Next Year in Nuremberg with Israelis in the Dock

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

  Israel’s partners in war crimes on sinking ship: Jim Dean

… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   –    Interview with Press TV

Originally aired  –  March 18th, 2013


See you all in Nuremberg – for the Israeli trials

Press TV news interviews are usually short notice and a roll of the dice on the topics.  A news room works on short notice itself so when you get the call it is a quick yes or no for whether you feel comfortable to deliver on the chosen topic.

The phone interviews are more challenging as you have about five seconds to think about what you want to say.

But Skype ones take some of the heat of as you generally have half an hour to get ready, which allows some time to Google to polish up on a few details.

When they told me it was about Israeli being indicted for war and crimes against humanity, it was my lucky day. No last minute Googling was needed as seeing the militant Zionists get the Nuremberg treatment is a subject close to my heart, and the devil’s, too !!

The news room does not call people randomly from their talent pool. They generally have their guests profiled as to areas of interest and expertise. But by all means one most avoid the disaster of saying something completely stupid on international TV as the archive will come back to haunt you.

I thank  Steven Green for his Taking Sides book  in the early 1980s, the first Freedom of Information Act expose’ on the US/Israel relationship using formerly classified material. It lit my fuse for Israel and I have never looked back.

These news segments are fast paced, generally four to five minutes, and they give you a video or a text version if you are in a hurry, which I like. After watching, please say in your prayers tonight… “Next year in Nuremberg!”


YouTube - Veterans Today - – Israel a sinking ship


A political analyst tells Press TV that Israel stands accused of decades of war crimes against humanity, calling on the allies of the Israeli regime to abandon this “sinking ship.”

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate crimes committed by the Israeli regime in the occupied Palestinian territories. The tribunal, which has conducted four years of investigation on Israeli crimes, said that it would “support all initiatives from civil society and international organizations aimed at bringing Israel in front of the International Criminal Court.”

The tribunal demands a boycott of all imports of goods produced in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially those produced in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor & columnist with Veterans Today (Atlanta), to further discuss the issue of Israel crimes in Palestine. What follows is an approximate transcription.


Bertrand Russell Lives On

Press TV: This was the fifth session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Before we go into the recommendations made, how important and significant do you think its findings have been up until today?

Dean: I think, although I praise everything they have done, it is really a little too late because basically the world has been aware of all these things that they are putting on the table for years and years now.

And I think it is also misguided to approach the sanctions from just the occupied territories’ point of view because the problem they are facing and what is the biggest Achilles’ heel here is Israeli proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and even making that more complicated [are the] Western nations who have been involved in this with them.

And of course that is classified and none of them are ever going to willingly admit any of that. Because legally once they did, either that Israel has been proliferating themselves or that Western nations also assisted them in this, it automatically triggers the cutoff of all aid to Israel and legal sanctions against them across the board which they are kind of legally bound to.

And I just do not understand and I have written about that in Veterans Today and Press TV, why they don’t go for the knockout punch? Because there is plenty of investigation at work that has been done on France, Britain and the US particularly being a little too helpful in letting things disappear that ended up in Israel.

Press TV: Well, speaking of the knockout punch, the Tribunal has also called for the ICC [the International Criminal Court] to recognize Palestinian jurisdiction and also called for an extraordinary session of the UN Special Committee against apartheid but these are the same organizations which are controlled by the US where Israel has a lot of influence.

Do you think this is going to go very far and as far as getting the rights of the Palestinians, getting Palestine recognized?

Dean: It may not go very far in just this step but the amazing thing about the Palestinian people and why everybody is supporting them is their tremendous resilience in not giving up in the face of all this being ignored by a lot of the powers that have crossed interests with Israel.

So, we saw with the Palestinian vote, the only people that went against their special new status is what I refer to as the hokey pokey and coconut brigade. It was a humiliating defeat for the United States.

So, really, it is a no-lose situation for them to let those who have dug themselves into a deep hole. They continue digging that hole because it can do nothing but help them to just show the tremendous disparity against countries particularly Western jurisprudence who really sat by and let this horrible situation [happen].

