The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez


The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez

Chavez Banner in Cuba

By Michael Shrimpton


As I may have observed in a posted comment, before an IT snafu made uploading comments problematic, Hugo Chavez was already dead.  Precisely when he did snuff it is a matter for informed speculation within INTELCOM.

I incline to the view that he shuffled off the mortal coil before Christmas.  There is no confirmation of his being alive at any time after early December.  When the Cubans sent him back to Venezuela they were sending back a body.  Admittedly it was a warm body, not a cold body, but it was a body nonetheless.  With artificial respiration you can go on pretending that a dead ‘polly’ is still alive months after he has become an ex-politician and fallen off his perch.

Usually it’s a question of being able to hang onto a signature for offshore accounts, or use existing account codes.  It can be easier to shift money before the death is confirmed.  That may have been a factor, as Chavez was into MTN trading, but I suspect in this case the delay was prompted by the need to line up a successor and maintain German control of Venezuela.  DVD again, of course.  Chavez was one of their biggest assets south of the border.

Forget the cheerful hospital bed photos with his family.  I gather he wasn’t that cheerful anyway.  Those piccies were probably taken months ago, indeed they probably had a whole bunch more taken.  It was a bit like bin Laden videotapes.  Al Qaeda probably still have a few of those in their dodgy video library.

The claim that the CIA gave him the cancer is just plain silly.  The CIA are nice people.  They just don’t go around poisoning people, at least not without a very good reason.  The DVD (it stands for Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst by the way) have developed a method of coating cancerous cells with certain types of virus.  This allows them to assassinate people by giving them cancer, the last known case being poor old Christopher Story FRSA, a friend, in 2010.  Induced cancers tend to be quite aggressive by the way, not by accident.

Certain people in Caracas know this, hence the anxieties over a possible assassination.  The illness seems to have taken a natural form however.  The CIA simply don’t have that level of access to DVD-developed biological weapons.  They require tests on human subjects by the way, not something the CIA would be into.

Chavez’s death makes a war between Britain and Venezuela less likely.  Chavez had been making noises about entering the next Falklands War on the side of the Bad Guys, a.k.a. Argentina.   There will be another war in the South Atlantic, but it looks now like it will be a straight fight between Argentina and the UK.

The referendum result has not been announced at the time of writing, but I predict a vote in favour of staying British, with the numbers approaching those Obama might get in a dodgy ward in Chicago.  It won’t quite be Obama numbers (i.e. it will be less than 110%), but it won’t be far short.  We should then reinforce the islands and ramp up development expenditure.  We could take it from the useless overseas aid programs, which usually do more harm than good anyway.

The First Falklands War was a classic example of the price of failing to adhere to the principles of that great Roman general Vegetius.  Si vis pacem para bellum.  I am all in favor of a loving, peaceful world.  The problem is that the Bad Guys aren’t.  They have to be deterred.  The motto was well expressed by that nice man Curtis LeMay and his boys in SAC – “Peace is our Profession.”   It sure was, and they kept it.

Cameron is a weak leader and is cutting defense.  He is repeating the same mistakes the Thatcher Government made in the run up to the first war, when they slashed the Royal Navy and withdrew HMS Endurance.

Since I cannot upload comments at the moment, only articles, I will reply if I may to any sensible questions.  I shall not rise to the abuse from Steve and the other trolls!  I have never had anything to do with DISA, but I have of course heard of the Defense Systems Information Agency.  They do good work, but not at the level where they could be expected to know of the DVD.  The NSA are aware, but the intel tends to be confined to senior people.  DSIA are more a technical support agency than an intelligence agency.  Of course they are in the front line of the cyber war, and I do not devalue the work that they do, but they are not the folk to go to if you want the big picture.

Talking of big pictures I can warmly recommend A Good Day to Die Hard, if you want to give your brain a rest.  There are other ways of resting your brain of course, like listening to Democrats, or reading the Washington Post.  It’s good fun and the helo scenes are great.  Some of the technical comments are correct.  Hanging a military truck off the end of your helicopter will affect your CG.  I like Bruce Willis.  I think he’s a good actor.  The Die Hard movies are great entertainment.  That’s what it’s all about.

As I predicted Cameron’s leadership is coming under question.  Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has been setting out her stall.  Frankly she has as much chance of winning the leadership of the Conservative Party as Mother Theresa had of making Pope.

Michael Shrimpton

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Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, currently suspended of course, called to the Bar in London in 1983. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism.

