Breaking The Spell


by Preston James


A spell of terror was cast on America by the 911 attack. 

After this attack, a pall of fear* descended on America that has remained in place until just recently, now starting to diminish thanks to the blatant efforts of gun-grabbers in Congress.

The 911 Terror attack elicited massive fear in the group mind of the American Populace at a deep psychological level and this was engineered by Senior Psyops Experts deep within the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and inside American Intel. 

The elicitation of this massive fear from 911 is now recognized to have been one of the world’s biggest Psyops ever deployed, but its full effect is now being mitigated by the strong wide-based negative reaction of the American people to Congressional and other politician gun-grabbers efforts to disarm America.

The massive fear produced and entrained in the American Populace by these seasoned Senior Psyops Experts over their staged 911 false-flag attack has been a closely guarded secret until recently. 

Now the truth is leaking out and Senior Former US Officials have confirmed that yes, 911 was a false flag attack staged by the USG and its assets and foreign cutouts.  And this truth is finally gaining a real foothold thanks to the huge and unexpected re-emergence of the American Spirit which has occurred as a reaction to recent efforts by congress-critters and other politicians to register guns and progressively disarm America.


These efforts of Senior Psyops Experts were intended to provide a means to support, rationalize and justify draconian changes in the USG and US laws that their NWO globalist controllers inside the SSG desired.  Those in the SSG at the top of the control hierarchy realized that even though they could instruct their owned and controlled puppet-like politicians to institute draconian changes to society, these would not be tolerated by the American populace unless they were prepared in advance by the deployment of sophisticated Psyops.

Yes, Staged Terror was used to CAST A SPELL of massive survival fear upon the American group mind at a deep primal, subconscious level by those that instituted 911 as an inside-job, false-flag attack.  This was done to manipulate the public to be motivated to give up basic human, God-given rights noted in and guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights which they would never otherwise agree to give up.


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There have been some very strange rumors about some of the Psyops methodologies employed which allegedly range from standard proven Psyops methods to more esoteric Psi-ops. Some believe that there is an elite team of Psi-experts who claim they have gained the power to cast special esoteric occult spells to insure success with these deployed operations.

Take for example the upright five pointed star in history which has been displayed by numerous major governments on their vehicles, aircraft, armaments and uniforms to signify claimed legitimate government authority.  This is allegedly dates back to ancient Babylonia which also had an opposite accompanying five pointed star.  This was the upside down star signifying secret occult Luciferian money power, the secret behind the scenes occult power of the visible upright star.

It has been alleged by those who have had access to the inside in the form as “highly possible rumors” that a secret faction of American intel has been attempting to harness Psi-power through the invocation of occult spell and strange esoteric rituals, some unmentionable.  It is believed by some who have investigated such leaks that this very strange occult practice among the super-elite deviants at the top of the hierarchy or bureaucratic pyramid that run the SSG and world money-changing have always used these weird esoteric, evil methods that most of the public would regard as nonsense, mere superstition or horribly revolting.


As discussed in a recent article, The Beast, a new biological/mechanical supercomputer was hypothesized to be able to “game the future” and select the most ideal USG policy actions which would take maximum advantage of massive knowledge of human behavior that has been input.  This input has been provided by the many various data collection means available through the massive USG spying systems in operation now, and with more coming on line all the time including aerial observation drones with advanced sensors.

Such spy data inputs already include cell phone, computer and cable and satellite TV audio and video data, GPS tracking by various automotive informational “help” systems to mention only a partial listing as well as all kinds of ublic data banks and almost all published and broadcast material.  As many of the VT readers know the powerful “Promis” software can be used to effectively input and organize all this data across different systems before it is input into the “BEAST” for its final calculations and virtual solutions.  A formula for the “perfect leader” could then be provided in the form of a selection and training blueprint as well as a career path plan.

It has been hypothesized but not proven that use of the alleged BEAST supercomputer could provide profiles for the best-fit selection of the leaders of the USG and the various scripts they must read from their teleprompters and adapt as national policy programs and “solutions”. Certainly if this was the actual situation, such information would be so damning and explosive that this could never be disclosed to the public.  Hard facts proving such would never be given to the public but only could leak out as unsubstantiated “highly possible” rumors perhaps after being stolen and sold to other nations by foreign intel embedded inside America which gained massive access and control of most of its communication systems.


Once elicited in the populace, this spell of Terror, best described as a spirit of PRIMAL SURVIVAL FEAR has been used by these perps within the USG to abuse, degrade and ignore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and remove many of the basic Freedoms and Liberties from America which were established in blood by the American Founding Fathers who fought for independence from the Tyranny of King George.

The US Constitution does not create any basic human rights for Americans, it was set up by the Founding Fathers to assure and insure their continuance and protection from any USG centralized or federal tyranny that might result, because the Founding Fathers were very concerned that too much unchecked centralized federal power could overpower the states and establish tyranny at the federal level.

Since 911, the USG has used the fear generated by their 911 false flag attack (a staged terror operation) to create a near complete lock on the minds of the populace and keep them from acting like true Americans should, that is, their use of such a major Psyop has suppressed their American Spirit which should be rising up in strength in reaction to this act of 911 false flag terror instituted by the USG had they realized at the time what it actually was, a USG inside job done by a cabal within the USAF, the NeoCon hijackers of the USG and their foreign intel cutouts and assets deeply embedded inside America.

