Top 10 Psychotic Global War Criminals


Psychotic Predators Battle to See Who’s the Biggest Baddest Mofo Out There

By Johnny Punish


So here we are. Are you ready to find our who’s on this years Global Most Wanted list complied by yours truly? Okay, great! Let’s do this. First, I encourage you read my list in full then place your comments. Do you agree? disagree? Do you have any better nominees? Here’s my list…


1) DICK CHENEY, the Global Sith

10-cheneyThis guy in the poster child for what a War criminal looks like today. That smirk of contempt is the classic and quintessential screw you to your face while I steal your future. It’s that unreal commitment to being the world # 1 psychotic predator that makes this Global Sith our # 1 war criminal.

A former US Secretary of Defense, former US Vice-President and signator of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), Cheney is the accused mastermind of the 911 “terrorist” attack against the people of the world. Cheney has been called “The Vice President For Torture” by the Washington Post. A staunch supporter of the Middle Eastern Wars for resources, Cheney, like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld bears particular responsibility for the conduct of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Elder Statesman and global corporate rapist, this maniac epitomizes the phrase Psychotic Predator. Oh and it is alleged that he’s had over 25 heart transplant surgeries over the last thousand years of his life allowing him to complete many other evil deeds allegedly including injecting potatoes with an unknown agent causing the famine in Ireland (circa 1845) and launching the Bubonic plague on Europe destroying the lives of millions upon millions just so he could control the spice trade. This guy knows what he’s doing! Send this menace to Gitmo!

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2) GEORGE W. BUSH, Idiot Drunk and Coked Up Innocent bystander

10-bushIt’s actually hard to put this clown on our list. He was by far the most embarrassing U.S. President in history.  He’s such a moron that you kind of feel sorry for him. I mean this clown on 9/12 had the whole world on his side and, within 1 year, blew that goodwill to hell completely. It’s precisely that kind of talent that puts Mr. Mission Accomplished on this list at #2.

I mean he was gracious enough to accept the job offered to him by his Dad and the GOP cabal that you gotta admire him for doing his duty as a good son. But alas, he gladly implemented their Dr. Evil strategems without a blink of a eye and so, well, you guessed it…Dress up in your favorite Orange jumpsuit Georgy cause you’re…. the next contestant on Guess who belongs in Gitmo?

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3) BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Sinister of Israhell

10-netanyahuBibi, we love you! You’ve been around so long we’ve lost track of how many crimes against humanity you’ve committed. I mean you’ve screwed the American public for so long headed by your spy and bidding ring in America commonly known as AIPAC that we no longer know what is up and what is down.  And to make it even worse, you do it soooooo effortlessly. It’s impressive.

I mean you take white phosphorus dumps on the indigenous populations and then call them terrorists while the American public cheers you on,; even more than their U.S. President. Wow! That’s amazing!

Talent? No way! It’s much more! I think the word is Mastery.

You are that Master Po guy in the 70’s Kung Fu TV show teaching poor little Grasshopper Obama how to control the universe. And that puts you on this esteemed list.

Somebody give this man a standing ovation! Wait! What’s that? The U.S. Congress already did that? Dam he’s good! Ga Ga Ga Gitmo time!

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4) JAMIE DIMON, J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and Known Global Tapeworm

10-dimonMr. Dimon, how sweet it is! The Tapeworm! We love this guy! In fact, most of the global peoples don’t even know your name which makes you so so really evil because you do it in plain site. You screw the masses each day leading an evil empire that controls the money game enslaving the populace while you create wealth for you and your buds in a game where you control the rules.

Brilliant! You win no matter what happens. Tell me the truth …. you have a real mini-me right? A Mister Bigglesworth? Come on, fess up! Hey If I throw a penny into a cell in Gitmo will you run and get it? I think so!

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5) RUPERT MURDOCH, Global Media Master Brainwasher

10-murdochAhhhh, the Australian globalist posing an American gentleman. Hey wasn’t this guy in that James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies? I am sure that was him looking to control the global media. Except this maniac is for real.

Does anyone have a straight jacket the size of his megalomania. How old is this clown act anyway? Is he really a human being or just a hologram?

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6) HANK PAULSON, Global Bankster and Financial Rapist

10-paulson-bwWhen Paulson left the top job at Goldman Sachs to become Treasury Secretary in 2006, his big concern was whether he’d have an impact.

