Israel Laughs at Obama


Wherefore did Sarah laugh?—Genesis 18:13




On March 20, 2013, the Israeli government started Operation “Unbreakable Alliance,” the code name given to the visit of President Barack Obama in Israel. As predicted in Obama in Jerusalem with a Lame Spy, he arrived without Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy jailed in the USA, and probably would leave Israel without taking with him Aviem Sella, Pollard’s operator, who is wanted in the USA. Upon arrival, Obama spoke in Hebrew, “Tov l’iyot shuv ba’aretz,” he said missing the “shva” and the glottal stop. “It is good to be again in the land (of Israel).” The startled crowd was even more surprised when he continued in Hebrew, “the alliance between our countries will continue forever,” he didn’t explain why he thought that the countries will exist forever. At this stage, summarizing the visit is still impossible, and its schedule has already been analyzed. Let’s take a look at the Obama jokes plaguing the Hebrew web.

Peres and Obama at Ben Gurion Airport
Peres and Obama at Ben Gurion Airport 101 foolproof jokes to use in case of emergency
Operation “Laughing at ‘Unbreakable Alliance'”

Obama and Netanyahu 'Khantarish'
Obama and Netanyahu “Khantarish”

Near Latrun, along the way from the airport to Jerusalem, “Peace Now” placed a large sign on the ground for the President to see. Mocking signs appeared on the web, the best was this one. Obama and Netanyahu are on the helicopter in the way to Jerusalem. A large sign below them states “Bibi, you are unreliable/unworthy,” in derogatory slang. “What is written there?” asks Obama. “Bibi, attack Iran!” Answers Netanyahu.One of the first events of the visit was an official reception by President Peres. The picture here mocks the event; Peres says to Obama, “I don’t care what they say. I loved you the best in ‘Bad Boys 1.'”

Peres Welcomes Obama
Peres Welcomes Obama
Obama Phone Application
Obama Phone Application

A phone application of Orange redesigned its traffic updates for Obama’s visit, which is expected to cause troubles. The image is self explanatory.”Let Johnnie Walk,” a sign said, showing a cartoon of Jonathan Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard as Johnnie Walker
Jonathan Pollard as Johnnie Walker
Obama and Sarah Netanyahu
Obama and Sarah Netanyahu

“I hope he is not with her. I hope he is not with her. I hope he is not with her,” repeats Obama while descending. “Is it Barack?” Netanyahu asks while standing next to “her.” His wife Sarah has a reputation of being a difficult lady. “And, he is with her,” says Obama hurrying back into the plane.After Obama won his first presidential elections, I reported on an ugly racial attack on him by the Hebrew media (see Obama, Bamba and the Logo Wars). He was featured there as the baby usually advertising a local snack named “Bamba.” The snack was renamed Obamba, the baby was changed to resemble Obama, and offensive remarks were added. The article made some noise and the images disappeared from the sites that originally published them. Today, they reappeared in an updated version. This time a face of Obama was stuck atop the baby and the text was cleansed; a single word, “awesome,” was imprinted. Yet, the “kosher” sticker at the bottom was left. Worth a million words.

Obamba 2013

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Roi Tov is a graduate—among others—of Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science. In addition to his memoir, Tov is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Molecular Physics and other scientific journals. He won various travel writing and photography awards.

In his writings, he tries to reveal life in Israel as a Christian Israel Defense Force (IDF) officer—from human rights violations to the use of an extensive network of underground agents. He was recognized first as a refugee and subsequently as political prisoner of Bolivia.

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  1. THE usual Jewish arrogance and their ignorance of true class is their downfall. “our Bibi will show him”, make a joke of him. Him being Obama, a Black guy. High level diplomacy I a stiff upper lip type of club. Franklin had some choice words for it. Thy used to laugh at Americans before WWII. The conditions of Europe made America form if polite but clear mode of negotiations a relief, conditions did not allow words games.
    Bibi’s crowd forgot that Obama, having lived in Asia where soft words properly presented can hit the mark at a slower but deeper rate. I am not going to translate Obama’s speech, most here will know exactly how well planned it was. As for Bibi “will show him” Bibi had enough sense to make that call and apologize. Now, who was in control on that trip? The Asia mode of being Impassive differ from being intimidated. Look at Obama’s eyes when he makes a point he wants to make. Our V.P. warned Bibi long ago, when Bibi with scorn told him he was not gong to wait for Obama permission he was going to hit Iran.” I would not advise it” said the V.P. “by all means go ahead Mr. Romney”.

  2. I learned that laughing at something seriously insulting is a sign of guilt. Overtly smiling at nothing is a sign of guilt as well. Sudden outbursts of laughter are just signs of insensitivity to others who have to listen to it but seem to accommodate insecurity. Laugh it up hair brains, the jokes on you.

  3. I think Israel has been laughing at every president since Johnson and been laughing at all members of Congress and been laughing at all the national media and think tanks and for sure been laughing at all American tax payers and citizens… and doing it all the way to the bank and laughing at all of our wars on its behalf… We may end up borrowing money from Israel.

    • You’re a 100% right~ They actually hate us~ have you seen the video with Nutti caught on camera without knowing? He says alot of really bad shit against the US he said they own them and much worse I wish I knew the real reason why the Western world fear them so? because they are the chosen people or that they own so much of the US what makes these leaders become babbling idiots?..

  4. I just got done watching a video of the hilarious Obama in Israel, he stated standing with Israeli makes the United States more secure, more prosperous and the world a better place. Thanks for the laugh Obama. Our silly president thinks we should be be glad Israel is our friend, Israel the world’s #1 terrorist organization, the country which did 911. Sigh.

    By the way Obama, how do you feel about Israel blackmailing the leaders of countries with homosexual sex videos?

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