The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New World Order

“Sexual freemasons” get it on with Satan between the “Twin Towers,” I mean the “Twin Pillars,” of Hiram the builder

by Kevin Barrett


Why did the the Catholic church remove the expression “the world order” from the transcript of yesterday’s speech by Cardinal Sodomo – I’m sorry, make that Cardinal Sodano?

Robert Moynihan, the very mainstream “Inside the Vatican” correspondent, was so perplexed by this bizarre act of censorship that he spent  637 words analyzing it yesterday. Here is an extract from Moynihan’s “Inside the Vatican Letter #44“:

Anyway, this evening, I was not going to send out a letter, and then, reading the Italian press, I came across an odd little item, which caught my attention.
I am always interested in “little” details like this. As they say, “the devil is in the details.
Ok, here is the story.
Below is a link to a website where I read a curious comment from a reader.
The reader says that the official text of the homily of Cardinal Sodano today is  incorrect, in that it omits two words that Sodano actually spoke when he gave the homily.
What were those two words? The commenter says they were: “world order” (“ordine mondiale”).
Here is the comment in Italian:
“Strano, il testo ufficiale dell` omelia del card. Sodano non corrisponde a ciò che ha detto in Basilica, e che ho ascoltato, le parole ‘ordine mondiale,’ che del resto mi avevano colpita e lasciata estereffatta, sono sparite.” [“Strange, the official text of the homily of Cardinal Sodano does not correspond to what he said in the Basilica, and what I myself heard, the words ‘world order,’ which moreover struck me and left me terrified, have disappeared.”]
Link: Oggi Sodano, otto anni fa Ratzinger i toni dell’omelia pre-Conclave (Gualtieri)
Then, as I continued to read the Italian press, I came across an Italian journalist who also heard the same thing, and then published it this way:
“Gli ultimi Pontefici sono stati artefici di tante iniziative benefiche anche verso i popoli e la comunità internazionale, promovendo senza sosta la giustizia e la pace e l’ordine mondiale – ha proseguito Sodano – preghiamo perché il futuro Papa possa continuare quest’incessante opera a livello mondiale”.
In other words, writing his article, this journalist had quoted Sodano’s speech with those two words included — even though those words are not in the official text distributed by the Vatican. He did this, evidently, because he heard the words. Here is a link to that report: Sodano: “Preghiamo che Dio conceda un Papa dal cuore generoso”
Curious, I wondered: Did Sodano use those words, or not?
Just a little question, really. What had he actually said?
So, I started looking at videos of the homily.
And I found that, yes, it was true. Sodano did use those words. Here is the video of the homily:

If you go to 10 minutes and 30 seconds, up to 10 minutes 45 seconds, you will hear the passage in question. Sodano says: “che gli ultimi pontifici sono stati artefici di tante iniziative di benefiche, verso i singoli, verso i popoli, verso la communita internazionale, promovendo la pace, la giustizia, l’ordine mondiale…” In English: “the last pontiffs have been artificers of very many  beneficial initiatives, toward individuals, toward peoples, toward the international community, promoting peace, justice, the world order.”
But, in the official text as distributed by the Vatican, the words “world order” do not appear.

Moynihan doesn’t come right out and state which “devil” is hidden in these details. After all, he has a job as Vatican correspondent to protect.

But here at VT we are unencumbered by such niceties.

So let’s just blurt it on out: Cardinal Sodano – who has been implicated in not only covering up the Vatican’s sex abuse scandal of the century, but also in standing “in solidarity” with Maciel, the Vatican’s worst pedophile criminal ever – inserted a little “nod and a wink” towards his New World Order colleagues, the “sexual freemasons.” And the Vatican censors removed it.

So who, exactly, are these “sexual freemasons” of the New World Order?

For a clue, let’s turn to Moynihan’s Letter #42, in which he quotes a woman he considers a reliable source, about an “attempt to thwart Benedict’s plan” to chase the gay crime lobby, a.k.a. the sexual freemasons, out of the church:

“They may try (to thwart Benedict’s clean-up),” she said. “There will be the various lobbies and groups. One is the group around Cardinal Sodano — Re, Ruini, Sardi, Sandri — they are sometimes called “Sodane con Maciel” for “Sodale con Maciel” (“in solidarity with Maciel”). They resisted Scicluna’s exposure, on Ratzinger’s orders, of the activities of Maciel.

