Doug Christie – Rest in Peace


Holocaust Enforcers  vs  Holocaust Deniers

The First Trench Warfare Holocaust Court Case, 1985

 … by  Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel


Doug Christie was a veritable star in various Canadian court venues – the likes of which the Lobby that plagues us all with all their lies piled up on lies and yet more lies had never yet encountered.

Doug Christie was young, brilliant, fearless, smashingly handsome, determined, exceedingly quick on his feet – conventional descriptions will not do him justice. He was in a league by himself.


[youtube HCRB50DitlY]

His adversaries – in the courts, and in the streets? I’ll let you be the judge.

Somebody called Doug Christie “Ernst Zundel’s Battling Barrister” – the moniker fit, and it stuck. Seven times he took the Zundel Case alone to the Supreme Court of Canada – I have been told, more often than any other Canadian lawyer with any other case before him or since. He was a class act, both feared and admired by many.

Ernst and Ingrid – Before his secret trial

Two weeks ago, Doug Christie passed on. Ernst Zundel is still being held as a free speech hostage by political hacks who run the country of his birth right down into the ground.

Whole governments world-wide now know that the so-called “Holocaust” is a political weapon of mass deception in terms of holding huge nations in hock. Long story I won’t repeat here.

I took three days to stitch together from faded movie clips the essence of what “Holocaust Denial” is really all about – and who the actors were, and are, in a drama of near cosmic dimensions.

If you are ignorantly vomiting the media hype right back into the arena about the “gassings” of “six million”, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself at least at kindergarten level.

If you already know, as many do – as millions all around the globe now know! – that “Auschwitz” was a false flag operation before that term was even coined, I honestly believe you won’t forget the raw emotions in this short documentary that powered both sides of the battle. This morning, I give you Act I.

Doug was an intellectual warrior of true grit as well as warmth you seldom find in the legal profession. He was despised and demonized by many, as was and still is his ill-reputed client. Their battle took decades – and isn’t yet done. On good days it simply rained media spitballs. On bad days it was wall-to-wall, blood-curdling death threats and worse – not just against them, but those who supported the battle of constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech.

Today I give you Doug Christie, in life and in death. You will also meet beautiful Keltie, law researcher and comrade extraordinaire, Doug’s partner of 32 years and mother of his children. You will meet a much younger Ernst Zundel, the tireless street action populist – by now a world-wide icon of the Movement, prevented from joining his wife.

You will get a glimpse of three or four dozen of Zundel supporters, simple folks like you and I. You will also meet a howling, shrieking mob of Zundel detractors whose behavior speaks for themselves.

In this Shakespearean play, there is your corrupt judge. Your hateful prosecutor who does a hatchet job.

And finally, some glimpses of the moral essence of what really powers today’s premier Thought Criminal – contrary to what you may read in the paper.

I ask for 40 minutes of your time to watch this documentary from beginning to the end. It’s grainy, homespun video – yet extraordinary history. I promise you will laugh and cry. I ask you to pass it on.

[youtube zQz_W_a5XGY]



  1. He is one of the biggest heroes in human civilizations. Imagine we would be allowed to live the truth and not lies. Imagine one group would not have to feed of others to become great.

    I can’t even remotely imagine what it takes to speak up against such a “dark” force which seems to hate humanity more than anything else and the quest for truth becomes for them only “hatred” but in reality it’s nothing but love for truth, justice and love for humanity to which German people belong too.

    I often think about General Patton, Benjamin Friedman (Jewish) and others who git murdered for speaking up for truth and yes even as Jewish people spoke up for the Germans. Mr. Menuhin is one sweet soul to love, Mr. Paul Eisen another, David Cole another Jewish Person who wants to be an honest person.

    We must not forget that there are so many honest good Jewish people like
    1. Benjamin Friendman
    2. David Cole
    3. Paul Eisen
    4. Gerard Menuhin
    5. Mr. Finkelstein too belongs to the honest category and it is hard to see him suffer from his accurate stands on the Holocaust Industry. He seems to have a bad case of vitiligo too which comes when people get traumatized of are under constant stress.

    May we all one day be at peace with one another. May truth lovers and well wishers of humanity come to unite for truth and honesty to prevail.

    This man deserves a huge memorial.