He ended up almost single-handedly running the country’s economic policy for the last year of the Bush Administration insuring that his buddies got bailed out after screwing everybody. Wow, what a performance! Can you say Agent Double-Oh-Bilderberger?

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7) PAUL WOLFOWITZ, the Iraq War Architect

10-wolfowitzFormer US Deputy Secretary of Defense and architect of the Middle Eastern War Without End. Casualties in two pre-emptive wars now exceed 1,000,000 deaths, not including the 4,000+ US deaths and over 40,000 wounded. And this clown act won a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his evil work and a promotion to the head of the World Bank. You can’t write comedy better than this.

I would send him to Gitmo but the laughs seem to be worth having him around on TV trying to justify his actions. It’s better than watching the comedy channel. Too funny!

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8)  TONY BLAIR, Wingman to G.W. Bush in the Fabricated Wars

10-blairBlair, with his buddy Georgy, better known as G.W., launched a war of aggression that broke international law. In attacking Iraq, Blair committed a crime against peace, defined by the Nuremberg Principles as the “planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression”.

The Iraq war was waged for a reason other than self-defence, which made it a crime of aggression and violated Articles 33 and 51 of the UN Charter. Besides, he smiles while he lies. That’s worth a ticket to Gitmo. Read more on Why Blair is a war criminal >>

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9) DONALD RUMSFELD, Loyal Neo-Conned

10-rumsfeldUS Secretary of Defense during the Middle Eastern War Without end. A signator of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) document that calls for pre-emptive hostile acts of US imperialism conducted by overwhelming military means (War) against weaker nations possessing scarce resources.

Aside from the estimated  1,000,000 Iraqi deaths, the estimated 40,000 US casualties (dead and injured), and the untold tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands unaccounted for who suffer from the effects of depleted uranium now and in the years to come, well Rummy, you win! You get on this list.

I mean Rumsfeld remains convinced the “war on terror” was just. Does Gitmo have a super insane wing? If so, he belongs there.

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10) HENRY KISSINGER, The Original War Criminal

10-kissingerThis former US Secretary of State was Dick Cheney before there was a Dick Cheney. He invented the modern day Dick Cheney.  In fact, Dick Cheney can only hope to be this good.

Kissinger had a hand in killings around the world for over 40 years. Some argue he’s still involved.

From Chile to Vietnam to Israel, lovable Henry was the man. Heck, he was so good that they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Wow, good job Europa!

I loved this man so much that, with my old punk rock band Twisted Nixon, I penned a song in his honor called Kissinger is Dead.

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Make a Citizens Arrest and Save the World

In closing, personally, I don’t recognize the right of these maniacs to be free in our global society. In fact, if I ever see one of these maniacs anywhere near my presence, I will immediately make a global citizens arrest on behalf of humanity and take them to the nearest local Police station calling upon my fellow citizens to guard the building so that so there can be no escape or rescue by their assigns who aim to free their buddy from the grips of justice.  I urge you, my fellow humans, to do the same.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, Money News Now and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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2013 copyright – Johnny Punish

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  1. Some of us Nam vets were calling Cheney and Rumsfield “Dark Apprentices” under the Reagan Administration. They graduated to full fledged SITH LORDS under the Bush 1 Regime.

  2. When it comes to the horrors and crimes carried out by the eight year Bush-Cheney regime, the Global Most Wanted List has to be at least 100 names long. Any list that is generated could not be complete without Ehud Barak, the mastermind of 9/11; former Secretary of State and chronic liar Condoleezza Rice; the former CIA Director and Medal of Freedom recipient George Tenet (Mr. Slam Dunk); or, the infamous Paul “The Baghdad Merchant of Death” Bremer and there are many many many others that should be added. I feel that they should all be rounded up and sent to GTMO on the first available military airlift and they should also be waterboarded at least once per month to remind them that waterboarding is torture and a crime against International Law and against humanity.

