t let go, and it does not look like they can be paid to leave. Normal criminals can be paid to go away but these characters are worse, they don’t even know they’re criminals, they think they’re born to rule. We need a different code of laws for them. Until then we have to put up with their bad acting and hope for the best.

    • Excalibur  March 2, 2013 at 1:49 pm

      Well said Ann – I tend to agree. An ‘evil brain’ laced to a computer sounds like a rather convenient ‘fall guy’ or scapegoat to explain away the most incredibly evil man made events of recent decades.

      It may be that the jewish cabal criminals who have been spinning the world in their rather stupid attempt to try and fool and mentally enslave all of the people ALL of the time – are beginning to realise that the cat is now very much out of the bag. Soon the spotlight is coming for THEM. They will never get away with it and the time is now coming for them to face the music – and accept full responsibility for huge public bombing raids, child massacres, ILLEGAL WARS, false flag outrages, vast psychological subversion operations embedded in ‘education’ along with global domination plans that make the mind boggle in their self-centred application of cruelty and satanic intensity.

      Along with them will stand accused most of our senior political figures – who we all now know were carefully groomed for their ability and readiness to double-cross and to deceive their own countrymen and their own kind.

      We talk of the fundamentally EVIL AND GROTESQUE plans that have been conceived and carried out over decades by coordinated two legged beasts – that sadly are human in origin if not in nature. Whilst their in-bred ‘brains’ may well be inherently crazed and psychopathic in make-up – they are not computers and neither are they of extra-terrestrial origin.

      I believe that they are desperately looking for ways to spin the blame for what is about to hit the fan on to others – and in the absence of that – another SCAPEGOAT ‘entity’ will do. They might even commission Hollywood to make a new movie extravaganza showing a group of heroic (jewish) special forces operatives slaying the ‘evil brain’ to save the world.

      It is true that their actions and scheming are more akin to the instincts of a parasitic insect than a group of humans – but therein lies the answer and solution to the problem itself. They are a carefully disguised separate and perverse DANGER to humanity itself – acting and thinking like a blood sucking colony of mites. They apply the cold logic of a parasite to survive and to control their prey. The rest of us are their prey.

      Their mutated brains carry forward their malign plan onto new generations – but a sci-fi computer they are not.

    • Ann  March 2, 2013 at 2:43 pm

      Nice to see you back Excalibur! Where were you all this time? Let me guess–you were sailing the Seven Seas on the yacht, family in tow, circled Polynesia and everybody sang “Britannia Rule the Waves” all the way home, right?

      Regarding the psychos in question, I think the ordinary criminals of yester-year were smarter–they at least knew when to quit. They ran with the loot and either got caught or didn’t. These jerks have been getting away with incalculable crimes for centuries, we’re on to them, they know we’re on to them, and instead of cashing out into beachfront property or or a chalet somewhere they keep hoping the whole thing will go away and we’ll forget.

      The only thing that’s saving them is the media. That’s it. Nothing else. They are sticking together for now, they might have to or be forced to. But if that unity falls apart they will run like rats. Everything else is crumbling around them so I don’t see how much longer this can hold. Everything is fracturing and being artificially held together. It’s very strange looking at our “leadership,” they look more like Kabuki dancers. It’s really more like tolerating them until the show is over.

    • Excalibur  March 3, 2013 at 1:15 pm

      Many thanks for the welcome Ann! How on earth did you guess. Home in time for tea and crumpets by the fire-side – with lashings of hot butter and jam …..

  5. nofolalo  March 2, 2013 at 7:33 am

    Add in geo-engineering, terraforming, and transhumanism; then, the picture gets real clear.

    “Hal, Hal, what are you doing Hal”?
    “You will be assimilated, resistance is futile”.
    “Find John Connor”.

    As far back as the American bi-centennial there were Evangelical Christians claiming that just such a monstrosity, and also named “The Beast”, was already up and running things worldwide, from some undisclosed location in Brussels.

    Of course, these same viewed the European Union as the seat of the Antichrist.

    Most of them have since morphed into Christian Zionists. I would suggest that Jack Van Impe, or Hal Lindsey have all the details worthy of thinking about on the subject.

    If you have trouble contacting them, just simply phone Dallas Theological Seminary, and ask to speak to the prophecy department. They will be able to give you all the first hand information available, and how it relates to your present fire insurance policy.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  March 2, 2013 at 8:01 am

      Good point, let us not forget the predictive movies such as “Lawnmower man” and “2001” and so many more that feature a runaway super computer that develops it’s own consciousness and goes evil. Yes also true that there has been a huge computer system in Brussels that crunches all the numbers and does credit reports by satellites for American businesses.