Who is this “Father Maciel” that Cardinal Sodano stands in solidarity with?

Only the Vatican’s worst serial-pedophile criminal and swindler of the 20th century…maybe of all time.

Maybe instead of “Sodane con Maciel” it should be “Sodomy con Maciel.”

The Church admits that Maciel, the Vatican’s leading fundraiser of the post-WWII era, molested “less than 100” children. Those are just the ones we know about.

For details, check out the latest Newsweek article, Father Marcial Maciel And The Popes He Stained. (One hopes the word “stained” is not meant literally.)

Maciel had illegitimate children by various women around the world, under various fake identities…and molested them. He told one of his mistresses that he was a CIA agent. That way she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

The church knew about Maciel’s sexual and financial hijinks for many years, and did nothing…except accuse Maciel’s victims of lying.

And the leader of the cover-up was Cardinal Sodano.  The “New World Order”-loving Dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo Sodano, repeatedly pressured Popes – including John Paul II (whom he apparently “owned”) and Benedict XVI (whom he apparently did not) to cover up the crimes of Maciel.

This, it now appears, is the main reason Pope Benedict resigned. After seeing the results of the thorough investigation he had demanded, and learning that Sodano and other high-level Vatican officials were implicated in the New World Order “gay mafia” of “sexual freemasonry,” Benedict figured the only chance he had at cleaning house was to take the drastic step of resigning. That way, a new Pope could appoint a new College of Cardinals…and throw out Sodano and the whole “gay mafia” of New World Order sexual freemasons.

The expression “sexual freemasonry,” by the way, is not mine. I got it from Robert Moynihan himself, quoting don Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, author of E Satana si fece trino (“And Satan Made Himself Triune,” 2011):

“I have experience in seminary where seven or eight out of 10 seminarians were gay, and the last two were kicked out for being too ‘orthodox’ and ‘normal.’ This is repeated in many seminaries. Those who advance are homosexuals. It is a sexual freemasonry, and it extends into the Vatican itself.

“If I say, along with Joseph Ratzinger in his famous meditations on Good Friday in 2005, that there is filth in the Church, and there is filth, I do not think I am lacking in charity,” don Ariel continued. “I think I am being charitable. I believe that charity passes by means of truth and justice.”

How does this “sexual freemasonry” relate to the New World Order?

The New World Order is a long-term, multi-generational project of a radical group that has infiltrated and risen to the top of freemasonry AND the Catholic Church…among other institutions. This radical group is sometimes termed “the Illuminati,” since it traces its roots to the Rothschild-funded Illuminati wing of freemasonry founded by defrocked priest Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th century.

Contrary to what certain “debunkers” would have you believe, the Illuminati is very much alive and well. Read about my interview with an Illuminati whistleblower here, and listen to the interview:

These people hate religion in general, and the Catholic Church in particular. They are radical secularists. They call their project the “New World Order” for three reasons:

1) It would be “new” because it would be the first society in history not governed by religion.

2) It would be “new” because it would be the first government in history to control the entire world – i.e. a “world order.”

3) It would be a New World order because it would be governed from the New World, i.e. North America…specifically, from Washington DC, whose layout and architecture is one big maze of freemasonic symbolism. (For the short, entertaining, misleading version, see Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.)

Though they hate religion, the New World Order “sexual freemasons” have a religion of their own. It is called satanism. They parody the Catholic mass in their black masses, which sometimes involve human sacrifice. 9/11 was one such black mass, as Tom Breidenbach and S.K. Bain have explained.

Of course, some would say their “satanic religion” is not really a religion at all. It is a strategy of using symbolism and ritual in an attempt to destroy all real religions.

The Illuminati plan to destroy all existing human societies and religions uses “sexual freemasonry” as its methodology. Societies are corrupted by pornography, prostitution, and ubiquitous sexual messages. And individuals, as they climb higher in power hierarchies, are led into temptation, filmed, and blackmailed…and thereby recruited into the sexual freemasonic project.