Now thanks to the major efforts of numerous researchers and retired military, intel and government officials, the real truth has finally been disclosed by those top experts and former USG officials that know for sure.  This information has been disclosed in the alternative media and is now freely available on the world-wide Internet.  This exposure is now destroying the USG’s BIG LIES about 911 and many related claims associated with it and waking many Americans up about what really happened on 911. And now for the first time the tide is changing and the truth about 911 is starting to reach mainstream America.

And how this major change is starting to occur accompanied by a strong and continuing rise in the American Spirit is a story that warms the hearts of all true Americans who love their country, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law that all have been deeply eroded by the current regimes running the USG. Yes, the American Spirit lives and is arising once again.


Thus, after the 911 inside-job staged false-flag attack was instituted by the USG, America has been force fed the draconian, illegal and completely unconstitutional Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, John Warner Defense Act and NDAA 2013, accompanied by Department of homeland Security’s purchases of approximately 2 billion rounds of ammo, most dum-dums which are illegal to be used in combat meaning they were bought to be used to murder Americans.

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And now it has been alleged by reputable sources that the USG has ordered 30,000 drones to be followed by additional orders for 60,000 more and these will be armed with missiles that can be remotely targeted by personnel operating gaming consoles.  And on top of all that Homeland Security, the New American Gestapo has purcahsed 2700 armored personnel carriers. Not only is each of these a complete affront to every American, but most are highly unConstitutional and beg for impeachment and/or removal from office for all involved, whether in Congress, in the Executive or anywhere inside the USG. 

Rather than protecting Americans from this creeping tyranny as they were elected and appointed to do, these politicians and officials inside the beltway chose to betray their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, and instead chose to the serve foreign offshore interests who “own” them or control them through human compromise ops.  Yes, these folks for one reason or another seem to have become the “enemy within the gates” that our Founding Fathers warned about.

Note the famous quote from Cicero:

” A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.  But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.  A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

The American people have allowed these numerous draconian measures to be initiated by Traitors and passed in Congress without massing and demonstrating in the streets of America because the 911 Psyop elicited their most base survival fears which in turn motivated them to expect and accept strong USG measures to fight this “synthetic” or staged terrorism.


And these Draconian measures have been based on the BIG LIE which has been accepted by most Americans until recently, the BIG LIE that 911 was a foreign based attack on America by Arab terrorists run by Osama Bin Laden out of a cave in Afghanistan who was so powerful that he was able to single handedly shut down all Norad air defenses and all rooftop mounted ground to air missile systems as well as all of the hundreds of HD video cameras which would normally have recorded crystal clear videos of what really happened.  There is an enormous amount of evidence that proves beyond any shadow of a reasonable doubt that 911 was a USG false flag staged terror event and inclusion of such here would be just too voluminous.  References will be provided at the end of the article where folks can explore this evidence if they wish to and have the time.


They believed the USG BIG LIE, a narrative and storyline that the 911 terror attack was instituted by foreign based Arab terrorists run by Osama Bin Laden out of a cave with a cell phone because they were told so by the USG officially and this story was repeated ad nauseum through the major mass media, backed up by a constant fuselage of stock filmstrips and photos of Osama parading around with mujahedeen at a training camp which proved nothing about 911.

Of course now so much evidence has been released by the alternative media on the world-wide Internet that many know this whole narrative and storyline is just another set of BIG USG LIES and Beltway Whoppers which a part of a very large Psyop which bamboozled and hoodwinked most Americans until recently.

This USG BIG LIE could never have been accepted by the populace without the cooperation of the major mass media which have been functioning as little more than USG propaganda dispensers.  And as William Colby once stated that the CIA’s greatest achievement was the success gaining control over almost every newscaster in the Major American Mass Media (this was officially but secretly called Operation mockingbird).

And without the major work of senior Psyops experts in the SSG who designed a program to invoke massive survival fear in the group minds of Americans, none of these draconian measures would have been accepted without major rioting in the streets of America, which as of the time of this article, seem to be on the way due to the recent social outcry against the USG gun-grabbers and attempts to destroy the Second Amendment.


And by the way, the USG gun grabbers keep reciting the theme that the Second Amendment was to protect the gun rights of hunters, which is just another BIG USG LIE, another Beltway Whopper that is quite easy to fully expose. All one has to do is some basic research on what the Founding fathers said about the Second Amendment. They set it up as a final stop to prevent any massive buildup of centralized federal tyranny, which was what they fought against King George for in the Revolutionary War.

And the sad fact is this false USG narrative that Mideast Arabs did 911 is still believed by a slim majority of mainstream America to this very day.  The numbers are slipping daily and it can be assumed and should be expected that a certain high cabal deep within the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is now seriously considering instituting more major false flag staged attacks in order to re-establish and reinforce this basic primal survival fear in the masses which has allowed them to suppress and ignore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights  and pass a continuing stream of draconian anti-American laws which strip away basic American Rights and basic Freedom and Liberty.


