German Intel Agency Paid Neo-Nazi Mole $240,000

Employee of German Government at Behest of Israel

German Intel Agency Paid Neo-Nazi Mole $240,000

Veterans Today was Right Again!

Employee of German Government at Behest of Israel

 By Press TV with Veterans Today

(Editor’s note: For some time, Veterans Today has been investigating ties between far right wing and neo-Nazi groups who have been taking direction from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) headed by Abe Foxman, the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and AIPAC, the Israeli lobby.

We now have proof of how the funds are being moved, through German intelligence agencies, not just the BfV but, if Michael Shrimpton is correct, the DVD as well.

We had long noted the bizarre coordinated attacks on Veterans Today and its editorial staff, attacks that cited VT for having “too many Jews” on staff and, at the same time, accusing Veterans Today of being anti-Semitic.

As Jim Dean so often says, “You just can’t make these things up.”

Now we can finally establish the money ties, the role Germany plays in coordinating American neocon and Nazi movements with Israel and their powerful lobby in the US.

Current intelligence flooding in ties these organizations to an attempted false flag dirty bomb attack on the London Olympics, the theft and marketing of nuclear triggers and the transfer of fissionable material and weapons designs to North Korea.

The confirmations on this are multiple, high level and inexorable.

Thus, NOTHING is being done…other than attempts to silence those seeking to protect the security of Great Britain and the United States.

Toward that extent, we have reliable information that the UK is now setting up secret tribunals intended to deal with individuals who have been named as suppliers of stolen nuclear technology, British residents, and to make provisions for outlining defacto complicity by two former British heads of state, one, Margaret Thatcher, who was duped into funding a project that led to the theft of three nuclear weapons.

Overtly, it seems as though Germany is funding Nazi groups to help Israel identify “threats” inside the US.  However, the varying organizations, the ADL and such, bilk, not only American Jews but major corporations out of billions in order to fund witch hunts as a cover for infiltration of American police agencies and payoffs to politicians.

The simple answer is this:

Israel has simply directed Germany to build, not only anti-Semitic groups to help them scare American Jews but also to create a basis for creating right wing terror cells to facilitate false flag operations such as Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, 9/11 and so many others that the pop culture controlled press is ordered to suppress.

It has been obvious for some years, the extent Israel’s actions deeply parallel those the entertainment industry continually attributes to “Hitler and his henchmen” or “Islamic extremists.”

Don’t expect to read about it and, even when the proof is right there, expect to see it “spun” into “fairyland.”

Remember Sandy Hook.)

[youtube hH_LZiEAI9A&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=19]



Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV), has been grilled over paying a neo-Nazi informer linked to a far-right terrorist group a wage of almost a quarter of a million dollars.

The head of a parliamentary committee tasked with investigating a string of murders allegedly carried out by the German neo-Nazi group, the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), confirms the account, The Associated Press reported.

Lawmaker Sebastian Edathy said on Monday that the report correspond to the information submitted to his committee.

Edathy said the payments, made over 18 years and totaling €180,000 ($240,000), were paid to a man identified as Thomas R.

German-language weekly Bild am Sonntag first reported the payments, and prompted German opposition politicians together with anti-Nazi campaigners to level strident criticism at the BfV.

In late October 2012, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said over 100 neo-Nazis are still at large, and are hiding somewhere in the country.

Friedrich told German-language newspaper Die Welt that despite measures to crack down on far-right extremists in the wake of a probe into serial killings blamed on neo-Nazis, dozens of suspects had been able to get away.

“The Federal Crime Office estimates that as of mid-September, 110 rightwing extremists with outstanding arrest warrants have gone underground,” he said.

“Again and again you have seen there can be a revolving door in the rightwing extremist scene between violent and terrorist elements,” Friedrich said. “We must gird ourselves against this.”

German law enforcement agencies have warned that attacks by neo-Nazi extremists on foreigners, prominent politicians, and police officers are a growing threat.


  1. Did somebody noticed that full Nazi Party name was NSDAP NationalSozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei which means German National SOCIALIST Workers Party. And how is possible that they work with neocons or “far right” groups? Black man join KKK? hahha

  2. Multiple times with multiple answers you forgot to mention, as we have ZILCH official confirmation of any, it’s anyone’s guess, or whim. And it is not at all surprising that the poor citizens of Dachau are p*ssed off at any idiot who comes around trying to burden them with another fraudulent claim (the first being that Dachau was a death camp with working gas chambers – as opposed to the concentration camp it is generally acknowledged to have been).

  3. From Reuters: “AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis conceded the “stupidity” of his actions after he was given a life ban from all national teams by the Greek soccer federation on Sunday for making a Nazi salute to fans during a match.”

    I wonder how much the ADL and Southern Poverty Jew Center paid Katidis to perform this outrageous and provocative stunt. Hopefully it was enough for him to retire.

  4. “if Michael Shrimpton is correct” – LOL

    Here’s another one – “When pigs fly” (without human-assisted propulsion that is)

    As for the payments, so they paid an INFORMANT a quarter mil, presumably for INFORMATION (plus danger money), on people regarded as a threat to the constitution (for what it’s worth), with some justice at that. Now it may have been a total waste of good dough, as these things so often are, but that’s another matter. Frankly they may have been better off slinging it my way for example, but that would presume some real insight, generally lacking in these outfits, highly skilled at missing the forest for the trees. But at any rate, this seems like a beat up, you will have to do better than that.

    That said, if there are any dodgy doings of the sort alleged though not proven, it should be knocked off pronto. However any credibility I might have attached to it has been torpedoed by the so far completely unevidenced and patently ludicrous “DVD” fairy-story, thank shrimp for that.

    I am starting to feel sorry for you Gordon, you seem to have lost the plot completely on Germany, a country you claim to have some connections to. One thing is for sure, nothing big can go down in Germany without the US being ok with it, as I pointed out before, the National Guard packs more muscle than the Bundeswehr in real terms. The Russians and even Brits and French are additional restraints on Germany’s ability to act independently, not to even mention Israel. Germany is the most powerless major nation in the west, in any terms but purely economic, and even there it’s a lot less than many think. All the more disgusting to see it used as a punching bag for people’s tantrums on account of their own failings, which will not be resolved one iota in this fashion. If there’s real evidence, use it. Otherwise quit the black propaganda whining if you don’t mind, too many millions have already died horrible deaths on account of that sort of thing. The truth is good enough.

    • Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst – German Defense Service or some sources state it could possibly be Deutsche Versicherung Dienst – German Insurance Service

    • Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter

      Gordon takes the cake 🙂

      Which do you prefer, Rheingau or Mosel or else?

      P.S. Now, with the additional info about “Deutscher Verteidigungsdienst”, without going into the search results, only reading the two liners, I also found the info “Deutscher Verteidigungsdienst, Dachau” and that Marc Rich worked for them as Hans Bach.

      Btw., there is a new U.S.-information agency called “Joint Interagency Counter Trafficking Centers” working in Germany.


    • The Preussische Allgemeine also wrote that BfV agent Tino Brandt founded the exremist “Thüringer Heimatschutz” which had at best 140 members at all including 40 state paid agents


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