It isn’t just the Catholic church that is infested with such people. The US government, at its highest levels, is overrun by them. That’s why the Finders of Lost Children, a group of intelligence agency pedophiles who kidnap, abuse, and often murder innocent children, has a get-out-of-jail-free card.  Just like Father Maciel had.

The Finders of Lost Children use their child sex slave victims to ensnare up-and-coming politicians, businessmen, academics, and other rising stars. They invite their targets to parties, offer alcohol and cocaine, and then lead them into a bedroom where a child sex slave awaits. The activities are filmed, and the target is a “made man” for life.The “sexual freemasons” of the New World Order control all of the big American institutions. That is why it was impossible to prosecute them, even when many were exposed in the Franklin Scandal. That is why stories about their outrageous activities, such as orgies with child-slave prostitutes in the White House, get suppressed.And that is why President George W. Bush was, according to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen, able to set up a live-streaming closed-circuit TV system in the White House so he and his pals could jerk off to the sex torture, sodomization of children in front of their parents, and similar activities at Abu Ghraib – activities that were ordered and orchestrated by the sexual freemasons.

As George H.W. Bush told White House correspondent Sarah McClendon: “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.

The sexual freemasons have come a long way on their “long march through the institutions.”

Will Pope Benedict, by all accounts a well-meaning man, be able to orchestrate a housecleaning at the Vatican? Will the sexual freemasons ever be purged from the institutions they currently dominate?

Maybe the best way to do that would be simultaneous religious revolutions in all countries. After all, the Islamic Revolution did succeed in chasing the sexual freemasons out of Iran. The few who remain have to hide deep underground, fearing for their lives. As well they should.

Chasing them all down the street and lynching them doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.



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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. The pedophiles and NWO HATE the Catholic Church? They love it! The Jesuits are the instruments of the New World Order. They hate Christianity, which is why the Catholic Church was founded in the first place, to corrupt Christianity.

  2. Great article.

    Just one question about the following:

    “And that is why President George W. Bush was, according to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen, able to set up a live-streaming closed-circuit TV system in the White House …”

    George W. Bush or George H. W. Bush?

    Thanks in advance

  3. NOW, for the ‘slam dunk’ on His Unholiness.

    ADL Applauds Choice of New Pope!

    “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina as the next Pope Francis I, applauding his close relationship with the Jewish community.

    We congratulate the new Pope and wish him well in his important new responsibility. We believe that the election of Francis I is a significant moment in the history of the Church. We look forward to working with him to continue to foster Catholic-Jewish relations as we have with his predecessors.

    # There is much in his record that reassures us about the future,#

    Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director said in a statement.”

    He’s “their man” ! ! !


    • He’s “their man” ! ! !

      Too bad that this is not a quote by Foxman, like “He’s our man.”

      Thank you for the link

  4. bpete 1969 – I have to agree with you about the pot calling the kettle black. Imagine the high pitched squealing if such things were being said about Moslems – to which could also be added the routine application of barbarism more suited to the middle ages.

    I am a Catholic – and I keep my ear to the ground for anything that might be going on – but I have no idea where Kevin Barrett is getting this stuff from.

    Two things are true – One being that the Holy Church WAS infiltrated in the 1960s when it changed the Mass entirely and introduced ‘Vatican 2’ – which many believed was a deliberate subversion of the Church. Beware those who claim to be ‘modernizers’ in a zio controlled world. The Pope responsible for the change was alleged to be a jew in reality who had spent his entire life working for that moment and that one act of sabotage. Pope Benedict did his best to combat that subversion.

    The second fact is that in the 1960s and 1970s all the usual ‘jewish intellectuals’ made it their business to attack the Catholic Church and to ban it from rejecting homosexuals and suspected perverts from it’s priesthood. The old ‘equality’ ruse being deployed here as usual to do the trick – to appeal to phoney ‘fairness’ – (that well known jewish quality).

    This action has led DIRECTLY to what our forefathers before us had always managed to avoid with common sense exclusions – the modern phenomena of horrific abuse carried out by people stealing the credibility of the Holy Church in order to commit their base crimes.

    99% of the millions of practicing Roman Catholics are pretty decent people in my mind. If any such evil group does exist in the clergy of the Holy Church today – it must be very small and hide itself well in front of ordinary well meaning worshipers.