He has wide ranging connections both in Western Intelligence agencies and amongst ex-Soviet Bloc agencies. The late Generaloberst Markus Wolf, of the Stasi and DVD, was one of his contacts. Michael has earned respect in the intelligence community for his analysis of previously unacknowledged post-WWII covert operations against the West by the German DVD organization based in Dachau, near Munich, Germany, and its British, French and American client agencies.

These continue to the present day, as politicians and the media are too nervous of standing up to them.

Michael was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters level to inter alia serving intelligence officers. He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and briefed in staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11.

In the wake of that murderous attack he addressed panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles organized by the respected Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Fellow panelists included a former head of Special Operations Command and a former Commander of the US Atlantic Fleet.

Michael's active assistance to Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies in the Global War on Terror produced some notable successes, including the exposure of the Abu Ghraib 'hood' photograph as a fake.

His work on strategic intelligence took him to the Pentagon and he has also met with senior advisors to the President of the Russian Federation, in Moscow, in November 2005. He participated in the Global Strategic Review conference in Geneva in 2005 and was a speaker at both the Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) in 2005, and the Intelligence Summit in 2006, each at Crystal City.

In 2006 he was flown out to, and flew off from, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65), as part of the US Navy's Distinguished Visitor Program. She was then working up her air group off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, before operational deployment to the Persian Gulf. It is comparatively unusual for a foreign civilian to complete a carrier landing and launch cycle.

Michael's ground-breaking, 700 page intelligence text "Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence" was published in England by June Press in April 2014. It features on a number of intelligence syllabuses, as does intelligence analysis prepared by Michael, e.g. on the brutal 2003 assassination of British weapons scientist Dr David Kelly CMG.

In their unlawful raid on Michael’s home in Wendover, Buckinghamshire in April 2012 Thames Valley Police officers seized the manuscript of Spyhunter and all of Michael’s onshore backups. Publication was only possible because the draft had been backed up offshore. The police hung onto the seized copies long after it was decided not to use them as evidence.

In November 2014 Michael was convicted at Southwark Crown Court by a tampered-with jury panel on two bogus bomb-hoax charges. Prior to bringing in the police the British Ministry of Defence, after consulting with the Cabinet Office, destroyed their recordings of Michael’s initial contact and qualified intelligence briefing re a DVD operation to target the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics using a stolen Russian SS-N-19 warhead.

Happily the NSA intercepted both Michael’s call to MOD and their call to him (on a number he had provided) and the intercepts are now in the hands of MI5.

As Michael’s distinguished Veterans Today colleagues Gordon Duff and Ben Fulford have confirmed on this website, his intelligence briefing to MOD was substantially correct and two warheads, both off an SS-19, were recovered by the US. After inspection the Department of Energy estimated their yield at 20KT.

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  1. Glad to hear that Steve…..there are some very brave people out there and here on VT also. Just noticed a p**$ poor typo in my previous comment, if you ‘know’ what I mean !

  2. Really? That’s interesting, when I heard he was an Argie I wondered immediately how it would translate regarding the Falklands. Of course this will just get shrimp even more riled, but he loves big odds, after all, the DVD was not enough for him, now he can take on the Vatican too, and the Jesuits. Maybe chuck in the Freemasons for good measure, he could handle the lot with one arm tied behind his back. Go easy on HIs Holiness Mike, he is an old man after all.

  3. New Pope elected today. Francis I, of Argentina; Francis being an obvious reference to St. Francis of Assisi. The first pope from the New World. He sounds interesting, clashed with Argentina’s President. He is also not favored by the Curia, and has a mandate to clean them out. Since they all lost their jobs when the previous Pope resigned, the new guy has a free hand.

    • Pope Francis’ name assuredly also refers to St. Francis Xavier, legendary missionary, co-founder of the Jesuits, the pope’s own order. It will take a missionary to clean up the church bureaucracy.

  4. Utterly ludicrous tripe from shrimp’s fevered shrimp-brain as usual, without one iota of supporting evidence, regarding his ‘DVD’ claims. Not much more need be said, that other commenters have not said already.

    However here is a theory. The near omnipotent ‘Digital Video Disc’ agency (that can’t quite manage to cramp shrimp’s style however) rigged the referendum vote, as they are obviously able to do, with all their London and other high level assets. In fact it was the reverse of what is claimed, ie 99% in favor of joining Argentina, but the ‘DVD’ felt sorry for Britain, with all its current problems, so decided to give it a bit of a fillip as a last hurrah before the collapse, with an Adolf-style majority. Absurd? Welcome to shrimpsville.

    • Btw there is no evidence Vegetius was a general or even soldier, he is generally thought of as an armchair scholar. But shrimp never lets the facts get in the way of his own raving.