And it is war crimes and crimes against humanity which the Israeli government has been guilty of for decades.

And the only country in the world that we know of who has so much information out there, who has gotten a free pass on this and it is something that more and more of us want to see come to an end and all those involved prosecuted and receive their rightful punishment.

Press TV: And do you think what we are seeing taking place as far as the Russell Tribunal on Palestine goes, is yet another example of how the world is waking up to the plight of Palestinians and how this is becoming a global issue and not just one limited to the Middle East?

Dean: Absolutely. And I ask everybody out there, don’t leave these poor folks twisting in the wind. You have to show your support, the message has to be sent to world leaders that if you stick with Israel on this thing, you are on a sinking ship.


I am closing this with a suprise cameo appearance by none other than Mr. Bertrand Russell himself.

YouTube - Veterans Today - – Russell, words to future generations


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Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

Jim W. Dean is Managing Editor of Veterans Today involved in operations, development, and writing, plus an active schedule of TV and radio interviews. He broke into television work doing Atlanta Public TV programs for variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel topics and organizations since 2000. Jim’s only film appearance was in the PBS Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon, GA.

He is working to find time now to database his extensive video archive of Americana and interviews filmed during his public TV days so individual topic segments can be key word searched to quickly use in future multi-media projects.

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  1. Mr. Dean,
    I have seen my fill of not so informative interviews on Press TV and your is not one of them. Most of the time they press their luck and interview three people from opposite parts of the country and hope they have more facts than opinions to back up their testimonies. In some cases, the interview goes south when will educated and extremely thoughtful people get camera shy and appear as if their in shock. I still respect the media outlet even if the interviews aren’t rehearsed.

    • Amen, that’s why I did the lead in how quickly they can be throwing these together. They are using a lot of unknown people, a kind of grass roots thing, and it certainly can be hit or miss. And as we learned when trying to help writers get radio coverage. Writing and talking are two different things, and talk radio another, where a lot of writers don’t get that you have to be entertaining to hold attention for one or even two hours.

      I watched Gordon once get introduced on an African show where everyone did very formal hello’s, and Gordon went into a routine about how painful it was to get up at 7am on a Sunday morning where he had already burned himself on the expresso machine. The other guests were rolling on the floor. And that is why the talk show host love Gordon as he doesn’t do the serious thing all the time, and even pokes fun at himself.

      The one on one interviews I like better as with three guests you have no idea where the the show is going, and you fear they will ask you something you really know nothing about…or another guy gets a question that you would have wanted. But you learn real quickly, if you have two brain cells, when you don’t know much about a question…give a short answer!!!

  2. Russell was an asshole who invisaged a NWO……………he was also a member of The Committee of 300.
    Well worth googling some of the names in this clique…..surprises turn up.

    • Difficult to say outright Wiggins…..he may have envisaged it, but was he really advocating it or just expressing the dangers of it – just as Wells may have been looking into the future with ‘The Shape of Things to Come ?

      Bertie does seem like such a nice old coot in the video above, but he clearly came from a privileged but possibly very troubled background mentally. His mother died when he was 4 and his father when he was 6. He clearly had a remarkable brain which sustained him for nearly a hundred years.

      But it could be argued that he was also weak minded and prone to manipulation – always a dangerous mixture for an academic. Look, for example, at all those climate change tits at Essex University or any academic who is sponsoreed by the Rockefeller Foundation……

      Still, it is difficult to square the dear old gent in the clip with his writings in his 1952 work – ‘The impact of Science on Society’, some quotes from which appear here in a less than favourable analysis of Russell:


      Could he be one of the earlier examples of what we now describe as ‘controlled opposition’ ( ?! )

    • Intellectuals never held politcal power. Without the big bankers and big military power connections they were New World Order powerless. No one with power has ever surrendered it to an unarmed intellectuals who werenot a useful tools of the mega bankers. They were happy to let them meet and discuss and plan whatever they wanted.

      Those were heady times in those days with the Left and Right forming lines, and the battle between them benefited who?…the intellectuals? At least they had the sense to rail against the carnage they saw coming.

