Israel, driving America’s ‘Welfare Cadillac’


Israel, driving America’s ‘welfare Cadillac’


By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“To any American, the term “welfare Cadillac” refers to an undeserving “freeloader” living off the hard work of others. Today, America’s “welfare Cadillac” is Israel, a land of “milk and honey,” paid for by the taxes of America’s starving poor and defended by the blood of America’s “goyim” military, by toranic standards, bred to serve but not even considered “human.”


President Obama’s visit to Israel follows a poison gas attack on Aleppo. This was no accident; Israel had just asked the US to bomb Syria. Today’s poison gas attack was mean to “sell” Israel’s attempt to derail upcoming talks and hang “WMD” charges on Syria and Iran, just as he had successfully done with Iraq.

When will the media admit to “false flag terrorism?” How obvious does it have to get?


Finger pointing at others while Israel sits on massive stocks of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons has been part of Netanyahu’s victimization game, one that today failed miserably.

Foreign fighters from Libya and Tunisia, accessing Gaddafi’s stocks of chemical weapons, aided every step of the way by Israel, Turkey and NATO are responsible for the deadly gas attacks on Aleppo today.

The intention of the attack was to push America into a WMD “snipe hunt” such as the one that led to the decimation of Iraq.

Brutal ethnic cleansing would rage across Syria and another “domino” would fall to the Israeli/Arab axis of evil.

America claimed chemical weapon use in Syria would be the “red line” that would unleash an air armada against Damascus.

How does NATO and the United States deal with its “red line in Syria” being “crossed” when it is America’s own “freedom fighters” (read: “Al Qaeda”) responsible for the WMD attacks?


America’s GOP, the Israeli dominated political party of Mitt Romney, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, has long played the American people for fools, attacking “entitlements” for minorities, Social Security retirement, Medicare/Obamacare, veterans benefits and military pay as money “stolen” from America’s “tax cheating” 1%’ers.

Already, between 25,000 and 50,000 veterans of the “War on Terror” have killed themselves, quite honestly to the relief of American “conservatives” who looked on them as unpleasant reminders of Bush era failed policies.

However, one rule has been inviolable, no matter how many veterans die of exposure and starvation, no matter how many children of the poor go to sleep hungry or even as the BBC exposed recently, are forced to eat rats to stay alive, the endless overt and covert aid to Israel, up to $25 billion dollars per year, is supposed to continue.

Schools can close, teachers lose their jobs, nurses are laid off, millions of Americans lose their homes and yet billions in welfare payments taken from the taxes of America’s working poor floods into Israel, financing their free healthcare, their free education, their bulldozers and guard towers, endless miles of walls and barbed wire and a standard of living few Americans can come close to.


I had been told, as all Americans had, that living in Israel was expensive; homes were unaffordable, food expensive, life dangerous and jobs hard to find.

Then I talked with one of my Israeli friends who suggested I move into his neighborhood in Haifa. He quickly located a two-bedroom condominium, 1000 square feet, view of the beaches, quite inexpensive. ($135,000 USD)

For this money, I would be hard pressed to buy my own garage in one of America’s “rust belt” urban regions.

Then I was told my Yiddish wasn’t good enough, I would have to learn Hebrew. Yuck!

So, the deal is, if I leave the US, move to Israel, the US government buys me a vacation condominium, perhaps on land Palestinians owned for centuries (and still do,) I get free health care, a few thousand dollars a month and that wonderful European “café society” lifestyle Israel is famous for.

My very existence would prove how superior I was, how democratic Israel is and how the world could never be focused enough on keeping me from being “pushed into the sea” or flung into a gas chamber.

No more snow, driving past freezing people carrying signs, “Will Work for Food “or “ Veteran, Family Starving and Homeless

$25 billion in American money buys a life in Israel that those who pay for it will never be able to enjoy, unless they happen to be of the right religion and “theoretical ethnicity.”

I might even be able to get payments from the German government as a “Holocaust Survivor.” I have to look into that! Perhaps they might buy me my own nuclear-armed submarine as well.


Today, half of America’s navy is “beached,” including the USS Harry Truman, previously destined to protect Israel from the dastardly threat of Iranian attack.

America can no longer pay its soldiers and is working very hard to find ways to totally abandon its millions of disabled veterans, some whose “paperwork” has been in “processing” since the end of the Vietnam War.

ث כיפת הברזל היא בדיחה

Israel wants dozens more Patriot missile batteries. Reports on the performance of the “Iron Dome” system indicate that only 5% of the “homemade” rockets fired from Gaza during the recent skirmish were intercepted.

Israel was claiming their own missile “self-destruct” explosions as successful intercepts. There is also the minor economic issue, firing $500,000 missiles, paid for by the same America working poor, to unsuccessfully intercept rockets that cost less than $100 to build.

Do the math.

It took twenty missiles, $10 million dollars, to intercept each $100 dollar rocket. Thank heaven it was American money!

It is Obama’s job to explain to Netanyahu that America is going to have to cut back on its deliveries of free white phosphorous and cluster bombs. This may require cutbacks on bombing attacks on Gaza.

The real message will never be reflected in a press release. America is broke. It isn’t just that America can no longer function as the largest unpaid mercenary force in the world.

America’s “free money” printing presses are at the “end of the line,” policing the world is no longer an option when America itself is coming apart “at the seams.”


Americans who are going to bed hungry only want to see and hear just so much about life in Israel, the endless free time, the beaches, how all hard work is performed by one million foreign nationals who do the shopping, cook the food, run the farms and factories, leaving real Israeli’s to enjoy the existence of H.G. Well’s “Eloli” from his novel, The Time Machine.

The American entertainment industry may have to take a spare moment away from its glorification of torture and abuse, its demonization of “the inferior races” and return to its role of incessant victimization mythology.

If this fails, Israel may find its free ride on the “gravy train” at an end.


  1. Your observation is justified. It looks the same from where I am standing…and that’s on Amerikan soil.

  2. When the settlers (read squatters) withdrew out of Gaza each were given $227,000 to relocate and they asked America to foot the bill!

  3. My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask, what your country can do for Israhell!


  4. The USA might be broke, but te federal reserve, a Jewish private bank, will print the money.
    The American tax payer have to pay it back + INTEREST.
    It’s like sending twice the money when compounding the interest.
    Nice deals for Israel. The American government nothing but suckers, thanks to all the Jews in our government. Their loyalty is not to the USA but to Israel.
    It is time to stop two passports too. Where is your loyalty?

  5. Gordon not only we fund the entire Israeli military and its aggression but we also fund millions of do nothing Israelis who spend their times studying the Talmud at the Yashivas and who go out and steal land and set up settlements on top it…They are get paid and are on welfare at our expense and here in the US our Congress cancel funding for Head Start, want to reduce our social security and increase the fees for medications. I am sure if Americans know the extent we fund the welfare state of Israel, they will fire all members of Congress. I guess poor Americans ( White and Black) are not entitled to be on welfare but millions of Israelis is OK.

  6. Well put, Gordon. What’s your take on Obama’s Israel tip? What’s the real purpose? I don’t often agree with your opinion of Obama, but I’d like to know what you think. Nothing I’ve come up with seems to hold water. It must be cover for something, I just don’t know what / how / when.

  7. “It took twenty missiles, $10 million dollars, to intercept each $100 dollar rocket”

    $10 million to intercept one lousy $100 rocket?
    Stop funding Israel and they will be suing for peace.
    Thank God I’m not American.

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