Israel-Palestine: THE question

Where are their hands?
Where are their hands?

Israel-Palestine: THE question


By Alan Hart


There is one absolute pre-condition for ending the Israel-Palestine conflict by diplomacy and negotiations on the basis, as it would have to be, of justice for the Palestinians and peace with security for all.

It is that the Jews acknowledge:

(1) that a terrible wrong was done to the Palestinians by Zionism in the name of all Jews everywhere – the terrible wrong being the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, a process that continues to this day slowly and by stealth on the occupied West Bank; and

(2) that this wrong must be addressed. THE question arising is this: Why are most Jews unable and/or unwilling to acknowledge the wrong done to the Palestinians?

My Gentile answer begins with a short, one-sentence statement that begs another question.

Most Jews do not want to know about Zionism’s crimes.

The question is – why don’t they want to know?

A longer version of the question is something like this. Why are the minds of most Jews open only to Zionism’s version of the history of the making and sustaining of the conflict, a version which asserts for propaganda purposes that Israel is the victim and not the aggressor and oppressor it actually is, and closed to the truth including the fact that Israel was created mainly by Zionism terrorism and ethnic cleansing?

In my analysis the key to understanding why most Jewish minds are closed to the truth about Zionism’s crimes is in a single word – fear. Of what? That there will one day be another great turning against the Jews. and that when it comes they will need Israel as their refuge of last resort. In this way of thinking the Zionist state is their insurance policy. So, they believe, they must not do or say anything that could assist Israel’s enemies and put their insurance policy at risk. And that means, among other things, not challenging Zionism’s version of history.

Given the fact that Jews were persecuted on and off down the centuries, there is a case for saying that in the immediate aftermath of the Nazi holocaust a Jewish perception of the need for Israel as an insurance policy was not irrational. But there is also a very strong case for saying that because of the Nazi holocaust the monster of anti-Semitism would have gone back to sleep, probably remained asleep, and might even have died in its sleep if Zionism had not been allowed by the major powers to have its way. (More on this in a moment).

In other words, there is a case for saying that after the Nazi holocaust, and because of it, the perception of the need for Israel as an insurance policy became irrational with the passing of the years.

The evidence which supports this case is the completeness of the acceptance by the overwhelming majority of non-Jewish Europeans and North Americans of their fellow Jewish citizens. European and North American Jews had never had it so good. Anti-Semitism still existed to some degree in the shadows but throughout the second half of the 20th century there was never the danger that it would emerge from the shadows and go on the rampage again anywhere in the Western world.

Why then did most European and North American Jews cling to the view that they still needed or might need Israel as a refuge of last resort?

The short answer is that Zionism conditioned them to believe that the world has always hated Jews and always will, and that’s why, Zionism asserted, it must do whatever is necessary, without question, to preserve the “Jewish state” as a refuge of last resort for all Jews.

One of many truths about Zionism is that it needs anti-Semitism in order to justify its policies and actions. (In recent weeks I have been monitoring the comments on a number of web sites and I have come to the conclusion that Zionist assets are most probably the originators of much of the anti-Semitic poison that is spewed out).

The problem today as I understand it is that what became in my opinion (as stated above) an irrational fear in many Jewish minds is in the process of being transformed into a rational fear. That’s quite a complicated thought and I’ll now do my best to explain what I mean.

What we witnessing in the world today, provoked by Israel’s policies and actions in defiance of international law and UN Security Council resolutions, is a rising tide of anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism (meaning opposition to Zionism’s colonial enterprise). Contrary to what Zionism is seeking to make the Jews of the world believe, criticism of Israel’s policies and actions is not by definition a manifestation of anti-Semitism, but… There is a very real danger that anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism could be transformed into anti-Semitism.

The implication seems to me to be this. Throughout most if not all of the second half of the 20th century there was an opportunity for European and North American Jews to let reason be their guide and conclude that they were not going to need Israel as a refuge of last resort. If they had come to that conclusion, they would have been free to acknowledge the wrong done to the Palestinians by Zionism; and that acknowledgement could have opened the door to a real peace process.

But not now. The days when that could have happened are gone. The more Israel becomes isolated and perceived as a pariah state, and the more successful Zionism is at convincing most Jews of the world that what is happening is an indicator that anti-Semitism will be going on the rampage again, the more likely it is that the need of most Jews to keep their minds closed to the truth of history will be reinforced.

Last question for now.

Is there nothing that can be done to cause the closed minds of most Jews to be opened, at least to the point of acknowledging the wrong done to the Palestinians by Zionism?

If the answer is “No” I think the future is predictable – a final Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine followed by Holocaust II, shorthand for another great turning against the Jews. In that event what I call the greatest paradox in all of human history would be clear to all. The Zionist state was created to save the Jews from anti-Semitism but became, as many Jews prior to the Nazi holocaust feared would be the case, the agency that provoked anti-Semitism. (And that’s why I insisted on Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews being the title of my book, even though it is about much, much more than that title suggests).

In the past I have touched on something that could be done to assist the Jews of the world, European and American Jews especially, to open their closed minds. I called for a New Covenant, not between the Jews and their God but between the Jews and the Gentiles.

For their part of the deal, and to assist Jews to see that they didn’t need Israel as a refuge of last resort, the Gentiles would commit to slaying the monster of anti-Semitism. An undertaking to let the monster die in its sleep would not be good enough, I said. There would have to be evidence that a stake was being driven into its heart.

For their part of the deal the Jews of the world would commit to making common cause with those of all faiths and none who were calling and campaigning for peace based on justice for the Palestinians with security for all.