      When Francis Neilson returned to England from his adopted American in his senior years he was treated almost as the second coming because he had been right virtually about everything. And when nobody listened, he had left the country.

      See: The Makers of War… “…so that they may learn for themselves the influence and directions of men behind the scenes who instigage the crises that force governments to choose war rather than the humiliation of confessing they have blundered.” …Francis Neilson,(forward). You will see a lot of VT’s work in that statement.

    • There are two types of intellectuals that I see Jim. The genuine variety tell the truth regardless of the discomfort it causes everyone – and who propose the practical changes needed – to avoid disaster – or to bring about a better world for all.

      The other type of ‘intellectual’ is bogus – and can often be found on a college campus trying to infect the bright young minds of tomorrow with superficially attractive (but carefully contrived) societal subversion. This latter variety – usually jewish (or of the ‘useful idiot’ drone genre) – try to propagate a system that will effectively enmesh future generations in a quagmire of insane laws, unworkable mores and tightly governed ‘rules’ for the populations.

      Only ONE GROUP ever benefits from these vile changes forced on us all – and that group benefits financially; in terms of demanded respect; in terms of ‘special’ legal protection; in societal esteem and in political and media power – generation after generation. The comparison of a parasitic wasp injecting its progeny into the brain of its host is remarkable.

      This is actually proof of the subversion being a group action – employed and deployed by every member of that parasitic group. Like a parasitic insect the group does not just devour the host in one sitting – it carefully positions its young to continue the feeding frenzy even after the demise of the older members of its own life-cycle.

    • Which it was, and Jews seeking vengeance, nay, – obliteration of a peoples, because of their blood lust for destruction. These creeps are the basest element of humanity.

  3. Sure would be great to see Israelis on trial for war crimes, but perhaps Barack Obama will do everything he can to prevent it from happening, excerpt from an article:

    U.S. President Barack Obama has vowed that America’s alliance with Israel is “eternal” as he touched down in Tel Aviv for his first trip to the country since taking over the White House four years ago.

    “I see this visit as an opportunity to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between our two nations,” President Obama said in brief remarks on the airport tarmac after Mr. Peres and Mr. Netanyahu both praised Washington’s support for Israel. NY Times

    Obama did not mention the Palestinians by name, referring instead to Israel’s “neighbor.” Nor did he allude to Iran or Syria, the other top items on the trip’s agenda.

    The U.S. boycotted the UN debate on Israeli illegal settlements on Monday which concluded Israel’s “creeping annexation” of the occupied West Bank violates Palestinians’ rights.

    Washington said it was “extremely troubling” that the UN Human Rights Council would even hold a hearing, saying it proved “bias” against Israel.

    Brian: We are probably going to hear more disgusting comments from Obama, the teleprompter president, during his visit to Israel, the country which did 911.

  4. Bravo, very well put. Time is of the essence, however, as there is no reason to think that a “state” founded on terrorism (Israel) will hesitate in using nuclear terrorism as its trump card to bring on the Jewish World Order.

    Karmic justice is quite often delivered in the next lifetime. I hope there’s a exception in this case, because, as you say, there’s no reason for the entire world to perish at the hands of deranged genocidal murdering racist megalomaniac tyrants.

    Great timing for this piece, Jim. An antidote to the “rah rah” brigade known as our “press” that’s playing Obama’s trip just another Jewish puppet show.

  5. I don’t think we’ll get to any Nuremberg style trials.

    Those people are headed for the catastrophic timeline. Those on the positive timeline will see the disappearance of a few million of these very evil creatures. They, on the other hand, will think that they have succeeded in killing off billions of us, leaving them to have total and absolute control over the planet. These numbers are from a very reliable source. Earlier estimates of over 50% of humanity headed for the catastrophic timeline are absolutely way off the mark – they were based on a wrong assumption. Eventually, the timeline will end – they have no future. I assure you, my source knows what she’s talking about.

  6. I always wonder for what purpose Israel needs the products produced in the occupied territories because they have enough money to play socialism funded with US subsidies, Holocaust money, Las Vegas money, diamond money, prostitution money, Hollywood money, Las Vegas money, Rothschild money, 911 insurance money, etc.

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