    • same regime goes back AT LEAST as far as GHWB under Reagan,
      a bush-clinton dynasty, with hillary as secretary of state under-over obama.
      it’s been decades of treasons against Americans, crimes against all God’s creation too.
      everything “congress” and “big media” arent anything but complicit acessories to it all,
      going along with whatever script the biggest criminals hand them to read from.

      waterboarding is too nice, I think theyed survive 200 darts a day for a few years at least,
      at 100 bucks a dart, it makes every one of those scurvy “politicians” worth 7.3 million a year!
      500 congress-critters = 3.65 billion before we even start adding in all the lying media hacks.
      if it doesnt help the “national deficit” fast enough, the game can always be expanded to include
      CIA-FBI-DHS-TSA-FDA-USDA, banksters, big pharma, Wall Street, corrupt mayors and police,
      big pharma pill pushing yes-men QUACKS posing as medical or psychiatric doctors..
      all that of course AFTER the “federal reserve” is shut down to stop the counterfeitting,
      to ensure the dart throwers at least get their money’s worth of entertainment value from it.
      (it isnt torture, we’d just be playing a game of traitor-darts!)

  3. Hmmmm…..

    The purveyors of Humans Rights around the Globe.
    Oh wait, these are the guys that caused the abuse of humans.

    Like Supeman’s Bizzaro World, the bad guys are said to be good!

    I wonder what they are going to tell God when they find themselves in front of him for final judgement.
    They probably will say something like this – “I was a great leader. I did great things. I killed millions in the name of Peace!” “I got a bad rap from those Constitutionalists with all their righteous leanings.” ” I mean, how could I have been so successful if I was not fighting something or someone?”

  4. I think there is a case for about 500 key psychopathic players and another 500 ‘hangers on’, When one thinks that there are around 7 billion of us, you can see why their biggest fear is the awakening of the masses. If the people wake up and just say no they are powerless, because they need the people (in a state of subservience through psychological subversion) on the treadmill from cradle to grave in order to stay at the top of the pyramid. The odds are heavily stacked against the cabal if that tipping point in human consciousness is reached.

  5. If we could go back a few years I’d insert Abe Lincoln and his fire-bombing War Criminal In Chief (the certifiable psycho who started it all) – W.T. “Burn-’em” Sherman.

  6. Thats a great list. It should be extended to add scumbags like Larry “I said pull-it” Silverstein, Dove Zacheim and their whole crew.

  7. Johnny.. thanks this is excellent.. and the list must goes on and on to top 100….. interesting that members of Congress are missing from the list… those who pushed for wars and those who gave Wall Street the legal and political powers to fleece America and bankrupt the country.. thank you..

  8. Another great article. Don’t forget all the folks who run the Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) and the CIA and try hard to stay in the background. These folks also deserve to be tried as war criminals.

  9. Well Johnny, maybe we need a top 20. We can add:

    G.H.W.B. (ask Lee Wanta just how powerful, and dangerous he is)
    Queen Elizabeth II (the entire royal family for the matter)
    Hillary and Bill Clinton
    Larry Mizel
    Leonard Millman
    John McCain
    Barack Obama (as much as G.W.B.)
    Ben Bernanke
    Alan Greenspan
    Angela Merkel
    Lindsey Graham
    Abe Foxman
    The Rothchilds (let certain family members defend themselves in court)
    The Rockefellers (same as above)
    Oliver North (a disgrace to the uniform, coming from this Marine)

    Maybe we need a top 25. I could keep going. I doesn’t matter who is #1 and who #25. They are all equally guilty. They should all be hanging from the same gallows, one next to each other, all on the same day…

    Do we need a top 50?

    I guess we are talking people still alive. There is quite a few deceased I would put on there. Their judgment is done.

    • agreed.
      johnny’s list are all stooges,poodles and executors.
      Don’t forget the Dutch Royal House,real ugly ones with decision taking power.

    • why stop at 50? show their faces, name them, shame them and let true history be told to our children not the BS we were force fed….catalog the criminals that can be used as a text book for students in years to come. I would move Murdoch closer to the top, without this fully complicit lying zionist media mogul’s monopoly to cover their crimes against humanity they couldnt have pulled anything off..

    • Remember that deck of 52 cards they made up for the Iraqi’s? We would need something like one of those multi-deck shoes they use in Vegas.

    • Well Mr. Punish, I can’t think of a better candidate for most wanted creep than Dick Cheney. But your second choice of the Dubya has a legitimate excuse. After all, he was commanded by Jesus to run for president, and once selected, to “smite Saddam.” Little Bush was just following orders.


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