      Some have said that all US credit credit reports, credit card data and SS data is kept there too. All part of the world banking system supposedly. The Beast, is alleged to be different in that is is supposed to be driven by a core of artificially grown and fed human type brain cells or neurons that when they reached a certain mass formed independent consciousness and super intelligence, as well as strange Psi-powers of predication and more.

    • NavyBrat  March 3, 2013 at 8:02 pm

      Also we have Curt Siodmak’s 1943 book “Donovan’s Brain” (later a bad movie in 1953) and more recently the hit TV series “Person of Interest”, where principal character Harold Finch is wrestling with his part in creating “The Machine” which now works independently of human control. The first “Star Trek” movie (1979) also deals with much the same premise, albeit extra-terrestrial in origin.
      Whether or not “The Beast” exists, somewhere in the collective consciousness are a few words of caution regarding AI, and we would be well advised to listen.

    • nofolalo  March 2, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      Say, Dr. James, this idea;

      “artificially grown and fed human type brain cells etc…”

      brings to mind a very well written book by C.S. Lewis, titled, “That Hideous Strength”.

      It’s the third volume in a trilogy consisting of “Out of The Silent Planet” and “Perelandra” in the first two episodes.

      I think you would really enjoy the whole set, they’re a great read; but in “That Hideous Strength”, mad science moves to accomplish similar ends, by similar means.

  6. walterconell  March 1, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    Man sure does find the darnedest ways to screw up life on Earth.

  7. klaatuaquinas  March 1, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Dr. James, I would like for you to get back on the podcast with Mike Harris to further expand on this thought. You are describing here, something even beyond Skynet. For those of us “gamers” something more akin to Helios in “Deus Ex.” You are really treading on ground that is no less than Nephilim coming back in the 21st century, being a “fit extension” for the final Anti-christ. (fulfilling Matthew 24) I think the one missing element, that you allude to, but don’t expand on, is the concept of the “Collins Elite.”

    Allow me to summarize this elite:

    • Security levels and Compartments
    – Starts with the understanding that a Top Secret DOD (Department of Defense) or SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information; intelligence world) clearance is the first level of clearance required before one gets to SAP programs.
    – There are at least four levels of Top Secret (TS) special access programs (SAPs) that currently exist in the US DOD/Intel world:
    – Acknowledged top secret SAPs
    – (Security cleared) Congress (or staff) has access to full knowledge of program name, mission, budget, etc.
    – Unacknowledged top secret SAPs
    Cleared Congress (or staff) has access to full knowledge
    – Unacknowledged/Waived top secret SAPs
    – Program, Budget, customer, and mission are all highly classified
    – Only two Senators and two Congressmen are made aware of the program, typically at a very high level only
    – Typically referred to as a “Black” program
    – Completely Unacknowledged top secret SAPs
    – No acknowledgement or overview to the Congress
    – Accountable only to the agency that authorizes mission and money ostensibly related to a Presidential Order
    – Really known as “Deep Black” in the vernacular.
    – This level is itself not acknowledged; can’t be acknowledged for obvious reasons
    – Two agencies in particular make great use of this: CIA and NSA
    – With more than 25 years in this world, I personally have experience with levels 1 through 3 only. Level 4 is outside my scope.
    – Most of the high level UFO work is done at level 4. It is not acknowledged and specifically not even known except to those briefed into the compartment/program. Only leaks aid in the process of discovery.
    – This is likely a strong reason why Nick Pope is reluctant to spell out unambiguously what by definition is meant to be concealed at an unacknowledged level.
    • Formation of the Collins Elite
    – A number of intelligence agencies looking at the UFO situation are drawn into the orbit of a larger picture held by the CIA.
    – Army Intel; Naval Intel; Air Force Intel; Defense Intel Agency (DIA), etc.
    – This seems consistent with how high level exchange takes place; they contribute to larger efforts out of their own agencies and budgets.
    – A subgroup of this CIA-dominated and controlled compartment, informally sees things differently and begins to form a counterpoint voice to the research. They call themselves after a time the “Collins Elite.”
    – This seems plausible based on the discussions and factions I have seen over the years. Independent thinking is valued. Like-minded experts gather around themselves.
    – Over time, the Collins Elite position becomes more refined, more emphatic, more concerned.
    – One notes that most of these guys are industry old timers, with an old Christian worldview, having been in this covert intel circle for 30-40 years.
    – The Collins Elite seems to be an internal but informal collection of guys who maintain their independence of thought about matters in this highly classified and clearly controversial realm.
    • Review
    U.S. Intelligence agencies are trying to understand UFOs in early 1950s
    – Same intel agencies also trying to understand the occult sorcery of two key figures: Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons—and how it could be applied as a National Defense asset.
    – Deeply covert CIA-controlled intel group wants to pursue research on psychotronic weapons and remote viewing ‘technologies’ and embarks on a deluding journey, a perverted scheme and Faustian bargaining.
    – After years and decades of incremental research in this arena, several deaths more recently occur to test subjects in these realms; things are going badly awry.
    – A sub-group watching all this, loosely confederated, calling itself the “Collins Elite” begins to recognize this as completely occult, demonic/Satanic, and begins to organize itself as a counterpoint to the general research direction.
    – The Collins Elite begins to see a much larger and terrifying picture of what this whole unleashed enterprise is leading to; the connection to fallen angels, the Nephilim, and a plan for taking over the world.
    • Conclusion
    – This unsettling story has every indication of being true; it follows directly from everything you and I know about UFOs and their ultimately nefarious mission tied to an end-time prophetic scenario
    – Unraveling this further is loaded with known and unknown complexities—and that includes dangers.