It’s time that the real Perps of 911 received full credit for their criminal acts of mass murder and treason and be brought to justice in a suitable court of law.  Of course if they were adjudicated according to their own laws and procedures they would be bagged and kidnapped by an extraordinary rendition to a black prison site or ship where they would be tortured until they fully confessed after which time they would be remain jailed for the rest of their lives as enemy combatants.  or alternatively they would be extra-judicially sanctions as in “terminated with extreme prejudice” by JSOC as has been done all over the world with not legal representation or trials.


What do the facts show?  Who were the actual perps that did the 911 terror attack? It has now been well established that the USG itself did the 911 attacks using the USAF and foreign intel cutouts and THEIR assets located inside America.

A small cabal inside the highest levels of the USAF with the help of the mossadniks and their massive American embedded NeoCon assets inside Intel and communications planned, operated and covered up the largest false flag attack in history. And it certainly appears that history will end up showing that the NeoCons, including Cheney, Rumsfield and Bush2 were deeply involved and responsible.

Experts have come forward and publicly disclosed what really happened (see references to Steve Pieczenik, MD, Ph.D., and Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D. below at the end of this article. Up until just recently their disclosures have been insufficient to penetrate the massive denial system entrained in the group mind of the American populace of which most remain steadfast in their belief that Arabs did 911 and all the Mideast wars were necessary to kill them and stop them before they attacked and killed millions of Americans on American soil.

However, this secret of the USG’s BIG LIE about 911 is starting to leak out to many more Americans thanks to the recent Congressional and other pols gun-grabbing efforts which are serving as a huge wake up call and a catalyst for the spontaneous rising of the American Spirit.


So the question remains, how should those that know this horrible truth proceed to do everything reasonable to erode and break of this spirit of fear that has been evoked in America by the evil perps of 911?  Before folks can come up with plans on how to break the spell of terror that has been cast upon the American group mind, it is necessary to gain a good and clear understanding of how this spell was cast and how the USG uses terror and is a very, very big terrorist. Yes when the USG has accused Vets, returning Vets, American gun-owners and Ron Paul supporters of being “domestic terrorists”, this is  actually the pot calling the kettle black because it is the current USG that is the BIG TERRORIST, the evil Oz behind the curtain that needs to be ripped back.


And now for an interesting new example of how a typical Psyops is run.  In this case it is an alleged Psyops used to help defuse the massive anger that has been building against the TSA.  John Pistole, head of the TSA has announced that pocket knives would now be allowed.  Interestingly enough a individual supposedly representing flight attendants appears at a news conference strongly demanding this exception be reversed and citing the safety of the flight crew as the reason.  This of course appears to be an interesting way to fool the people.

Gee, if the TSA is fighting with flight attendants and crews, this must means that the TSA is not so bad and is actually human.  Of course no mention is made that the TSA continues it massively tyrannical non-reviewable no fly list which is about as unconstitutional and against the normal Rule of Law as it could be. Expect to see many more of these types of psyops as the USG is starting to realize the dangers of the rising American Spirit and the American people becoming fed up with the tyranny dished out to them by the USG and it agencies.


Of course the real problem is that the group mind of Americans has been processed or mindkontrolled by the use of a major staged terror incident on 911, but it is important to realize that this has been just one part of a long term continuing plan to elicit deep survival fears in the group mind of Americans and keep them afraid and isolated from their neighbors and the rest of the community.

This same long term strategy to use staged Terror to elicit massive fear in the American subconscious group mind also reared its ugly head at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Murrah, the first Twin Towers basement bombing, and the numerous staged mass shootings in post offices and schools done by American Intel and its foreign cutouts using sophisticated mindkontrol techniques including psychotronics, psycho-pharmaceuticals and hypnosis.  These mass shootings started at the post office, thus the term “gong postal” appeared in colloquial use.  These mass shootings have continued in work places and especially schools.

Take for example the Columbine HS mass murders.  These were linked for use of prescription psycho-pharmaceuticals, school bullying and behind the scenes sophisticated mindkontrol. Many parents were shocked and furious that police allowed the situation to go on until long after the shooting stopped, which allowed some victims to bleed to death. The cover story was that there were bombs in the building but the truth was far more sinsiter because this was a sophisticated psyop with others asssisting Klebold and Harris.

An immediate entry into the school and engagement of the perps could have stopped the shooting long before there were so many deaths.  But the police were told to stand down and await orders.  Lawsuits went no-where and those officials responsible avoided being brought to justice.

FBI definition of Terrorism is the use of criminal acts of violence to attempt to create political change.  This is exactly what the USG and American Intel has been doing to the American people.  Therefore we can assume that the USG is functioning as a very, very big terrorist organization.


Remember the old TV show “What’s My Line” which starred Dorothy Kilgallen?  At the end of the show the real person was asked to stand up and the contestants and the audience would find out if they were correct in their best guess or not. the same should be rue for the 911 Terrorists. It is time for them to stand up and be completely identified by name.  And then fully prosecuted for their mass murder, treason and cover-up crimes.