    • Or maybe he is just reaching the Vegetative stage of brain function, as is wont to happen when it is overfed with absurd paranoid delusional fantasy.

  5. Here, we have it again: the same mantra about “DVD” and “Al Qaeda” from Michael Shrimpton

    Inflated egos and narcissistic personalities tend to view the world and those who populate it from a perch, disconnected from firm ground.

    Shrimpton, with all the bravado, he can muster, does not even reach the dust level,late Hugo Chávez might have raised while alive, when walking firmly and purposefully in the barrios of Caracas to greet his people and ensure that its conditions of living were improving.

    Shrimpton is a warmonger-missionary, without portefeuille, living in the clouds, who thinks of himself as “the thinking head-strategist” of the GB Neocons. He will never admit that he is dying of lust to be an insider of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, controlling the City of London and GB Institutions. His last client was Pinochet. That a very good indication of where he stands.

    • I agree as well. Thanks for saving my time on making that comment. I honestly thought it was an article written with humour or sarcasms for the least. So Argentina are the “bad guys”. Germany suddenly controls Venezuela. And the CIA are the ”good ones” incapable of killing leaders of other countries or important people like che guevara for instance or JFK and the patsy, and the list goes on and on but I’m not going to elaborate an essay on this joke. I honestly just laughed and will remember this writer so I don’t waste my time reading this dream like far fetched fairy tales.

    • Stephen et al,
      By all means have a good time now, but I think you better be prepared to eat crow when Mr. Shrimpton’s book Spyhunter is released.

    • Re: Mr Shrimpton encountering similar problems Stephen; if you go back to his article on Secret Societies / DVD from June last year, you will see that he has had huge obstruction from Whitehall and Thames Valley Police regarding that book. In fact, I don’t think he can get it published in the UK and is looking to a US publisher. It will be an interesting read, know doubt trashed in the reviewers section of Amazon by people called Steve / Stephen !

    • JS you are such a fanboy for shrimp it is embarrassing. Where is your self-respect man? As for shrimp’s book, wasn’t it supposed to be out already? Don’t tell me the DVD is actually getting the upper hand for once in the Battle of the Titans? Will make handy toilet paper when available.

    • About eating crow. I’m counting on Spyhunter to explain a great deal that the articles don’t touch. If I’m wrong about that, I’ll eat the crow. Better yet, I’ll do a James Carville imitation. He had made a political prediction that didn’t work out. On live TV, he didn’t just admit he had been wrong. He grabbed an empty wastepaper basket, and put it over his head.

      I HAVE noticed that Mr. Shrimpton’s articles include some odd statements, the kind that make you say, “What!” or maybe, “Bloody hell!” And then I remember that libel laws being what they are, it’s safer to say how incredibly NICE some people are, especially when talking about people who are NOT nice. Rahnameh noticed this, and commented on it. Mind you, some of the nice people really ARE nice. We have to figure out which. I have my own method for doing that, but I’m not sharing it just yet.

      No, I don’t expect a free book! I have published authors in my family, and they have never given me a free book.

    • Yes, agree JS. We’re all aware of certain things in these missives jumping out at us and thinking …where the hell did the logic on that come from ? But one has to think of the probable contact levels and the risks he could well be taking; Gordon pointed this out early on in the comments section on one of these articles.

    • Well JS I hope you will be holding out for some actual evidence to back the claims, and commensurate with their extraordinariness at that, so far you have just been taking everything on trust, woefully misplaced at that to all appearances thus far.

    • It’s not meanness, but fear that I might criticize, as some friends and relatives did. I wouldn’t critique their work unless asked. I recall that Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books were often criticized, to his face. His answer: “Well, I’m sure you explained it a lot better in your own book.” That tends to shut people up. I’m pretty easy-going. One thing that does bother me, though, is when someone whose first language is English uses a phrase like, “I wait with baited breath”, instead of the correct “bated breath”.I have to wonder, what do they use as bait? And what are they trying to catch? I’m not the only one with this pet peeve. The ABC comedy show Last Man Standing has an Outdoor Man Catalog, and this week’s entry is an ad for Baited Breath Fishing Lures.

  6. For the sake of the Falklands’ residents, I hope there is no war!

    Falklands referendum vote results, from Reuters today: 99.8% voted to remain a British territory.
    “The official count on Monday showed 99.8 percent of islanders voted in favor of remaining a British Overseas Territory in the two-day poll, which was rejected by Argentina as a meaningless publicity stunt. There only three “no” votes out of about 1,500 cast.