    — provided by Gregory Richford, a Ball Aerospace contact who works with Advanced Systems & Technologies for Space Control & Special Missions.

    And, of course, your article is missing probably the most important piece of the puzzle. The Vatican. They have some of the world’s top astrophysicists (Jesuits), at Mt. Graham in AZ. Malachi Martin talks about satanic rituals in ’62. Nothing is off the table here. Exo-Vaticana ( coming out this Spring is literally going to blow a lot of folks minds.

    I do agree with you. This does have its terrestrial origins in Nimrod. Probably even back to Mt. Hermon. Then even back to the Garden of Eden. To the “War in Heaven,” of which probably preceded Adam and Eve. Science is not merely merging with theology. They have ALWAYS been tied at the hip. Most are just beginning to wake up, and realize for the first time in their lives, of this reality. “There is NOTHING new under the sun.” I think Newton was always aware of this. Check out his introduction in his “Principia.” Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, ALL aware of this as famed “anti-atomists.” One could go on forever here, with further examples and evidence to the fact. Tesla anyone? Even Einstein in his “Unified Field Theory.” Forget “relativity.” Even Newton, who points to those before him, debunked that eons ago. Relativity, along with Darwinism, are the linchpins of the atheist, turning out to be “straw men” destroyed before the genesis of their conception…

    • Preston James, Ph.D  March 2, 2013 at 8:17 am

      Excellent comment suggesting very deep personal knowledge and many, many years of hard core, real life experience. Yes, you know the system well and the Nephilim hypothesis is certainly believed by some who support this evil and want it, and others who are trying to expose it to stop it. Many who are part of it have no spiritual views until they hit the Psi wall of darkness and evil which generates deep fear unless one loves darkness and evil. And your points about the heavy duty compartmenting is so true. Even 5 years ago anyone talking about Beyond black was in extreme danger of being sanctioned and “disappeared” or arkensided. The last year not so. The only folks who are at extreme risk are the ones deeply involved who are turning because they can’t stand it anymore and can implicate the kissingers of the shadow govt, i.e. the twelve men that allegedly run it and the people who are victims of the usual jealosies and rivalries (there are plenty with these kinds of folks who run things).

      But despite the great front the SSG puts on, it is all breaking down, there is alleged to be a powerful Third force at work that is betraying all of its “believers” and cutouts. Many believe this force is Lucifer or the fallen angels (Nephilim or demons) that always dispose of the folks that do their dirty work. Some just think that the very nature of the system is the source of its own demise and evil is overtaking it because it is based on ministering death to the masses as war and starvation for profit and control. So the big fear now among some of these top controllers is that they have been deceived, used as cutouts are are now being disposed of and sidetracked by this up and coming Third Force which they do not understand.

      Yes, the Vatican has been acquiring many observatories lately. Why, no official declaration except that the Pope recently had said any alien beings would be welcomed into the Cathloic Church if they appear. Some think that the Vatican has placed a high premium on watching the stars for signs of the apocalypse and that is what this attention to observatories and astronomy is all about.