And let it be clearly understood that vets, returning vets, gun-owners, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, tax protesters and political dissidents ARE NOT “domestic Terrorists as claimed by the Homeland Security (aka the New American Gestapo) in their reports such as the MIAC report that are sent to numerous large urban police departments.  And why is this for certain.  Because these folks are not using criminal acts of violence to create political change through eliciting terror.


The FBI has a long history of acts of terror against American citizens.  After the JFK assassination, FBI agents threatened many witnesses and told them they better keep quiet or change their stories. The FBI’s specialty now is taking marginally function folks and attempting to turn them into terrorists so they can arrest them as such and support this USG narrative that America is still under a perpetual terror threat.  And despite the fact that according to the Library of Congress the FBI is not a legal entity because it has no legal charter (even the CIA has one), there are many good and honest individual FBI agents like Colleen Rowley. But these good ones reach a point where they know they must hold back in their investigations or else they will be fired, prosecuted as a whistle-blower or sanctioned.

Some individual agents secretly consult with senior American intel to see how far they can go in any investigation before they get into serious jeopardy. Philip Whitehurst MD is perhaps the only senior FBI man who ever exposed the FBI for massive fraud (in their crime lab) and survived all the FBI’s efforts to harass him and destroy him.  Dr. Whitehurst is truly a very great American hero like Coleen Rowley.  Of course should never forget the case of FBI Agent Donald Rochon who successfully sued the FBI for racial and obscene sexual harassment at the Omaha FBI office during the Franklin Sex scandal.


And now we have the ridiculous terror threat index of various color bars which are supposed to keep the public informed of the general level of threat of terror to occur at any time suggesting vigilance.


But there are real stages of invoked terror, the FIRST STAGE being an indirect use of Psyops to elicit basic survival fears at a subconscious level in the masses.  The USG can provide “solutions” to resolve this deep survival fear by presenting strong actions which are presented in a ways to evoke feelings of security but would never otherwise be tolerated without deep survival fears being present.  This fear that has been generated by the false-flag terror attack can thus be used to motivate individuals to ignore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and agree to give up basic liberties and freedoms (basic human rights) in exchange for changes which have been claimed to provide abject security.

The SECOND STAGE of invoked Terror is also partly direct, and partly indirect, but even though it is plainly visible it is denied by its perps. One example of this would be the use of the TSA with their un-sworn officers sexual assaults of passengers and ability to place folks on the USG “no fly list” with no chance for review or correction of any errors. Another example are the federal agency swat teams such as the FDA going in with machine guns and full body armor to arrest farmers selling whole unpasteurized milk which has been an accepted practice by farmers for hundreds of years.

The THIRD STAGE of invoked Terror is direct terror and is when the USG orders JSOC assassinations of those listed as enemies in “signed findings” inside and outside America, attacks individuals with drones, carpet bombing, extraordinary renditions to secret offshore black prisons and prison ships where victims are tortured into phony confessions (often beaten, raped and starved) and then murdered.  When innocent young teenage boys are kidnapped and sold to USG contractors by warlords for big buck per head and thrown in these USG prisons without any legal representation or evidence against them or trial or conviction, and perhaps imprisoned and tortured for life, this is raw tyranny.


Homeland Security has ordered approximately two billion rounds of ammo, with most dum-dum rounds not allowed in conventional combat. And they have also ordered 2700 armored personnel carriers designed to be resistant to landmines and IEDs.  These vehicles are to be deployed inside America and used against Americans.  This of course is HIGH TREASON by anyone inside the USG that is involved and is worthy of immediate impeachment and removal from any official capacity.  And this also applies to obviously illegal and unConstitutional activation of Northcom to wage war against the American people.

And yet the USG’s official position when they order the attack of all these foreign Mideast countries is that they are doing so to bring democracy to these areas.  What a terrible and deceitful strategy.  First of all America is not a democracy it is a representative Republic. A true democracy is basically mob rule.  Once the masses find out they can get maximum resources form the USG by voting for certain pols, they do so and these pols asset strip the middle class and borrow huge fiat notes form the Banksters to finance these social programs and schemes.  This of course is a secret, hidden tax on all who work hard to earn a living and eventually shows up as inflation.


So the question remains, how can those who know the truth about who actually did 911 break the spell of Terror, a pall of mass subconscious fear cast upon America by the master mindkontrollers behind 911 and all the other staged mass shootings and false flags?

Specifically, how can this Pall of terror which has been imposed on America be broken ?

Of course in order for the public to accept this deal or exchange of their fear for draconian changes in US law and centralized tyranny, they must have drank the USG Kool-Aid and believed the continuing stream of lies and narratives provided by the USG through their propaganda dispensers the major mass media “talking heads”.  So the first thing is that folks must be made aware of the actual facts of what is going on, not the lies that the major mass media are reporting on behalf of the USG Terror Machine.

This blatant attempt at mindkontrol is also accompanied by the numerous signs near airports and on buses that if you see something suspicious report it.  And of course the absurd homeland security program, “if you see something say something” which is nothing more than an attempt to break the normal bonds of community and turns folks against each other into a snitch society.  And these doofuses and sociopaths are paid with hard earned taxpayer dollars to set up and run these anti-social programs. These ridiculous programs designed and deployed to destroy the community bonds that hold society together must also be exposed for their massive lies and attempted mindkontrol programs which is essence make them RICO criminal enterprises.