When I look at that idea in writing it seems trite. But perhaps it’s better than no idea.







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  1. Mr. Hart, thank you… you know Israel was never interested in any peace with the Palestinians, past present or the future. Israel since its founding wanted Eretz Israel from the from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean Sea and since 67 perhaps settled for Israel from the Jordan Rover to the Mediterranean Sea and of course with the intent of “transferring” Palestinians to East Jordan thus creating a Palestinian-Jordanian state.
    Oslo was a gift from heaven. It allowed Israel to legally and officially populates areas it occupied since 67 and its agreement with the PLO facilitated all of that. It is wishful thinking perhaps “wet dream” for the Palestinian leadership of Abbas and company to ever have a Palestinian State, it will never happens even if Abbas agrees to a Vatican City like state. Both Abbas and his Israeli partners know that very well, however each side is buying time. Israel is buying time to squeeze the Palestinians out of what is left and the PLO and Abbas are buying time for Israel to do what it needs to do and then tell the people Ah well, it is too late and for Palestinians to accept the inevitable.
    The ONLY solution forward is a ONE STATE and that could not happens as long as the PLO continues to lead and remain in charge… It is in total collusion with Israel.

  2. Alan – why do you keep referring to yourself as a “Gentile”? I know of no Gentile who feels the need to go around stressing that he is a Gentile. We know who we are – others can usually tell who we are by our looks and by our behavior.

    That goes for Jews, too. Most of the time, people can tell.

  3. This nicey nicey approach has got humanists nowhere with these contrary to all men types for 64 years now. You cannot reason with a psychopath.

  4. The Holocaust,and the official lies after that were created by Zionists ,controlled by Rothschild,in order to create the state of Israel.
    As long as Israel was run by bankerslaves(Labor-Maarach) things went well for the Bankers.
    First they took control of Israel “proper”.(1949)
    In 1967 they took the Golan,West Bank and Sinai desert.
    In 1973 Kissinger let the Israeli’s “bleed”,telling Golda there no problem at the border.
    1977 -Watershed -Likud takes control of Israel.
    “Peace” with Egypt ,Sinai back to Egypt.
    The most rabid zionists call Likud,Nethanyahu traitors.
    If Zionists ever thought “Greater Israel” was an option,they should have done it before 1977.
    When there were no mobile phones and internet,no peeping tom’s and party poops.
    When Iran was still under the Shah.
    The creators of Israel and their Labor slaves couldn’t fullfill their plan because of this coup in 1977.
    When the Bankers got some of the power back,there were wars again,2006 Hezbollah,2009 Gaza.
    They are still trying to wrestle back the power.
    Israel was always planned as a timebomb,only control over this bomb is in the hands of Israeli’s now.
    Rabin was killed by his masters.
    Keeping Zionism alive guaranteed Jewish support through fear,because of the anti -jewish feelings it creates.
    When Likud is in power there’s no wars,Arabs prefer to deal with Likud ,because they know what they’re dealing with.
    The chance that a wider peace accord will be reached in the Middle East soon,while US and Europe will be enslaved,is a lot bigger than Shalom Juitsie completing her wet dream of gathering enough “real men” to have another go at her beloved Jews.

    • Israel and Zionism is a smoke screen- a way to get ppl focused on a smaller issue-the real issue-a JWO is what counts, it’s why Mr. hart can preach his anti Zionism and the jews won’t take him out-It’s always been about total world domination-that’s why there will be no peace in Israel-there will be no real accommadation with Palestinians and there will be more and more assertions of power taken from the people in the US-and the jews will keep whining till they remove their costumes, take down the curtains revealing ugly prisoner walls and announce they are in total control. At that point,they will qiuit playing games, quit whining and tell you what you can and can not do ,with no means to appeal

    • How did you become so myopic,paranoid?
      Is it a trauma?
      Did your parents shlepp you away from Russia to Israel?
      Were you treated like shit by Israeli for not being Jewish “enough”?
      Did you delve into the history of how “Jews” messed up Russia a hundred years ago?
      Is that the reason for this obsessive drive to bloodlibel Jews?
      Happy to see that you agree Israel and Zionism is a “smokescreen”.
      Most people think Israel rules the planet.
      If you lived in Israel,as you claim ,you know very well that 90% of Israeli jews are much to busy making ends meet,than “announcing they are in total control of the US.”
      Calm down a bit,you’re not helping anyone like this.
      You’ll be eaten by bitterness and selfhate.

    • my bios says I’m from Israel-it also says I live in New Yoik!Actually, I’m a jew whose not a jew who has become an assimilated American. I think them jews be crazy!Thanks, but I already got a psychiatrist. his name is Dr. Green! :*

    • Happy to hear you’re still seeing Dr.Green.
      “A Jew who’s not (really) a Jew”?
      You might just be able to hang on,with Dr. Green , your new Dad,and enough sleep.
      Pass the Djuitchsie on the left hand side.

  5. Eric and Brian while both of you are correct,if Mr Hart wrote a book and his 1st line was the holocaust was a lie.It’d be dead in the water.He has written about the lie (antisemitism) that was made from a bigger lie (holocaust) but to write that in a book and hope to sell it or publish it would be very hard,he has shed light on a huge lie and i wouldn’t be surprised if he thought exactly the same as us …

  6. Mr Hart, will you please stop referring to the holocaust as an historical fact as it has been proved that it is nothing but a fairy tale and has been used to beat down anybody who criticizes the Zionist state of Israel.

  7. Alan, you have some important things to say but then you ruin it by promoting a big lie, the Holocaust. Have a chat with Mark Weber.

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