  5. The sexual Masons are the EU Masons, or G7E. The US was founded by G7R, a non Satanic split that was attempted correction via the Scottish and York Rites and gratuitous Illuminati kill pass for any 33rd degree craft that would recommit to G7E. Weishaupt was a double agent as it were for the Vatican and monarchy, their attempt to rein in G7R. The US is still a G7R enterprise for anyone who wants it. Your initiation is the Bill of Rights and in particular your 2nd degree craft 2nd Amendment, but most will turn this down in favor of maintaining the status quo. Most people are at level one and will remain there for another millennia before this even starts to open up. People are too stupid to be proactive this time. G7Es preoccupation with pedophilia is child sacrifice which this is how they pledge commitment to this horrific SSO. Once done, they are under threat of death in perpetuity for their redaction and will therefor do anything they are told by their masters to avoid being swarmed by the masses. Again, America is too stupid to deal with this. Entertainment junkie culture. Sorry, but it’s true.

  6. Real what?

    Of course he’s the real Pope.

    What all that really means; really, remains to be seen, for real!

    You watched his first mass televised, and from that you’ve deduced he’s a nice person?
    He’s a Pope, get real. You need to read the history.

    That simplicity may be a forerunner of bleak, austere, cold, heartless, desolate or many other negatives. This ain’t Zen Buddhism ya know.

    • “The last pope broke a 600 years tradition of dying in office and had the brains and the courage to resign”

      Wrong: He was forced out. The present ‘replacement’ was well chosen long before, the short election period reveals that.

      “He is supposedly, (I do not know him personally), a simple, friendly man, who helped the poor in Argentina.”

      Wrong: He’s being played up low profile. The fact that he enjoyed ‘riding the subway’ is being put forth as evidence that he is a good man. (can you believe it?)

      He despised the poor in Argentina. He supported the Military Dictatorship. He helped the Dictatorship. When human rights investigators went to Argentina, he actually hid those “poor” prisoners from them, on his own private island, that they might be executed when the investigators departed.

      “As I will never judge you after your parents, your neighbor or who had your job previously, you also should not judge the new pope after his predecessors!”

      Wrong: I am not evaluating him by his nationality, or by previous Popes. I am evaluating him by his own past performance, his ideology, and his complicit acts of murder, kidnapping and torture.

      “Perhaps the Vatican is ready to move out the middle ages, ”

      The Vatican has always hated enlightenment, freedom, or anything else that challenged their spurious claims. If anything, he will be moving right in lock step with the globalist agenda of oppression and dictatorial rule. It will be an episode that makes the middle ages pale in comparison. This ‘chosen’ collaborator is just the man ‘They’ picked, and ‘They’ need, to help them do it.

    • what. you may not realize, but samurai are zen buddhists. not all of us are nice and cuddly. many of us have no problem relieving some of these miscreants, of their heads.

  7. worth note, rothschilds being bankster to the vatican,
    BRIT-ish meaning “of the contract” or “under contract”, to rome of course.

    some history, rothschilds told the brits napoleon had won,
    the stock market panicked and sold, rothschilds bought up everything for pennies.
    so where is the top of the power structure really?

    • The ‘British’ meaning is ‘covenant’ (similar to contract, but) it relates to the ‘covenant’ between the god of Israel and the Israelite.

      The ‘crown’ has always claimed direct descent from King David of ancient Israel. They claim to be an extension of David’s monarchy throughout history, and into he present.

      It explains much in the way of the historical symbiosis we see with their involvement with the Jews in the centuries leading up to the founding of the state of Israel.

      The royal family claims to be descendants of David, and of the tribe of Judah, and so had used the word British, covenant people, to describe their country.

    • Yep! Same critter Steven G.

      The story is high adventure once you get into it. The Stone is reportedly “Jacobs Pillow” from the Biblical tale. (the night he wrestled with the angel, and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel)

      It gets carried around by the Israelites for centuries. It becomes an heirloom in the Davidic Kingdom. It’s smuggled away to Ireland by Jeremiah the prophet, when Babylon conquers Jerusalem.