Goebbels would be proud of “Big Sis” on this one. It is obvious that the best antidote for the BIG LIES behind the USG’s elicitation of this pall of Terror and fear that has descended on America to reside deep inside the American group mind at a subconscious level is the full exposure of these BIG BELTWAY WHOPPERS by word of mouth to friends who don’t know the truth and referral of them to the alternative news now available on the world-wide Internet.

The first stage of stopping the USG terror machine is to fully expose the massive Lies that it is based on. Eventually as enough Americans learn the truth, a certain critical mass or tipping point will be reached. When this point is reached this knowledge and wake-up call will be directly translated into the neutralization of any new USG false flags or huge new lies that infect the body politic.


Senior Psyops experts deeply embedded inside the SSG and American Intel generally recognize that the American populace has become remarkably naive and easy to bamboozle with USG propaganda and lies.  The Germans were easy during the 1930’s and the first part of WW2 because of their ingrained tendency to be very officious and good followers of official orders.  Americans have become good victims of Psyops best described as true believers because of the massive influence of 50 years of Television viewing, which has grown leaps and bounds with the advent of color and high definition sound and picture.  Why is TV such a big deal for susceptibility to being Psyop-ped and drinking the USG Kool-Aid one might ask?

The answer is that during much of the programming, the viewer has to temporarily suspend his natural skepticism or disbelief that the program is staged and phony in order to “get involved” in the plot and storyline of a movie or serial. Over the years from childhood on folks practice very hard at projecting themselves into these shows, pretending they are real and using the show a fantasy escape from reality, a means to temporarily stop time and feel relief from the stresses of life.


Thus the suspension of belief required for good TV viewing has become a mainstay of American society as a way to relax for many and it has been well established that many TV viewers enter a trance-like state and become very suggestible in the process of viewing TV, and this includes when watching the evening news which is mostly comprised of big lies dispensed on behalf of the USG. TV viewers have become experts at self-hypnosis while they watch; gaining an ability to almost instantly pretend the movie they are watching is real. Sadly they often use this same type of self-hypnosis process to make themselves automatically believe the King’s new clothes are real when the king is actually naked.

American society has been socially engineered by the hidden rulers at the top of the pyramid of control of the USG to destroy much of the essence of the American Family and place a new substitute family in its place.  The new daddy is the USG who is supposedly a good father like figure that would never lie. The new mommy is the major mass media who is supposed to be a nurturer and would also never lie.  The new church is the public schools system and professes NOW Globalists hidden agendas as a religion rather than the truth about the American Republic, the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Each member of this new symbolic family is a big lie that has fooled most Americans until now when the recent gun-grabbing efforts of the USG have started to wake them up in mass for the first time since WW2.


Disarming America has been a long term goal of the NWO Globalists that have infiltrated and hijacked the USG and hundreds of staged mass shootings have been used in attempt to elicit deep fear in the American group mind at a subconscious level.  Those in high positions in the USG believe that this fear can then be used to motivate the naive masses to support USG efforts to pass draconian gun control laws designed to eventually produce complete disarmament of the citizenry in incremental steps. Thus this whole subject of USG gun-grabbing can be used as a great nexus point to stop the USGF terror machine. And this appears to be what is happening.

The more the USG gun-grabbers speak publicly in the major mass media, the more ridiculous the USG appears and more folks become first time gun owners.  So far even the thought that there is going to be USG gun-grabbing has set off massive increases in gun sales that have never occurred at these increasing level before in history.

And many law abiding gun owners have drawn a line in the sand and refused to be blamed for the crimes of illegal gun owners.  They have drawn a line in the sand and will fight over this issue. And this issue has created a huge divide inside the US Military and American Intel and could easily itself become the cause of a major coup de etat.

Certainly it should now be obvious that if the SHTF over gun-grabbing, many inside the police, military and intel will split in favor of the law abiding gun owners and will turn on those in the USG who are trying to shred the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Thanks to many years of Television and an educational system that has been centralized and corrupted with latent anti-American Globalist NWO hidden agendas which have been entrained within many Americans, it has been a very difficult challenge to break the Spell of Terror that has been cast on Americans at a deep subconscious level in their group minds. But this goal is not unattainable and thousands of informed Americans who discovered the truth through an examination of the obvious contradictions between the USG storyline and what facts were readily available have been working hard to spread the word among peers. And slowly but surely success is being obtained in a significant and growing proportion of the populace.

These efforts will continue as more and more hard evidence and testimony continues to come forth and much of this is now recognized as smoking gun evidence that the USG and its offshore cutouts did 911 as a false flag attack and huge Psyop to manipulated the American public into accepting draconian changes they would never otherwise accept without massive rebellion, which by the way may be now well on the way thanks to all the 911 truth and Justice efforts by hundreds of energetic Americans. And the best way to break this SPELL OF TERROR that has been cast on America as one of the world’s biggest Psyop is for those who know the truth to keep sharing to their friends and associates in a civil manner and backing it up with succinct references to clear cut evidence. Obviously one has to use good judgment about sharing such Truth at work since some employers will retaliate and label truth tellers as crackpots or “conspiracy nuts”.