    “Surely this must be the strongest message we can get out to the world,” said Roger Edwards, one of the Falklands’ assembly’s eight elected members.

    “That we are content, that we wish to retain the status quo … with the right to determine our own future and not become a colony of Argentina.”

    Pro-British feeling is running high in the barren and blustery islands that lie off the tip of Patagonia, at the southern end of South America. Turnout was 92 percent among the 1,649 Falklands-born and long-term residents registered to vote.”

    • Yes that’s right it was real close, a few more ships sunk and the expedition might well have failed, Argentina ran out of effective ordnance, partly because their pilots were not pressing home quite resolutely enough. Britain was darned lucky not to have had a fiasco, but it was a tinpot regime after all. That said, a renewal is highly unlikely, one only need look at Argentina’s military and economic weakness to see it just ain’t on, they are aiming at a peaceful victory in the long run.

    • What I was referring to is basically what you say, letting go too low for the weapons to arm, which was because they wanted to avoid the flak you mention. They did score quite a few hits but a first class air force would have done better, with corresponding results for Britain. You make a good point about motivation, who really wants to die for a crap regime? Musso had the same problem. Also they muffed the invasion, some jumping too soon to score points, giving Britain more time to respond, and clearly they had not really prepared to take on a top notch army, however overextended. It was a combination of skill, guts and sheer bloody luck that saved the day for Maggie and the Union Jack, but it was close, as are most of Britain’s wars, at least when fought without the US. One can’t help but feel however that one day the luck at least will run out.

      Btw were you there?

  7. So in Shrimpton’s strange disinfo universe, the Germans are the bad guys who “control Venezuela”, while the CIA are the good guys who would never conduct tests on people. Has Shrimpton never heard about MK Ultra, “renditions” or “enhanced interrogation”? But I concur with Chavez that it is more likely that the Mossad was after him than the CIA.
    In the next elections Henrique Capriles Radonski will be their man. For those who want to see Jewish conspiracies everywhere, grandson of Holocaust survivors, Radonski is a “fervent Catholic”, which only shows that the age old Marrano-trick is still been used in Catholic countries so long after 1492.

  8. From the article:

    The claim that the CIA gave him the cancer is just plain silly. The CIA are nice people. They just don’t go around poisoning people, at least not without a very good reason.

    Brian: LOL!

    Chavez stated on a video, hopefully it was translated correctly, the Mossad wanted to kill him. It’s likely the Mossad gave Chavez cancer.

    By the way the Mossad did 911, the Underwear bomber, the 7/7 London bombing and most terrorist events blamed on Muslims.

    • They did the same with Arafat. Tzipi Livni has also poisoned an Arab scientist. Nice people those Israelis!

    • “The claim that the CIA gave him the cancer is just plain silly. The CIA are nice people. They just don’t go around poisoning people, at least not without a very good reason.”

      Yeah, like getting caught flying a U2 over the Soviet Union. Then they are supposed to take a cyanide pill but they don’t always. Like when Francis Gary Powers embarrassed the hell out of Eisenhower showing the whole world that he was a liar. And plotting to poisen Castro with his own favorite cigars laced with botulism toxin. Lucky for Castro that the head of the mob (Myer Lansky) during the time the CIA was plotting to bump him off was Jewish like his mother Lina Rus Castro.

    • If you can believe the news Castro had pelvic cancer – cancer of the bone. Cancer of the bone is most closely associated with radium ingestion but it takes from 15 to 20 years to develop. Chavez’s criticism of Israel is a recent phenomena. But it does look suspicious. When leaders start to criticize Israel it is time for them to go. At least that is what they want you to think.

      There is a dubious story about Jews poisoning their front man Stalin but I believe the official version of him dying of a stroke. I don’t believe that doctors were using coumarin (rat poison) to thin the blood at the time that Stalin died.

      But Stalin did believe that some Jewish doctors were trying to poison him. Then there is the ridiculous story that Stalin had turned against the Jews and was going to massacre them like he did to all the other ethnic groups (who were all Orthodox Christians) so some Jews popped a few poison pills in his mouth. Right out of the Book of Esther.

      Esther|8:17 And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

  9. Nice piece and I enjoy your thoughts and M. Python riffs. Good to rise above the trolls too. Sad that they pollute here but big mouths feel the need to wag like unwiped orifices. I will check out the movie.

    • That last one to Tom. D.

      Not banned Stephen, but sometimes can’t be bothered with some of the rot here, that spoils the whole pot as far as I am concerned. The odd laugh is not worth the general pain shrimp inflicts with his reeking filth.

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