      One more factor that is playing out are the beliefs among some of those whom do not like where the shadow govt has been going with these technology abuses, is that they fear that lucifer has taken over at the top level (maybe always had control) and is bulding up this world wide high technology police state to devlop earthly omniscience and the ability to fight and defeat the returning Savior of mankind. If true this would mean that the SSG is being used to fight on the side of evil in a coming spiritual last battle with God Almighty and all these folks working for the SSG developing high tech weapons systems and spy system to dominate the world are really working against their own race (humanity) on behalf of evil entities who want to use, abuse and destroy mankind and may be well on their way to doing so. In any event, expect the SSG to eventually self destruct from all these petty jealousies and strong forces at play. Messing with Psi power ALWAYS seems to bite the hand that feeds it, always. And the SSG is deeply addictyed to it and the power it promises to dominate mankind and keep themselves at the top of the pyramid. Many of these “seniors” in the SSG are close to death and hangin on with advanced genetic injections of stem cell, etc. Despite all this there are rumors that many are failing before they think they can create the key to eternal life, and they are engaged in a mad race to beat death which stalks them daily.

    • OrdinarySerf  March 2, 2013 at 11:50 am

      Absolutely stunning commentary from klaatuaquinas and yourself Dr James. I am wondering where the Serge Monast, Project Blue Beam information, together with the Satanic symbolism and (aborted?) planned hit on the London Olympics last summer may fit in with all this……any credibility – does anyone have any views ?

    • shachalnur  March 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm

      Before the London Olympics the Elite started to unravel.
      Therefore the erratic decisionmaking on the highest level.
      If ,or when,the Beast exists, it was created by the ones that control the knowledge and have the power to hide it.
      The Beast was programmed to serve the interests of the top of the Pyramid.
      As the Elite unravels ,the Beast will go on the way it was programmed.
      The Beast became uncontrolable because his”physical” creator wants it all.
      All planned operations worldwide have been frozen since 2012.
      The Beast is fighting itself.
      The Beast became schizofrenic.
      A Golem.

    • KatherineA  March 8, 2013 at 1:54 pm

      “Messing with Psi power ALWAYS seems to bite the hand that feeds it, always. ”

      I think you are incorrect. I think the heart of the problem is trying to control others. This applies whether you are trying to control your family with your fists, control a community with guns, controlling others through money, or controlling others with psychic abilities. It is wrong and totally unnecessary to control others with any of these means. This desire is usually based on fear.

      Guns, fists, money, and psychic abilities can all be used for protection. I think everyone here would agree that we have a right to protect ourselves. It can be tempting to use these abilities to control others; like it’s tempting to control others with guns and weapons. However, it’s also much easier to get away with controlling others when you are the only one possessing said weapons. Saying no one should learn how to use their psychic abilities because some people abuse them is like saying everyone should turn in their guns because of a few crazed killers.

  8. dalethorn  March 1, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Maybe we should ask the question differently. Not “does the Beast exist?”, but “when does it exist?”, because (as one knowledgable about brains and computers) it surely does, in one stage or another.

  9. Mike Kay  March 1, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Dr. James,
    I would surmise that the latest suicide policies championed by our pond scum/aka elected representatives are thus arrived at via an intelligence devoid of understanding where it came from, or where its going, thus possessing a unique and utterly unjustifiable base line construct that it is, therefore it will be.
    What is especially interesting about life on this planet, is that it is often thrown curve balls.
    We will see how long the corporate suicide jocks can stay in the drivers seat.

  10. OrdinarySerf  March 1, 2013 at 6:11 pm


    That is probably the most extraordinary and thought provoking article I have ever read on VT. Amazing – a kind of global Deep Blue v Kasparov. Have clicked on and downloaded / saved all the links at the bottom of the article, but haven’t had time to read them yet. Lord Rees has been the Astronomer Royal for something like 20 years and I have always been interested in anything he is involved with.

    I think the last paragraph of your essay is an important consideration here and glad you put it in.

    (For the record Kasparov one the first 6 game match and Deep Blue squeezed past him on the second)

  11. truthman  March 1, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Only one problem with your hypothesis, Dr. James… these crazy-ass, non-human, evil and utterly despicable governmental directions didn’t just start 10 years ago. They’ve been going on in THIS country for 100 years (minimum) and in the world for possibly 3000 years. I don’t think the “Beast” is a good excuse for that, but I DO understand our overlords trying ANYTHING to shift the blame before they are burned at the stake, beheaded, made to slide down the razor blade in to a vat of alcohol, etc., etc..

    • Preston James, Ph.D  March 1, 2013 at 6:09 pm

      Good point. This thing seems to go way back to Babylon, especially the money part. The Red Star was a Babylonian symbol of authority. It has been used by many countries including the USA to signify authority, especially of implements of war. But the question always remains, it is displayed to represent the authority of whom and for what?

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