And it should also be emphasized that efforts to continue organizing anti-gun groups and groups that support the upholding of Oaths to the Constitution by elected and appointed officials should be continued and increased until all the criminals and compromised officials in power are driven out.  Hopefully many of them can be properly adjudicated in a suitable court of law and brought to justice for their numerous Treasonous acts which have attempted to destroy the Constitution and remove the Freedoms and Liberties from Americans that our Founding Father fought and died for and established in their blood. It is a recognizable fact that the great American Spirit which empowered the Founding fathers and brought their success against great odds is rising daily in strength and vitality. Unchecked it will guarantee the demise of the secret SSG controllers at he top of the pyramid and they know it.

The big question remains in the minds of USG official.  Can their coordinated efforts to terrorize and subdue the American people with the massive draconian measures passed in Congress be effective ion restraining the people and keep them in a defeated, beat down role?  The answer is no if the American people keep waking up and becoming informed of the BIG USG Lies and deceit that produced the 911 USG false flag attack.  If the populace becomes informed to a certain point, a critical mas or tipping point will be reached and any continued USG efforts to destroy the Constitution and rob Americans of their God given Freedoms and liberties will collapse like a house of cards. And the high cabal running the USG from deep inside the SSG know this and are pushing hard because unless they succeed soon, they know they will be defeated and driven from power.  They know that the immutable American Spirit is rising daily and is their great nemesis.  Unchecked it will establish their certain defeat and routing from power.


And as Americans continue to wake up from their massive suspended DISBELIEF, knowing doubts about the USG lie embedded deep within their subconscious minds that have been suppressed and repressed to prevent massive cognitive discord form admitting the king’s new clothes are non-existent and he is really naked.  A tipping point eventually is reached and a deep seated rage will undoubtedly emerge into their conscious kinds and will be directed against the criminals inside the SSG and USG who instituted numerous false flag attacks including the whopper of them all, 911.  The American Spirit lives and is growing stronger each day now that BIG USG LIES of 911 are being exposed and the truth is coming out.


* Pall of Fear Descended upon on America after 911:   The major mass media reports of 911 whipped Americans into a frenzy of fear.  they were led to believe that terror teams of Arab terrorists had infiltrated mainstream America and were going to attacks shoppers in shopping centers and leave satchel charges almost anywhere. Extra security and police were stationed in most malls and high risers for the first time. Folks were watching over their shoulders and expecting terrorist be-headings and other atrocities inside America by arab terrorists. Many folks were afraid to go out and expected major Arab terrorist bombings in in numerous buildings.  The major mass media talking heads worked hard to produce this massive fear that gripped America.

The Mideast Wars were renewed and war powers were enacted followed by USG managed major media news as approved talking points.  All news had to be vetted and approved and remains this today because the USG claims we are in a state of war and also in a state of national emergency, which each president has re-signed since FDR signed the first executive order of such back in 1933.

As soon as 911 occurred regular bulletins and updates were given on the radio and TV  about this supposed atrocity by Arabs, and the panic generated over these stories brought a huge increase in viewers to CNN and other networks. The problem was that all this hyped up fear was all a BIG LIE and was a planned Psyop by American Intel using their greatest asset the major mass media and the evening news.  And despite the facts now being available for anyone that wants to dig a little and do some basic research, Homeland Security (the New American Gestapo) has been doing everything it can to continue this narrative which produced this “Pall of Fear” over America using absurd videos and slogans like “if you see something, say something”.  The only thing that has changed is that Arabs are no longer featured as the terrorists, but they are white folks, the new domestic terrorists.

So the new target in America, the new terrorist according to Homeland Security targeting sheets distributed to police departments all over America is the Vet, the returning vet, the gun-owner, the Ron Paul supporter, the Libertarian, the Constitutionalist, the tax protester, that is, ordinary Americans from all walks of life that want their Republic preserved according to the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law, and want their elected representative to serve them and honor their oaths that they must take to the Constitution.

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  1. Loyal and non-corrupted Americans – look to the leaders among you. There is only one way that the hell we are all destined for will be headed off. There is only one way that the evil spell will be broken.

    That is with a massive sweep of surprise arrests across the land. Arrests carried out by good and honest law and intelligence officers – and the subjects taken to a special court. The laws applying in that court will be all the proper laws enacted BEFORE the great subversion took place. The jury will be veterans.

    The criminal cabal syndicate MUST NOT be allowed to use modern day laws to protect itself. This is because each day that they have been in power they have been consolidating their control with bogus and corrupt ‘laws’ used to cover up their actions and protect them from their treason.

    Form the new ELLIOTT NESS GROUP NOW!

  2. Shoot these Zionists between the eyes: ***
    Hang the accountable war criminals and international financial fraudsters.
    Outlaw Zionism and kill anyone who dissents.
    Erase Israel from the map where it never belonged.

    Spell undone.

  3. Interesting article, but I’ve no idea why you Americans are so obsessed with the belief there are hard parallels between the circumstances you now find yourselves in, and this mythical thing you keep calling “Nazis” and “Nazism”. It’s my guess you haven’t the foggiest idea what Germany, 1919 to 1945, and the Third Reich was all about.