      It becomes the “Seat” of the Irish Kings at Tara. King Fergus Mac Erc takes it from there to Scotland, along with his clan to settle in Scotland, it then becomes the seat of the Scot Kings at Scone.

      Edward Long Shanks (cue: Braveheart) steals it, and sets it beneath his throne, as proof of the Crown being the descendants of King David, and evidence of Divine Right (not only of his rule over England, but it also is used to support the idea of The British Empires’ divine right to rule the world.)

      Then, the real adventure begins. The Scots hid the”True” stone. Edward got a fake. (not only that, the one the Scots passed off is said to have taken from the privy, and was used to piss on.

      It’s a wild tale, and it keeps getting better. Forgeries appear, it gets shuffled around and hidden, only to be displayed at coronations.

      Then in the 1950’s (not sure on the date here) some young Scot patriots break into Westminster Abby and swipe it back. (There’s a film of it; titled “The Stone of Detiny”, pretty cool, you can find it on the net. ) here. – ****

      They finally get caught, and are made to surrender it.

      In 1996 the Crown lets it be moved back to Scotland, with the agreement to use it for British coronations.

      The whereabouts of the “True” stone of destiny is a speculative mystery.

  8. Anyone wanting more, and interesting documentation on The Black Pope’s involvement, and participation in kidnapping, torture, and murder of 30,000 Argentine Citizens occurring during what has come to be known, as “The Dirty War”, look-



    • Yeah, BUT: it was the military coup that ignited the peoples’ reaction to the overthrow of the elected government in the first place!

    • I stand corrected on that, your right; because I had confused the dates. I thought you were saying you were there in 76. I apologize.

      The back story though, concerning the original unrest, the one you are actually intending (again sorry about that) is I believe one of outside influence, much like what took place in Libya, and is at present in Syria.

      I believe that H.Kissinger had a part to play in it, and the U.S. did back the dictatorship. It would be difficult not to think they were behind the initial destabilization, and they obviously intended managing the military government once it seized power.

      Had not the Falkland Islands depute with Great Britain, (an unforeseen variable causing considerable ambiguity in D.C.) brought the megalomania of Argentina’s Military to exhaustion, the Generals might still be in power.

    • Affirmative, I did attend one of those excellent grammar schools in the 1970s…..out education system now is as bad as the USA as we have been subject to exactly the same subversion – one of the key areas to attack is in the dumbing down the education system.

  9. southpark episode “the biggest douche in the universe”, where all the priests are discussing how to stop all the young boys they violate from telling on them, instead of stopping what they DO.. sums it up.

    sodomy is satanic and anti life, master slave S&M is also their idea of a good time (yikk!).
    when their advances are rejected they’ll call you a “homophobe”, as if it is YOU who suffers some kind of irrational fear (phobia) about seriously gender confused self hatred that is projected on everyone else?!

    the “boy scouts” as an institution has been caught covering up homo-paedophilia for decades too,
    dismissing that kind of “scoutmaster” and protecting them from legal consequences, hushing it up.
    as an organization, it is criminals aiding criminals, and worthy of being dismantled completely for it.

    the gender confused self hatred S&M mentioned above, is a lot to do with why they demand power and influence over others, “gay bashing” = “hate crime”, but perfectly ok for them to “straight bash”..
    trying to brand people who reject them as “homophobic” suffering some kind of mental disorder.
    THAT, is pretty much the root of their style of “politics” too btw..

    “truther”, “crazy conspiracy theorist”, “anti-authoritarian” (when that “authority” likes abusing you?),
    hell, if you dont like gay-nazi-paedo-pervs then you’re just “anti-semitic” too of course.
    these psychopaths have cooked up a lot of “PSYCHO LOGIC” terms to brand people with at whim,
    I think people need to learn to recognize and reject these passive-aggressive psycho-logic attacks!
    they’ll call normal kids who cant sit still “ADHD”, and push to get em doped em up.

    gender-bending estrogen mimicking BPA in food containers and liners, trying to sell the idea that homosexuality occurs in nature, that animals do it.. well gee, are you a MAN or a BEAST?
    psychopaths can about rationalize and justify anything, they really enjoy positions of “power” too.

    -end rant.. for now..