  2. Ingrid, I will have more to say about this subject in later posts. But for now, let me please state that it was Doug Christie’s withering cross-examination of the holocaust “witnesses” at your husband’s trial that turned my unopened eyes into volleyballs. And, as the saying goes, “What has been seen, cannot be unseen”.

    Doug Christie is a hero. Some might believe a hero is someone who dies bravely once, but Doug’s battle ground was different, and over a lifetime.

    If we ever have a future world of justice, we will one day be sitting underneath statues of Doug Christie and Ernst Zundel.

  3. Ingrid, thank you for this article. Your husband’s case that was so very well defended by Doug Christie is a landmark case for “truth being outlawed in the courtroom”. This now will set the precedent for all cases that challenge the NWO Narrative of World History. The same thing would happen to any American who would challenge the NWO Narrative on slavery or any other “historical psy-op” that promotes and encourges national guilt.

  4. R.I.P. Doug Christie a man of principle and courage. Like most people my opinion on the holocaust has been dictated by mainstream media and no sane person wants to be accused of denying something evil that may have happened. The problem is that although holocausts happen all the time (the first WW and the second WW were European holocausts on a gigantic scale) it is only the Jews that use war and destruction for religious and political purposes.

    The interesting question is who was responsible for the European holocausts. The millions of Europeans in WW1, the millions of Ukrainians, Russians and East Europeans from 1917- 1950’s, the millions of Europeans in WW2 and the millions of Germans after WW2 following allied occupation.

    It is interesting that the tens of millions killed under Stalin are not considered in the West, even though Stalin butchered and starved millions of people and sent countless other millions to their deaths in the concentration camps of Siberia. Is this because the majority of communists leaders were Jews.

    It is difficult to take on the established political and economic elite in this game. A more productive approach might be to demand ‘Equality of Suffering’. To demand museums and memorial days for all Europeans holocausts (afterall the numbers are far greater) and to demonise, on a par with Hitler, Jews such as Kaganovitch and Yagoda for the monsters they were.

    As a given all non Jewish survivors of the European holocaust should also claim and be compensated by the World Jewish Organisation who clamoured for both European wars and the Jewish Bankers who financed both wars.

    The Jewish Holocaust could then be properly researched and be placed into a balanced European wide historical context. We could then turn our attention to the next looming holocaust which began in Iraq and is planned for Iran.

  5. If there was anyone who could be described at the twentieth/twenty first century version of Voltaire, the father of the idea of free speech, it was Doug Christie. Doug took on unpopular figures simply because he believed in the idea of unfettered expression of opinions. When “socially incorrect” people Ernst Zundel, David Irving et al suddenly became invisible to the ACLU and supposed libertarian “defenders of free speech” at sites like, Christie almost alone became their most avid and effective advocate.

    It seems increasingly odd how all of these people most hated by the Zionists now seem to be succumbing to sudden cases of cancer at in increasingly alarming rate. I remember back to the when Dr. William Pierce, at the time was number one on the ADL hate list, suddenly developed a particularly invidious, mysterious, and fast acting case of cancer that ended up killing him shortly after its discovery.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in claiming that the Zionists, who consider assassination as merely another type of political tool, have probably already done all sorts of research on ways to infect their gentile enemies with any number of mysterious medical ailments to get rid of them without a trace.

    A little polonium laced cocktail anyone?

    • I have inside information that HIV / AIDS will be proven, very soon, to be the handiwork of the zionists, one of their many population “control” schemes for Gentiles. I can’t say more, but the writings of Alan Cantwell trace the origins of AIDS to a “free” government Hepatitis vaccine, introduced to the gay population and others in the late 70’s.

      Good news is, we’re onto the bastards. These things leave clues and evidence.

    • Yes, correct.

      Isn’t it interesting how it used to be that all enemies of Zion would be shot by a “lone nut”. Now all of them die of “cancer”.

      I wonder why?

  6. Doug Christie was the defender of a just cause and I know he will be rewarded for it in Heaven.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  7. That’s truly sad news, Ingrid. Your video link, unfortunately says “Removed By User”…… have the bastards already taken it off? They’re completely unhinged these days. No scruples, no honesty, no morality, compassion, integrity, respect…. nothing decent whatsoever.

    Children of Satan is putting it politely.

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