    Articles like this would make more sense if you associated those who live and work in Washington DC/New York City with the Bolsheviks who fomented the Russian Revolution (with funds sent from Manhattan) in order to kill 300,000 elite Christians (White Russians) by as early as 1920. By 1939, as many as 50 to 65 million had followed … many seeing their end in bestial fashion; suffering horrific cruelty too extreme to be described here.

    Preston James attempts to draw parallels between the FBI and/or CIA and the Gestapo. Again, I think such attempts are born of ignorance and a very heavy anti-German bias. It would be far more accurate (and mature) to associate the FBI/CIA (and many of the other alphabet soup organizations) with the Bolshevik (i.e., Jewish) NKVD and the GDR’s Stasi.

    Wikipedia claims … “by at least one estimate, the Stasi maintained greater surveillance over its own people than any secret police force in history.” The Gestapo were nothing like this.

    The USA is being hollowed out by Khazar-Jews and their Goyim Dupes. This is now so obvious one should not need to emphasize the fact any more. It should already be common knowledge. Received wisdom. Yet Mr. James (and his ilk) still prefers to obsess over Joseph Goebbels and the alleged “Scourge of the Swastika”.

    If, back in the 1940s, stupid Americans had not sailed the Atlantic (yet again) to help bomb Europe’s finest people back into rural existence, then the world would not be in the mess we find it today. International banking would have been dealt a final death blow by the 1950s, and people the world over would now be free to be themselves – free of Talmudic influences; to live true to their cultures as their ancestors had done, and in peace.

    • I see no real discernible difference between the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. 2 gangs of Godless beasts. Pagans vs. atheists. Goebbels was quite a guy, though, as head of propaganda. He was an actor, but not just any actor. He had a PhD.

    • “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.”

      “Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. it’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.” And on September 2: “What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.”

    • I never said that Ike did not murder German non-combatants after the war (he did). I never said that the Bolsheviks were innocent. Basically I am against all totalitarianism and tyranny.You are assuming things that are not so.

    • Preston … your article clearly (and unfortunately) makes an effort to link ‘evil’ with Germans and Germany. You are not alone in this habitual behaviour. Scores of other American bloggers are trapped in the same mind-set. When taken together you look and sound like an old 78 rpm record with a big crack in it.

      The Third Reich (under Adolf Hitler) did what Germany needed somebody to do in order to put an end to the slow destruction (by insidious means) of the German people and the German identity: a long term plan hatched by Khazar ‘Jews’ one hundred years earlier. Germany’s arch enemy was not the English people, but those who reside in that independent blot that lies at the centre of their unloved capital city: “The City of London Corporation”.

      The Third Reich did not invade Russia! The Third Reich invaded the Khazar-Jew led Bolshevik/Communist: USSR. Had they not invaded when they did (Operation Barbarossa) then Stalin’s millions would have invaded Western Europe just a couple of months later, with the aim of reaching the Atlantic coast, far to the west. As for Stalin’s motivations, don’t you know anything about the Spanish Civil War other than what CNN (the Cabala News Network) has told you, packaged in lies?

      Russia did not spring back to life until 2000, with the arrival of Vladimir Putin. The Third Reich knew better than most about the horrific slaughter enacted upon millions of both ordinary and educated Russians by the Asiatic cabal who had taken over the halls of power in Moscow and its other great cities (with the blessing of Lower Manhattan). If you recall, we still believed the Germans were responsible for the massacre of the Polish officer class in Katin Forest as recently as 1995. Now we know better. Now we know it was carried out by the NKVD under Khazar-Jew leadership. Such corrections change everything, but unfortunately, some of us are still very slow to catch on, and catch up.

      You need to drop the dead-donkey because if you don’t, more and more whites around the world are going to start seeing Americans as little more than a childish liability, who know little about nationalism, and even less about German history. If it wasn’t for the Germans, there would never have been a European culture to celebrate and aspire to in the first place. Have you ever heard of Arminius? Many of America’s earliest laws were in fact predicated on Germanic laws. So, please learn some respect and stop quoting silly anti-Nazi propaganda in every other article you write. Nobody in NSDAP ever called themselves “Nazi” anyway. This epithet is a baby (meaningless) word conjured up by ‘Jewish’ propagandists based in London, or Joo York City.

      Oh, and in case you don’t know. The mis-named ‘Nazi’ salute was routinely given by American school children, every morning at assembly, during the 1920s. They gave this salute while the national anthem was played and the Stars & Stripes raised. If you don’t believe me then read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” (Doubleday, 2007).

      I appreciate your writings and efforts Mr. James, but you would actually gain influence and respect if you could just purge yourself of your ‘Nazi’ mania. Understand that this insidious meme has been imposed upon you by propagandists of the worst kind. The American Armed Forces were duped, co-opted, and used by some very evil people during the 1940s. You Americans sailed over to Europe to unwittingly destroy much that was good and true in this world. Your efforts benefited International Jewry, who ever since, have enjoyed the freedom to worm their way into almost every vein in our national and personal being.

      What we are doing now (hopefully, yet belatedly) is carrying out piecemeal surgery to put right what you dangerously idealistic Americans foolishly did wrong between 1940 and 1948.