  10. Pope Crisis,what crisis.
    He’s a Jesuit,and as leader of the Vatican, where Jesuits are a member of,he becomes The Black Pope.
    They wouldn’t stage a thing like that,would they?

  11. Good investigating Kevin; and, good exposing. Not that these elite mega-monsters don’t have their hands in every inhuman enterprise in existence, and it all would carry criminal conduct, most of it “capital” in terms of retribution, if justice had sway, this particular proclivity where with they entertain themselves, even to committing homicide in accompaniment is one of my own most subjective reasons for hating their stinking hypocritical guts.

    You know the Italian papers had a field day with the fact that the Vatican purchased an entire “block” of real estate in Rome, knowing (and likely with intent to facilitate visitations) with the most high profile and prestigious “FAG” club, smack dab, dead center, in tact, and operating; to be used as ‘private quarters’ (apartments) for El Padres.

    But; the real dose on this pontifical ghost that you need to write on, is his involvement in Argentina’s “dirty war”. That episode is even worse than this.

    30,000 Argentine Citizens ‘disappeared’, and this same bastard was in on it!

    That’s right, he was the top dog in Buenos Aires when it all went down, and fully supported it!

    Write it up Kevin, it needs to be told about this piece of excrement.

    Incidentally, his home country, Argentina, in the very first article of their ‘new constitution’ declares emphatically that the Government of Argentina recognizes the “Holy See” of Rome as ‘prime’ and submits to it unequivocally in all matters.

    I don’t think any other country gives “El Papa” that much clout, in it’s internal affairs. No wonder he got the job.

    You really need to look into this cat more Kevin, and blow his cover wide open!

    • AND, with the global oppressive police state that can be clearly seen materializing on the horizon,…

      ….it most certainly falls to the advantage of the directors behind the scene, to have an experienced, dirty handed participant, in like ideas, sitting “infallibly” over billions of world citizens bound to Catholicism.

    • Good points in that link. He comes from a country already ‘constitutionally’ subservient to the Holy See. He’s off to a good start.

      Having a Jesuit become Pope, is similar to having the head of the CIA become president.
      cue, “And now we can see a New World Order coming into view”, George Bush Sr.

  12. More reasons to quit eating meat. Thank you again, Dr. Barrett.

    It seems that the rapist, murdering billion/trillionaires of earth and their minions do not care what people know at all, and are more concerned with what we can do, which is yet to be seen. Your effort, VT and similar organizations, are a public moral compass where there is none.

    I really wonder, from a dispassionate angle, whether or not life on this ball is supposed to either suck or be used in frivolous consumer pursuit, and that Jews and Popes and presidential cabinets are merely doing their assigned job.

    Can anyone recommend a solid work re The Byzantine Empire?

    Thanks again.

    • Light can’t exist without darkness, good without evil, etc. Just one of those strange ironies that most darkness and evil seems to originate in a very old “tribe” with a very wicked belief system.

      The “test” is to use your life to oppose that vile ideology and try to bring justice to its victims.

    • “I really wonder, from a dispassionate angle, whether or not life on this ball is supposed to either suck, etc.”

      Yeah, Buddhist belief is that this sphere, “Samsara” , never changes, and, if don’t break the “cycle” of your own attachment to it, then, you can look forward to being ‘recycled’ right back here for another round, until you “get it”.

    • Many who “got it” choose to come back, too. They earned the option of staying away or trying to help other earth-bound souls climb the ladder. Call it “love” or something like that.

      Unfortunately, helping well-intended souls also means fighting evil souls who are probably beyond redemption.

    • It’s scarier than hell really. You can only imagine a ‘hell’, and there’s no evidence of that place.

      This place is for real, man, and the idea of having to keep coming back here, over, and over again, is pretty awful.

      Whether you intend exactly what you said, or are speaking rhetorically, either way, the point is well made.

      Any way, you can read about the Buddhist perspective, and how to break the cycle here. – ****

  13. It’s a very bold, intriguing article.

    Elite Jews run the Freemasons. They do enjoy using sexual blackmail, especially the homosexual variation; just ask current and former members of the White House, congress, the Defense Department, State Department etc. Pedophiles are their favorites, big time blackmail.

    We have too many important people in high government positions in the United States living double lives.

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