  4. Preston, I admire greatly your ability to write clearly about the incredibly complicated conspiracy that we are woven into. Unfortunately, deep as you dig and explain, you are only hitting the tip of the iceberg.
    If we are to factor in all relevant aspects of the world situation, at the top of the list must be a determination of how do the UFOs/ETs play their game down here below? (To those that dismiss the whole UFO concept out of hand, I can only say that it is and always has been viewed as an intelligence matter by governments. The cliché applies, “It is what it is,” the UFO threat is real and while it is all for our general best interest, it is no less a threat to about everything we hold true and dear, especially, personal freedom.

    They are here, and they are driving the world changes being intensified every day before our eyes. The best example easy to see is that NO sovereign nation would willing give up its abilities to control its own wealth and affairs unless driven by some unappeasable force. Such a force does not exist on earth, not in any country, NATO or the UN. It seems safe to assume that we have been given a short-term ultimatum: Get our shit together or it is curtains either by our own stupid hands or the deed will be done for us.

    But it does not end there. The “Beast” computer you discuss that is going to retain virtually the entire spectrum of everybody’s actions in the world is beyond what can be expected even by envision human computers of the highest order. As with the actual UFOs, evidently the physics of which have been downgraded to construct our black triangles, so too the minute details of our lives are evidently feed into versions of the vast ETs computers. (A bit of a play on words, but the chip or speck of computing material to be eventually mandated to our bodies will be the actual “Mark of the Beast.”) Frankly, I believe the word “computer” in that regard is too limited even if you put “quantum” in front of it.

    For those of limited abilities to accept that we are involved as you say, in a gigantic psyops program, I suggest that they simply review the way we have been carried to the edge of almost believing in some forms of possible ET life. this is clearly evident in the official statements from NASA scientists, near NASA scientists and from the White Clinton House that offer such statements with data and then later, say, “Oops, sorry, we/they misspoke.”

    A week doesn’t go by without some aspect of the “life is out there” calliope raining down upon our senses to sway what we accept about what actually would not have much relevance to a typical human. But such persuasive tactics are constantly fed to us for a reason. You want to simply say, “Oh, those scientists at work again.” and let it go as that? Or can you reasonable question why this intense drive to discover life out there is so important to our governments?

    Accept it is all a façade, folks, a very deeply based coverup that even they don’t want to face. And you should also accept that no earthly government is the entity with command in this situation, they are only following orders from onhigh.

    • Yes, this article is an introductory piece, but we have to start somewhere. Pulling back the curtain to reveal the real wizard of Ounce ie as in “Oz”. It’s an overview of the major factors. Most of the public are not aware of these things and need basic knowledge communicated to them as a first step. the deeper knowledge about the esoteric can come for those interested who want to do the necessary research.

    • Judging from the magnanimous content of your magnum opus above, it becomes rather painfully obvious why you have no idea what I mean. I suppose no post-hypnotic suggestion or counter-spell can ever completely repair the irreversible psychic damage done by your Senior Psyops Experts. So you need never bother to make mention of any Dancing Israelis of 9/11, Preston. They were “only here to document the event” anyway.

    • You make no sense. I did not deny any of this evidence in fact one of my references listed points to it. I have no idea what your point is.

  5. I think we’re screwed. Most Americans are mesmerized by their TVs. They will react with anger and possibly violence if certain things are taken away from them – things like electricity, gasoline, food etc., but nearly all of these TV-watching Americans know they can live fine without guns. So when the guns are taken away, the public will moan and groan, but the debunkers will rise and assure everyone that only crazies and conspiracy nuts are going to cause trouble, and everyone will go back to their TVs.

  6. Well here is another version of who did 911, Christopher Bollyn is offering a free download of his book Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. Jewish extremists did 911 on behalf of Israel, and Jewish elites. AIPAC ran the White House during 911.

  7. One problem I have with BEAST is that it (obviously) can not do the wheather forecast. So using it for game theory events how about unknown parameters ruining the result of the game?

    • Good point. Some say that the Beast supercomputer runs much of the weather by use of sophisticated secretly deployed weather engineering tools. Perhaps the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. And of course at present we do not know for sure how much of the insider claims about the Beast’s powers are sales hype of the DOD contractors who built is and keep asking for more black budget money.

      Your point about the bBeast craeting its own future projects by interfering with a natural process of events is well taken. I think you are correct about that too.

  8. While this article makes many good points, let me inject a little reality. Americans are NOT sanguine about their government or what it is doing. They are quite credulous and UNHAPPY. I am a bit of a wonk and I read polls a great deal. Nobody has been happy since 2008 when the general awakening occurred. Most people DISTRUST the government. I don’t know a great number that believe the 9/11 storyline any more. This site: shows that over and over.

    The problem is that there is no viable PLAN from anybody to get us out of this mess that I have seen. Everybody, except Anonymous, wants everybody else to get out there and do something. We cannot change things if we don’t step up and do it ourselves. We are in the same place that Germany was. It will take the coming crisis to snap Americans out of wistful thinking and into action. The idiocy of austerity and its manifest hardships snapped the Europeans into action. That will happen here, too.

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